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Chapter 144: The Auction (5)

The body is a bodhi tree, and the mind is like an unblemished mirror. Constantly, we must strive to brush and wipe it and not allow the irritation of dust.

As of now, Master Qingzhan could not attain the original realm of spotlessness, irritated by dust. He only felt… the vexation of the dust in his heart become progressively greater! Yet his hand still didn’t come out.

“Twenty thousand going once.” Hundredtongues timely yelled.

Master Qingzhan’s snow-white brows were twitching. This price was truly to high. At most, a single Spirit Strengthening Pill was merely worth three or four medium-grade spirit stones, but this was the first Spirit Strengthening Pill after two centuries!

No one cared for its efficacy. Everyone only wanted to research the Pill Dao’s pairing and techniques from it. This price was incalculable! 

“Twenty thousand going twice!”

Master Qingzhan breathed in heavily. His hand faintly trembled for the first time.

“Twenty thousand going three times! Sol…”

“A Sarira.” Finished speaking these words, Master Qingzhan successively exhaled three times in guilt, and silently extended his hand without a word. An irregular solid was floating over his palm, emitting drizzly golden light!

Xu Yangyi studied the Sarira carefully. This was the first time he had come in contact with such a true heavenly spirit-object. Even if it was separated far away from him, he was able to sense the majestic spiritual force contained within it! A light-gold, hazy Buddha image slowly revolved in the Sarira, making it further appear incomparably holy! 

The entire floor was silent. Even the man of Rongcheng’s Baili Clan was rendered completely foolish. Not only him, Hundredtongues and everyone below was stunned.

“S-S-Sarira?” Hundredtongue’s voice stuttered, silent for a second. In the next second, he directly cried out in alarm: “On the Worldly Oddity Ranking of Heaven, Earth, and Mortal, it ranks thirty-eighth on the Mortal Ranking. It is acquired from the seated death of a high-level Buddhist cultivator! Not only can it be compared to a demon core, used in the central focus of all formations, it can moreover assist a cultivator in a realm of enlightenment. Especially…”

He gulped: “According to legend… there only exists seventy-two Sariras in the world… When a new Sarira appears, the lowest ranked Sarira will then transform into flying ash… A single Sarira corresponds to Buddhism’s seventy-two divine abilities. Each one possess its own forbidden name… Its value is a preliminary estimation of over twenty thousand medium-grade spirit stones!”

“Once its transcendent skill has been evaluated, the value will rise even more!”

“He’s actually even willing to part with a Sarira?!” Below, a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s eyes saucered: “The Longyin Temple is digging out their coffers! This is a truly priceless treasure!”

“Father.” Not too far away, a youth looked at the Sarira in Master Qingzhan’s hand with infatuation. At this instant, he only felt the purification of his soul and the brightening of his eyes, spiritual sense penetrating the expanse. He asked unawaringly: “What is this thing?”

“This is a treasure…” His father by his side was likewise starting at the Sarira, eyes locked on. He murmured: “A temple-protecting treasure… They really are willing to part with it!”

“Fellow Daoist!” The very first to react was the Baili Clan youth who was looking on in amazement at the Sarira in Master Qingzhan’s hand. He then looked at Qingzhan and then towards the Sarira again, cycling back and forth like so. After an unknown passage of time, he said in shock: “Isn’t it too much for you to part with the Sarira?” 

This item had exceeded the price level within his heart! Master Qingzhan didn’t utter a word and gently beckoned. The Sarira immediately vanished without a trace.

“This object’s name is Scarletcloud Gold.” He looked at Hundredtongues and couldn’t restrain himself from slightly wincing because of his great heartache: “Its inherent divine ability… The Flowersmile Dhayanasliver.”



“Grasping a flower with the fingers…”

“There’s actually such a divine ability… The pill master is going to make it big this time!”

“Seventy-two transcendent skills. Even if it is a sliver of dhayana, this worth cannot be estimated!”

“My heavens, the flower sermon… Buddhism’s seventy-two transcendent skills… Really… the gambling for this first medicinal pill is crazy… How insane will the next one be?”

“Fellow Daoist… won’t the Core Formation ancestors put forth divine abilities, as well?”

“Hiss… Core Formation divine ability?”

The first pill was merely a probe. Of the present several tens of clans, only one clan would possess this fortune. The rest had yet to even move!

Master Qingzhan’s heart dripped with blood, yet his face was imposing and motionless. He faced towards the gobsmacked Hundredtongues and chanted Amitabha’s name: “Can a price be settled?”

