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Chapter 621: Chapter 621 - The Future is Undecided Yet

After leaving the doctor’s office, Su Jian’an was silent . Lu Boyan only held her hand all the way .

After returning to the obstetrics department and then entering the elevator, Lu Boyan pulled Su Jian’an’s body and forced her to face him . “Jian’an, Xiangyi’s symptom of asthma is not your fault . ”

Su Jian’an still couldn’t accept it . She shook her head and said, “Although it won’t endanger her life, this disease will have a great impact on her future life . She will lose a lot of things while growing up . ”

After a pause, Su Jian’an pursed her lips and continued, “I was the one who gave birth to her . If it’s my fault, then who is to blame for it?”

It had been less than five days since Xiangyi came to this world . In the previous days, she had never shown any symptoms of asthma . But this morning, she suddenly had trouble breathing .

In other words, her asthma was very likely to be inborn .

Su Jian’an thought that there must have been something that had not been done properly when she was pregnant . That was the reason why her daughter had been plagued by this kind of illness .

Lu Boyan sighed in a low voice and tried his best to appease Su Jian’an . “The doctor has said that the cause of the disease is not clear, which means that this is purely occasional . If we have to find a person responsible for it according to your logic, then it should be my fault . ”

Su Jian’an was confused for a moment . After a while, she understood what Lu Boyan meant . She looked at him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry . “Don’t kid with me . ” She was not in the mood at all .

Lu Boyan raised his hand and looked at the time . “Mom should be here soon . Let’s listen to what she will say about it . ”

Su Jian’an felt as if something was hanging in her heart . She replied with a “hmm” and followed Lu Boyan to the suite .

Lu Boyan had guessed right . Tang Yulan was already in the suite, but when she came in, there were only two nurses in the suite looking after the two little babies . Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an were nowhere to be found .

As for the two little guys, only Xiyu was awake . Xiangyi was sleeping soundly and her face was tender . Her breath was so quiet that no one could bear to disturb her beautiful dream .

Tang Yulan picked up Xiyu, and asked the nurse in a low voice, “Where did his parents go?”

The nurse thought for a moment and said truthfully, “Xiangyi didn’t feel well this morning, so she was sent to get examined . Now, Mr . Lu and Mrs . Lu should be in director Qiu’s office to find out about her condition . ”

“My granddaughter doesn’t feel well?” Tang Yulan hurried to the baby’s bedside and touched the baby’s face which was in sound sleep . “No wonder she is still sleeping at this time . Why does she feel uncomfortable? Is it serious?”

The nurse did not know the specific situation, and when she was in a dilemma about how to answer, Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an came back .

Tang Yulan walked over quickly with Xiyu in her arms . “What’s wrong with Xiangyi? What’s going on?”

“Mom, don’t worry . ” Lu Boyan took Xiyu over from her arms and signaled Tang Yulan not to worry . “It’s children’s asthma, which is not very dangerous . The doctor will try his best to treat it . Even if the treatment fails, it will only have a small effect on her future life . ”

“Mom, I’m sorry . ” Su Jian’an lowered her head, and her voice was full of guilt . “We found that there seemed to be something wrong with Xiangyi this morning . After the examination, the doctor said that the cause of the disease was… unknown . ”

“The cause of the disease is unclear?” Tang Yulan carefully mulled over these words and suddenly said, “Could it be hereditary? Boyan’s great-grandfather had children’s asthma since he was born . It was said that he had inherited it . ”

Su Jian’an remembered what the director had said: It might have been passed down from the elder generation .

She seemed to have found a glimmer of hope and hurriedly asked, “Mom, what happened to great-grandfather in the end? Was he cured of asthma?”

“It was relieved, but not cured . ” Tang Yulan’s tone was still relatively relaxed . “However, the old man also lived in peace until he was in his 80s . Naturally, he became old, sick, and died . It had nothing to do with asthma . ”

Su Jian’an breathed a sigh of relief . “What about his ordinary life? Did asthma have any effect on great-grandfather’s life?”

“About that, I heard something from Boyan’s great-grandmother . ” Tang Yulan said with a smile, “There must be an impact, but it’s only limited to strenuous exercise . His illness directly led to the condition that during the PE class, while others were being trained to death by the PE teacher, your great-grandfather was sitting under the shade of a tree and eating popsicles . Apart from this, there was basically no effect . ”

After that, Tang Yulan looked at Su Jian’an confusedly . “Jian’an, why did you apologize to me just now?”

Lu Boyan touched Su Jian’an’s head helplessly . “She thought it was her fault that Xiangyi has asthma . ”

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Tang Yulan could not help laughing out loud . She looked at Su Jian’an dotingly and helplessly and said,

“I understand your current mood . When I was pregnant with Boyan, his father told me that he didn’t know if Boyan would inherit asthma . I had been worried until Boyan’s birth . Later, when the doctor made sure that Boyan was fine, I finally breathed a sigh of relief . I just didn’t expect that Xiangyi would have asthma, which was inherited from elder generations . Silly child, it’s not your fault . If you have to find the cause, it can only be the fault of the ancestors of the Lu family . ”

Su Jian’an seemed to be shocked and shook her head in a hurry . “How could that be?”

