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Chapter 137 - My Combat Beast!

At this moment, it seemed as if the entire North Bank was paying attention to this. Even a few gazes from the Zhong Dao mountain had gathered on this place in an instant.

“This is… eh?

When a faintly discernible light sound of surprise echoed out, a red colour unexpectedly appeared in the whirlpool in the sky in an instant. Even the sky had turned into a patch of red.It was at this moment when an ear-piercing shriek echoed out of the wilting Rearing Beast Flower. Following the cry, that strong aura abruptly reversed and suddenly fell down. In an instant, it was about to fall onto the ground as some death qi spread outwards.

It seemed as if it would die prematurely. Without being born, it was about to die. Bai Xiaochun’s body trembled, and the Ancestors of the four mountains were also shocked.

“This is Chaotic Blood; willpower alone is insufficient to support the appearance of the body!”

“Damn it, I knew it would be like this!”

“This beast is unable to be born…” At this moment when the four Ancestors were crying out, Bai Xiaochun’s body trembled, and he stared at the Rearing Beast Flower with fixed eyes. He could feel that there was a life within the Rearing Beast Flower that wanted to descend, but was unable to succeed and was about to die. Within a few breath’s worth of time, the denseness of the death qi had already spread out in all directions.

At this moment, a blurry figure soundlessly and tracelessly appeared in the air above the Rearing Beast Flower. Anyone else wasn’t able to see its concrete appearance; they only saw a silhouette that seemed to be an old man wearing a white-coloured changpao. His entire body seemed to lack the slightest bit of aura; he just tranquilly appeared like that.

His cultivation… was deep and unmeasurable!

His appearance made the surrounding people become shocked in their hearts. The disciples of the North Bank had never seen this old man, and those Ancestors of the four mountains were also stunned for a moment. After that, their faces changed, and they unexpectedly started to kowtow.

“Third Generation Patriarch…”

The surrounding disciples, in the instant that they heard how the old man was addressed, had their minds buzzing as they all started to kowtow while trembling.

At this moment, Bai Xiaochun was muddled. He didn’t pay attention to the appearance of that figure. Within his eyes, there was only the wilted Rearing Beast Flower as well as the life within it. His heart was trembling, and he had tears in his eyes.

The white clothed old man silently looked at the Rearing Beast Flower and made some finger gestures with a finger from his right hand. Immediately, some life force rushed into the Rearing Beast Flower. Unfortunately, the life force dissipated, and the death qi got even denser.

The white clothed old man muttered incoherently to himself and raised his head, looking towards the Ancient Beast Abyss.

Within the Ancient Beast Abyss, the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon suddenly opened its mouth. A drop of golden blood flew out, and its body had clearly aged a little. Distantly looking at the Rearing Beast Flower, its eyes had a nervous and expectant look in them.

That golden drop of blood streaked across the vast sky and had formed a golden rainbow which directly flew towards the Hundred Beasts Courtyard, and then fell into the Rearing Beast Flower. At the same time, that white-robed elder lightly sighed, and his eyes brightened. When he raised his hands to make finger gestures, the clouds in the sky rolled, as though a supreme power was coagulating. Under the hands of the old man, it turned into a talisman that penetrated the Rearing Beast Flower and merged with with the golden blood, throwing itself into the Rearing Beast Flower.

“Chaotic Blood, nine deaths and still alive. This old man can only let the nine heavens decide. Whether or not it can live and struggle out of the Rearing Beast Flower, it all depends on the beast’s willpower. What a pity… for a potential Grade 5 spirit beast.” The old man lightly sighed. Even if it was him, there was no way of going against the heaven’s will to change his fate Whether the beast could live on or not all depended on its luck.

(ED Note: 九死一生, nine deaths and still alive is chinese idiom that means ‘narrow escape’.)

With a feeling of pity, he turned his head and looked at Bai Xiaochun who had a blank and unreadable face. Sympathy appeared in his eyes as he flourished his sleeve. His body turned fuzzy and transformed into dots of glittering lights that dissipated.

