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Chapter 654: 654
Chapter 654 His Gentleness Lasts for No More than Three seconds

Xiao Yunyun hoped that she was dreaming .

It would be best if she could keep dreaming about it .

She didn’t want to go back to reality and face the fact that Shen Yuechuan was her brother .

In order to prevent herself from waking up from this dream, Xiao Yunyun stayed silent .

However, Shen Yuechuan misunderstood and thought that she didn’t respond to his question .

He suddenly exerted force and pressed hard on Xiao Yunyun’s bruise .

“It hurts!”

Xiao Yunyun had to stop dreaming, and her beautiful face contorted in pain . She looked at Shen Yuechuan with resentment .

“Damn, I knew Shen Yuechuan’s gentleness won’t last for more than three seconds!”

Shen Yuechuan looked as if he didn’t understand Xiao Yunyun . “Why don’t you say something when you’re in pain?”

Xiao Yunyun was about to turn the table over . “Will you make me feel more pain if I don’t say anything?”

Shen Yuechuan raised his eyebrows and said, “It turns out that it works . You just said something, didn’t you?”

“…” Xiao Yunyun was totally speechless .

“Uncle Zhang . ” Suddenly, Shen Yuechuan called the driver . “Stop the car . ”

After Shen Yuechuan got off the car, Xiao Yunyun suddenly realized that it was the best time to get rid of him!

It was better to act than to think . Xiao Yunyun calmly and quietly held the handle . As long as she gave the door a slight push, she could leave .

But immediately, with a “bang”, all the doors were locked .

Uncle Zhang turned around and smiled . “Miss Xiao, Special Assistant Shen didn’t ask you to get off the car . ”

Xiao Yunyun tried her best to look impressive . “Do I need his consent to get off the car?”

Uncle Zhang thought for a moment and said directly, “Miss Xiao, you’d better not run away . Special Assistant Shen will be furious . ”

Xiao Yunyun didn’t expect that her thoughts would be seen through . She guiltily avoided Uncle Zhang’s eyes, and awkwardly sat back in her seat .

In the rearview mirror, Uncle Zhang saw Xiao Yunyun’s look and smiled . He motioned for her to look out . “Look, Special Assistant Shen is there . ”

Xiao rolled down the window and looked out .

Shen Yuechuan was tall, with outstanding figure and temperament . So even by looking at his back, Xiao Yunyun could find him in the crowd at a glance .

He entered a chain drugstore .

The question was, what was he going to do in the drugstore?

Xiao Yunyun looked at her wrist and guessed the answer, but she was not sure .

Not long after, Shen Yuechuan came back . As soon as he sat down, he threw a small bag to Xiao Yunyun and said, “Use the spray for removing bruises three times a day . ”

Xiao Yunyun took the medicine and remembered that she actually wanted to run away just now . She suddenly felt a little guilty .

However, Shen Yuechuan must have regarded her as his younger sister .

He was very concerned that she had been bullied; he bought medicine for her and told her how to apply the medicine… These things seemed to be done by a brother to his younger sister .

Xiao Yunyun put away the medicine and turned to Shen Yuechuan . “Thank you . ”

Shen Yuechuan gave a glance at Xiao Yunyun and said indifferently, “No need . ”

MiTime was located in the center of the city, not far from Xiao Yunyun’s apartment . So, the car soon stopped in front of the apartment .

Shen Yuechuan got off the car after Xiao Yunyun .

Xiao Yunyun looked at him doubtfully . “Do you still have anything to tell me?”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t answer her immediately . He stared at Xiao Yunyun for a while and said slowly, “If you’re not happy, you can lose your temper . ”

Xiao Yunyun did not quite understand his words . “What are you talking about?”

“I said that you didn’t have to tolerate Qin Han . ” Shen Yuechuan said, “You are his girlfriend, not his follower . If he doesn’t care about your feelings, you can tell him that you are unhappy . Sometimes, you pay the price of making yourself feel wronged by being generous and sensible . ”

“…” Xiao Yunyun blinked her eyes and stared at Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan added, “In a word, I mean, you can be a willful girlfriend . ”

Xiao Yunyun hesitated and asked curiously, “Really? Can I?”

“Why not?” Shen Yuechuan said, “Let me ask you, how many grievances have you suffered since you were a child?”

Xiao Yunyun shook her head . “Basically no . ”

“That’s right” Shen Yuechuan seemed to be saying a reasonable thing . “Since your parents who gave birth to you and raised you never let you be wronged, how could Qin Han do that to you? He is your boyfriend! Didn’t you see how your cousin treats Xiaoxi, or your cousin-in-law treats Jian’an?”

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After being stunned for a while, Xiao Yunyun just managed to say, “But everyone’s personality is different . When the same disease appears on different people, the cures will be different, let alone the personality of living people . ”

The implication was that individual actions couldn’t be regarded as an absolute standard and posed on another person .

What she said was very rational and reasonable .

However, Shen Yuechuan was getting angry!

He told her not to be wronged, but was she discussing about being rational with him?

She was obviously not so reasonable when facing him .

“Damn girl, you’re pissing him off!”

With a “doh”, Shen Yuechuan gave Xiao Yunyun another hard knock on her head .

“It’s the third time tonight!” Xiao Yunyun was finally annoyed . “Shen Yuechuan, you’re the one who likes to bully me more than Qin Han!”

Shen Yuechuan acted like a hooligan as if to give up on denying her . “Yes, I like to bully you . Do you have a problem with that?”

The best way to deal with hooligans was to act like a hooligan better than them .

But Xiao Yunyun failed to act as a hooligan by birth .

She kicked Shen Yuechuan hard, and then ran away .

