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Chapter 655: 655
Chapter 655 I Can Only See You (1)

Qin Han grew up in a carefree environment . So he had never felt unhappy no matter when he was young or after he grew up .

When others said they couldn’t fall asleep with a bitter face, he felt as if he had heard a fairy tale .

What was insomnia?

How could a person fail to fall asleep?

Of course, he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if he were to attend a very popular party and be surrounded by all kinds of beautiful women .

But for no reason, shouldn’t he just sleep after lying down and eat after waking up?

But today, he had finally tasted insomnia .

Not long ago, Xiao Yunyun told him that Shen Yuechuan was actually her elder brother .

At that moment, he couldn’t tell what he was feeling at the bottom of his heart . There were some regrets, but most of them were secret feelings of joy .

No matter why Su Yunjin had abandoned Shen Yuechuan at that time, as long as Shen Yuechuan was Xiao Yunyun’s brother, they couldn’t be a couple .

Thus, he would have a chance .

Later, he did indeed have a chance .

He had once thought that he had an absolute chip to win and that he could defeat Shen Yuechuan .

However, just now, he learned from his father that all his secret joy and happiness were a complete waste .

Young Master Qin didn’t close his eyes for an entire long night .

In his mind, he would never forget this night forever .

The next day, in the Lu Group .

The fight between Shen Yuechuan and Qin Han was just a small episode that could not arouse any waves .

Everyone was still more concerned about the scandal between Lu Boyan and Xia Mili .

The posts about the gossip were hot on all major news websites . Countless people firmly believed that Lu Boyan must have cheated on his wife now that there were photos as proof .

The employees of Lu Enterprises would occasionally appear on the posts and clarify that Lu Boyan had no contact with Xia Mi . So there was really nothing going on between them .

However, everyone agreed that this was a sign of guilt .

Daisy looked helpless . “If Boss Lu still has contact with Xia Mili, they will definitely say that they don’t care about the gossip any more now that their relationship has been discovered!”

In fact, there were actually many people who would believe that Lu Boyan didn’t cheat, but they just wouldn’t miss the fun .

In the face of such a woman as eminent as Xia Mili, if Lu Boyan was still indifferent, it could only show that he was absolutely obsessed with Su Jian’an .

However, if Lu Boyan really did have an affair, it would be much more exciting .

It should be noted that before Xia Mili appeared, in the eyes of the media and the public, Lu Boyan was not only a crazy man who protected his wife, but also the person who had waited for Su Jian’an for 14 years . He was absolutely a spoony man .

If even he cheated, it was enough to prove that there were no handsome, rich, and dedicated men in this world . As for Su Jian’an, she didn’t seem to be so worthy of jealousy .

Shen Yuechuan stepped into the office right on time and heard sighs from the entire secretary’s office . He shook his head with a smile .

Daisy really couldn’t understand Shen Yuechuan’s smile . She asked, “Special Assistant Shen, what do you mean?”

“Are you stupid?” Shen Yuechuan said, “Do you think Mr . Lu will leave it unattended?”

“It’s been a day, and I haven’t seen any movement from Boss Lu!” Daisy said .

Shen Yuechuan mysteriously raised the corner of his mouth . “Think about what day it will be tomorrow . ”

Tomorrow was the day when Xiyu and Xiangyi were one month year old . Their full-moon party would be held in the Eternal Garden Hotel, and Lu Boyan had already invited the major media .

Xia Mili, as the representative of the partner company, of course, would also attend the full-moon party of the two little guys .

The secretaries seemed to have understood something and went to work at ease .

Shen Yuechuan went straight to the door of the president’s office .

After the birth of Xiyu and Xiangyi, Shen Yuechuan was in charge of most of the company’s affairs, and he would usually arrive at the company early .

But today, he was almost late .

Lu Boyan was curious and asked him, “Why are you late? Is there anything to do?”

Shen Yuechuan pulled up the chair in front of the desk and sat down . “Hmm,” he said, “Qin Lin may contact you soon . ”

The Qin Group was also a fierce character in the business world, but there was no conflict of interest between the Qin Group and the Lu Group . Besides, there was a significant age gap between Lu Boyan and Qin Lin . The two companies had been peaceful all the time . Why did Qin Lin suddenly come here?

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Lu Boyan soon thought of a key person and asked directly, “What did you do to Qin Han?”

Shen Yuechuan just seemed to be casual and impulsive, but in fact, he had always been more rational than his peers .

If Qin Han hadn’t done anything to Xiao Yunyun, he wouldn’t have hurt Qin Han, and Qin Lin wouldn’t need to look for him .

Shen Yuechuan didn’t hide it and said frankly, “Qin Han was not polite to Yunyun, so I didn’t have to be polite to him . His hand… should take about a week to recover . ”

“…” Lu Boyan understood—Shen Yuechuan broke Qin Han’s hand .

Anyway, Qin Han was the most favored young master of the Qin family . As long as Shen Yuechuan hurt him, it would be troublesome .

However, it was not impossible to be solved .

Lu Boyan was more worried about another problem . “Yuechuan, do you still care for Yunyun?”

“Yes . ” Shen Yuechuan didn’t deny it . He pinched his eyebrows hard and said, “You should understand that feeling—as if you were possessed by an evil spirit . ”

Lu Boyan knew the feeling of not being to give up even when you clearly knew that there was no hope .

