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Chapter 599 Unreasonable Third Grade

"I want this wind dragon. I bid one million and five hundred thousand magical crystals!"

An unexpected character had suddenly appeared in the auction at its most intense stage.

An overwhelmingly ferocious aura enveloped the entire place with her descent. All the adepts couldn't help but be shocked and terrified by her appearance.

It was a strange cloud of purple mist that appeared before everyone.

A tall and intimidating female adept was vaguely visible in the swirling mist.

The adepts could not clearly see her appearance and figure, but many of them immediately gasped and muttered.


"Poison Dragon Adept."

The figure in the mist stood in midair. Her pair of eyes that glowed as brightly as the sun immediately fell upon these disrespectful adepts. Some of them were even Second Grade.

The faces of these adepts turned pale when the Third Grade female adept's Spirit locked onto them. Their bodies shivered. Several First Grade adepts with weaker Physique couldn't endure the spiritual pressure and collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Snorlax, who had been hosting the auction, was scared out of his wits. He squealed in terror and dove under the stool, hugging his head and trembling in fear.

The snakefiends maintaining order around the stage couldn't keep their fear in check and fell limply to the ground from the terror. They couldn't even stand up straight in front of a Third Grade adept.

In an instant, the previously lively auction turned into a frantic riot. All the adepts scattered to both sides and opened up the way to the fire prison. The Second Grade adepts might be upset at the situation, but this was a dominant Third Grade female adept that they were dealing with. Even they could not bear the cost of enraging her.

It immediately exposed dragonborn Zacha, who was standing guard in front of the fire prison.

Everyone else could step away, but he alone could not yield a single step!

He bore upon his shoulders the heavy duty imparted to him by his master. He had to defend his responsibility and keep his word, even if he was facing a Third Grade powerhouse.

Second Grade Dragonborn Zacha stepped forward and slammed his electric spear heavily upon the ground. A small crater had been created in the tough crimson volcanic rock floor. Everything within one meter of the crater shattered, and cracks covered a radius of five meters.

Violent powers of lightning instantly gathered upon the electric spear, further emphasizing his towering and mighty body.

Dragonborn Zacha might not have said a single word, but his appearance of readiness was more than enough to express his determination and will to not back down, even in the face of death.

The adepts in the hall couldn't help but be amazed when they saw this happen.

Who knew what fortunate luck Greem had run into that allowed him to obtain such a loyal and powerful Second Grade slave. The safety of one's life would be very much guaranteed if they had a strong guard like this standing before them in the field of battle!

It made them green with envy!

Still, challenging a Third Grade bloodline adept to frontal combat was not rational behavior. The life of this dragonborn warrior hung on the precipice!

"Good, very good. Who knew that Greem would be able to gain a dragonborn slave from another world? Hehehe. Truly a fearless warrior." Sanazar chillingly laughed as she strode toward the fire prison.

The spiritual pressure and aura of intimidation that Dragonborn Zacha had to endure increased with every step Sanazar took. Any other human adept's frail Physique would not have allowed them to withstand such intense pressure from a Third Grade adept. They would have been crippled from the fear.

Zacha managed to last through it all with the exceptional talent and robust Physique of the dragonborn.

The brightly shining gaze from within the purple mist intensified as an overwhelming killing intent crept up in Zacha's heart.

Sanazar could no longer hold back and was about to strike. Just then, a tall figure appeared between her and Zacha. An immense surge of fire energy accompanied this man.

"Lady Sanazar, Greem is extremely honored that you were able to visit Fire Throne personally. Welcome, welcome."

Sanazar stopped walking without another sound.

The timing of Greem's appearance was perfect. He was entirely in Sanazar's way. It caused her to have no proper angle of attack even if she wanted to punish the dragonborn, Zacha. That was because there were no spells that could bypass Greem, the owner of the adept's tower, and immediately take effect upon the dragonborn behind.

He was the owner of the tower. Apart from the glory and nobility, this title also meant incomparable authority. No energy flux within two and a half kilometers of the tower could escape the spiritual senses of the tower owner. Any enemy that wanted to attack the tower owner within five hundred meters of the structure would unavoidably have to endure the suppression and attack of the tower.

Greem might seem to be very comfortable standing before Sanazar, but that was because he was cloaked in an extraordinarily dense and nearly substantial quantity of fire energy. It wasn't Greem's power, but the power that Fire Throne had projected upon him.

