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Chapter 658: 658

Could everything really be the way it had been in the past?

Thinking about this question, Su Jian’an was lost in thought .

Shen Yuechuan stretched out his hand in confusion and waved it in front of Su Jian’an . “Jian’an?”

Su Jian’an came to her senses and said somewhat hesitantly, “I’m worried about Yunyun . ”

“Don’t worry . ” Shen Yuechuan looked relaxed . “I know how to deal with that wicked girl . ”

Seeing Shen Yuechuan teeming with confidence, Su Jian’an deliberately posed a challenge for him . “Then, do you know how to let her call you ‘brother’?”

As expected, Shen Yuechuan looked embarrassed and daunted . “The little girl has been a little rebellious recently . It is indeed a challenge . ” After that, he suddenly said in a different tone, “However, even if she is unwilling to call me brother for the rest of her life, it can’t change the fact that I am her brother . ”

“…” Su Jian’an didn’t know how to refute him, so she had to show Shen Yuechuan an expression of great approval .

“Well, I’m leaving first,” Shen Yuechuan said, “I still have a lot of things to do in the hotel . See you tonight . ”

“See you tonight . ”

Su Jian’an gazed after Shen Yuechuan, and stood still even when Shen Yuechuan’s car was so far away .

Lu Boyan came to her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’an said with a sigh, “I suddenly feel that it’s not bad for Yuechuan to be my cousin . Thus, we are a real family . ”

Lu Boyan pondered for two seconds and said, “You don’t have to call him cousin . ”

“Huh?” Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan curiously . “Why did you say that too?” Could her husband have discussed it with Shen Yuechuan?

“Since he was young, Yuechuan has always thought that he was an orphan . ” Lu Boyan gave the explanation . “Now, he suddenly has a few relatives in his life . We have to give him time to get used to it . ”

Su Jian’an nodded even if she didn’t quite understand .

Indeed, for Shen Yuechuan, they had been just his good friends .

But one day, the world was turned upside down, and his good friends actually became his relatives .

He had lived alone for more than 20 years . So for him, it was not necessarily a good thing that would be worth celebrating immediately .

Instead, beyond all doubt, it was a huge shock .

Even if he had extraordinary abilities, and even if he looked as if nothing had happened, he still needed time to digest and accept that .

Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan and said meaningfully, “Sure enough, you know Yuechuan better…”

Lu Boyan narrowed his long and slender eyes . “What do you want to say?”

“Well, nothing!” Su Jian’an covered what she was about to say with a bright smile and naturally changed the topic . “Do you think Yuechuan will call Auntie ‘Mom’?”

Even Lu Boyan did not know the exact answer to this question .

Lu Boyan just said, “It depends on whether he can forgive Auntie . ”

Su Jian’an pursed her lips .

It seemed that tonight was not the end to all this, but a new beginning .

For her, it was true .

After three o’clock in the afternoon, Xiao Yunyun ran over happily .

Different from her usual casual style, she was dressed in a long ankle-length off-shoulder dress tonight . The whole dress had a girlish touch, nude and pink, coupled with the embellishment of lace, full of tenderness and sex appeal . It was shaped to fit well at the waist, perfectly showing her body figure and outlining her slim waist .

Her hairstyle was also well-styled . She’d got long, black, and slightly curly hair, which made her look like an adorable and sweet girl . Some strands of hair before her forehead were carefully braided and fixed at the back of her head, gentlewomanly and unconventional .

The rarest thing was that after Xiao Yunyun put on the dress, no casualty and leisure could be found in her temperament as before . Xiao Yunyun seemed to be an elegant princess who had grown up in a castle since childhood .

Su Jian’an thought to herself, “If Qin Han hadn’t dated her first, there would have been a lot of men asking about Yunyun’s contact information tonight . ”

Xiao Yunyun noticed the look in Su Jian’an’s eyes and asked with little confidence, “Cousin, can’t I dress like this? I feel very awkward…”

“Yes, you can . ” Su Jian’an said with certainty, “You look very good!”

Xiao Yunyun fiddled with the hemline of her dress and said, “In fact, I don’t like dressing like this at all! But I’m happy today, so I’m willing!”

Su Jian’an’s smile silently froze for half a second .

“It’s still far from the end today…”

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Xiao Yunyun didn’t notice the oddity in Su Jian’an’s expression at all, and asked, “Cousin, is there anything I can do for you? I specially asked for a half-day leave today!”

Shen Yuechuan and his men were responsible for the dinner party, while Uncle Xu and others were dealing with the rest of the trivial things . The only thing that Su Jian’an needed to do was to dress up and then take the two little guys to the hotel .

However, Xiao Yunyun was very enthusiastic . So Su Jian’an thought about it and led her back to the room .

Xiao Yunyun had thought that Su Jian’an was going to arrange a secret mission for her . She was excited for a short while but soon realized that Su Jian’an just wanted her to watch her makeup and dress up .

However, it was also a kind of enjoyment to watch Su Jian’an change into the dress!

“Cousin, you showed me a kind of person!” Xiao Yunyun stated .

Su Jian’an stopped applying lipstick and asked curiously, “What kind of person?”

