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Chapter 650: 650


The haze on Su Yicheng’s face disappeared . He got up and walked to Luo Xiaoxi . “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to see you fight . ” Luo Xiaoxi glanced at Su Yicheng and then at Lu Boyan, and said disappointedly, “But it seems that… You’re not going to fight . ”

Lu Boyan: “…”

Su Yicheng’s eyes were slowly filled with doubts .

The gossip between Lu Boyan and Xia Mili was in full swing . The most agitated person should be Luo Xiaoxi .

What was the biggest thing they shared in common? They could not bear to see Su Jian’an feel upset .

But it seemed that Xiaoxi didn’t pay attention to this matter at all .

“Xiaoxi,” Su Yicheng asked, “do you know that it is a misunderstanding?”

“Uh…” Luo Xiaoxi forced a smile and said guiltily in a low voice, “I knew it all along…”

“…” Su Yicheng narrowed his eyes, and a chilling sense of danger came out from the bottom of his eyes .

Luo Xiaoxi took a deep breath and showed an expression of surrender . She hurriedly explained, “I was the first one to find that Boyan had contact with that woman whose name sounded like “Shrimp” . Later, I told Jian’an about that! But Jian’an was very calm, saying that she knew about that ‘Shrimp’!”

Luo Xiaoxi probably was the only one who could come up with such a ridiculous nickname as “Shrimp” .

Su Yicheng held back his laughter and gestured Luo Xiaoxi to continue her words .

“After that, Jian’an told me about the photos and pointed out her doubts . In the end, she said that Boyan had told her that those photos deliberately took advantage of the time difference to make us misunderstand . There is nothing wrong between Boyan and Xia Mili . ”

Then, Luo Xiaoxi threw up her hands dully, as if she was disgusted with the fact that it was not exciting at all .

Su Yicheng finally understood . Luo Xiaoxi did not react to the morning news because she had already known the truth .

He stared at Luo Xiaoxi and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me at the beginning?”

“Because you’re busy . ” Luo Xiaoxi said sincerely, “It’s just a misunderstanding . I think you have no time to care about that, so I didn’t tell you . ”

Finally, Su Yicheng could not be angry with Luo Xiaoxi . He just said with a serious look, “Don’t make your own decision next time if you encounter something . Tell me first . ”

Luo Xiaoxi was never an obedient person . She thought for a moment and said, “Oh . ” “It depends on the situation!”

She smiled mischievously and pretended to be innocent and harmless even though she had just made trouble . Her appearance had inadvertently dispelled Su Yicheng’s anger, and the latter could only look at her helplessly .

Hearing all that Luo Xiao had said, Lu Boyan suddenly felt grateful that the misunderstanding had been solved .

Otherwise, Luo Xiaoxi would definitely be the one who made the biggest trouble . She would rush to the company and find answers for Su Jian’an without hesitation .

He could calm Su Yicheng down, but he didn’t have the confidence in dealing with Luo Xiaoxi .

Su Yicheng took Luo Xiaoxi’s hand, and said to Lu Boyan, “If there’s nothing else, we’ll go first . ”

Lu Boyan nodded and saw them off .

On the way, Luo Xiaoxi kept talking about Xia Mili and calling her “Shrimp” .

Daisy happened to pass by and hear Xia Mili’s new nickname . She tried to hold back her laughter but failed . She burst into laughter and greeted Luo Xiaoxi while quivering .

Luo Xiaoxi was also smiling . “Daisy, what do you think of the nickname I gave to Miss Xia?”

Daisy nodded in agreement and said, “It’s suitable and creative!”

Luo Xiaoxi looked at Lu Boyan and said . “Remember to add a drumstick for Daisy at lunch!”

Lu Boyan just smiled and watched Su Yicheng and Luo Xiaoxi enter the elevator . Then he turned back to the office and heard the phone ringing .

He picked up his phone and saw an intimate name on the screen .

He unconsciously raised the corner of his mouth and answered the phone . “Jian’an?”

“Why did it take you so long to answer the phone?” Su Jian’an’s voice was burning with anxiety . “Did my brother come to the company?”

“Yes, he came here . ”

Before Lu Boyan could finish his words, Su Jian’an anxiously interrupted him . “Are you alright?”

Lu Boyan did not answer her, but unhurriedly asked, “Are you more worried about me or your brother?”

Su Jian’an was helpless . “Is it interesting to fuss about this now?”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “Yeah . ”

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“…” Su Jian’an was completely speechless and had to surrender . “Stop it . What happened between you and my brother?”

If he continued to tease her again, she might become angry .

Lu Boyan finally replied, “I explained it to him clearly . ”

Su Jian’an didn’t seem to believe it . “Didn’t… You fight?”

“Hmm?” With his attractive voice, Lu Boyan slightly raised his tone towards the end . “Do you expect us to fight?”

“Of course not,” Su Jian’an said, “But Xiao Chen said that my brother seemed to… Be going to fight with you . ”

Long after calling Luo Xiaoxi, Xiao Chen realized that he should call Su Jian’an as well .

If Luo Xiaoxi could not stop Su Yicheng and Lu Boyan, it would be useful only if Su Jian’an got involved .

Lu Boyan held his forehead . “Your senior brother can consider changing his assistant . ”

Su Jian’an thought about it and still couldn’t understand, so she had to ask, “What do you mean?”

