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Chapter 227 Exterminating a Second Grade

A sun slowly lit up between Greem's palms.

This wasn't any spell that Greem had cast before. Nor was it some sort of magic-infused item. It was a concentration of pure heat and light!

Greem had abandoned all the external forms of spells and instead concentrated all of the core of his fire powers. He manifested them using the powers of planar laws, causing Blazing Light, the purest form of power, to appear.

It didn't have the mixed physical and fire damage of the Magma Fireball, or the terrifying flame shockwave of the Explosive Fireball, and especially not the amazing radius of the Scarlet Firestorm. But having abandoned all of this, what was left to the Blazing Light was intensely concentrated light and… heat.

It was just a ray of light!

Its attack radius was not wide. Concentrated within Greem’s palms, it was only as large as an egg and its external form was like a thicker Scalding Ray.

However, when it shot towards the middle-aged radiant knight's chest, a massive hole was instantly melted in that delicate and perfect golden armor. Furthermore, the flesh and blood under the armor instantly withered and vaporized when it came into contact with the ray of light. A massive hole had been burnt in the radiant knight's stomach before he even had the chance to dodge or defend.

The flesh, blood, tendons, and bones around the wound had also been charred black and sealed the blood vessels. As a result, not a lot of blood appeared around the wound despite it being such a massive gaping hole.

This was not the end of it. The extreme heat from the light ray quickly sent terrifying energy into the body of the knight. The middle-aged radiant knight felt like he had swallowed a sun. Extreme heat and light radiated from within his body. The light and heat boiled his blood and burnt his body. The excess energy continuously spread out from his skin pores.

For this one moment, he… he thought he was almost cooked alive!

The radiant knight's face paled. Large drops of sweat ceaselessly flowed down his forehead and face. However, before they could even drip down, they were quickly heated and turned into vapor by his boiling hot skin, vanishing without a trace.

He roared loudly, as surging runic energies flowed from the tip of his sword and formed a barrier of pure energy before him, temporarily blocking that terrifying ray of light. Despite that,as light and heat continued to gather on the barrier, a small indentation started to form and was quickly increasing in size.

The radiant knight held his hand over the gaping hole on his stomach while using the other hand to muster as much runic energy as he could. He stumbled backwards with all his strength, as if he was trying to escape from the attacking range of the light ray.

Greem adjusted the direction of the light in his hands with much difficulty, trying his best to place the focal point of the light on the knight. Unfortunately, this attack was an application of fire planar laws that he had just recently thought of. His use of it was extremely ungainly and controlling it was very difficult. Thus, the range of the attack was a pathetic twenty meters. Blazing Light had a great deal of trouble staying locked onto agile targets.

Two spellbreaker knights charged forward on their magic colts as fast they could, trying to use their bodies to block that terrifying ray of light. They were quickly stopped by the Firelord, and a desperate fight of life and death quickly broke out between the three.

Seeing that the enemy had almost escaped from his attack range, Greem could only wave his hand and disperse the Blazing Light. He had only been channeling Blazing Light for seven seconds, and already Greem's massive magma hands had been burnt black as char. Even Greem's body of flames could not endure such extreme heat!

Moreover, his right hand was the one he had just regenerated from lava. Looking at the wounds from Blazing Light, he would probably have to find an opportunity to regenerate it again.

Greem looked at the stumbling and retreating radiant knight, and a cold smile appeared on his ghastly, flaming face. The Scroll of Voodoo hanging on his waist silently flew into his hands and started flipping.

Not a single one of the six instant-cast spells stored within the Scroll of Voodoo had been used from the start of battle until now. Was it not so that he could use it at a key moment? Now that there was a radiant knight's head hanging in the balance, would there be a moment more important than this?

With no hesitation in his mind, the flipping pages of the Scroll of Voodoo finally stopped. A bright flame halo burst forth from the page.

Fire Core Explosion!

This single-target fire spell could be said to be the most powerful one amongst the spells Greem had mastered.

Destructive fire elementium concentrated to their limits would suddenly explode on a spatial node, causing space to collapse and create an area of complete energy annihilation. All living beings caught within this area would suffer destructive and devastating fire energy damage. Initial estimates suggested that the fire elementium damage at the core of the explosion would reach a shocking 115 points.

It was only because the radius of effect was only a mere one meter that it had been classified as a single target spell!

The Fire Core Explosion did not explode on the body of the radiant knight, as he was still protection by his energy barrier. Instead, it blew up in front of the knight. Even so, the suddenly exploding spell had successfully annihilated the radiant knight's energy shield, catching his runic longsword and right arm in the destruction.

