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Chapter 145: The Auction (6)

Xu Yangyi suspended the medicinal pill high in the air. He still hadn’t spoke, but all of a sudden, an aged figure abruptly stood up from his seat and snarled: “Thirty thousand! Thirty thousand medium-grade spirit stones! It’s mine! No one fight me on this! Give me face!”

Everyone’s gazes immediately looked over and recognized the old man straight away.

”This… is Grandmaster Fivetastes of the Pill Masters Guild?” Turning his head back to look, a cultivator saw to his amazement an old man whose face was instantly flushed deep red and clenching his fists. The man’s beard was suddenly roving disorderly because of his own qi, floating upwards. How was this the old man who was mild and gentle like clouds and winds which the cultivation media outlets were ordinarily incapable of contacting?

The Pill Masters Guild was the guild without the most battle strength in China’s cultivation world, but it also one of the most esteemed guilds! A cultivator was inseparable from the three great crafts. Although they were called auxiliary schools, not a single person dared to belittle them. 

In approximately two centuries, there had been altogether over a dozen grand masters. The Dao of Crafts started from disciple, journeyman, master, and then finally grand master.The degree of preciousness that these over a dozen people supplied to the cultivation paths of China’s million cultivators was a small aspect that lead to the greater whole!

However, among these dozen-plus people, there were a total of three master pill elixirists.

“Grandmaster Fivetastes, Grandmaster Insomnia, and Grandmaster Knowledge.” A cultivator said in deep emotion: “I truly didn’t expect that one of them would actually rush over here in person.”

“Grandmaster Fivetastes and Grandmaster Insomnia are the founders of the Pill Masters Guild. Why didn’t Grandmaster Insomnia come?” A cultivator at his side laughed: “Grandmaster Knowledge is a specially hired professor of Heavens Law. Its understandable that he didn’t come. But…”

The two of the glanced at each other. A grand master had actually stood up now and said with his own mouth that he wanted to buy the medicinal pill? And furthermore named a price of thirty thousand medium-grade spirit stones? There was something fishy about this!

“So its Grandmaster Fivetastes.” Many people faced towards the long-haired-and-bearded old man and cupped their hands. These words caused Grandmaster Fivetastes to nearly hop on his feet in anxiety!

“Don’t you know how precious this medicinal pill is?” A seeming ordinary cultivator who Grandmaster Fivetastes could be considered fairly familiar with said, his laughter radiant like springtime: “Grand master, you didn’t make a move for the last several pills, so why are you suddenly shouting out an astronomical price?”

“Could it be that it’s different from the other pills?” An old unacquainted cultivator smiled as he cupped his hands and said: I’ve heard that ancient cultivators had a hobby called pill hoarding? Might this be the issue?”

“The Bountiful Treasures Pavilion’s thirty thousand spirit stones just now was to plant a seed with the pill master and declare their positions. We’re not at the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion’s level of richness, but Grandmaster Fivetastes, you’ve actually bidded a price of thirty thousand this time without hesitation?” A cultivator pursed their lips and contemplated. Likewise, there wasn’t any one that could refute Grandmaster Fivetastes’s face. Instead, he “tactfully” laughed: “Young friend Xu, why does the medicinal pill have to be auctioned alone?” 

All of you scram! At this moment, Grandmaster Fivetastes’s eyes were on the edge of erupting with flame! He too was a cultivator of many years. At this time, he understood quite well that he ought to have silently set into action. With his prestige as Grandmaster Fivetastes, there weren’t too many that could refute him. The capital in his hands was also substantial, but the instant he saw this medicinal pill, he was absolutely unable to contain himself!

Monarch, Minister, Assistant, and Envoy. He had read these phrases which had been left behind in a few ancient alchemy texts, aware of their characteristics. With a mere first glimpse, he promptly recognized the origin of this medicinal pill!

A Minister pill… It was actually a Minister pill! Three imperceptible pill marks, in his eyes, they were akin to great ocean waves in both elegance and magnificence. At that moment, his head was abuzz, and he stood up without the least delay, shouting without almost any consideration!