Because he understood, he couldn’t comfort Shen Yuechuan at all .

“…” Shen Yuechuan patted the armrest of the chair and stood up . “If Qin Lin wants to get to me, just let him come . ”

After that, he went back to his office and began to work for the day .

It was already Friday, and the company’s working atmosphere was not so intense . When it was time to get off work, almost everyone in the company breathed a sigh of relief .

Lu Boyan finished the last document and left the office .

Daisy saw Lu Boyan and stood up with a bag in her hand . “Boss Lu, it was just sent here . It’s a dress for your wife . ”

“Thank you . ”

Lu Boyan looked at the pure white bag, took it, and left the company .

Daisy looked at Lu Boyan’s back and thought silently, “How could Lu Boyan have anything to do with Xia Mili?”

If a man loved a woman, he could not hide it .

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Even if he could only hear her surname, his eyes would unconsciously become gentle .

Just like earlier, even though Lu Boyan was just carrying Su Jian’an’s dress, Daisy could clearly feel the tenderness and care in his movements .

As for Xia Mili, for the sake of the cooperation, she often went to Lu Enterprises during this period of time .

But no matter how many times she had told Lu Boyan that Miss Xia was here, Lu Boyan’s tone and expression had never changed .

Lu Boyan treated Xia Mili exactly the same the way he treated the other partners .

Would those who had spread the rumors that Lu Boyan and Xia Mili had an affair feel pain in their faces when they saw these tender actions?

Lu Boyan did not care about it at all . After getting in the car, he put Su Jian’an’s dress beside him and ordered, “Uncle Qian, let’s go . ”

The car soon returned to Dingya Villas . Only then did Lu Boyan realize that Su Yunjin was also there .

Su Yunjin said with a smile, “Xiyu and Xiangyi will be one month old tomorrow . I’m here to see if there’s anything I can do for you . ”

Before Lu Boyan could say anything, Su Jian’an had already come over and held his hand . “I told my aunt that you asked someone to prepare for it, didn’t you?”

“Yes, everything is ready,” Lu Boyan said, “Aunt, I will ask Uncle Qian to pick you up at the hotel tomorrow . Just wait for Uncle Qian’s call . ”

Su Yunjin nodded . “Okay . ”

At this time, Aunt Liu rushed down from the second floor and said, “Madam, Xiyu and Xiangyi are awake . Xiangyi won’t drink milk no matter what . You should go upstairs and have a look . ”

Su Jian’an hurried upstairs . To her surprise, Lu Boyan did not follow her upstairs .

It wasn’t until he couldn’t see Su Jian’an and Aunt Liu’s back that Lu Boyan said, “Aunt, do you have anything to tell me?”

“Yes, I’m here for you today . ” Su Yunjin smiled helplessly . “But since you know that I’m Yuechuan’s mother, you must have guessed what I’m going to tell you, haven’t you?”

“…” Lu Boyan did not comment .

Su Yunjin continued, “Tomorrow, I want to disclose to the public that Yuechuan is my son . I don’t know if Jian’an will be able to accept the news, so… you can tell Jian’an ahead of time . ”

“You don’t have to worry whether Jian’an can bear it,” Lu Boyan said, “the person who you should be most worried about is Yunyun . ”

“I’ll explain it to Yunyun,” Su Yunjin said, “I came here today to remind you that you can let Jian’an know in advance . If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now . ”

Lu Boyan saw Su Yunjin off, while Su Jian’an and Aunt Liu came downstairs with the two little ones in their arms .

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Xiyu was held in Aunt Liu’s arms, and his face, which looked exactly like Lu Boyan’s, was as calm as usual as if he was not afraid of anything .

On the contrary, Xiangyi kept humming in Su Jian’an’s arms . No one knew what she was protesting about, but she did not cry .

Lu Boyan held his daughter lovingly and teased her . The little girl seemed to know that it was her father . She grinned and then obediently leaned her head on Lu Boyan’s chest .

Suddenly, Lu Boyan’s heart felt as if it was being soaked in soft water, which was extremely cozy .

Su Jian’an could see that Xiangyi was more attached to Lu Boyan .

“Well, it’s just because Lu Boyan doesn’t spend much time with her? There couldn’t be any other reason!”

Thinking about it, Su Jian’an asked casually, “Did my aunt go back?”

“She still has something to do, so she left earlier . ” Lu Boyan handed the bag on the sofa to Su Jian’an . “Do you want to try the dress prepared for tomorrow?”

After giving birth to the two little ones, Su Jian’an’s size had more or less changed . This dress was custom-made by the designer a week ago .

To be honest, she didn’t have the courage to try it on .

Lu Boyan saw through Su Jian’an’s hesitation and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s a bigger size than before . ” Su Jian’an almost wanted to cover her face . “What if I don’t look good in it?”

Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jian’an and said meaningfully, “Yes, it’s bigger than before . ”

Su Jian’an’s face instantly turned red . “Where are you looking at?”

Lu Boyan said calmly and frankly, “Everywhere . ”

Considering Aunt Liu’s presence, Su Jian’an did not dare to say anything more . She grabbed the bag from Lu Boyan’s hand and ran upstairs .

Lu Boyan smiled and handed his daughter to Nanny Wu . He pointed at her tender little face with his slender fingers and said, “Be quiet . I’ll go and have a look at your mother, okay?”

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