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Chapter 600 Fire Dragon Blockade

Just when Wind Dragon Cherkes thought he could escape this land of terror, another roar rang out in the hall; Third Grade Sanazar had transformed.

Flying Venom Dragon!

It was a sort of strange dragon species that existed completely independent outside of the ordinary dragon family tree.

They didn't have the majestic appearance of normal dragons or their ferocious and well-defined looks. The Flying Venom Dragon that Sanazar transformed into looked like a green dragon that had been skinned, and its body was covered in disgusting and fearsome pus and slime.

Compared to the wind dragon, the only impression that the flying venom dragon gave the adepts was ugliness. Extraordinary ugliness. Perhaps this was why Sanazar usually used the purple mist to hide her body.

Pu! A sticky ball of green liquid shot out of Sanazar's mouth, striking the flying wind dragon right on his side.

The violent impact of the shot threw the wind dragon sideways, causing him to lose his balance and crash against a wall of the Magma Hall. The dragon tumbled downward and lost all sense of direction.

The transformed flying venom dragon unfurled her ugly, wicked poison wings and took to the skies. She then pressed the wind dragon beneath her with her stronger body.

The cyan and green dragons lunged and bit at each other just like that.

The battle between the two monsters was far more brutal, bloody, and more straightforward than battles between adepts.

The Second Grade wind dragon was not exceptionally gifted when it came to Physique. Now that he was pressed to the ground by the flying venom dragon, he couldn't even put to use his only gift- his speed. The only choice the dragon had was to engage the flying venom dragon in close-combat, biting each other like wild beasts.

Fights between dragons were not much more exciting or elegant than fights between forest creatures when they resorted to more primitive means.

Their large bodies were tangled together as they scratched and bit at each other with their teeth, claws, wings, limbs, horns; everything and anything that could be used to wound the opponent was put to use tearing and scratching the opponent.

Wind Dragon Cherkes was at a disadvantage because he was being pinned to the ground. He couldn't take advantage of his superior speed. On the other hand, Flying Venom Dragon Sanazar was disadvantaged due to her lack of tough scales for protection. However, the advantage in Grade and her terrifying poison that corroded everything allowed her to maintain the initiative and advantage in this bloody battle.

Wind Dragon Cherkes was wildly creating as many wounds as he could upon the body of the flying venom dragon. However, it wasn't warm blood that came spilling out of the injuries. Instead, it was a viscous and pungent poison instead.

The two dragons were too deeply intertwined, causing all the poison and acid to fall upon Cherkes' body. Despite the scales that protected Cherkes, the fearsome acid and poison still burned through them and corroded his body, dealing tremendous damage to him.

Cherkes opened his jaws and took a deep and wicked bite on Sanazar's thick front legs. However, the acid that came splashing out from the bite marks sizzled when they corroded his mouth. The intense and terrifying pain caused the wind dragon to howl and shriek. He had no choice but to loosen his jaw's grip.

The flying venom dragon that Sanazar had turned to might not be a pure-blooded dragon, but her Grade advantage made her possess a Physique that was equally as powerful as the wind dragon. Both parties continued fighting. Though Sanazar's surface wounds seemed to be more severe, the wind dragon was the more badly wounded one.

It had been no more than fifteen minutes since the start of the fight, and the wind dragon already looked like he had been soaked in a pool of acid. Most of his scales had burned black, while parts of his flesh and muscles seemed to have turned to some strange, slime-like liquid and were falling off his body.

The powerful planar suppression of the World of Adepts further weakened the wind dragon. He endured the fight for a few more rounds before finally faltering from the flying venom dragon's attacks. The wind dragon crashed into a stone wall and was no longer able to get up.

The flying venom dragon reared her vile and vicious body and pressed the howling wind dragon to the ground with a single limb. She then turned and let out an intimidating roar at all the adepts in the Magma Hall.

Sanazar might be covered with wounds after the battle with the wind dragon, but she had perfectly demonstrated the strength of a Third Grade bloodline adept.

The flying venom dragon picked up the dying wind dragon with her thick back legs after her roar. She then beat her massive poison wings and flew into Fire Cave.

This was intimidation!

This was raw intimidation!

Snatching away the final auction item in front of all these Second Grade adepts and Greem, the clan leader of the Crimson Clan; only those who had seen this event unfold could genuinely understand the arrogance and unreasonable forcefulness displayed in this action.

Adept Fügen sighed internally. He knew that the Sarubo Clan would no longer have a chance to negotiate with Greem after this. Even maintaining a superficial peace would become exceedingly difficult.