“They appear in fashion magazines and are envied by many people!” Xiao Yunyun replied . “A few days ago, I read a report that when a model was pregnant, she only had a big belly and would restore her original body figure one month after delivery . I thought it was impossible at first, but you showed me that everything is possible…”

Xiao was not exaggerating at all .

It was said that delivery was a cruel transformation for women .

But this kind of big transformation seemed to have ignored Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an now looked almost the same as before . Her limbs were shapely and slender . Also, the dress outlined her graceful and fabulous body shape .

Perhaps because she had become a mother, the tenacity and tenderness were more obvious in her temperament, which endowed her with an additional appeal apart from her appearance .

Su Jian’an smiled at Xiao Yunyun’s amazement and closed lightly her lips to spread the lipstick . “Do you want to know why?”

“I know . ” Xiao Yunyun said and looked as if she had seen through the truth, but she was not envious . “It’s by birth, and others can do nothing but be envious!”

“How can there be so many good things by birth?”

As she spoke, Su Jian’an called a girl in .

The girl looked about the same age as Xiao Yunyun . She was a beautiful foreign girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, enthusiastic to greet Xiao Yunyun in standard American English as soon as she came in .

Xiao Yunyun responded politely and asked Su Jian’an confusedly, “Cousin, who is she?”

“She’s Anna, a well-known postpartum recovery expert in the United States . ” Su Jian’an said lightly, “Since the wound was healed, I’ve started to learn from her to do the postpartum recovery exercise . Three hours a day, it’s the part of my unshakable routine . I won’t even have the slightest bit of strength left in my body after the exercise . ”

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Xiao Yunyun blinked her eyes . “Then today…”

Su Jian’an said, “When you came, I just finished my exercise today . ”

“…” Xiao Yunyun was completely stunned .

Su Jian’an put down her lipstick and gave an invitation card to Anna to attend the dinner for celebrating the first month of Xiyu and Xiangyi .

“I’ll be there . ” Anna smiled and turned to leave .

Su Jian’an then said to Xiao Yunyun, “Actually, a lot of things are not as simple as what you see on the surface . ”

Xiao Yunyun nodded in a daze . She finally understood why people said that apparently easy success depended on much unknown effort .

In this world, few people were blessed with good luck . Most of the bright and beautiful figures had been wet with sweat .

“I see!” Xiao Yunyun smiled and suddenly called Su Jian’an . “Cousin!”

“Hmm?” Su Jian’an motioned for Xiao Yunyun to continue .

Xiao Yunyun said word by word, “I think—you look more fabulous!”

Su Jian’an just smiled and took Xiao Yunyun to the children’s room next door .

Aunt Liu and Sister Wu had already helped the two little guys change into new clothes .

Xiyu was dressed in a blue suit, and his soft hair was combed back so that he looked like an adorable gentleman .

Xiangyi was dressed in a pink dress . She was restless, so there were no extra decorations on the dress for the sake of safety . But it did not prevent the little girl from turning into a beautiful and lovely princess in fairy tales .

Su Jian’an thought to herself with a sense of accomplishment . “Indeed, I picked the right dress . ”

“Mrs . Lu, everything necessary for Xiyu and Xiangyi is ready,” Aunt Liu said, “We can set off at any time . ”

Su Jian’an believed in Aunt Liu, but she still checked it carefully, especially the medicine for Xiangyi .

As soon as she was done inspecting, there was a knock on the door, followed by Lu Boyan’s voice . “Are you ready?”

Su Jian’an subconsciously looked toward the door . It’s a face she would see each day and night, but she still could not help being amazed .

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Lu Boyan was well proportioned and in as good shape as a model . He looked good in whatever he wore, but the suit was best for him .

The well-fitting cut, the high-quality fabric, and the exquisite design were completely in line with his luxurious temperament as an elite businessman . Coupled with a face that could captivate all living beings and a perfect shape, he was simply a walking ecstasy .

Xiyu took after him, and Su Jian’an could already imagine how many people would be fascinated by the little guy when he grew up .

Xiao Yunyun didn’t hide her saliva at all . “Cousin-in-law, are you… going to the hotel like this?”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “Is there something wrong?”

“Of course, a lot of people will faint because of your appearance, won’t they?” Xiao Yunyun turned to look at Su Jian’an . “Cousin, how can you stay calm when you see such a man as my cousin-in-law every day?”

Su Jian’an said lightly, “I grew up watching handsome guys . I’m used to it . ”

Only then did Xiao Yunyun think of Su Yicheng, and she couldn’t agree more with Su Jian’an’s words .

However, this kind of welfare was something that could only be enjoyed thanks to fate, instead of hard work .

Speaking of which, she also had Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan was not inferior to Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng . Instead, he was more popular among girls .

But unfortunately, she didn’t even know Shen Yuechuan’s existence before, let alone growing up with him .

If they could grow up together, she would never have had those feelings for him . Today, she… Wouldn’t need to take much effort to hide her feelings…

Su Jian’an noticed that Xiao Yunyun was distracted and called her . “Yunyun, what’s wrong with you?”

Xiao Yunyun said as if nothing had happened, “I just thought that it must be an extremely happy thing to have a handsome and powerful brother!”

Xiao Yunyun seemed as if she really looked forward to it .

Su Jian’an looked at her, suddenly falling into silence…

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