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Chapter 659: 659

Su Jian’an really wanted to tell Yunyun that she didn’t have to envy her and that she also had a handsome brother who was very capable and competent .

However, when the wish suddenly became reality, Xiao Yunyun might not be able to accept it .

“It’s about time . ” Aunt Liu reminded them . “Mr . Lu, Mrs . Lu, we can go now . ”

To take the two little babies out, the regular two-compartment car was not big enough . Uncle Qian drove the Phantom with an extended wheelbase out of the garage .

Considering that he had to take the two little guys out from time to time later, Lu Boyan had already installed the safety seats for newborn babies in the car . After the two little guys settled down, Lu Boyan asked Uncle Qian to drive .

It was the first time that the two little guys had taken a car since they came out of the hospital .

Nothing special happened to Xiyu, who just leaned against the seat with his head tilted and looked at everything in the car curiously . He still looked calm .

Compared to her brother, Xiangyi obviously failed to adapt to this environment . Not long after Uncle Qian started the car, she cried in a soft and childish voice in the seat . The unwillingness buried in her sobs made others very distressed .

Tang Yulan couldn’t bear to hear the little baby cry, so she said hurriedly, “Uncle Qian, slow down . I’m afraid that she might be scared . ”

Because the two little guys were in the car, Uncle Qian dared not to drive fast . Hearing Tang Yulan’s words, he slowed down the car even more . Unexpectedly, it turned out to be just the opposite of their wish . Xiangyi cried louder and louder as if she could not adapt to the environment inside the car .

Lu Boyan picked up his daughter, gently held her in his arms, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Of course, Xiangyi couldn’t speak . She tilted her head and leaned softly against her father’s chest, crying even more sadly in a childish and tender voice .

If even Lu Boyan couldn’t calm Xiangyi down, then everyone else present in the car couldn’t do anything about it .

Lu Boyan observed that Xiangyi was uncomfortable . Anyway, since the car had not driven out of the villa area, he asked Uncle Qian to stop the car and wrapped Xiangyi in a small quilt . He took her out of the car and coaxed her gently .

After a while, Xiangyi stopped crying and obediently leaned into Lu Boyan’s arms, looking at Lu Boyan with her beautiful eyes full of grievance .

Lu Boyan had felt worried about her, and seeing her look, he couldn’t help but frown .

Su Jian’an got off the car . When she looked at Lu Boyan, without much thought, she knew what he was worried about .

It was the first time for a child to take a car, so it was normal for her not to get used to the car . Ordinarily, they could toughly ask her to take a car several times before she got used to it .

However, Xiangyi was not an ordinary kid .

Xiangyi suffered from the genetic infantile asthma . Shen Yuechuan gathered the currently best experts in infantile asthma, but they still couldn’t do anything to her illness .

The doctor repeatedly reminded them that they should take good care of Xiangyi and not be too emotional . If she suddenly cried very hard, they should pay special attention to it .

Therefore, Lu Boyan would rather spoil her and allow her to be willful than hear her cry .

Su Jian’an took out her mobile phone from her carry-on bag, contacted the doctor, and told the doctor about the current situation in detail .

The doctor thought about it for a moment and replied, “It shouldn’t be a big deal . The baby just got carsickness, which won’t cause a sudden attack of asthma . You have to let her adapt to the environment inside the car . Don’t worry . Just go ahead . If you find anything wrong, stop the car and take action . ”

“Okay, thanks a lot . ”

Su Jian’an hung up the phone and looked at Lu Boyan . “Let’s get on the car . ”

Lu Boyan’s brows were still tightly knitted . “Is the doctor sure that there’s no problem?”

“The doctor can’t guarantee that,” Su Jian’an said, “but Xiangyi should just get carsickness, and there won’t be any danger . Yunyun is also in the car, so you don’t have to worry too much . ”

When he got into the car again, Lu Boyan’s movements were obviously more careful, but the little girl’s sensitivity was beyond his imagination . She soon found that she was carried back to the car, so she struggled and cried sadly .

Lu Boyan frowned and Uncle Qian did not dare to start the car .

Tang Yulan was also very worried about her . Putting down Xiyu on the seat, she stood up from the back row and said, “How about you send Xiangyi back? Aunt Wu and I will stay at home to accompany her . You just take Xiyu to the hotel and ask Aunt Liu to take care of him with you . ”

“No,” Lu Boyan disagreed . “It’s not safe for you to stay at home . ”

Tang Yulan was in a dilemma for a moment . “Then what should we do? Xiangyi cried so much . ”

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Su Jian’an made up her mind and said, “Uncle Qian, let’s leave . ”

Not only today but also in the future, she must frequently go in and out with the two little babies . Xiangyi had to get used to the car sooner or later .

Uncle Qian looked at Lu Boyan uncertainly . Without hearing Lu Boyan’s objection, he started the car slowly .

When she felt the car moving, Xiangyi seemed to be afraid and cried more sadly . Her voice reached the deepest part of others’ hearts and made them extremely anxious .

Su Jian’an stretched out her hand . “Let me hold her . ”

She also loved her daughter, but she had to guide her to overcome this discomfort . She couldn’t allow her to be willful at the wrong time .