Shen Yuechuan looked at Xiao Yunyun, who was running away like a rabbit . Instead of being angry, he laughed and scolded . “You wicked girl . ”

He got in the car and saw Uncle Zhang holding back his laughter in the rearview mirror .

Uncle Zhang must have seen everything, so there was no point in trying to hide it . Shen Yuechuan simply said, “Uncle Zhang, laugh if you want to . Don’t hold it back . ”

Thus, Mr . Zhang couldn’t help laughing out loud . He didn’t forget to start the car and asked earnestly, “Shall I send you back to your apartment now?”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t expect that Uncle Zhang really dared to smile so unscrupulously, so he replied with a “hmm” in a muffled voice .

In the apartment, Xiao Yunyun walked to the balcony and saw Shen Yuechuan’s car leaving .

Uncle Zhang drove very steadily, and the white Land Rover soon disappeared from her view .

She didn’t go back to her room . Instead, she slowly pressed her body against the railing and looked at the lights of the families afar .

She understood his intention when Shen Yuechuan said that she could lose her temper, and asked her not to be wronged .

The key point was that she didn’t care at all .

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She didn’t care if Qin Han left her alone, cared about her feelings, and was concerned about her .

In fact, Qin Han couldn’t affect her emotions . She didn’t even feel anything when Qin Han had gone too far .

Therefore, what Shen Yuechuan said to her was reasonable, but she didn’t need it at all .

It just so happened that she couldn’t tell Shen Yuechuan what she cared more about was whether he cared about her feelings or not .

Now the answer seemed to be positive .

However, he cared about her the way a brother treated his younger sister . He did not have the feelings for her as she expected .

Xiao Yunyun did not know whether to be happy or sad .

After a long while, she returned to her room .

After taking a shower, she took out the spray from the bag of the drugstore, shook it, and sprayed it on the bruise on her wrist .

The dark brown medicine, with the fragrance of mint, was applied to her wrist and cooled her skin . Then, a thin film was formed .

Xiao Yunyun put the medicine away and found that it was still early . Anyway, she couldn’t fall asleep, so she simply took out the book to review .

If she got into the postgraduate study in the United States, she might be able to stay away from all this, including her… Romance with Qin Han .

At this time, Qin Han, who was dozens of kilometers away, would never have thought that he had become the one that Xiao Yunyun wanted to stay away from .

He stared at the doctor and ordered in surprise . “Pardon?”

The doctor really did not understand what Young Master Qin was thinking .

Usually, when people heard that their injuries weren’t serious, they would be very pleased . However, this young master was actually unhappy and repeatedly confirmed it with him .

The doctor felt hopeless and repeated himself . “Master Qin, you just sprained your wrist, and the bone is not hurt . Apply some medicine and rest for a few days . You will recover soon . You don’t have to worry too much . ”

Qin Han was really angry now .

With a “bah”, he slammed his sound left hand on the table and threatened rudely . “I don’t care! As for the medical record and the examination results, you must record that my bone is broken!”

The doctor wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “Young Master Qin, forging medical record is illegal . Besides, the examination report has come out . I… Can’t change it!”

Qin Han was getting angrier and glared at him . “Then let’s do another examination and make another report!”

“It doesn’t work . ” The doctor said, “The medical record will live with you forever . If I record it wrong, it will mislead the doctor’s judgment in the future . No hospital dares to do such a thing . Young Master Qin, you’d better find another way . ”

Finding it hopeless, Qin Han didn’t bother to argue with the doctor anymore . He angrily swung his hand, which was heavily wrapped up like a pig’s trotter, and went home .

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Qin Lin, who was about the same age as Su Yunjin, was waiting for him at home .

Qin Lin had been engaged in the business circles with great ease for many years, malicious and ruthless . He was sitting upright in the living room with a financial magazine in his hand, with obvious displeasure in his look .

Qin Han spiritlessly walked over and said, “Dad, I’m back . ”

Qin Lin gave a look at Qin Han’s hand wrapped in gauze and asked, “Is the fight over?”

“Since you’ve received the news, you should know that I didn’t really fight with them . ” Qin Han complained . “Is it interesting to ask me about this on purpose?”

“Brat!” Qin Lin suddenly stood up and pretended to beat Qin Han . “Ever since you were young, I’ve told you to stay calm and consider the consequences of your actions when you are in trouble . But now, you need an outsider to stop you!”

Qin Han waved his injured hand and said, “See? Your son’s injury was caused by that ‘outsider’ . My bone is almost broken!”

Qin Lin’s face darkened . “What happened?”

Qin Han told his father everything . In the end, he said angrily, “Shen Yuechuan is the son of Auntie Yunjin, and I am your son . Even if he doesn’t respect you, he should respect Auntie Yunjin!”

Qin Lin found another important point in Qin Han’s words . “What’s going on between Shen Yuechuan and Yunyun?”

According to Qin Han’s words, it seemed that their feelings for each other were more than just the affection between siblings .

Qin Han sneered and said, “No matter what’s going on between them, it’s impossible for siblings to establish the love relationship!”

Qin Lin was stunned and looked at Qin Han . “Who told you that Yunyun and Shen Yuechuan were blood siblings?”

“…” Qin Han said after a while, “Yunyun told me personally when she was with me . ”

Qin Han was young and aggressive . He rarely hesitated when speaking and doing things .

Qin Lin had already noticed something fishy . He said with a sigh, “Qin Han, for your own good, I must tell you one thing . But you have to promise me that unless the person involved in this matter makes the truth public, you will never tell others about it . ”

Outside of work, Qin Han rarely saw his father be so serious . He nodded and listened carefully .

But after listening to his father’s words, he was completely stunned…

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