Lu Boyan said, “An assistant who doesn’t know his boss, no matter how outstanding he is at work, can’t be regarded as a qualified assistant . ”

Su Jian’an finally understood . “So, you didn’t raise a hand against my brother, did you?”

“I don’t like to raise a hand if the matter can be put in words . ” After a pause for half a second, Lu Boyan came to the topic . “You don’t have to worry about the news and the photos that were exposed today . Leave them to me . ”

He might not care about rumors like that .

This was an era of the Internet, and soon there would be new and explosive news . Before long, everything would be washed away by the flood of time, and no one would mention the romance between him and Xia Mili again .

However, when these photos that would lead to the public’s misunderstanding were exposed, the rumors which spread like wild-fire seemed to be true, and things had completely gone beyond his tolerance .

Dozens of kilometers away, Su Jian’an could still feel Lu Boyan’s murderous intent from the other side of the phone . She asked uneasily, “What are you going to do?”

Lu Boyan said in a relaxed tone, “You will know in a few days . ”

“Okay . ” Su Jian’an knew Lu Boyan too well, so she replied without any curiosity, “I’ll wait!”

“How are Xiyu and Xiangyi?” Who Lu Boyan cared about most were still the two little babies .

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Su Jian’an’s voice became gentle . “They both fell asleep after drinking the milk . By the way, the milk powder has run out . I’ll ask someone to bring some here later . Go and earn money for milk powder!”

Lu Boyan couldn’t help curling up the corner of his mouth . “OK . ”

He hung up the phone, dialed the internal telephone, and asked Shen Yuechuan to come to his office .

Shen Yuechuan knew why Lu Boyan had called him in . He put the documents on the table and said,

“The photos were posted online . We tracked the IP address and found that it belonged to a rental house in the suburbs . I contacted the landlord and got the information about the tenants . All the information is fake . There are monitors nearby, but recently, all of them have been destroyed unrecoverably . No suspect can be found . ”

Lu Boyan tapped twice on the light blue folder with his slender fingers . “It is exactly because we can’t find the suspect that we can confirm who it is . ”

Only his enemy would spare so much effort to expose this group of photos at the risk of offending him .

At present, in the whole City A, Kang Ruicheng was the only one who was his enemy and could definitely be able to do it .

“I think so too . If we can’t find any suspects, we can basically be sure of the suspect . ” Shen Yuechuan paused and asked, “How about Xia Mili…?”

Compared to finding the suspect, the most important thing at the moment was to make sure whether Xia Mili had any contact with Kang Ruicheng .

“I’m not sure yet,” Lu Boyan said, “In front of me, she looked very normal . ”

Shen Yuechuan asked worriedly, “Shall we investigate it thoroughly? If Xia Mili indeed has contact with Kang Ruicheng, we can take precautions in advance . ”

“No . ” Lu Boyan said, “I want to see how she will react to this . ”

Shen Yuechuan nodded and looked at Lu Boyan’s schedule . He asked with a smile . “Will Xia Mili come today?”

That’s right . Xia Mili would come to Lu Enterprises to discuss some business today . They had agreed to meet at 10:30 p . m .

Now, there were less than five minutes left .

Shen Yuechuan smiled meaningfully . “I’ll leave first!”

He didn’t expect that as soon as he walked out of the office, he would see Xia Mili walking out of the elevator and heading to Lu Boyan’s office .

Even in the current circumstances, Xia Mili acted as if nothing had happened . She was in an expensive and elegant custom-made suit, as well as a pair of spotless black heels with red soles, and wore perfect and impeccable makeup .

Not only Shen Yuechuan, but also all the secretaries in the office were surprised .

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Daisy entered the chat group of the secretaries and the assistants and sent a string of “despise” emoji along with a sentence, “Shrimp did it on purpose, didn’t she?”

There was a burst of laughter in the office, and everyone asked Daisy, “How did you think of this nickname?”

Daisy sent an “It’s not me” emoji and clarified . “How can I be so smart? I heard Miss Luo call her that!”

As was known to all, Luo Xiaoxi was Su Jian’an’s best friend . In theory, Lu Boyan should call Luo Xiaoxi sister-in-law .

Luo Xiaoxi called Xia Mili “Shrimp”, which meant that the latter’s nickname was officially approved . As long as they wanted to, they could call Xia Mili “Shrimp” from now on .

Although calling the nickname was not well-intentioned, it was very cool!

Everyone agreed that they would call Xia Mili like that in private in the future .

Shen Yuechuan glanced at the crowd who were getting excited . “Aren’t you afraid of being discovered and offending Xia Mili?”

“Before outsiders, we would certainly call her Miss Xia politely,” Daisy said, “but in private, it is entirely up to our mood! Since we dare to call her like this, we are sure that we will not be discovered! After all, we are Boss Lu’s secretaries . It’s too easy for us to hide it from her!”

Shen Yuechuan gave a thumbs-up to his female colleagues and turned to Xia Mili . He greeted her with a smile . “You’re early . ”

Xia Mili smiled and seemed to be very helpless . “I have no choice . Apart from business, I have other things to deal with . I am afraid that Boyan… Boss Lu doesn’t have enough time, so I came earlier . ”

Shen Yuechuan nodded and gestured for her to get in” . “I’ll lead you in . ”

Xia Mili nodded . “Okay, sorry to trouble you . ”

“My pleasure . ”

After the greeting, Shen Yuechuan led Xia Mili into Lu Boyan’s office…

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