It was then that Hundredtongues regained his wits amidst his shock. His voice crowing somewhat mechanically, he yelled: “A Sarira! The initial estimation is 20,000 medium-grade spirit stones! The contained Flowersmile divine ability is an increase of 5,000 medium-grade spirit stones! The total price is 25,000 medium-grade spirit stones! Going once!”

The Baili Clan youth woke up from his reverie. His mouth opened a few times, yet not a single word left. This increase in price wasn’t possible. For a Qi Condensation medicinal pill, this price was simply astronomical! In particular… Master Qingzhan’s gaze watched him inconspicuously, brimming with ill feelings.

One of our Longyin Temple’s emblems. Do you still dare to increase the price? Are you planning on taking this outside and fighting things out with this poor monk? We’re both at the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment. Who’s afraid of who?

The youth knew that a vajra wasn’t limited grasping flowers. It could moreover glower with furious eyes.

“25,000 medium-grade spirit stones going twice!” Hundredtongue’s voice was hoarse. Even though he wished someone would come increase the price again, his reason told him that this was impossible. In addition, Longyin Temple had ripped up all pretense of amiability. The weight of this price was so heavy that it was somewhat frightening.

“25,000 medium-grade spirit stones going three times!” Hundredtongues clapped both of his hand in the air, making the sound of an auction gavel: “Sold!”

“Congratulations to Master Qingzhan of Wutai Mountain’s Longyin Temple for purchasing the first pill!”

In everyone’s gaze—broiling hot as if solid—a black medicinal pill flew into Master Qingzhan’s hand. As the medicinal pill fell into his aged hand, everyone heard Master Qingzhan sigh in relief from this heavy burden. Afterwards… tears began to surprisingly flood from his eyes as he cried!

“Boohoo, boohoo…” His weeping was so muffled and quiet that it almost couldn’t be heard, but everyone could clearly see the his motion of wiping tears. It was unknown whether he was crying tears of joy because he had ultimately obtained the Pill Dao or because of the grief from losing one of Longyin Temple’s emblems. All that could be seen was Master Qingzhan who was using his sleeve to cover his weeping face and the other few senior monks who lended him an arm to sit down. However... 

“This damned Buddhist donkey!” The Baili Clan youth continued to gnash his teeth as he watched the high monk, yet he discovered the other had used the fastest speed to make the medicinal pill immediately vanish via an unknown talisman in his sleeve!

“The Endless Windshadow Talisman…” The Baili Clan youth sucked in deeply, but could not be severed from within his rage: “Is able to an object and deliver it to an assigned location within a breath… This talisman is worth over three hundred medium-grade spirit stones! Does the CSIB not tax them?!”

“Young master.” A cultivator as his side reminded him, his voice heavy: “Don’t mind them anymore. We… still have three following chances.”

The youth’s gaze trembled and promptly turned grave. Yes, three, not four. The Bountiful Treasures Pavilion would participate once, so everyone automatically excluded that round. No one was looking to bring trouble upon themself.

The CSIB’s Ancestor Hiddenscent was currently set high and aloof in her arcane carriage, and needless to say, the Featherwood Guard’s Ancestor Ancientpine had already used practical action to tell everyone that he was here. For the first time, countless cultivators had understood why he was called Flowing Light Imprisoning Shadow!

Calling back to that prior sensation of their shadows being forcibly stripped away from their bodies… there wasn’t a single person that didn’t get goose bumps! It was truly unknown where such a divine ability had been obtained. It was no wonder that other had elected to take the reins of the Featherwood Guard. In the countryside, the ability was practically an all-conquering sharp sword against demon beasts!

The venue’s clamor gradually lessened. Nonetheless, everyone could feel a silent fiery heat even greater than before! The Baili Clan youth then turned his head and transmitted with his spiritual sense: What’s the limit on the number of spirit stones that we can use?

Twenty-three thousand, young master.

“Alright…” The young master breathed in heavily: “We must be determined to win… the second pill!”

Hundredtongues was an old hand at rousing the mood, having participated in an untold number of auctions. Undoubtedly, he understood the principle of striking while the iron was hot and cupped his hands towards everyone forthwith, laughing: “Fellow Daoists, I am indebted to your generous affections. The first medicinal pill has been sold at a perfect price. Now, let’s continue with the second pill’s auction!”

