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Chapter 639: 639

For a long time, Shen Yuechuan had always been good at livening up the atmosphere .

In that aspect, he was an expert . Besides, he was handsome, so the girls were willing to show respect for him .

Therefore, his presence could basically make the parties alive from the beginning to the end .

This was the first time he lapsed into silence in front of others .

He was silent for a so very long time .

The person on the other side of the phone felt a little uneasy . “Not? Not what?”

“… Not Qin Han . It will be the man surnamed Xu . ” Shen Yuechuan managed to continue his words . “Yunyun and Qin Han… When did they start?”

“A week ago, you asked me to keep an eye on Xiao Yunyun and see if she would go to find Henry . The next day, she started to date Qin Han! Hey, to be frank, when an innocent and beautiful girl stands beside a handsome young man with delicate skin, the scenes are so pleasant and beautiful! I couldn’t help taking a lot of pictures! Do you want to see some?”

“He said it on purpose . ” His every word was stimulating Shen Yuechuan’s nerves, trying to make him lose control .

Unfortunately, Shen Yuechuan was never a person who could easily lose control over himself .

“Ha—” Shen Yuechuan laughed, and his tone immediately returned to the usual frivolous and joking manner . “I’m very clear about what the pictures of good-looking people look like . You don’t need to tell me . ”

Was this the legendary highest state of narcissism?

After a long silence, the other side could only reply, “I have no objection . Respect!”

Shen Yuechuan openly accepted his worship and ordered calmly, “Continue to keep an eye on Xiao Yunyun . ”

“Um, about what?” The other side hesitated for a moment and then said, “You also know what will happen when a couple is in love . Dating, holding hands, kissing… Then that kind of thing . What do you want me to know about?”

He always managed to say the wrong thing .

Shen Yuechuan only felt a cluster of fire rising from the bottom of his heart . The fire was getting stronger and stronger, and it seemed to burn the person on the other side of the phone into ashes .

The person who was even better-informed than the Internet but always stayed in an old apartment building all year round must want to piss him off!

“Notice whether she has any contact with Henry or not!” In great anger, Shen Yuechuan almost roared the words out .

“…F*ck! I was so scared that I was about throw my mobile phone away!” The other side cursed . “Okay, I’ll keep an eye on her! By the way, what if Qin Han bullies your sister? Should I inform you?”

“Are you stupid?” Shen Yuechuan shouted, “If Qin Han bullies my sister, why don’t you fucking rush up to beat him first? Call me?! If I’m not nearby, what’s the use of calling me?!”

“…” After a long silence, the other side nodded sincerely . “After hearing your words, I think I’m quite stupid, too . ”

“Keep an eye on her and report to me at any time!” Shen Yuechuan said angrily, “Otherwise if anything happens to Xiao Yunyun, you will become my first target!”

“Don’t worry . She has fallen in love with the most favored young master of the Qin Family . What will happen to her?” After a pause, he added meaningfully, “At most, she will have a baby!”

Shen Yuechuan grabbed his mobile phone .

At this moment, if the person on the other side of the phone was in front of him, he was afraid that he would tear him into pieces .

However, what else could he do after venting his anger on that person?

He used to be as young as them, and he knew clearly what would happen when the young people at that age were in love .

Xiao Yunyun… She would completely belong to another man one day .

That person might be Qin Han, or someone else .

Except for him .

From disbelief to resignation, Shen Yuechuan calmed down slowly and persuaded himself to accept the fact that Xiao Yunyun and Qin Han were dating .

After accepting the fact, when hearing the news personally announced by Xiao Yunyun in Lu Boyan’s house, he could pretend to be indifferent—

A few days later, on Sunday, in the Lu family .

This group of people had not gathered for a short period of time . This Sunday, even Shen Yuechuan, who was the busiest one, had free time . So they made an appointment and went to the Lu Family together to see Xiyu and Xiangyi .

The two babies had been born for more than half a month, and they were no longer as weak and soft as they were when they were born . Their facial features were more delicate, especially Xiangyi’s, who had pink skin and looked very adorable .

Luo Xiaoxi looked at the two babies, and her heart was about to melt . Only then did she know that there were really angels in the world .

Every child who came to this world was an angel who fell from heaven .

She turned to look at Su Jian’an . Even after becoming a mother, Jian’an seemed to be the same as before .

If one looked for any difference, it could only be said that there was a kind of maternal tenderness on her body .

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However… It seemed that this change was not bad at all .

Well… Should she also give birth to a baby angel?

Just as Luo Xiaoxi was thinking, Xiao Yunyun, who had just got off work, rushed inside the room . “I’m coming!”

Xiangyi seemed to hear the sound, and she looked around, only to see Luo Xiaoxi, and then made a vague sound of “Hmm” .

Luo Xiaoxi thought it was fun, so she waved at Xiao Yunyun . “Yunyun, come here . Xiangyi is looking for you!”

Xiao Yunyun came over and carefully held Xiangyi in her arms . Seeing her milk-white and delicate face, she was really afraid that she would accidentally hurt her .

Luo Xiaoxi looked at Xiao Yunyun and asked, “Didn’t you get off work at four o’clock today? Why are you so late?”

Xiao Yunyun focused her attention on Xiangyi, explaining casually, “I was working overtime . ”

Luo Xiaoxi showed a meaningful smile . “Is it really because of working overtime? I’ve heard of it!”