The radiant knight howled in agony.

The longsword, carved full of unique runic lines, started to let out black smoke. Some of the runes of the blade itself had even been destroyed by the powerful attack. The knight’s entire palm was bloody beyond belief, revealing the black and red tendons beneath, along with his pearl white bones.

Hua hua hua…

The pages continued to flip.

Another magic halo surged forth from the Scroll of Voodoo.

Explosive Flames!

This was an area-of-effect spell that closely resembled the Scarlet Firestorm. However, the area covered by the Scarlet Firestorm was supremely massive, causing the fire damage within to be only around 30 points. It was useful for clearing wide areas of a battlefield, but it wasn't much use against a powerful enemy. Explosive Flames was much more concentrated compared to the Scarlet Firestorm. Its radius was only five meters, but the damage within reached a shocking 70 points.

This was extremely high damage that could cause dreadful wounds to most enemies!

Without the protection of the energy barrier, the Explosive Flames successfully engulfed the radiant knight in its area-of-effect. A strange magic rune appeared beneath knight’s feet, and raging flame energies instantly devoured his form.

The second spell had just been cast, yet Greem didn't even stop to observe its effects. With a slight nudge of his consciousness, the Scroll of Voodoo in his hands continued to flip.

Doomsday Volcano!

Fire Core Explosion!

Meteor Shower!

Greem activated five instant-cast spells from the Scroll of Voodoo in one go, one after another.

As it was the most powerful spell he currently had, Greem had stored two instances of Fire Core Explosion beforehand. It it wasn't out of consideration for the varying circumstances he could face in the future that might call for different types of spells, Greem would most definitely have stored six Fire Core Explosions within the scroll!

Even so, the activation of five powerful spells in one go had still brought about a terrifying nightmare for the radiant knight.

It felt like five powerful fire adepts were attacking him simultaneously at that moment. Moreover, it was as if it were five of the cruelest and savage adepts that were attacking him.

The excessively rich fire elementium concentrated in a narrow area had severely destroyed the elementium balance there. The scorching heat and terrifying elementium fires gave him the illusion that he was trapped in a plane of pure fire elementium.

Even a mountain of metal would melt into a pool of liquid under the assault of such powerful fire spells. How much better could a radiant knight with a body of blood and flesh fare!

A First Grade Adept challenging and succeeding in slaying a Second Grade being would never happen in the World of Adepts. The strict planar laws and the massive difference in power caused any hopes of using tricks or superiority to compensate for the difference in grade to turn into a mere dream!

This also indirectly reflected the strictness of the Grade system within the adepts’ plane.

However, it was no longer such an absolute situation in a planar war!

As the surging elementium flames slowly dispersed, a person that had been ravaged by the spells, so much that he no longer looked human, fell out from within.

The blood and flesh on his body had been withered and carbonized, and the molten armor had fused with his bones, making him look like a golden skeleton from afar. The grim heat had caused his remaining bones to continuously let out white smoke, as if this last remaining part of his existence would also crumble into ashes.

His runic longsword, knight armor, muscular body, his short brown hair… all the traits that belonged to that radiant knight had completely vanished, leaving behind an unrecognizable skeleton.

Greem stumbled and reverted his Flame Flame Fiend Transformation.

Those short seven seconds of Blazing Light had eaten away at the the purest core and source of his body’s fire powers. This was not something that could be recovered by drinking a couple vials of potions. The only way to recover it was to meditate diligently, day after day, in order to have a chance of accumulating by relying on the powers of planar laws.

After his Blazing Light, the flame spell bombardment had only exhausted to spells within the Scroll of Voodoo. It had not drained any of his Spirit. Otherwise, he might have had to watch the enemy escape before his eyes!

However, the major exhaustion of his Spirit had completely robbed him of all his strength. He could only grab the golden skeleton with one hand and the Scroll of Voodoo with the other as he stumbled back towards the tower.

"Evil Bugs, you take Flame Demon's position!" Adept Fügen's voice rang out from afar.

It seemed that Adept Fügen was still closely monitoring the battles from behind, even as he was entangled with two radiant knights.

With this Second Grade radiant knight as his spoils of war, no adept would still object to his ‘desertion’ in the middle of combat. After all, putting themselves into Greem's shoes, how many among the First Grade adepts here could have the terrifying might needed to exterminate a radiant knight by themselves?

If it had been any other adept, they would probably be hounded by the radiant knights, not to mention unexpectedly turning the tables!

Even those combat adepts that took pride in their abilities couldn't help but sneak peeks at Greem, even as they were engaged in their own battles. The proud Adept Hyde was included amongst them.

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