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Most of the time, Greem was too busy to individually identify what kind of objects were hidden inside the grass, like which of them were useful and which weren't. As long as he sensed an element aura lingering in a certain spot, he would let the Rock Snake swallow the object together with a large patch of dirt. He would then store them inside of the Rock Snake's stomach and slowly identify them when they returned to safety.

Fifteen minutes later, the ground shook violently before bursting apart. The Rock Snake that had squeezed underground had smoothly returned.

"Let's go, quick!" The more rewards Greem harvested, the faster his heart raced. Without saying another word, he jumped into the stomach of another Rock Snake and left the place straightaway.

Half an hour later, a bizarre looking dark figure suddenly appeared at the destroyed battlefield.

Through his strong spiritual sense, he walked with light steps on the battlefield like a wandering soul. Soon, he stopped at the spot where the Fairy had died. Quietly, he sensed and identified the traces of elemental aura in the air.

For others, the remains of aura didn't have any meaning, but they provided him with a vast amount of information and critical data about the battlefield. Soon, scene after scene of the battle started to play in his mind, and eventually assembled into a complete scene.

He showed no emotion in regards to the violent battle that had just happened. He even maintained the same indifferent expression when he realized a Fallen Pseudo-Adept was killed in the battle. However, his body slightly trembled when he saw Greem order the Rock Snake and take away the dead body of the Fairy. A frightful, bright beam suddenly shot out from his eyes, which were hidden behind his drooped hat.

Since the most valuable Fairy was gone, there wasn't any need for this place to continue existing!

Following a deep voice's reciting of an incantation, countless ghost-like dark shadows shot out from his body, charging in all directions within the demonized forest. Soon, the entire forest became dead silent and no life aura could be sensed anymore.

The demonized forest had become something that only existed in the past. Once again, this place would become a dead zone where no life could exist!

After finishing with all of this, like how he had appeared, the dark figure simply vanished into thin air! Throughout the entire process, no living creature or thing could sense his existence, as if he was just a soul that wandered in this world.

Greem didn't rush back to the Adept Tower. But instead, after he brought his team of golems to the surface, immediately snuck into the Kerala mountain range. They found a secret place and dug out a cave. Only then did they started slowly organizing their war trophies for this trip.

The first object Rock Snake spat out was Mary, who was sleeping soundly, and the Fairy who had become mummified.

Once again, Greem gave Mary a thorough examination. She was just overstuffed with a huge amount of blood from a mighty existence, and had no choice but to sleep to slowly digest the energy contained within the blood. According to the Chip's estimation after it gave Mary a scan, she had earned a good fortune this time. Most probably, she was going to advance into the Pseudo-Adept realm.

Greem placed a thick and warm blanket in a corner of the cave and carefully placed Mary on top of it. She was wearing a sweet and calm smile on her face, her rosy cheeks looked like a ripe apple, her lips were juicy and delicate, and her beautiful eyelashes were moving like butterflies… The sleeping Mary was showing the rare, gentle, and serene look of a young girl, so Greem couldn't help but gently kiss her forehead.

After he settled Mary, Greem moved his glance over to the Fairy's corpse.

After losing the support of endless energy and having all of its blood sucked out, the shriveled corpse of the Fairy looked like a deflated leather skin. Nevertheless, both the Rose Armor, that fully covered its body, and the magic bow were still the items attracted Greem the most. In the previous battle, those two items had given Greem a really hard time.

Holding the magic bow in his hand and spending some time in examining it, Greem finally heard the exciting 'beep' sound in his mind.

"Beep! Scanning of the object completed!

A magic bow is found. Detail information as below: …[omitted]…


Greem was very excited. He licked his lips and narrowed his eyes.

In his first battle with the Fairy, the Chip had roughly scanned the basic information of this magic bow. Now it was adding more detailed information about it. There wasn't anything to be excited about this information, however. The only thing that made Greem really excited was the conclusion just given out by the Chip: the magic bow was modifiable!

As the Fairy was the only user of this magic bow, the energy spectrum used to unleash light arrows was also Plant element. This meant that the magic bow couldn't be used by anyone else! But now, since the Chip had determined that it could be modified, it also meant the energy spectrum used to drive it could be modified as well, so it could be changed to Fire element or Blood element…

When Greem thought that in future battles, he could just sit high up on the Rock Snake's head and pour down countless light arrows to the enemy just by moving his fingers, Greem just couldn't help but feel really excited.

Gently placing the magic bow aside, Greem murmured under his breath, "Calm down, calm down… let me see if there is a magic staff that I can use. If there is one, I'll give this bow to Mary. If not, hehehe…"

The second item pulled from the Fairy's body was the Rose Armor.

Greem really wanted to keep the protective gear for himself. But, at the thought that once the Rose Armor was attacked by the enemy, his body would be covered by countless rose stalks, Greem instantly felt no love for it. Fuck, a grown man wearing Rose Armor and fighting with the enemy… Upon thinking about that peculiar scene, Greem just couldn't accept it.