After marrying Su Yicheng, although Luo Xiaoxi did not often take part in parties, she was still in the circle of the past . More than one person had told her that Xiao Yunyun and Qin Han had been very close recently, and it seemed that they were in love .

Xiao Yunyun also knew what Luo Xiaoxi meant . She avoided it and said, “I have something to announce when we eat later!”

Xiao Yunyun looked so cute and adorable, with her beautiful eyes filled with the happiness of a woman in love .

Luo Xiaoxi was too familiar with this look . It was exactly the same as her own look when she and Su Yicheng were dating . The happiness in her eyes was almost overflowing; hence others could see it at a glance .

Luo Xiaoxi seemed to feel something, but before she could say anything, they heard Su Jian’an’s voice . “It’s time to eat . ”

In order to take care of Su Jian’an, they would still eat Chinese food today, including both meat and vegetable . Each dish was nutritious .

Tang Yulan said to Luo Xiaoxi, “You should eat more, too!”

Luo Xiaoxi had always believed that life was dear, and love was dearer . Both could be given up for body shape!

Consequently, she had always rejected those things that would make her fat .

“However, it’s said that being thin is not conducive to having a baby, right?”

After thinking about it, Luo Xiaoxi took the chicken soup from Tang Yulan . “Okay! Thank you, Auntie . ”

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Not only Su Jian’an, but also Su Yicheng, as Luo’s husband, was very surprised that Luo Xiaoxi was willing to drink chicken soup with oil .

Su Jian’an was not very sure, but she still vaguely felt something . She whispered in Lu Boyan’s ear, “I guess I’ll be an aunt soon . ”

Lu Boyan made no comment, and asked, “Are you happy?”

With her eyes crinkled, Su Jian’an nodded . “Of course I am happy!”

Lu Boyan placed a full bowl of chicken soup in front of Su Jian’an . “Then drink this!”

Tang Yulan had already told Lu Boyan that Su Jian’an must absorb abundant nutrients during the first month after the delivery . Lu Boyan didn’t sense that until he saw the scene in the operating room .

He thought that Su Jian’an needed to absorb abundant nutrients for the rest of her life, let alone this month .

The problem was that Su Jian’an was unable to eat much and that she didn’t like greasy food . The nutritionist repeatedly told her to drink chicken soup . Recently, she would avoid it as much as possible, and sometimes she even went to the kitchen and changed the chicken soup on the menu into something else .

Lu Boyan could only try to coax her to drink the soup .

Today, Su Jian’an was really in a good mood . Without hesitation, she picked up the spoon and took a few sips .

Although she didn’t like greasy soups, she had to admit that the chef Lu Boyan had hired was really good at cooking!

Tang Yulan also filled a bowl with the soup for Xiao Yunyun and said, “Yunyun, you are too thin . You should eat more . ”

“Auntie . ” Xiao Yunyun took a sip of the soup and blinked her eyes with a serious look . “No matter how much I eat, I won’t get fat!” This was purely because of her constitution .

Tang Yulan laughed . Before she could say anything, Luo Xiaoxi replied first, “Auntie, never mind what she says . She’s been too comfortable recently . She said it on purpose!”

Su Jian’an instantly caught the key point in Luo Xiaoxi’s words . “Comfortable? How?”

Luo Xiaoxi glanced at Xiao Yunyun and said meaningfully, “Of course, it’s comfort of love~”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuechuan was the first to respond .

Shen Yuechuan knew very well what Luo Xiaoxi meant . Luckily, he was lowering his head and drinking the soup . He forced himself to close his eyes .

Less than half a month ago, the romance between Xiao Yunyun and Qin Han had become an established fact .

“I must show the same look as others . I can’t reveal myself!”

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As he thought about it, Shen Yuechuan raised his head and looked at Xiao Yunyun leisurely, somewhat curiously and also calmly . Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng also had the same expression as him .

In contrast, the ladies present were more surprised .

Tang Yulan and Su Jian’an did not dare to believe what they had heard, and Su Yunjin was instantly stunned .

Having been reunited with Shen Yuechuan after such a long time, Su Yunjin did not dare to reveal their blood relationship . In addition to worrying that Shen Yuechuan’s illness would be exposed, her biggest concern was Xiao Yunyun .

She had been a girl, so during that period, she saw very clearly that Xiao Yunyun liked Shen Yuechuan .

Although Xiao Yunyun tried her best to deny it later and replied that she just misunderstood her feelings for Shen Yuechuan .

Su Yunjin still didn’t dare to fully believe it . She was afraid that Xiao Yunyun would get hurt after she revealed that Shen Yuechuan was his son .

However, Xiao Yunyun actually fell in love with someone .

Who was it?

Everyone’s attention was focused on Xiao Yunyun . Xiao Yunyun finally couldn’t stand it . She raised her hand and surrendered . “Okay, I’ll admit it . ”

“…” The big restaurant fell into silence as it was before dawn . Everyone was waiting for Xiao Yunyun’s answer .

Xiao Yunyun seemed to be unaware of their surprise . A happy smile spread from the corners of her mouth little by little . She said shyly, “Qin Han and I… We’re dating!”

It was evident from her voice that she was trying hard to hide her happiness and joy .

However, it’s impossible to conceal a girl’s unique sweetness and satisfaction when she’s in love .

Su Jian’an and Luo Xiaoxi had to believe that Xiao Yunyun really fell in love with Qin Han .

Moreover, she looked… As if she really liked Qin Han .

So, what about Shen Yuechuan?

Was the love she had shown for Shen Yuechuan fake?

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