She gently held her daughter in her arms, patted her on the shoulder from time to time, and comforted her in a gentle voice . Not long after, Xiangyi cried in a lower voice gradually and fell into a fitful sob .

At this time, Xiyu, who was being taken care of by Tang Yulan and Aunt Liu in the back seat, suddenly made a sound of “hmm” and seemed to be about to cry .

The little boy must have heard his sister’s sobs .

Su Jian’an stroked Xiangyi’s delicate little face and said with some amusement, “If you cry again, your brother will cry too . ”

The little girl seemed to understand her mother’s words . She pursed her lips in grievance, made two sounds of “hmm”, but she didn’t cry anymore .

“All right, be a good girl . ” Su Jian’an gently stroked Xiangyi’s back . “How about having a sleep, okay? When you wake up, we can get out of the car . ”

Xiangyi yawned in cooperation, closed her eyes, and slowly fell asleep in Su Jian’an’s arms .

Su Jian’an was afraid of waking up the little girl, so she kept holding her in the same position and did not dare to move .

“Are you tired?” Lu Boyan said, “How about you put Xiangyi down?”

“No,” Su Jian’an said, “We’d better let her slowly adapt to the environment in the car . If she wakes up after I put her down, she will cry even more . Don’t worry, I’m not tired . ”

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Lu Boyan looked at the time and found that there was nothing wrong with Xiyu in the back seat, so he asked Uncle Qian to speed up the car .

Soon, the car arrived before the hotel .

The security guards of the hotel had already received the notice . They took themselves as the guard line to ensure that Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an could get out of the car smoothly .

However, more than a dozen security guards were no match for a group of reporters who rushed over with their cameras and aimed their cameras on the car . It seemed that they could break through the guard line at any time .

It was the first time for Xiao Yunyun to see such a scene . Remembering that they couldn’t expose Xiyu’s and Xiangyi’s appearance, she asked uneasily, “Cousin, cousin-in-law, what should we do?”

“It’s okay . ” Su Jian’an had been prepared for this . She calmly told Xiao Yunyun, “You just need to be careful with the cameras . Don’t bump into them . ”

At this time, Sister Wu handed over a safe basket . Su Jian’an put the sleeping girl into it . After leaving the air vent, she covered a cloth on it . She looked back and found that Lu Boyan had already settled Xiyu down .

Xiyu was still awake, and he was obviously not used to being covered like this . He protested unhappily in the basket . Lu Boyan touched his little face and coaxed him . “Be good . I will take you out in ten minutes . ”

The little boy behaved very obediently and did not cry out . He lay in the basket and was carried off the car by Lu Boyan .

In an instant, the cameras were flashing wildly, and a lot of questions were thrown at Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an .

“Mr . Lu, are Xiangyi and Xiyu in the basket?”

“Mrs . Lu, the babies have become one month old . Can’t you expose them to the public?”

“Old Madam, the two babies are now…”

The readers were most curious about the two babies’ appearance, so the media’s questions were almost all focused on the two little kids .

Unfortunately, just like them, Lu Boyan also focused all his attention on his son, so he didn’t notice what they had asked . Su Jian’an held Xiangyi in her arms and quickly walked into the hotel while Tang Yulan dealt with the media .

The group of people quickly disappeared behind the hotel door . A female reporter said in an envious tone, “Did you notice that after giving birth to the twins, Su Jian’an’s figure is completely the same as before?”

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“It’s true!” Someone echoed . “It can only be said that it’s by birth!”

When it came to the phrase ‘by birth’, they could do nothing except for being envious . The group of people outside could only sigh and think they had different fates .

No one noticed that there was now a very ordinary private car parked on the road opposite the hotel .

Among the people in the car, there was a face that had lost its brightness but was still outstanding .

Surprisingly, the pretty face and beautiful eyes were full of resentment and unwillingness, which made their owner look ferocious and horrible .

She thought to herself, “It should be me who is standing now next to Lu Boyan in glamorous clothes; it should also be me who the media strive to interview; even more, it should also be me who should be envied by everyone . ”

Everything that Su Jian’an had now was taken away from her .

She had been destroyed once . Sooner or later, she would let Su Jian’an experience the feeling of falling from heaven to hell!

Su Jian’an was paying all her attention to her daughter, so she did not notice a pair of eyes staring at her .

When they got off the car, the media and security guards were in such a mess that Xiangyi had been woken up . She lay in the basket with her beautiful eyes wide open, looking at the strange scene around her .

Perhaps because the hotel’s environment did not make her feel uncomfortable, surprisingly, she did not cry or make a fuss . She just looked at Su Jian’an hopefully, as if she wanted to be picked up by Su Jian’an .

Compared to his sister, Xiyu did not seem to be curious about this new environment . After being trapped in the dark for a while, he became vigilant . When Lu Boyan slowly opened the cloth on the basket, his little hands had been clenched into fists and placed on his chest . It was not until he saw Lu Boyan that he slowly put them down . He pursed his lips with grievance and made a “hmm” sound .

“Good boy, don’t cry . ” Lu Boyan picked up the little boy and comforted him in a gentle voice . The little baby was very obedient and quieted down, leaning against his chest and looked at him .

Lu Boyan smiled and lovingly stroked Xiyu’s little face with his slender hands .

At this moment, with a crack, the flashbulb went on along with the sound of the shutter…

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