Only after the old man left, did the Ancestors of the four mountains slowly rise. They carried a look of reverence while looking at the direction where the old man left to and lowered their heads to look at Bai Xiaochun, who was beside the Rearing Beast Flower, staring blankly.

All of the Ancestors had a look of pity. If it was any other person that had put in so much hard work and ended up with their combat beast being unable to be born, they would also feel sad. Especially so, since this was a Rearing Beast Seed. Even if the entire cultivating world was taken into account, there weren’t many of them left.

The four Ancestors lightly sighed. The anger they had towards Bai Xiaochun had disappeared as they successively left. The surrounding disciples of the North Bank, after seeing this scene’s reversal, were also unable to bother Bai Xiaochun at this moment. Despite the fact that there was still many people that were resentful in the bottom of their hearts, they dispersed within the silence.

Evening descended. Within the pavillion of the Hundred Beasts Courtyard, there was only a single person, Bai Xiaochun, who was still standing there, staring blankly at the Rearing Beast Flower. Over half of the present flower had wilted, and anyone would be able to see a thin and small body inside. It was currently struggling, as if it was fighting against its fate.

Bai Xiaochun’s tears soundlessly dropped. He slowly stepped forward and silently caressed the Rearing Beast Flower.

He was stricken with grief, and he had a sorrowful expression, unwilling to accept this fact. At this moment, his thoughts were not about having the strongest combat beast, but instead it was on a pure hope that this small life could live on, even if it had no natural endowments whatsoever.

This was the life that he had nurtured. Looking at the Rearing Beast Flower slowly wither made his heart ache, as if it was being cut by blades. However, he had no way of helping it. Even if he was currently at the tenth layer of Qi Condensation, he was still powerless. This sort of powerlessness made Bai Xiaochun feel a kind of suffocation that was hard to describe.

Following the descent of the night, this feeling of deep powerlessness, as well as the suffocation that he got as he stared blankly at the fading life before him, made Bai Xiaochun tremble and feel scared. He thought about the villagers that year, before his mother and father died of illness, they pulled his hand and told him… live on.

These words existed eternally in Bai Xiaochun’s mind.

“Live on… you must live on…”

“Tie Dan, don’t die…” Bai Xiaochun’s tears were dripping. He softly whispered, caressing the body of the small beast that was bulging below the Rearing Beast Flower, calling it by the name he had given it. The small beast seemed to have felt Bai Xiaochun’s aura and slightly moved.

“You must persevere. You haven’t seen this world; you haven’t seen me. I want to take you along with me to wander across the world of cultivation…”

“Persevere!” Bai Xiaochun’s soft murmuring was, however, filled with resolution. He spoke for a whole night, unceasingly caressing the body of the small beast that was bulging out of the Rearing Beast Flower. Using his sincerity, using all of the feelings that he could give, he did his best to spoke to the beast.

All the way until dawn, afternoon, evening, night....

The first day passed. The struggles of the small beast inside the Rearing Beast Flower got somewhat weaker, but it seemed as if it wouldn’t give up, and was still trying hard to control its body that was collapsing and falling apart due to the Chaotic Blood.

This entire day, Bai Xiaochun forgot everything around him. His eyes only held the small beast below the Rearing Beast Flower in front of him. He softly murmured, using his most gentle voice to pacify it, and used his heart to encourage it. He continuously spoke, so much that he tried to use spirit power to merge with the Rearing Beast Flower. Even if he knew that this was useless, he still did it anyway.

Gradually, the second day, the third day, and the fourth day passed.

Bai Xiaochun didn’t have the slightest bit of rest, and his eyes had already turned bloodshot. Under the constant release of the spirit power in his body, it had already been exhausted. Every time his spirit power was replenished, it would be merged with the Rearing Beast Flower.

That spirit power carried his blessings, carried his grief, and even more, it carried his encouraging pacification. During these four days, he was always speaking and always encouraging. Whenever this little beast violently struggled, and when it seemed as if it had felt pain and let out light sobs that were like weeping, Bai Xiaochun’s pacification seemed to have let it feel warmth as it gradually calmed down. However, Bai Xiaochun despairingly found out that its aura was getting more and more weak, and the feeling of death was also getting stronger and stronger.

