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When the steaming hot small and large intestines, heart, liver, lungs and all sorts of internal organs fell from the sky along with a shower of blood, all of the human apprentices standing on the battlefield couldn't help but have their minds go blank from shock.

That was a Pseudo-Adept! A Pseudo-Adept was killed this time!

All of the Fallen Apprentices were yelling crazily in their minds. On their twisted faces, besides their anger, there was also a slight expression of fear that couldn't be concealed.

If… if in the previous moment, it was them whose defensive magic spell had broken, then perhaps the broken corpse falling from the sky right now would be theirs! Upon thinking about this, all of the Fallen Apprentices had their mind fully filled with a shivering sensation. For the first time, all of the Fallen Apprentices were in awe of an Adept level demon.

Without saying anything, Hegel fully wrapped his body in a dazzling electric web and instantly disappeared from where he stood. When he reappeared, he was at the far edge of the demonized forest. On the other side, the Dark element Pseudo-Adept's body exploded into a large clump of dark smoke which sank into the ground underneath his feet. Right after that, a small mound was seen moving quickly towards the outer perimeter of the forest.

Langdon, who had transformed into the Frost Giant, instantly changed his expression. He took a small step back, squatted down, and placed both arms on his chest. In an instant, a large chunk of crystal clear ice surrounded him until he resembled an ice cube. Judging from the thickness of the ice and the magical runes flashing within it, perhaps even the Fairy's strongest attack would not be able to break it in a short amount of time.

What to do? The transformation into a Frost Giant had given Langdon an powerful body and incredible muscle strength. It also brought him an extraordinary talent in Ice element magic energy. But too bad, none of this had anything to do with speed! Once he was defeated in a battle and tried to escape, such a huge body would instead bring him even more enemies.

Therefore, Langdon could only use the Wall of Ice to protect his safety temporarily. Meanwhile, within the transparent ice cube, the tall and burly body of Langdon had started to shrink quickly and once again was restored to his normal shape. Standing inside of the transparent ice cube, he took out a magic spell scroll, fully inscribed with ancient looking patterns, threw a furious glance over at the Fairy and Greem a few times, and finally had no choice but to activate the scroll.

Following a flash of bright light, a violent spatial ripple reverberated within the battlefield. When the bright light faded out, Langdon had disappeared from the ice cube.

The escaping scroll! It was not something an ordinary apprentice could buy by paying a hefty price. Usually, it could only be produced by official Adepts, and the destination was most likely some safe and hidden place!

Greem didn't try to break the Ice Wall. Instead, he carefully commanded the Lighting Giant and the other two Rock Snakes to surround him and slowly left the battlefield.

The few Fallen Pseudo-Adepts who had been used as buffers had run away, leaving only him and the Fairy on the battlefield. With the demon's bad habit of seeking revenge for the smallest grievances, perhaps it would not regard him as its 'comrade' who just fought together with it. Therefore, it was best to…

Too bad, just as Greem reached a hundred meters away, a green light suddenly flashed in front of his eyes, and the Fairy, whose body was covered in scars, blocked his path.

Greem silently sighed.

Though the Fairy had gained a huge advantage in the previous battle by severely wounding, killing, and scaring off three Pseudo-Adepts, it had paid a serious price for it.

Weakened by countless powerful magic spells, the Rose Armor on its body looked dull. Its slim and delicate body was covered in traces left behind by the magic spells, especially from when it had launched an ambush at the Fire element Pseudo-Adept. Although the battle had only lasted a very short period of time, the counter attack he had unleashed before his death had still caused tremendous damage to its body.

From what Greem could see, its short green hair was a hideous mess from being burned by fire and countless burn marks and blisters could be found all over its seductive and tender body. Burn marks could also be seen on the corners of the transparent wings on its back, causing it to fly unstably, and its speed had greatly reduced as well.

"So, after wreaking havoc in my territory, you still think to leave just like that?" The Fairy's beautiful face was covered in a ferocious and twisted smile. It continued, saying, "You better stay back obediently. Use your flesh and soul as the compensation for my loss!"

After it finished saying that, the Fairy immediately prepared to attack.

Without hesitation, Greem quickly shouted out, "Hold on! Honorable Fairy, we were fighting side by side just now, weren't we?"

"Hmph, all of you are damn intruders, and you all deserve to be killed. They paid their price. As for you… you have to pay the price as well!"

"Honorable Fairy, you really need to consider carefully. Now you're seriously wounded too, and if you want to defeat me, the price might not be something you can withstand currently! Why not…"

"You're dreaming! No matter how high the price I have to pay today, I still want to tear you to pieces!"

Looking at the resolute expression of the Fairy, Greem simply showed a look of 'you're the one who forced me.' He suddenly stood up with his back straight, gazed straight at the approaching Fairy, and shouted out with a stern and loud voice, "Since you insist on fighting, I've no choice but to keep you company. Detonate! Detonate everything for me!"