He silently stepped forward and took out two or three storage rings to amass the one million and five hundred thousand magical crystals that Adept Sanazar had promised.

Fügen didn't stay after handing over the magical crystals. Instead, he immediately turned to leave with a solemn expression with Adept Keoghan by his side.

The various clan adepts gathered in the Magma Hall looked at each other. They were all upset about Third Grade Sanazar forcefully taking away the wind dragon. However, no one present dared to say another word after seeing the tremendous power and wild ferocity that she had displayed in battle.

The adepts could only shake their heads and sigh as they left Fire Cave.

The Crimson Clan establishment banquet that Greem had gone to great lengths to prepare concluded on such a discordant note!

The Lance Plane.

An intense battle was occurring right outside the metal fortress.

There were two sides to the battle. One one hand, you had hundreds of metallic combat magical machines. On the other, you had a single 'person'. No; more accurately, a single dragon.

An exceptionally fat female fire dragon.

Compared to the usually aerodynamic and lithe body of the dragons, not only did this female fire dragon possess a belly, her size alone was several times that of an ordinary dragon. One couldn't help but feel as if it was a pig that flew in the air when they saw her beat her flame wings with difficulty to stay in the sky.

Though the fire dragon didn't look good, her power definitely matched her grade.

A pure-blooded Third Grade female fire dragon would be an uncontested tyrant over a large area, even in Lance where dragons gathered in large numbers!

The female fire dragon had heard about her dragonborn army being defeated. Most of them had been captured and were being used to ask for ransom for her. This ludicrous event immediately caused the Third Grade Fire Dragon Philippa to explode into a rage.

Without another word, this female fire dragon charged straight to Stonetalon Mountains all by herself. She forcefully blockaded the gates of the metal fortress.

The massive fire dragon beat her wings in the sky, with the metal fortress right below. Every time the fire dragon lowered her body slightly, several dozens to a hundred energy beams would shoot up from the ground.

Most of these energy beams would be refracted when they hit upon the bright red scales of the dragon. Only a small number of these beams could pass through the gaps between the scales and cause some minor damage to her. The female fire dragon grunted repeatedly and endured the stinging pain from her body. She bent her body and retaliated with a thick and continuous flame breath.

A path of flames seven to eight meters wide instantly appeared on the ground in front of the metal fortress, stretching for a distance of nearly two hundred and fifty meters.

The magical machines that were wildly firing toward the sky were caught in the fire. The sticky dragon's flame breath stuck to their bodies, burning them red-hot before they could even escape from the fire's path. Their bodies then melted and fell apart. However, the remaining magical machines didn't seem fazed by the intensity of the attack. They kept their arms held high as even more ferocious and dense barrages of bullets shot out of their black gun barrels.

These metal bullets, propelled by magic energy, couldn't all do damage to the fire dragon, but they still caused some minor wounds. At the very least, they were able to shatter in seconds the flame barrier and Fire Shields that the fire dragon summoned.

The fire dragon would have to endure the focused fire of a hundred magical machines if she wanted to attack the gates of the metal fortress. Yet, when she lowered her altitude to exterminate these pesky metal lumps, two magic energy cannons extended from within the metal fortress. These magic energy cannons fired compressed energy shots with an energy level of three hundred and twenty points.

Philippa would be in extreme pain if she were hit by one of these shots, even with the magic resistance of a Third Grade fire dragon.

If she wasn't careful enough and became caught by the hooks of the defensive magical machines below, then she would face a lot more than just pain. Even the fire dragon, with all her prowess, would need to pay a price in blood if she wished to break free of the combination of cannons and ants.

Fire Dragon Philippa became furious after failing to achieve anything despite several attacks.

Dragon Transfiguration!

It was a transformation ability that all pure-blooded dragons possessed.

The previously mountain-like female fire dragon instantly started shrinking and transforming. She turned into a two-meter tall young human girl with an extraordinary, dynamite figure. The elegant, bright red scales of the fire dragon also turned into a set of red armor that rested upon her body. Philippa then took out two massive fire hammers from somewhere, waved them about, and charged into the middle of the magical machines.

Her dragon's breath swept across the battlefield as her hammers swung around.

In a single second, five or six magical machines had been blown away by the violent force. Countless metal shards and robotic components flew into the distance like rain.

The Archers' bodies were far too thin and weak. They couldn't endure a violent blow from the Third Grade female fire dragon. All the long-ranged Archers fled from the fire dragon under Gazlowe's hidden control, while the meat shields-the defensive magical machines-surrounded the dragon and prepared for melee combat.

This simple tactical move of retreating and advancing perfectly demonstrated the order and efficiency of the magical machines.

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