The jade bottle appeared again, yet this time, there were evidently many more restless clans! The first pill had already illustrated it. If they didn’t bleed from their wallets, the pill would be out of reach!

A price of 15,000 medium-grade spirit stones was the baseline! If this figure couldn’t be attained, one had to obediently move to the side and go play.

“Eighteen thousand…” As these two words emerged, the Baili Clan youth was the first to stand. The second pill could only go the the Baili!

However, before he had even finished speaking, another mild voice rang out: “No matter the price anyone puts forth, the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion will unconditionally add a thousand more medium-grade spirit stones as long as it isn’t a Core Formation ancestor.”

Like so, the voice of the Baili Clan youth became stuck in his throat. He couldn’t approach nor could he leave. Everyone looked at him pitifully. This child… What was he rushing for?

“Hehe…” The Baili Clan youth forced laughter and sat down, his face thoroughly red.

They’ve finally set into action… In everyone’s hearts, not only were they not nervous but instead sighed in relief.

Of the blade over their heads, everyone knew that this blade not falling was the most dreadful. On the contrary, once it fell, they eased their breaths. Yet at the same time, they were at the pinnacle of jealousy! Money was simply not an issue for the other!  

Obviously, the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion’s proxy didn’t expect it would have this effect. However, he was a man of culture and looked over the situation on the floor, immediately standing and laughing: “If no one bids, I’m afraid this medicinal pill will be sold low. In that case, our pavilion will purchase the pill for thirty thousand medium-grade spirit stones. In addition, we ask young friend Xu to carry a word to the pill master. So long as he is willing to cooperate with the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion, he may write down any price, and the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion will in no way object.”

Not one person opposed this, but immediately, everyone’s gaze became even more fervent! Three times… All that remained was three chances! Perhaps the Core Formation ancestors above were waiting impatiently! Several tens of clans! Three opportunities!

Everyone understood that each struggle would perhaps be a fatal combat of price! 

After the price was called three times, and in the wake of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion’s delicate storage ring flying over, Hundredtongues rationally didn’t stir the mood. The Bountiful Treasures Pavilion had bestowed face, so for him to do so would be disrespectful. To the cultivation world’s top moneybags, this respect was right and proper.

The pavilion master of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion was the sole cultivator able to stand on equal footing with a Core Formation master with the status of Great Circle Foundation Establishment!

“Fellow Daoists, I am indebted to your generous affections. The second pill has already been sold. There are still three remaining. May you all take good care of yourselves.” Hundredtongues laughed as he took out a medicinal pill and began the third auction.

The third and fourth pills were sold respectively for 24,000 and 27,000. They had been taken by the Baili Clan and a demon clan of Jianghan City. 

The atmosphere of the floor burned like a wildfire. Everyone’s gazes were staring fixedly at the final pill. This… was their final opportunity!

“Many thanks to all the Fellow Daoists’ generous affections.” 

Hundredtongues took out the fifth medicinal pill, also the last pill for the Foundation Establishment cultivators. Just as he was about ask for bids, Xu Yangyi’s gaze slightly flashed. Xu Yangyi said brightly: “Senior Hundredtongues, the master said I’m required to personally auction this medicinal pill.”

This… was the first Minister pill he had refined! A three-mark Minister pill. Hundredtongues hadn’t looked carefully, yet Xu Yangyi saw it crystally!

This pill… He planned on selling it for a second sky-high price!

[1] This is a classical line from buddhism. A dialogue between Yuquan Shenxiu and Huineng, two important figures in Chan Buddhism. 

[2] A Sarira in Buddhism is considered a holy artifact born from the cremation of a monk. It said to contain great spirituality, a miracle. Scientifically, it is composed of allegedly bone and stone.

[3] “Flowersmile Dhayanasliver” This… is a translation I am iffy on. The literal Chinese is “Picking flowers and smiling of the sliver of Dhayana will.” There is a lot of religious undertone here, so I will explain it. The “Picking of flowers and laughing” is referring to an event in Buddhism called the Flower Sermon, considered the origin of “Zen Buddhism”. In this sermon, Sakyamuni Buddha transmits wisdom by only holding a flower to his disciple Mahakasyapa. Dhayana is the sanskrit name for what is known as concepts of “Chan”, “Zen”, “Seon” “Thein” in different cultures, all referring to the same thing.

[4] Vajra is considered a mythical weapon, but there are three gods that have the word vajra in their names. I believed it is used as the concept of a god.

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