“Tie Dan, you know, when I was small, when my mother and father was still here, I wasn’t so scared of death... and also didn’t know what death was.”

“When you’re well, I’ll go take you to see Uncle Li. He treats me very well, and is like a father…” Bai Xiaochun muttered. He spoke about his past and everything that happened to him in the village, as well as in the sect.

Late at night on the fourth day, no matter whether it was the guardian beasts of the four mountains, or the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon within the abyss, they all slowly withdrew their gazes and sighed, no longer paying attention. However, there was a Nocturnal Beast, that silently came to the Hundred Beasts Courtyard during the night. After it arrived at the pavillion, it went beside Bai Xiaochun and lay beside the Rearing Beast Seed. It looked at the life within the Rearing Beast Seed with the same kind of grief and softly licked it.

Yet another day passed. On the evening of the fifth day, Bai Xiaochun was extremely exhausted. To him, these five days were like refining medicine for five months without taking a rest or sleep. However, he was unwilling to give up, and he was still encouraging it, constantly saying things that he had already said, constantly pacifying it. Nonetheless, the struggles of the small beast got weaker and weaker, and deep into the night of the fifth day, it suddenly violently struggled for a few times. Following that, the struggles got slower, as if it was still twitching. Gradually, it stopped moving, and the aura of death enveloped the Rearing Beast Flower and also pervaded through Bai Xiaochun as well as the Nocturnal Beast.

“Live! You must live!” Bai Xiaochun grabbed the body of the small beast below the Rearing Beast Flower and tearfully shouted.

“When the Fallen Chen Clan were chasing to kill me, and over ten people wanted to kill me, I lived on and exchanged injuries for kills. I used my own bone spike to struggle with destiny! You must also be like this, LIVE! LIVE ON!”

Bai Xiaochun loudly roared, and he unceasingly caused his spirit power to rush forth; he was repeatedly encouraged it, so much that he was even roaring. The small beast that was originally motionless, gradually started to struggle. This struggle got stronger and stronger, and its desire to live, at this moment, seemed to follow Bai Xiaochun’s words and was aroused even more.

“Show the power of your will to live and control your body to charge out of here!” Bai Xiaochun wiped away his tears and roared.

The small beast within the Rearing Beast Flower struggled even harder and let out sounds of whimpers. Every struggle would be accompanied with an acute pain, which made its body tremble. However, it didn’t give up, as if it had a willpower that could support it. This willpower was extremely strong, as if it had surpassed its desire to live, and had become everything in its current life.

“You will be the strongest combat beast; you are my, Bai Xiaochun’s, lifetime companion. I created you. I nurtured you. I will not permit you to die!” Bai Xiaochun’s voice was hoarse, as though he had gone mad.

Following the uttering of these words, this small beast that had been encouraged by him for five entire days no longer whimpered, and it was instead letting out roars. Although it sounded weak, it was indeed a roar. Meanwhile, its dim life actually sparkled strongly at this moment, as if it was burning, unceasingly exploding forth, becoming more and more boundless. Clouds once again appeared in the sky; they were spinning around with a rumbling sound. It was if the willpower in its heart, which had supported it, caused it to once again challenge destiny.

This undulation attracted the attention of the North Bank, causing many disciples to be roused. The Ancestors of the four mountains were also startled as they went directly towards Bai Xiaochun’s Hundred Beasts Courtyard. There were also even more disciples who had their expressions changed and hurriedly charged out from all directions. When they arrived at the Hundred Beasts Courtyard, the aura of life within the Rearing Beast Flower once again overflowed the heavens, moving the blue dome of heavens, causing the undulations of the clouds to get stronger and stronger.

The four mountain beasts, the Ancient Beast Abyss’ Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon, as well as the gazes from the Zhong Dao Mountain, all focused on the Rearing Beast Flower. Even the illusory image of the white-robed elder had appeared once more, without anyone noticing.