Tang Yulan smiled and patted Su Jian’an on the shoulder . “I was just kidding . ”

Lu Boyan took Su Jian’an’s hand . “Did you hear that? It’s not your fault . ”

Su Jian’an pursed her lips, and her expression finally eased a little . “What should we do in the future?”

“Of course, we should hire someone to take care of my granddaughter carefully . ” Tang Yulan looked at Xiangyi lovingly . “She will occasionally feel uncomfortable, but as long as we take care of her carefully, she will grow up hale and heartily . So don’t worry too much . Besides, medical means now are much better than they were decades ago . The doctor may be able to cure my little girl’s asthma . ”

Su Jian’an then remembered that they could still attach their last hope on the doctor .

The anxiety on her face finally subsided and she nodded .

Right at the moment, Xiyu, who was in Lu Boyan’s arms, had already fallen asleep . He leaned his head against Lu Boyan’s chest and breathed shallowly, looking extremely adorable .

Tang Yulan asked Lu Boyan to put the little baby on the cot and said, “I’ve brought breakfast for you and Jian’an . It’s in the dining room outside . While it’s still hot, you can eat it . I’ll take care of Xiyu and Xiangyi for now . ”

The division of labor between the three people was happily decided . Lu Boyan took Su Jian’an out for breakfast, while Tang Yulan stayed in the room to look after the two little fellows .

In the dining room .

When eating, Su Jian’an’s appetite was obviously not as good as usual . Lu Boyan heated a glass of milk for her and asked, “Are you still thinking about Xiangyi?”

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Su Jian’an nodded and said, “I’m thinking about how to minimize the impact of asthma on Xiangyi’s life if doctors can’t get it cured . ”

Lu Boyan frowned and suggested solemnly, “Jian’an, we should hand this matter over to the doctors—they are more professional than us . I’ll ask Yuechuan to contact experts as soon as I reach the company . As for you—you haven’t recovered from the operation . Don’t think too much about it . Take care of yourself first . ”

Su Jian’an looked up at Lu Boyan, and there was still a convincing power in his deep eyes .

It was just like every time in the past . Whenever she encountered trouble, as long as she thought of Lu Boyan, as long as Lu Boyan appeared, she would know that everything would be fine, and Lu Boyan would solve the problems for her .

She suddenly felt at ease and drank the hot milk that Lu Boyan handed to her .

Lu Boyan could solve her previous problems without any pressure . So when it came to a difficulty related to their daughter, he should solve it faster and sharper .

All she needed to do was trust Lu Boyan .

After breakfast, Lu Boyan left for the company .

As soon as he arrived at the company, he told Shen Yuechuan the situation of Xiangyi without all the details .

In the end, Lu Boyan said, “Contact the pediatrics experts . No matter if they are domestic or foreign, just make sure that they are authorized in children’s asthma . No matter what conditions they put forward, satisfy them all as long as they can come and diagnose Xiangyi . ”

“I’ll do it right away after I finish what I’m doing . ” Shen Yuechuan’s face became stern more than ever . “How could this happen to Xiangyi?” He had held the little girl in his arms, and she was as beautiful and lovely as an angel . She should have grown up healthily with lots of care and love . How could she have asthma?

Lu Boyan frowned and said helplessly, “It was passed down from the upper generation . ”

“…” Shen Yuechuan was silent for a moment . “This is an uncontrollable factor, about which you and Jian’an can’t do anything . By the way, is Xiyu okay?”

“He’s fine for the time being . If I find anything wrong, I’ll arrange for him to get checked too . ” After a pause, Lu Boyan continued, “We can’t let the media know that Xiangyi has asthma . You need to get this fact informed at the hospital . ”

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Shen Yuechuan nodded . “I see . Is there anything else?”

“Well—” Lu Boyan said, “You can ask Yunyun about getting in touch with the experts . After all, she is in the medical field . She should know better than you about how to find a professional doctor . ”

Shen Yuechuan was stunned for a moment and forced out a smile . “Don’t you know that recently… I have been trying to avoid her as much as possible . Only when I don’t see her can I accept the fact that she is my younger sister . But as soon as I see her, my thoughts will go out of control . I don’t like to see myself losing control . ”

“How long can you control yourself?” Lu Boyan said sharply, “You are brother and sister—this truth will be revealed sooner or later . You can’t avoid meeting her all your life . ”

Shen Yuechuan raised the corner of his mouth, and this time, there was a hint of bitterness in his smile .

After a while, he sighed . “I hope I can avoid her for my lifetime . ”

Lu Boyan frowned . “What do you mean?”

Shen Yuechuan pretended to be relaxed and shrugged his shoulders . “Nothing . Nothing else . Go back to your office . I’m going to work . As for finding doctors, I will go to her if I need her help . ”

Lu Boyan did not notice Shen Yuechuan’s abnormal behavior and returned to his office .

A long time later, when Lu Boyan recalled this moment, he finally understood what Shen Yuechuan meant .

Shen Yuechuan wanted to say that,

it was still unknown whether he would still have a lifetime .

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