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Chapter 226 Blazing Light

With Greem's current strength, transforming into his Flame Fiend form would cause all of his body’s attributes to increase exponentially, making him much more powerful.

However, everything has two sides to them!

It was exceptionally hard to control the massive body of his Flame Fiend form, causing Greem's movement and attack speed to become severely reduced while he was transformed. The power of his attacks may have increased, but he was much slower. If he met agile opponents like Mary in this form, his attacks wouldn’t be able to hit their mark.

Then again, the Flame Fiend’s combat style was more focused on defense and counters, and was therefore much less reliant on his speed.

Violent fire spells bombarding enemies from afar was the long-ranged combat style. Mid-ranged fighting was a mix of the flame whip and instant cast fire spells. If the enemy managed to close in, then the tandem use of the lava pool and Ring of Fire would still deal massive damage to the enemy.

Unless the opponent was immune to fire, they could only endure the terrifying flame damage while also hacking away in a furious skirmish with the Greem’s Flame Fiend Greem form.

As such, Greem didn't try to avoid the swarming enemies when they charged at him. Instead, he let out a devastating roar and prepared for battle.

The very existence of the Flame Fiend itself had turned the area he was standing at into a black and red world of magma. Burning waves of flame shot up from the ground everywhere. He stood in the boiling lava and bent to pick up a gigantic magma rock from the ground. It was five meters wide and four meters thick. Greem held it before him and used it shield his body.

With the temporary magma shield, Greem was able to bear the ice arrow bombardment of the one hundred knights.

Meanwhile, the two water golems behind Greem had cast a snowstorm in the path of the knights. Savage blades of ice and snow whirled within the chilling winds and covered the knights’ bodies in a layer of ice crystals.

Some knights with weaker resistance had even been frozen to the spot along with their magic colts, with no other option left to them but to raise their energy shields and bitterly endure being sliced by the sharp ice. Most of the witcher-knights were able to make it through the snowstorm successfully, and appeared before the lava pool where the magma bubbled and the flames burned.

The radiant knight who led the charge was a middle-aged man with firm muscles all over his body. He had short dark brown hair, intense eyes, a straight nose, and a wide mouth. One look and you could tell he was a tough and stubborn man.

He let out a shout, and the magic colt stood up on its hind legs as two energy blades slashed from 20 meters away at the massive magma shield Greem was holding.

Shattered rock flew everywhere as magma splashed in all directions. A deep cut in the shape of a cross appeared on the shield.

Greem peeked out from behind the shield and revealed a wicked smile. A magma fireball the size of a washbasin whistled through the air and flew towards his opponent. Sadly, the magma fireball didn't make it to its target. Two spellbreaker knight slashed out with energy blades and chopped it into four pieces while it was mid air. The fireball exploded in the air, sending a rain of lava pouring down on the knights.

As the knights quickly drove their colts away to avoid being burnt alive, the lightning giant that had been hiding in the skies suddenly appeared, bringing with it all the rage of lightning and thunder. Three or four witcher-knights that didn't manage to defend themselves in time were instantly blasted to smithereens, falling sideways from their colts as their charred remains fell apart.

At the same time, the Fire Lord that was standing silently behind Greem had also finally completed his casting. As he raised his hands high up, a Scarlet Firestorm instantly exploded in the center of the knights' ranks and ravaged an area of a hundred meters.

In Greem's mind, the chip had already beamed over inspection data that indicated that the eye of the firestorm had reached a tremendous energy level of 117 points.

To Greem's understanding, the knights of this plane lacked armor that provided them with resistances. Even the runic equipment on the radiant knights could only endure energy damage of up to 100 points, while the spellbreaker knights' armor were only able to take 40 points of damage. The witcher-knights, on the other hand, could only defend against energy damage of around 15 points.

Such terrible armor might be enough to deal with the naturally awakened heretics of this plane. However, it seemed so frail and weak when used against these evil adepts from another world.

Countless witcher-knights struggled in agony under the combined attacks of the Scarlet Firestorm and the lightning storm, desperately trying to escape from the spells' area of effect. Their hair, skin, and armor fused together under the sweltering heat. If they weren't able to escape from the Scarlet Firestorm within three seconds, their bodies would melt like candles into a mess… a mess of unrecognizable grey pulp!

The middle-aged radiant knight yelled in anger as he saw all this happening around him. He leapt down from his magic colt and ran towards Greem with large strides. The steel warboots he was wearing rapidly turned red as he stepped into the lava. his powerful energy radiance clashed with the intense fire elementium, sending sparks flying into the sky.

You finally entered!

Greem had hidden behind this provisional shield all this time, but the chip in his mind had been functioning at its maximum speed. It fed the massive amount of data it had been collecting into the battle-monitoring system and was quickly sending feedback to Greem, providing him with the most ideal action plan for this situation.