Any enemy that wanted to deal with Greem would first have to deal with this seemingly thin yet incredibly powerful elementium enhancement. It was this augmentation from the tower that allowed a Second Grade adept like Greem to speak on equal footing with a Third Grade adept.

It was true that Greem couldn't wound the Third Grade Sanazar even with the adept's tower at his back. Conversely, the Third Grade Sanazar would also have an incredibly difficult time defeating and capturing the 'pseudo-Third Grade' Greem.

If Greem didn't mind being a cowardly turtle, Sanazar wouldn't even be able to touch a single hair on his head while he was hiding in the tower.

Sanazar had no choice but to stop walking at the sight of this courteous Second Grade fire adept, even as anger filled her heart. She narrowed her eyes and assessed the opponent.

"You're good; very bold. I like it very much."

Sanazar's practically squeezed her praise out of the gaps between her chilling teeth. It was incredibly unsettling and incredibly fearsome.

Adept Fügen and Adept Keoghan, who were standing in the crowd, looked at each other. They were both surprised by Lady Sanazar's sudden arrival. A deeply ominous feeling arose from the depths of their hearts after the initial shock.

They might have wanted to oppress Greem and force him to serve the Sarubo Clan in the past obediently. However, they had already cast that impractical thought away from their minds after seeing the accumulated power of the Crimson Clan today. The only thing left were considerations about maintaining their relationship, and setting up further cooperation.

Yet Lady Sanazar had suddenly shown up just as they had discarded their hostile intents. It seemed she wanted to bring the hostilities to a level of direct conflict. That undoubtedly robbed the initiative from the hands of the two adepts.

Greem's smile didn't falter in the face of Sanazar's pressing attitude. In fact, his tone turned firmer than ever before.

"Who would have known that you, my Lady, would be interested in this wind dragon as well."

"I want to take this wind dragon away with me!" Sanazar spoke without hesitation.

"That is no problem! However, it seems that before you arrived, the bid for the wind dragon has already risen to two million two hundred thousand magical crystals."

"I will only pay one million five hundred thousand magical crystals!" Sanazar's words were firm and final. There was no room for negotiation in her tone.

"That is no problem either. I have received much care from Lady Sanazar in the past. I can afford that many magical crystals," Greem stepped aside and opened a path forward. He extended his hand invitingly, "Please, my lady."

Dragonborn Zacha grunted and reluctantly moved aside at Greem's instruction. He walked to Greem's side and glared at the cloud of purple mist. The crimson-armored Mary had also appeared beside Greem sometime earlier. She waited in silence for the next move.

Three blood knights simultaneously stepped out of the light door of the tower. They pressed their hands against their runic longswords, as if in preparation of battle.

The atmosphere in the Magma Hall suddenly froze and turned to a standstill!

Sanazar, still enveloped in her purple mist, seemed oblivious to this. She snorted coldly and rushed toward the fire prison with an overwhelming and intense aura.


A strange claw filled with indigo scales emerged from the purple mist with that battle cry. It made a light scratching motion at the fire prison.

A massive, semi-translucent claw appeared twenty meters away, above the fire prison that restrained the wind dragon, and ferociously crashed upon the pillar of fire.

The fire prison let out creaking noises and was forcibly crushed to pieces like a child playing with mud.

Six hundred and seventy-three points!

That one remote grip from Sanazar had an offensive power of six hundred and seventy-three points.

Greem couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

Greem's mood was extremely solemn as he silently evaluated the crimson numbers in his mind.

To think that a simple attack from Third Grade Sanazar could reach such dizzying power. No wonder she was so arrogant and unreasonable when she held such power in her hands. Even if he used all his strength and abilities, Greem would have trouble defending against any of her attacks if he weren't enhanced by the tower's power.

The difference in power between a Second and Third Grade was just too wide. It was well beyond Greem's expectations.

Greem quickly compared the difference in power between them and the enemy, as well as all the other hidden factors in play. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and give up on his intent to escalate the conflict into a fight. The adepts who were waiting on guard returned to the tower under his orders, relieving the tension in the room to some extent.

The runic chains could no longer control the wind dragon now that the fire prison's restrictions had been shattered. The wind dragon struggled frantically in the face of the mysterious approaching adept. He had already destroyed a dozen runic chains.

The tower had also intentionally lowered its limitations over the wind dragon under Greem's control. That allowed the wind dragon to break free of its restraints successfully.


The wind dragon raised its head and let out a loud and reverberating dragon's roar. It turned into a flash of green lightning and frantically escaped toward the other end of the Magma Hall.

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