“It’s nothing. This pill… Hehehe…” He laughed wryly and forced his facial expression to simmer down, dully heaping the sliver of a smile on his face: “This pill… and I… are fated…”

His hand stroking his beard was somewhat trembling, and while his voice was as serene as possible, he was betrayed by his fixed gazed. That gaze was poised directly at Xu Yangyi. Don’t say it… By all that is good, don’t say it...

In the next second, he seemed to hear a cracking noise. His beautiful dream had been shattered to pieces.

“This is a Minister pill.” Right now, Xu Yangyi was ignoring all other gazes. He looked at everyone and laughed sincerely: “As to the specifics I don’t know much. I only know that when my friend entrusted this pill to me, he said that this pill is condensed with all his present attainments in the quintessence of Pill Dao. The price might possibly be a bit more expensive than the other pills.” 

These words caused everyone’s eyes to ignite with fiery light!

It wasn’t known who, but the “all his present attainments” and “quintessence of Pill Dao” in addition to Grandmaster Fivetastes lost of self-control just now, incurred the first price bid: “35,000 spirit stones!”

Grandmaster Fivetastes’s hand stroked his forehead. Careless… This carelessness had lead to him vying over the final opportunity with the present people! 

“40,000 spirit stones.” He shouted this figure, gnashing his teeth in fury. To him, Grandmaster Fivetastes, this pill HAD to be won!

Before genuine Pill Dao, he suddenly realized how funny his so-called Pill Masters Guild was. It was pasted with the word “pill”, but in the end, it wasn’t a pill. He also had the self-confidence that even if others weren’t able to analyze it, he certainly could to!

“100,000.” This shouted bid simply wasn’t a gradual increase but rather the height of a fierce whirlwind! Moreover, it lacked a shred of falling tendency!

“Who?!” Just as he had shouted forty-three thousand, an old cultivator was smashed nearly stupid by this hundred thousand! “Is this a bid made in confusion?! This is the highest standard auction in China! Which clan here can mobilize a hundred thousand medium-grade spirit stones in liquid capital?!” His voice arced through the floor like rolling thunder, yet he discovered a cultivator at his side was suddenly pulling on his sleeve, giving him a meaningful look with the utmost effort.

“Let go!” The old cultivator shouted angrily: “This Throne is is unconvinced! Even the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion isn’t capable of transferring a hundred thousand medium-grade spirit stones in liquid capital at once!”

“Clan elder…” The cultivator at his side was almost on the verge of crying: “J-just n-now, the person who bidded a 100,000 is… is…”

The old cultivator calmed down and suddenly discovered… something was wrong! Completely wrong! After that bid of a hundred thousand, all noise seemed to recede in an instant. Moreover, the voice from moments ago appeared to be...

“Chatter, chatter…” His teeth couldn’t help but to clack, and cold sweat came secreting without the slightest control. Resembling a machine, his neck craned upwards to the sky, and he saw the black pavilion above him.

Core Formation! A Core Formation ancestor had moved into action for the first time!

The venue floor was absolutely quiet. From the beginning, this voice had spoke several times. Were it not for the massive bone hand that had shockingly emerged before their eyes, no one would know this Core Formation ancestor’s voice!

“What?” In the black pavilion, a wizened voice said indifferently: “Is a hundred thousand a lot?”

“Ancestor, forgive my offense…” At this instant, the old cultivator was already bowing at a ninety-degree angle, his sweat pouring like rain.

Grandmaster Fivetastes’s eyes soon reddened. He was neither standing where he was but nor was he sitting down. This is a three-mark Minister pill! Look at the color and luster of the three marks on its surface from shallowness to depth! It’s a magnificent view! Like it was cast from heaven! THIS is a true grand master!

At this point, he suddenly felt that the path he hadn’t traversed was still far, far too long. Nonetheless, now that a Core Formation ancestor had come to seize his beloved with a blade, how could he take it?

“This Dao Master is just gathering interest, nothing else. Everyone…” The wizened voice said leisurely: “Why not continue?”

