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Chapter 622: 622

Shen Yuechuan had been busy for the whole day . When he turned off the computer, it was already eight o’clock in the evening .

Then, he had to contact pediatrics experts for Lu Boyan .

He didn’t start searching for the files right away . Instead, he left the company first and drove around on the bustling streets .

Finally, for no particular reason, he parked his car in front of the Eighth People’s Hospital .

What was even more incredible was that he got out of the car .

At a moment like this, Xiao Yunyun must have gotten off work a long time ago unless she had to work overtime . What was the point of him coming here?

Shen Yuechuan shook his head in self-mockery . When he was about to go back to the car, someone suddenly called him, “Hey, handsome!”

He looked in the direction of the voice and found that it was a familiar face, but he couldn’t remember who it was .

The girl was not surprised that Shen Yuechuan didn’t remember her . She introduced herself naturally, “I’m Yunyun’s classmate and colleague . Last time when you were on the night shift with Yunyun, we met once!”

As soon as she said that, Shen Yuechuan gradually restored his memory . He smiled at the girl and said, “I remember you . ”

The girl was a little confused . “But… didn’t you just come to pick up Yunyun? Why are you still here?”

From what she said, it was most likely that someone had come to pick up Xiao Yunyun, and it was a good-looking man .

But Shen Yuechuan had been staying in the company just now, so it couldn’t be him .

Shen Yuechuan asked calmly, “Didn’t you just come out? How did you know that I picked up Yunyun just now?”

The girl laughed and said without hesitation, “Just now, a colleague told me that there was a handsome man, who was driving a sports car, waiting to pick up Yunyun . I guessed that it must be you!”

Shen Yuechuan nodded and smiled . After telling the girl that he had something else to do, he got in the car and left .

Handsome guy, a sports car…

Oh, who else could it be except for Qin Han?

While starting the car, Shen Yuechuan had already dialed Xiao Yunyun’s phone, but no one answered it even after he called her twice .

When she still didn’t answer the phone for the third time, Shen Yuechuan frowned deeply . He thought about it and dialed another person’s number .

This time, the call was almost picked up instantly . A teasing voice came from the receiver, “Special Assistant Shen, who do you want me to look into for you this time?”

“Find out where Xiao Yunyun is . ” Shen Yuechuan’s tone was serious . “I want to know her exact location right away . ”

The person on the other end of the line cried out in surprise . “Who’d be so daring as to kidnap your girl?”

“Cut the crap . Find it out right away!”

Shen Yuechuan had obviously lost his patience . The person on the other side of the phone finally stopped the nonsense and said, “I’ll check it out right away!”

While waiting, Shen Yuechuan felt as if he had been waiting for years . Only then did he realize that he still couldn’t make it .

From the moment he knew that Xiao Yunyun was his sister and he decided to let her go, he told himself that one day, someone would hold Xiao Yunyun’s hand and take her away .

That person might be Dr . Xu, Qin Han, or a stranger he had never heard of .

The only thing he needed to do was to give his blessings to Xiao Yunyun and protect her secretly .

However, Qin Han took her away at this time, and she had missed his call more than twice, so he was still worried that she might be hurt .

Anyway, he had to know where Xiao Yunyun was at least .

Five minutes later, the phone rang, and the person on the other end of the phone told Shen Yuechuan, “She’s in MiTime bar . Qin Han, took her there . ”

As expected, it was Qin Han . And they went to a bar!

Shen Yuechuan’s face darkened . He hung up the phone and went straight to MiTime bar .

The security guard of the bar knew Shen Yuechuan . The point was that tonight, Qin Han had booked the whole bar, and Shen Yuechuan’s name was not on Qin Han’s invitation list .

The security guard reached out his hand with hesitation and said, “Mr . Shen…”

“What?” Shen Yuechuan looked at the security guards in amusement . “Are you welcoming me?”

“Of course, we welcome you . ” The security guard laughed, but it looked like he was about to cry . “It’s just… you’re not on the… invitation list of Young Master Qin . ”

Shen Yuechuan raised his eyebrows . “Oh?” He said, “Do you think I need an invitation?”

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“That’s not what I mean, Mr . Shen…”

“Forget it . ” Shen Yuechuan coldly interrupted the security guard . “I have something to do today, so I have to go in . Do you want me to go in directly, or do you want me to call someone to drive you away before I get in?”

On one side, it was Qin Han who was their acquainted customer, while on the other side, it was Pete whom they couldn’t afford to offend . While the security guard was hesitating whether to contact the manager or not, Shen Yuechuan had already broken in . They couldn’t stop him with even two more people .

Coincidentally, as soon as Shen Yuechuan came in, he saw Qin Han, who had just come out of the bathroom .

Qin Han wore a trendy hairstyle, and the clothes on his body were more fashionable than luxurious . The shoes on his feet were a kind of sports shoes that were greatly popular, and the price had reached 20,000 yuan .

If others didn’t know that he was the senior manager of the Qin Group, he would seem to be the little prince of a nightclub who was good at flirting with girls in their eyes .

“Does Xiao Yunyun like this kind of style?”

Shen Yuechuan couldn’t help sneering in his heart . It seemed that he not only needed to take care of Xiao Yunyun but also promote her taste .

Qin Han saw Shen Yuechuan and did not hide his surprise . He patted Shen Yuechuan on the shoulder and said, “I heard that you have been very busy recently . Why do you have time to come here?”

