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Chapter 138 - Tie Dan’s Hobby

A brief moment later, the white-robed elder in the sky let out a sigh; he understood that this combat beast could no longer recognise any other person as its master in its entire life. Even if it was forced to recognise another master, the dependence on Bai Xiaochun that flows in its blood would become the other person’s greatest obstacle.

One could say that, in this world, its master will forever be... Bai Xiaochun.

Even if Bai Xiaochun were to die one day, this beast will also never forget that there was once a person — a person called Bai Xiaochun.

They had no contract between them, but the relationship that they had was stronger than any form of contract. The white-robed elder shook his head and deeply looked at Bai Xiaochun. He understood that this was what Bai Xiaochun deserved; this was the combat beast that he had created, and when the beast was in its most critical condition for the nine days, Bai Xiaochun had constantly encouraged and accompanied the beast.

“Perhaps it is only with a child that still posses this innocent heart, when one has not yet been corrupted by achievements, but only naively wishes for the beast to live on. It is probably only this attitude that can make the Grade 6 bloodline combat beast feel touched and sincerely recognise one as a master.”

“Hopefully… this child will keep this innocent heart of his throughout his life, and neither time or anything else could cause him a change of heart.” the white-robed elder turned his body and silently left. His figure looked bleak. He was reminiscing his past self from a long long time ago, when he had just stepped into the world of cultivation and still had that youth and naivety.

Outside the courtyard, the crowd eventually started to leave one by one. The female disciples left all the more reluctantly — the moment the little beast had appeared, its big eyes and cute look immediately captured the hearts of these female disciples. It was a pity that the little beast did not even give them a second look.

The Ancestors of the four peaks, who watched the little beast fervently as it was born, also left in lament. Slowly, the Hundred Beast Courtyard regained its peace and silence; all that was left was Bai Xiaochun, the little beast, and that Nocturnal Beast who had been pushed away during the previous scuffle.

Bai Xiaochun was laughing heartily as he patted the head of this little beast. This beast had the body of a horse, the head of a dragon, scales like a lizard, claws like an armadillo, and most surprisingly, its teeth gave off seven colours of radiant light.

As for the single horn on its head, it was similar to the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon’s horn, which was incomparably sharp.

If anyone looked closer, anyone could find that on its body, there were many similarities with a lot of other combat beasts. It was truly as Bai Xiaochun had envisioned it to be previously — collating the advantages and form of countless combat beasts… The one and only of its kind in the world, an unprecedented lifeform.

“From now on, you will be my, Bai Xiaochun’s, combat beast. Don’t worry, I will bring you along throughout my this entire world of cultivation!” Bai Xiaochun chuckled and patted Tie Dan on the head. Tie Dan crouched beside Bai Xiaochun and looked up while widening its eyes, making him look extremely adorable.

The Nocturnal Beast also got excited and quickly ran over. It still had some wariness against Bai Xiaochun, for it had not forgotten its grudge against it, but when it looked at Tie Dan, it revealed a scared expression and also a gaze filled with a hint of protectiveness.

Tie Dan curiously lifted up his head and looked at the Nocturnal Beast without any discrimination.

Time passed, and a month had gone by. Throughout this month, Bai Xiaochun frequently took Tie Dan for walks outside the Hundred Beast Courtyard and roamed the entire North Bank. Bai Xiaochun walked in front, while Tie Dan followed behind, curiously looking at all of the surroundings.

In the distance, the Nocturnal Beast would secretly follow them, as if it was protecting Tie Dan.

Along the way, every disciple that saw Bai Xiaochun would instantly shift their gaze onto Tie Dan. Some gazes were surprised, some were complicated, some were envious, and even a number of female disciples would instantly fall in love with the wide-eyed, cute looking Tie Dan.

Tie Dan looked as if it was a little afraid as it came closer to Bai Xiaochun a little. Bai Xiaochun placed his hands behind his back with a face full of satisfaction.

“My Tie Dan is loved by everyone no matter where it goes, this trait really follows me.” Bai Xiaochun happily thought to himself. With a dry cough, he took Tie Dan to crowded places, and whenever they walked past, the countless gazes of the disciples that they attracted made Bai Xiaochun’s heart burst with emotions as he proudly lifted up his chin. Continuously for a few days, Bai Xiaochun spent most of the time to make Tie Dan familiarise itself to the environment of the North Bank.

Gradually, Tie Dan lost its fear; it would excitedly clamour after Bai Xiaochun, lifting its chin with much vigor, as if it was copying Bai Xiaochun — even its gaze was starting to look similar. It would carry a hint of pride, satisfaction and even a little arrogant swagger, as if as long as it was beside Bai Xiaochun, it would not have to fear the heavens or earth.

That look made the surrounding disciples who were passing by to cry out in surprise. However, Tie Dan’s temperament seemed a little weird. When it noticed people looking at itself, if its mood was good, it would take the initiative to run over to rub the person; if its mood was bad, it would immediately grind its teeth and reveal a fierce look, giving off low growls.

Throughout this month, Tie Dan’s body grew slowly, as if it did not grow much at all. However, its speed, strength and biting power gradually showed its potential during this period of time; every time someone saw it, they were shocked in their hearts.

In regards to speed, it was already comparable with the Nocturnal Beast. As for its strength, it could even push back a ten zhang tall pangolin from the forests of the Hundred Beasts Courtyard. Its intelligence was even more shocking; it was comparable to a ten years old child, and even in some areas, it was even smarter than a ten years old child.