It was at this moment, in the instant that the fifth day passed and the sixth day arrived, when the world-shaking roars of the small beast inside Rearing Beast Flower were let out, and there was also an attack that spread out, causing the extremely exhausted Bai Xiaochun, as well as the Nocturnal Beast, to be immediately pushed back and fall beside the wall.

With a loud explosion, the Rearing Beast Flower directly shattered into small pieces, and the claw of a small beast suddenly extended outwards. This claw was incomparably sharp, as if it could cut open nothingness itself, and there was even a flame that was faintly discernible on its claw, which made the minds of everyone who saw it tremble in astonishment.

At the same time this claw faced the surroundings, it ferociously struck out, and finally… the head of a small beast was exposed!

It resembled a horse, resembled a dog, resembled a lizard, resembled a crocodile, and resembled a dragon!

There was a single horn on the top of its head, and a row of white coloured hair could be seen on its back. Yet, it had black coloured scales on its body, and its teeth were extremely sharp. Its eyes were tightly shut.

“This is…” An astonished light appeared in the eyes of the white-robed elder in midair. His heartbeat immediately quickened. He had never thought that this small guy could unexpectedly live on, and looking at its appearance, it had a boundless potential, to the point that it could possibly advance its bloodline!

At this moment, within the Ancient Beast Abyss, the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon suddenly widened its eyes, and the four great mountain beasts were simultaneously shocked. All of the combat beasts within the North Bank trembled.

The surrounding people all let out cries of surprise. With a quick glancy, anyone else could tell that this small beast… was definitely out of the ordinary!

The Ancestors of the four mountains all took a deep breath, and a strong light appeared in their eyes.

“It has already grasped a technique the day it was born, and that flame on its claw means that it has… a Grade 6 bloodline! Heavens, a Grade 6 spirit beast has actually appeared in my Spirit Creek Sect!”

“This will be our North Bank’s future Guardian Beast!”

“Haha, our North Bank has finally borne a spirit beast that has a Grade 6 bloodline, surpassing the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon!”

Everyone in the surroundings involuntarily charged over, wanting to get close look at it. Bai Xiaochun leaned against the wall, and his figure had already been covered. He didn’t mind it though, and in fact, he was only smiling. This smile represented how happy he was for Tie Dan, and also how happy he himself was.

“If you live, then it’s good.”

At this moment, in the instant that the head of the small beast poked out, it forcefully opened its eyes, staring at the surroundings. Its eyes were very big, and they looked very cute. It revealed a clever black eyes and looked at its surroundings, as if it was searching for something.

This was the first action that it made after poking its head out. The meaning of this action was extremely great. Perhaps the people next to it didn’t know what it signified, but the mind of the white-robed elder in midair suddenly shook.

“It’s looking for…”

The surroundings were blocked by the crowd, and the small beast seemed as if it couldn’t find the figure that it longed for in its mind. Its expression turned anxious, and a violent intent appeared on it as it let out a growl.

It was at this moment...

“Tie Dan…” Bai Xiaochun softly spoke while leaning on the wall, supporting his body. He had happiness and excitement within his exhaustion, and he followed the gaps in the crowd to look at the small beast.

The moment he spoke, that small beast was no longer violent. Its body suddenly trembled and instantly turned its head. It was radiating a strong light in its eyes, and it also saw Bai Xiaochun within the gaps between the crowd. When it fixed its eyes on him, its eyes immediately turned gentle. A look of pleasant surprise slowly emerged, as if it had saw its lover.

It had found him!

It was as if the reason, which supported its unceasing struggle to live and its last burst of willpower to charge out of the Rearing Beast Flower, was to open its eyes and look at the person that gave it warmth, encouraged it and pacified it.

The willpower formed by this state of mind had surpassed its will to live!

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment. For Tie Dan, this moment and this unfamiliar world, seemed to have completely disappeared in the instant that Bai Xiaochun spoke. Regardless of how many strangers were blocking his sight, there was only a single person, Bai Xiaochun, who was its everything.

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