Never mind, just give it to Mary after modifying!

As a wild demon, the Fairy only had these two magical items with it. Looked like it was really poor.

After the Rose Armor was stripped away, the petite body of the Fairy was totally naked. However, after losing the nourishment from its blood, the once silky smooth and glittering skin had dried and shriveled like an eighty year old granny. It was no longer as beautiful as before and felt like a dried bark upon touching.

Although the Fairy was dead, Greem could still sense an extraordinary, powerful aura coming from all of its organs. Should he slice it into pieces and harvest the magical materials? Or keep the corpse intact and find a way to maximize his profit?

Greem hesitated for a moment before he decided to put it aside for now. He would make the decision after he consulted with some professionals.

If he was a necromancer apprentice, for sure he would use the Fairy's corpse and produce a powerful corpse automaton. However, as he was a fake and inferior golem controller, it would be tough for him to squeeze the value of this Adept level demon to the last drop!

He ordered the Chip to give the body structure of the Fairy a detailed and complete scan. After that, he extracted the flesh and blood information from some critical parts of its body, handed them to the Chip, and let it analysis slowly. Finally, Greem started to organize all of the other war trophies.

Snorlax, who had been attentively serving its master, carefully placed a huge bag in front of Greem. Following the opening of the bag, countless colorful lights immediately shone upon Greem's face, forcing him to close his eyes.

Shadow Stone, Tiger's Eye Stone, Malachite, Green Agate, Lesser Moonstone, Emerald, Topaz, Aquamarine, Blood of the Old God, Ruby, Opal, Sapphire, Azure Moonstone, Deep Peridot, Flame Spessarite, Golden Dranite, Blood Gem, Dawn Stone, Talasite, Night's Eye, Noble Topaz, Pyre Stone, Living Ruby, Lion's Eye Stone, Crimson Spinal Stone…

[TL note: As a guy who never played WoW, this gave me a hard time…]

Greem couldn't help but be overcome with emotion. He firmly believed that the Fairy must be a gemstone collecting maniac. Nearly every magical stone and gem he had ever heard of could be found in this bag. Any gemstone taken out from this bag could be exchanged for dozens of miles of lands and peasants in a mortal kingdom. Especially the few with higher values, they could even be used in exchange for the title of Count.

But in the eyes of an Apprentice Adept, they were only consumable magical materials. Nevertheless, only official Adepts could use these expensive magical materials without changing their expression.

Greem lightly fiddled with the gem stones. Occasionally, he would pick one up and give it a careful look. After all, he only knew most of these magical stones from books, it was far less direct and clear than holding them with his own hand.

Standing beside Greem, Snorlax too was breathing heavily.

Looking at the colorful reflection of these gemstones, it felt it was getting harder to breathe smoothly, and its heart was pounding extremely fast.

Greem casually picked a few gemstones that he could put them to a good use, then pointed the remaining gemstones and said lightly, "I'll let you settle with these gemstones. You can take 1/3 of them. That's your reward for this adventure. You've done great today, especially the loophole you left on the controlling magic wand, it was brilliant. You deserve all of this!"

After it heard what Greem said, Snorlax's green face started to twitch. Before a smile could bloom on its face, its eyes rolled up and it fainted.

Greem shook his head, never paid any attention to his minion who just begun to show its value, and continued to glance through the gem stones. Very soon, he pulled out a fiery red magic scepter, which looked like it was made from the Fire Coral found in the bottom of the ocean.

A Fire Lord's Scepter!

When the scepter revealed itself, Greem immediately sensed the surging Fire element energy hiding within it. Before he could put his hand on it, Greem could also felt the scorching hot element fire from it. However, when he finally gripped on the scepter, the heat disappeared without a trace. The scepter had become warm and nice to hold, and a warm stream of energy kept flowing into his body.

At the same time, the Fire element energy gathering in Greem's body started to become restless, and became at least three times more active than before.

"Chip, scan this Fire Lord's Scepter!"

"Beep. Task accepted! Commencing scanning operation… beep! Operation completed. The result of the scan is as follow:

Object: Fire Lord's Scepter

Attribute: Fire Element

Secondary Skills: Added Fire Resistant (Intermediate) to Bearer. Immune to any lower grade Fire element damage. Fast Cast (Fire Element)

Ability: Inferno Shield (3 times / day), Summon Fire Deity (Pseudo-Adept level) (1 / day)

Additional functions: When placed on top of a special magical altar, it can be used to establish a small teleportation gate to the Fire Element Plane. Able to summon a Fire Deity (Pseudo-Adept level) every day without any consumption, or two Fire Giants (Advanced Apprentice level), or five Lava Hounds (Intermediate Apprentice level), or ten Fire Spirits (Beginner Apprentice level).

These Fire element creatures cannot go beyond 1000 meters from the magical altar. Once the Fire Lord's Scepter is taken away from the altar, all Fire element creatures will be repatriated to their original plane."

Ugh… Greem couldn't help but draw in a sharp cold breath.

This Fire Lord's Scepter was much stronger than his original estimation!

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