Obviously, the last words were not intended for the Fairy.

Hearing the sharp and stern shout of this wildly arrogant kid, a bad feeling suddenly surged up in the Fairy's mind.

Indeed, as Greem's shrill voice dissolved into the air, a loud rumbling suddenly came from the ground underneath their feet. Following a violent shake of the ground, the earth where the ruins were located suddenly rose and immediately collapsed into the ground. The same process repeated three times. Only then did the frightening shock wave from the explosion completely vanish.

This time, it was the Fairy's turn to let out a shrill cry.

Because, just now, the inseparable spiritual connection between it and its true form was completely cut off. It was not concealed or interrupted by something, but it was… it was completely cut off.

Without the endless energy transmitted through the soul layer of its true form, the soul aura of the Fairy started to weaken significantly. "You damn human. What have you done? I'm going to kill you!"

The Fairy pulled out the short wooden stick, only to realize it had broken into pieces and turned into ash in an instant. As the ashes flew away, an enshrouding curse shot right into the Fairy's body, causing its aura to become even weaker.

Despite suffering from a series of attack, the Fairy's soul still hadn't dropped below Adept level. From this, one could tell it had stored a vast amount of soul energy after occupying an Elementium Pool. But when its true form and the Elementium Pool exploded into thousands of broken pieces from the alchemy bomb, the Fairy's soul pressure suddenly disappeared.

Looking into the distance at Mary, who was flapping her wings and quickly flying to him, Greem waved his hand and ordered the Lightning Giant and two Rock Snakes to leap toward the Fairy. In an instant, the flame of war, which had just settled down, reignited.

The brutal and intense battle lasted for two hours before it ended. In truth, the result of the battle had been decided when the Fairy's true form was destroyed. If the Fairy had been a demon with sufficient intelligence and a crafty mind, it would have immediately escaped from the place when it had lost the connection with its true form.

But obviously, the Fairy hadn't learned the cunning and treachery of a human. Hence, when it made its desperate assault, intending to perish together with Greem, it actually allowed Mary to latch herself to its body and savagely bite into its neck.

The vampire's hunger for blood was unimaginable. This was especially true for an Advanced Apprentice level vampire!

Without the lighting whip of the Lightning Giant, perhaps Mary would have been destroyed by the final counter attacks of the Fairy. But with the help from the Lightning Giant and Rock Snakes, Mary simply clung onto the Fairy's body regardless of her own safety, crazily sucking out all its Plant element energy-filled blood.

While resisting the attacks coming from golems, the Fairy crazily tore Mary's body apart. However, no matter how she was attacked, Mary didn't stop, but kept sucking the blood of the Fairy.

Meanwhile, the blood swallowed by Mary brought her tremendous benefit. Besides fixing her broken body at an incredible speed, the spirit wave emanating from her became stronger and her soul aura also became more powerful. On the opposite side, the spirit wave and soul aura of the Fairy were decreasing at a constant pace. Eventually, its breathing was as thin as a thread.

Initially, it was Mary's tiny body coiled up on the Fairy's body, but later, as the Fairy's body became weaker and lost all of its strength, Mary had to hug it tightly to prevent it from collapsing.

When the last thread of soul aura vanished from the Fairy's body, only then did Mary loosen her arms, satisfied. The slim and tender body of the Fairy was like a drooping leather pouch that had lost all its air. It was now lying motionlessly on the floor.

Mary let out a loud belch. Her beautiful face turned red from abundant vitality. She only had the time to give Greem a sweet smile before she fell down beside the Fairy's body. She actually fell asleep!

Damn it! It was really troublesome when a woman went crazy! Couldn't you just wait until we returned to the Adept Tower, and only start your enjoyment once we confirm everything is safe?

After silently complaining in his head, Greem had no choice but to carry Mary with one arm and pull the Fairy's corpse with the other. Then he started to command the Lightning Giant and loot the battlefield.

The dead Fire element Pseudo-Adept's body was scattered across the place; perhaps he could find some useful treasures among the broken bodies. Of course, Greem really wanted to find the magic spell notebooks that may have been in the guy's waist pouch.

As Greem was busy working, a grass bush not far from him split apart and Snorlax squeezed out from under it with a huge bag on its back. "Master, master! There are still some treasures underground!"

Greem gritted his teeth and stomped his feet, then ferociously said, "I'll have Rock Snake help you. Get everything you can - you only have fifteen minutes!"

A Rock Snake hastily slithered over, opened its huge mouth, and swallowed Snorlax. After that, it raised its head high before slamming it into the ground, digging out a huge hole, and diving into the soil. Breaking through all kinds of soil and rock strata, the Rock Snake rushed towards the second underground floor with incredible speed.

With the raging energy that had leaked out as its beacon, there was no way they could go in the wrong direction!

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