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Chapter 640: 640

The romance between Xiao Yunyun and Qin Han was as fast as a tornado . Everyone in the room was stunned and didn’t know what to say .

Su Jian’an felt that if she did not say anything to break the silence, the atmosphere would be awkward .

She coughed and said, “Yunyun, you and Qin Han… When did you start?”

Xiao Yunyun pursed her lips, with a hint of shyness in her eyes . “More than a week ago!”

“Why did you suddenly want to date Qin Han?”

Su Jian’an was really confused .

Although she had never contacted Qin Han, she had more or less heard of the young master’s way of doing things .

She always thought that Qin Han could be Xiao Yunyun’s good friend or good partner, but he would definitely never be her lover .

They might be a perfect match, only in terms of the appearance instead of their personalities .

Xiao Yunyun smiled with satisfaction . “Qin Han seems to be really childish . He’s not as mature and steady as my cousin-in-law or cousin, and he is not as attractive as Shen Yuechuan, either . However, I like to stay with him!”

After a pause, she added with a sweet smile, “Because he knows me! I’m very happy to be with him!”

She said it so seriously, and the happiness and satisfaction revealed in her look did not seem to be a disguise at all . It seemed that she was really happy when she was with Qin Han .

In this way, Su Jian’an had nothing to say . She could only nod and said, “Your happiness is the most important thing!”

“Yeah!” Xiao Yunyun nodded vigorously, “Cousin, don’t worry!”

“Yunyun, I wonder who was the first to confess its love . ” Luo Xiaoxi began to dig out the details .

“Well…” Xiao Yunyun pursed her lips and looked very embarrassed . After a while, she said, “In fact, no one confessed to the other . We had a good feeling for each other from the beginning . Besides, we have been in contact with each other these days, and we found that we really could have a lot to talk about . Naturally… We decided to develop a love relationship!”

Luo Xiaoxi seemed to be able to understand it very well . She rested her chin on her hand with a smile and looked at Xiao Yunyun . “After you stayed with Qin Han, do you have any thoughts about that?”

Xiao Yunyun was confused . “Should I have any thoughts after staying with him?”

“Of course!” Luo Xiaoxi said with absolute certainty, “For example, after I established the relationship with your cousin, I always thought that he was really lucky . I was so happy then!”

Xiao Yunyun couldn’t help laughing . “Well, in that case, I am also very happy!”

Apart from Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng who were not interested in gossip, only Su Yunjin and Shen Yuechuan remained silent from beginning to end .

Su Yunjin was in a complicated mood .

Back then, she had been trying her best to make Xiao Yunyun know Qin Han, and she even wanted to make them be a couple .

Now, Xiao Yunyun was in love with Qin Han . Looking at Shen Yuechuan, she was not as happy as she imagined .

Su Yunjin could not help wondering if it was right or wrong for her to hide that thing from Xiao Yunyun and Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan was silent because he did not want to talk .

He didn’t speak because he was afraid that he would reveal himself .

He forgot when he had seen a question on the Internet: “What if you secretly like someone and are afraid to expose yourself to him?”

There was an answer below:

“Don’t be afraid .

“Because he must have long discovered it .

“Unless you never get in touch with him .

“Otherwise, this fact that you love him could not be kept as a secret .

“The words and symbols you replied to him with, your averted gaze, your imitation of his favorite expression and speaking habits, and the look of joy in your eyes…

“All of them will reveal to him the secret that you love him . ”

It hadn’t been a long time since Xiao Yunyun announced that she was in love with Qin Han . If he was found to love Xiao Yunyun now, wasn’t he making a mess?

Therefore, it would be better to keep silent and quietly enjoy her shy and timid smile, which was also very pleasant and satisfactory .

Even though, her smile was not because of him .

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“Auntie . ” Luo Xiaoxi called Su Yunjin . “Why are you silent?”

Su Yunjin seemed to have just recovered from the shock . She smiled and said, “This is the first time Yunyun fell in love with someone . I really can’t respond…”

Luo Xiaoxi stared at Xiao Yunyun in surprise . “You’re over 20 years old, but you haven’t been in love yet?!”

Xiao Yunyun: “…”

She hadn’t met anyone she liked before . Besides, Su Yunjin was strict with her, so she hadn’t fallen in love with anyone . “Is it very strange?”

Seeing the innocent look on Xiao Yunyun’s face, Su Jian’an couldn’t help replying for her . “Xiaoxi, you fell in love at the age of 24, OK? How confident you are to ask Yunyun that!”

Luo Xiaoxi seemed to be struck by lighting and suddenly became frustrated .

“Yes!” Xiao Yunyun just reacted and stared at Luo Xiaoxi with her eyes wide open . “Cousin-in-law, although you knew my cousin in your teens, you didn’t establish the relationship until you were 24 years old! You didn’t do it earlier than me . How did you ask me about that?!”

In terms of the situation and the fact, Luo Xiaoxi had no advantage .

But she was Luo Xiaoxi, and she would never allow herself to lose!

Thinking of that, Luo Xiaoxi calmly said, “Although I fell in love late, I will be in love for a longer time than you!”

“Cousin-in-law…” Xiao Yunyun felt so upset that she didn’t know what to say . “What… What do you mean?”