What surprised Bai Xiaochun the most was Tie Dan’s control of fire; the flames under its hooves gradually increased and could be controlled with ease. Every time it sprinted, it was as if Tie Dan was leaving a trail of fire — the fire was black in color as if it came from the netherworld.

All these mysterious traits, coupled with its cute look and that pair of big eyes that always shone with innocence, made the elders and the four Ancestors of North Bank to pamper Tie Dan with love; they would frequently take out some spirit medicine and food that was beneficial to combat beasts and gift it to Tie Dan.

However, as Tie Dan gradually grew older, Bai Xiaochun slowly found out that something was amiss. Tie Dan’s personality… seemed a little weird…

At this moment, in front of Bai Xiaochun, Xu Song furrowed his brows as he looked at the growling Tie Dan which had its scales erected and had black flames expanding from its feet. He was puzzled, all he did was give it a few more glances while he was walking past; who knew that Tie Dan would suddenly throw a fit of temper and charge towards him with a look as if it was going to bite him.

“Bai Xiaochun, your... this…” Xu Song felt displeased in his heart, but once he remembered that this combat beast was showered with the love from the elders and the Ancestors, he immediately retreated a few steps and looked at Bai Xiaochun. Before he could finish his sentence, Gongsun Wan-er walked past from a distance away. With a sweep of its glance, Tie Dan, which was growling and clawing in front of Xu Song, instantly brightened its eyes and immediately turned to its cute, wide-eyed look as it bounced towards the direction of Gongsun Wan-er.

As it ran, it even shook its tail like a puppy and gave off gentle calls. It rubbed itself on Gongsun Wan-er’s calf, making her break out into a smile as she immediately crouched down to pick up Tie Dan into a hug. With bright eyes, Tie Dan rubbed itself continuously on Gongsun Wan-er’s bosom, making Gongsun Wan-er laugh out loud. When Tie Dan shifted its body to reveal its little head, one could clearly see a blissful look upon its face.

Seeing this scene, Xu Song almost felt his eyeballs pop out. Bai Xiaochun could only laugh bitterly; since half a month ago, he had already noticed something wrong. When Tie Dan met male disciples, it would immediately grind its teeth and growl, as though if they were to dare to touch him, it would not hesitate to bite the other party to death. On the other hand, whenever it saw female disciples, it would immediately transform into its cute look and jump into the arms of the other party.

Not even Bai Xiaochun knew why this was happening. He could only conclude that within Tie Dan’s bloodline, it probably inherited some beast’s special fetish.

This situation worsened and Tie Dan got even more exaggerated. That difference in treatment between male and female disciples made every male disciple in North Bank speechless. A great number of them were jealous of Tie Dan, for among the female disciples in North Bank, more than half of them have been rubbed by Tie Dan…

If this was simply the case, then that would be it. Instead, when Bai Xiaochun started to breakthrough the peak of the Qi Condensation’s tenth level, Tie Dan’s hobby seemed to have taken a turn for the worst. Under the leadership of the Nocturnal Beast, the both of them would frequently crouch at a corner and peek at some of the female disciples while they were bathing.

The Nocturnal Beast only looked a few times and lost its interest, but the more Tie Dan saw, the more addicted it got. In no time, it even recognised the bathing patterns of all the female disciples in the sect. With much vigor, it would excitedly run out of the Hundred Beasts Courtyard early in the morning and not return until the sky was dark.

In the span of one day, it could see numerous female disciples bathing…

With regards to this, Bai Xiaochun did not do anything nor did he care about it; he was working hard behind closed doors and increasing his cultivation with each passing day.

Another month had passed, and Tie Dan’s habits got even worse; other than rubbing itself in the bosoms of the female disciples and peaking at them bathing, it had another new hobby now. After it would peak at the females bathing, it would take away the other party’s undergarment and secretly hide it… in a place where it felt was the safest.

In no time, the female disciples of the North Bank gradually realised that they were constantly losing their undergarments. This situation started happening to every single one of the female disciples.

Due to Tie Dan’s speed being extremely fast, and the Nocturnal Beast helping as a sentry, the undergarments stolen throughout this month was never noticed by anyone. Moreover, with Tie Dan’s adorable look, it would not even arouse the suspicion of the female disciples.

“Our North Bank has a pervert amongst us, and this person specialises in stealing the undergarments of female disciples!”

“Goddamit, I will definitely find this pervert. Junior sister Sun has already lost 7 pieces of undergarments!”

“I have already investigated a rough estimate. At least a few thousand pieces of undergarments have been lost. The other party definitely has some sick fetish and would not destroy them, but hide them instead. Find it. We will definitely be able to find it.”

The stolen undergarment incident got even more and more heated; gradually, all the female disciples in the North Bank joined forces and continuously searched with anger burning in their hearts. They even hired a battle mouse from an elder of the Sky Mountain to assist in the search. The entire North Bank was being searched, and even many male disciples joined in the search with righteous indignation.

After going through the four mountain peaks, going through numerous areas and sectors, there was no result. Suddenly, someone suggested the Hundred Beasts Courtyard...

Very quickly, these female disciples charged into the Hundred Beasts Courtyard.

At this moment, Bai Xiaochun was in the building, completely immersed on meditation. As he felt his cultivation increase, a sweet feeling rose in his heart.

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