In their hearts, everyone dared to be angry, but dared not give voice to it. A Core Formation Dao Master without sect, clan, or misgiving could naturally put forth a hundred thousand spirit stones, but them? Did they dare follow?

Grandmaster Fivetastes gritted his teeth, faced towards above, and bowed: “Senior, Daomaster Skybearer said they first five pills wouldn’t be moved against. Why must you insist on this medicinal pill, sir?”

The wizened voice seemed to sneer: “I know of you.”

“Grandmaster Fivetastes, and yet…” He paused: “The fact is you are a grand master of pill elixir!” 

“Do you know…” His voice seemed to sink into his memories: “I have never consumed a pill elixir!”

“I believe that none of the other presiding Core Formation ancestors have either!”

“Once the Queen Mother of the West’s peach has been tasted, its sweeter honey water, flesh, and greater formliness does not end.” He laughed cruelly: “Thus, your honor is nothing before me.”

“Although this pill master can only make Qi Condensation medicinal pills, it is right that I grant him this honor. What harm is there in a hundred thousand spirit stones for a single pill?” A wisp of cold and gloomy spiritual sense swept over Grandmaster Fivetastes’s person. The grand master shivered uncontrollably and then heard a voice say nonchalantly: “I forgive your guilelessness. Withdraw.”

Unexpectedly, there wasn’t one refute from the other Core Formation ancestors. Ordinarily able to call the wind and summon the rain, Grandmaster Fivetastes tasted the flavor of defeat for the first time after making his name. It was also the first time someone had said in front of a grand craftmaster: You are unqualified. Step back.

Indeed, among the present Core Formation ancestors, none had consumed a medicinal elixir! In their years, even if their luck was burdened in the long distant Qi Condensation realm, they will still able to muck up a few cheap medicinal pills. As for the even cheaper medicinal pills, pill elixirs were still in no way comparable! There were even some ancestors that had mounted the sovereign throne of Core Formation with the aid of a medicinal pill! This was also the reason they were so caring this time.

Grandmaster Fivetastes complexion reddened and paled. He wanted to refute this, yet it was beyond his ability to do so. After an extended period, he took a long sigh and a deep bow towards the bottle in Xu Yangyi’s hand, sitting down in silence. Upon seeing Grandmaster Fivetastes who they ordinarily beseeched for a bottle of excellent pill elixir and couldn’t obtain from, a smidgen of determination flashed through an unknown number of people’s eyes.

“The heavens will change…” An old woman narrowed her eyes and said: “With the Dao of Pill’s emergence, there is no further life for pill elixirs and capsules. We can’t deny they’ve assisted the cultivation world for these two centuries, but times are changing… Like the ancient cultivators, without adapting, there is only elimination in the end…”

“After fifty years… perhaps these two most profitable industries of pill elixirs and capsules will vanish from history…” A youthful-looking cultivator sighed and said.

This interlude wasn’t merely the pouring of a basin of cold water but instead the dousing of a gasoline barrel! Akin to mild clouds and gentle winds, the floor below was in fact already blazing!

“I pay my respects to the Dao Masters.” At this time, Xu Yangyi’s voice echoed and he said: “The Dao Masters need not be worried, there is still another Minister pill.” These brief words caused everyone to sigh in relief.

After several seconds of silence, the voice from the black pavilion said again: “A Minister pill, eh… Truly an old name… The Core Formation pill that I took back in that year was no more than an Assistant pill… Never mind it, continue.”

At almost the same time, the seemingly beaten Grandmaster Fivetastes immediately stood up with a whoosh! This time, he no longer masked his zealotry, as if the taunting of moments ago was mist passing the eye. His entire body and his white beard that reached his waist flew dancing into the sky, and he bellowed: “Sixty thousand! Sixty thousand medium-grade spirit stones! And an additional ten late-stage Qi Condensation to late-stage Core Formation pill formulas! Who among you has more pill formulas in their hands than this old man?! I treasure this pill highly! I admit it!”

[1] Queen Mother of the West, Xiwangmu. A very old Chinese goddess that predates Daoism, but is used in Daoist myth. She is said to grow a peach tree that can grant immortality when the fruit is eaten.

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