“Where is Yunyun?” Shen Yuechuan didn’t have the time to talk nonsense with Qin Han and said bluntly, “I’m looking for her . ”

Qin Han didn’t hide and said naturally, “Yunyun is right here! However, I don’t know if she wants to see you . ”

There was a hint of sarcasm in his smile, which was obviously indicating that Shen Yuechuan shouldn’t have shown up here .

Unexpectedly, Shen Yuechuan was not angry . Instead, he smiled . “Are you interested in making a bet?”

Qin Han was young and hot-blooded . He was not afraid of Shen Yuechuan’s provocation at all . “Bet on what?”

Shen Yuechuan said, “Let’s bet on whether Yunyun will leave with me today . If she does, for three months, you are not allowed to get close to her, unless she takes the initiative to look for you . ”

There was a saying in the business field—although Lu Boyan and Shen Yuechuan were completely different, they had one thing in common . They never did anything they were not sure of . Even if they were not prepared at the beginning, the person who manipulated the whole thing must be them .

But at the moment, Shen Yuechuan didn’t seem to be very confident .

Perhaps, he was just making a gamble?

Qin Han chose to gamble and said, “Okay! But what if Yunyun doesn’t want to go with you?”

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Shen Yuechuan slightly raised the corner of his mouth and said lightly, “If she wouldn’t, you can ask me to do anything you want me to . I can satisfy any one of your conditions . ”

At this time, Qin Han had a feeling that he was being fooled, but he just looked at Shen Yuechuan doubtfully . In the end, he said nothing and took him to find Xiao Yunyun .

Xiao Yunyun was at the bar table—listening to the deafening music, watching young men and women who were crazily releasing themselves, and having a glass of orange juice out of boredom .

She was not an introverted person, but in the end, in front of a group of strangers, she could not open her heart and integrate into the group of unrestrained young people .

But she just didn’t want to stay in that single apartment where she was alone .

The apartment was too empty . If she didn’t do the quizzes and prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam, Shen Yuechuan would come to her mind once every minute . Even if she focused on solving the questions, Shen Yuechuan’s face would pop out from time to time .

She did not know if it would be described as she was missing him .

However, every time Shen Yuechuan’s face appeared, she couldn’t help looking for something related to Shen Yuechuan .

Either the reports about him on the Internet, or the chatting history with him on the communication software, or staring at his profile in a trance .

It had been a long time, but she still didn’t forget Shen Yuechuan .

Therefore, she wanted to find another way to see if she could temporarily set Shen Yuechuan aside when surrounded by a group of people’s carnival and let go of her obsession .

It turned out that her fantasy was a little too beautiful . She was not in the party . How could she forget Shen Yuechuan just like that?

Xiao Yunyun was a little depressed . She picked up the glass in front of her and gulped down the rest of the juice in the same way as drinking wine .

When she put down the cup with some residues of fruit left, she glanced at Shen Yuechuan’s figure out of the corner of her eye .

Hmm, was it an illusion?

Xiao Yunyun rubbed her eyes and looked in the same direction—it wasn’t an illusion at all! Not only was it real, but Shen Yuechuan was getting closer and closer!

She jumped off the high stool and felt a little uneasy .

However, she was not under Shen Yuechuan’s control . Besides, she was an adult, so it was understandable for her to come to such a place occasionally!

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Thinking about it, Xiao Yunyun suddenly became confident and looked straight into Shen Yuechuan’s eyes .

When Shen Yuechuan approached her, he found that the little girl seemed to be acting self-righteous .

He was not trying to reason with her . Why did she look like she was going to fight?

“Yunyun,” Qin Han said first, “Special Assistant Shen has something to talk with you . ”

Xiao Yunyun replied with an “oh” and looked at Shen Yuechuan lazily . She asked casually, “Why are you looking for me?”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t bother to talk nonsense . He said directly, “Follow me . ”

His tone was not heavy, but it clearly showed that he would not allow her to refuse . Xiao Yunyun, who was not easily obedient to others’ order, almost wanted to nod to him .

Xiao Yunyun was stunned for two seconds before she realized that she didn’t have to obey Shen Yuechuan’s words . She raised her chin and said, “Why should I go with you?”

Shen Yuechuan raised his wrist and looked at the time . He lost his patience and frowned . “I have something to talk with you . Now, immediately, come with me . ”

Xiao Yunyun laughed and said, “Do you think I’ll go with you just because you come to me for something? Shen Yuechuan, you’re too…”

Before Xiao Yunyun could finish her words, Shen Yuechuan suddenly leaned over and whispered to her ear—

At that moment, Shen Yuechuan’s masculine scent, which only belonged to him, blew over and surrounded Xiao Yunyun .

Xiao Yunyun’s heartbeat was out of control in an instant . She subconsciously wanted to escape, but Shen Yuechuan grabbed her shoulder .

She tried to struggle, but Shen Yuechuan didn’t intend to let go at all . He said something by her ear .

Xiao Yunyun was stunned after hearing Shen Yuechuan’s words . It seemed that Shen Yuechuan’s breath had gone . She asked in surprise, “What’s the reason? Is it serious? I…”

“It’s too noisy here . ” Shen Yuechuan interrupted Xiao Yunyun and said, “Follow me and let’s find another place to talk . ”

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