“Oh, I’m not saying that you won’t be with Qin Han forever . ” Luo Xiaoxi emphasized, “I mean, your cousin and I will be dating for the rest of my life!”

Luo Xiaoxi was so confident that others did not dare to doubt her at all, but they could not imagine how she and Su Yicheng would be dating for the rest of their lives, for she had married him .

Luo Xiaoxi raised her chin at Su Yicheng . “Honey, do you agree?”

Originally, Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng had a tacit understanding of the “war” between women—they would always stand by and never take the initiative to participate in it .

However, Su Yicheng was really not immune to Luo Xiaoxi’s “honey” . As soon as he heard it, a soulful smile appeared on his lips . “I’ll agree with whatever you say . ”

Others automatically shielded themselves from their display of affection, and Xiao Yunyun was the only one who seemed to be thoughtful .

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After a while, Xiao Yunyun asked seriously, “Don’t you want to have children if you will be dating for the rest of your lives?”

Su Yicheng: “…”

Luo Xiaoxi: “…”

Everyone: “…”

In the end, Luo Xiaoxi said with a poker face, “Xiaoxi, in our eyes, you are just a kid, just like Xiyu and Xiangyi . So, don’t talk about the kind of issue that only adults need to care about!”

Xiao Yunyun did not seem to understand her fully . “Oh…”

Su Jian’an finally couldn’t stand it and fell into Lu Boyan’s arms with a burst of laughter .

Xiao Yunyun was really simple, but she studied medical science .

However, she was going to graduate from college, but she didn’t become so learned in that kind of thing because of studying medical science .

Perhaps, it was because of the growing environment that led to her completely different thoughts from others .

At this dinner, some people hid their secrets, some hid their disappointment, and the others felt confused .

But at least on the surface, the family was very happy to have a good meal together .

After dinner, Su Yunjin asked Xiao Yunyun to go to the garden outside .

Xiao Yunyun had already guessed what Su Yunjin would say to her, but she looked relaxed, like a candidate who was very confident in the test .

As expected, Su Yunjin’s first question was: “Yunyun, do you really like Qin Han?”

Xiao Yunyun nodded without hesitation . “If I don’t like him, why would I stay with him? Mom, you know me . I’ve always been far away from those I don’t like!”

“Then what do you like about Qin Han?” Su Yunjin first removed Xiao Yunyun’s possible reply . “Don’t tell me that you don’t need a reason to like someone . You must be attracted by something belonging to that one, and then you’ll possibly love him . ”

Xiao Yunyun blinked her eyes and said, “Of course there are reasons! First, Qin Han is very interesting, and he knows all the interesting and delicious things in City A . Second, Qin Han is meticulous . He can take care of everyone in detail . Third, and most importantly, Qin Han is handsome!”

Su Yunjin laughed . “Yunyun, you are not answering your teacher’s question . The reasons don’t need to be so logical . ” The words had the implied meaning .

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Xiao Yunyun looked confused and said, “Mom, I’m a medical student . I’m used to this kind of reasonable and logical way of thinking . ”

This explanation was perfect and unassailable .

Su Yunjin nodded and said, “Qin Han is a good boy . As long as you really like him, I won’t stop you . ”

Xiao Yunyun smiled and said, “Mom, there will be someone who takes care of me in City A in the future . You can rest assured to go back to Australia and accompany Dad!”

“…” Su Yunjin was stunned for a moment, without knowing what to say .

Xiao Yunyun pretended not to notice Su Yunjin’s daze and continued to say, “You came back to City A just to attend my cousin’s wedding . But now, my cousin’s child is almost a month old . If you don’t go back, Dad will miss you . ”

Su Yunjin was just thinking that Shen Yuechuan was right . If she did not go back now, Xiao Yunyun would be suspicious .

Su Yunjin had no choice but to change the topic . “If I go back, won’t you miss me?”

“Well, of course I will!” Xiao Yunyun said with a smile, “But we can have a video call . If I have a vacation, I can go back to Australia to see you and Dad!”

“I haven’t been here for more than 20 years . ” Su Yunjin said, “I didn’t feel anything when I was still in Australia . Now I’m back, and I want to see many of my friends and visit many places . So I won’t go back before the banquet for one-month-old Xiyu and Xiangyi . ”

Xiao Yunyun said coquettishly, “Then you can stay with me for a few more days!”

Su Yunjin touched Xiao Yunyun’s soft hair and went back to the house with her with a smile .

In the house, Su Yicheng and Luo Xiaoxi were ready to leave, and Su Jian’an also urged Tang Yulan to go back to rest .

Seeing Su Yunjin coming in, Tang Yulan stopped her and said, “Yunjin, you’re on my way home . Get in my car, and I’ll ask the driver to send you back . ”

In this way, only Xiao Yunyun was left .

Shen Yuechuan automatically accepted the task and said, “I’ll drive Yunyun back . ”

Xiao Yunyun said casually, “Okay, we’re so familiar and I won’t thank you!”

Shen Yuechuan looked indifferent and picked up the car key . “Let’s go . ”

Xiao Yunyun said goodbye to the elders, then picked up her bag and bounced out after Shen Yuechuan .

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