Sir Fügen was engaged with enemies, while the enemy Greem had to face was also a Second Grade Knight. From the difference in the level of their existences, he had no possibility of clashing with this enemy head on!

Running wasn't an option either.

If he abandoned his position, there weren't too many places he could escape to. Moreover, he would have to face the anger of the adept leaders if he turned back now. Even though it was far more dangerous to battle with the radiant knight using all his strength, he would at least be able to have an excuse if he retreated from the battlefield, even if he failed to stop the knight and ended with severe injuries.

He also had the aid of the chip. Combined with the might of the golems, it wasn’t completely implausible that he might be able to cripple or even kill this radiant knight.

It was most definitely impossible for him to defeat the enemy with his current abilities. However, the chip gave a 17% possibility that he would be able to kill his opponent. That said, the price he would have to pay for this…

Greem grit his teeth and made his decision when he looked at the radiant knight storming across the lava.


The twenty meter gap was quickly closed. Greem raised the massive magma shield with both of his hands and threw it with all his strength just as the powerful radiant knight reached him. This magma shield whistled as it flew out, smashing towards the opponent as viscous red-hot lava continued to flow on top of it.

The scalding heat wave blasted towards the knight even before the stone had reached him!

Clang! A metallic sound rang out.

A single powerful slash from a runic longsword filled with energy radiance split the one-meter thick magma shield in half. It was no longer able to bear the radiant knight's domineering strength nor the damage from the runic energies. The two halves flew past each side of the knight, grazing him as they passed by.

The radiant knight, having cleared all obstacles between him and his enemy, took a massive leap into the sky. The shining runic longsword drew a terrifying cross in the sky, slashing towards Greem.

The Flame Fiend that Greem had transformed into was exceptionally tough and durable. It even had numerous magical protections and an armor of magma. However, all of these added together was not much stronger than that magma shield. If he stood still and let his enemy hack away at him, then his entire body might actually have been penetrated by the enemy.

The Flame Fiend, its entire body made of black-red magma and terrifying flames, took a step backwards. Its massive hand of magma reached outwards, intercepting the radiant knight's longsword.


A howl of pain and agony rang out. Greem raised his head and screamed. The hand he extended forward had been pierced by the longsword all the way to the hilt. Moreover, the violent runic energies within the longsword were surging out, sending blade beams flying everywhere and mincing Greem's entire right arm into a rain of fire.

It was at this moment!

The mental flux from Greem's mind quickly trembled as he endured the intense pain from his body. As he stumbled backwards, the Fire Lord behind him finally activated the spell it had been preparing for so long.

Fire Prison!

The molten lava Greem had painstakingly created quickly gathered and rose under the radiant knight's feet, forming a prison and trapping the knight within.

The middle-aged radiant knight raised his head and assessed the prison before him. The entire cage glowed with a red light as the radiance of fire flowed across the entire structure. Thick magma pillars held up the walls of the cage with red-hot magma flowing down each of the pillar. The space between the bars was not enough for him to escape.

The radiant knight raised his runic longsword and a savage bladestorm instantly engulfed the Fire Prison. The magma pillars half a meter in diameter were unable to endure such powerful energy corrosion and instantly snapped in half. Sadly, before the knight could escape, the lava in the pool surged upwards and repaired the damage done.

During this time, the lightning giant in the skies had appeared within the prison in a flash. A blinding elementium storm engulfed the space within the prison before the radiant knight could attack again.

The lightning giant had self-destructed!

The ferocious tides of lightning crashed against everything inside inside the prison again and again, causing tremendous damage  to the entire Fire Prison in the process. If the Fire Lord hadn't been maintaining the prison with all his strength, it would likely have collapsed long ago.

The expression of the radiant knight trapped inside quickly changed. He frantically drew from the powerful energies in his runic equipment to fill his body and endure the damage from the lightning explosion.

At any other time, thirteen seconds might pass by in the blink of an eye. However, at this very moment, thirteen seconds felt like an eternity of suffering!

Finally, after the explosions from the lightning giant’s self-destruction had finally calmed down, the radiant knight prepared to concentrate his energy to break out from this accursed prison once and for all. At that moment, another elementium golem appeared within the Fire Prison.

A water golem!

The next second, ice powers that sent chills down to the very bone ravaged uncontrollably within the cage, turning the inside into a world of ice and snow.

Eleven seconds later, another water golem charged into the cage and self-destructed!


Having endured the continuous self-destruction of three elementium golems in a row, the radiant knight coughed up blood as he hacked at the magma pillars and broke free.

Just when he was finally able to stabilize himself, he raised his head to find an extremely menacing and blinding scarlet light staring him in the face before it completely engulfed him.

It was Blazing Light!

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