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Chapter 620: Chapter 620 - The Twins' Telepathy

The next day .

Lu Boyan had not rested well for several consecutive days, so it was Su Jian’an who woke up earlier today .

Su Jian’an carefully removed Lu Boyan’s hand from her shoulder, lifted the quilt, and quietly got out of bed to see the two little guys .

Xiyu looked even more like Lu Boyan when he fell asleep . His pale lips were pressed into a straight line, and his long eyelashes were as thick as a girl’s, but he had a cool expression, which meant “No one is allowed to disturb me . ”

After taking care of these two little guys for a few days, Su Jian’an had already figured out a custom—Xiyu was easier to be woken up than Xiangyi .

Or rather, in his subconsciousness, Xiyu had always been more vigilant than his sister .

Su Jian’an was afraid of waking him up, so she did not touch him, but turned to look at Xiangyi .

At the moment she saw Xiangyi, Su Jian’an’s expression suddenly changed .

When she didn’t realize, Xiangyi had woken up . Lying on the cot, she kept pushing her little hands and feet . Her small nose kept twitching, and she seemed to have difficulty in breathing . A circle of light purple color appeared on her pink lips .


Su Jian’an hurriedly picked up her daughter, only to find that the little baby was almost out of breath, and Xiangyi could only kick her legs in Su Jian’an’s arms .

Xiangyi was obviously in a lot of pain, but she had only been in this world for less than five days, so she wouldn’t say anything .

Su Jian’an forced herself to calm down and went to wake up Lu Boyan with her daughter in her arms .

Lu Boyan was already easy to be woken up . When he heard Su Jian’an’s voice, he quickly opened his eyes, only to find that Su Jian’an was holding their daughter in her arms and her eyes were somehow red .

He frowned, and on the next second, he uncovered the thin blanket off his body and got up . “What’s wrong?”

“Xiangyi…” Su Jian’an was already crying, but she was so anxious that she couldn’t speak coherently . “Call the doctor, be quick . ”

Only then did Lu Boyan notice that Xiangyi was breathing with great difficulty in Su Jian’an’s arms . Her small nose was opened with difficulty, and her beautiful little face was full of discomfort .

However, the little girl could say nothing except that her face was flushed .

Lu Boyan’s heart felt as if it was pricked by needles . He pressed the emergency alarm on the head of the bed several times . The nurse quickly came over, took a glance at Xiangyi, and said, “It may be child asthma! Don’t worry, I’ll contact the doctor right away and send the baby to the pediatrics for examination . ”

When the nurse contacted the pediatrics director, Lu Boyan had already taken over her daughter from Su Jian’an’s hand . He comforted her and said, “Don’t be afraid . I’ll take Xiangyi to see the doctor . You should stay here to take care of Xiyu . ”

Su Jian’an nodded absent-mindedly and went to the elevator with Lu Boyan and their daughter . When they went down, she remembered that Xiyu was still in the room, so she returned to the suite .

As soon as she walked to the door, the nurse hurriedly came out of the suite . “Mrs . Lu, as soon as you and Mr . Lu went out, Xiyu suddenly woke up and cried badly . We can’t comfort him . You should go in and have a look . ”

Su Jian’an hurried back to the suite . As soon as she opened the door, she heard the cry of Xiyu .

From the moment she was born, Xiyu seemed to know that he was the elder brother, so he had a calm expression most of the time . He would occasionally be curious about something, but he would not stare at it for more than three seconds, and it was even rarer for him to cry .

This was the first time that he had cried when he woke up early in the morning .

Su Jian’an walked over, picked him up from the baby bed, and coaxed him gently . “What’s wrong? Are you hungry?”

She put the baby on the bed, quickly filled a bottle with warm water, and fed it to him . However, he only took two sips and quickly loosened the pacifier and continued to cry .

Su Jian’an made some milk with the powder again . This time, Xiyu took two more sips, but just after two mouthfuls, he suddenly seemed to think of something sad, spit out the pacifier, and cried in a low voice .

“Baby, what’s wrong with you?”

Su Jian’an could only hold the little fellow in her arms and coax him . But no matter how she coaxed him, he continued to cry, as if he would not stop for the whole day .

Su Jian’an suddenly remembered a saying that there was wonderful telepathy between twins .

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“Is it because of Xiangyi’s discomfort that Xiyu cried like that?”

Thinking of this possibility, Su Jian’an’s heart had softened . She touched the face of Xiyu . “Dad has taken your sister to see a doctor . Don’t cry, okay?”

Xiyu seemed to have understood Su Jian’an’s words . He stopped for two seconds and then cried louder .

Su Jian’an had no choice but to coax him . “I’ll take you to see your sister after I get changed . Don’t cry, good boy . ”

Xiyu was still crying, but his wails were quieter . Su Jian’an put him on the bed, took some clothes to get changed, and left the suite with Xiyu in her arms .

When the nurse saw Su Jian’an coming out with the baby in her arms, she rushed over and asked, “Mrs . Lu, where are you going?”

“Going to the pediatrics department and check on my daughter . ” Su Jian’an then remembered a crucial issue . “By the way, where is the pediatrics department?”

“You just had surgery a few days ago . Carrying a child will tire you out . ” The nurse was much more anxious than Su Jian’an . “How about this? Hand me the young master, and I’ll take care of him for you, and then we’ll ask someone to take you to the pediatrics department . ”

Su Jian’an smiled and refused the nurse’s kindness . “You can’t make this little guy quiet . I’ll take him there . Please lead the way for me . ”

The nurse saw that Su Jian’an did not intend to let go of Xiyu, so she compromised and took her to the pediatrics department .

Compared with other departments, the pediatrics were much noisier, and the parents looked more anxious .

If it were in the past, Su Jian’an might not understand why parents couldn’t keep calm . But now, she completely understood .

Thinking of Xiangyi’s painful face and her struggling nose, Su Jian’an’s heart seemed to be torn into pieces . She was anxious and full of pain, which made her unable to breathe .

At this time, calm and collected thoughts were all abandoned .

Thinking of this, Su Jian’an unconsciously quickened her pace . The nurse kept telling her, “Mrs . Lu, slow down . You are holding the baby . Be careful not to get the operation wound involved . ”

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“It’s okay . I just want to know how my daughter is as soon as possible . ” As she said this, Su Jian’an looked down at Xiyu in her arms, and a smile finally appeared by her lips . “You want to see your sister too, don’t you?”

“Well…” Maybe Xiyu understood Su Jian’an’s words . He glared at her in her mother’s arms and stopped crying .

When the nurse saw the situation, she said nothing and brought Su Jian’an to the pediatrics department as soon as possible . She found out that the Xiangyi was having a check-up and went directly to the examination room .

The door of the examination room was closed, and Lu Boyan stood outside the door . His back looked still slender and straight, but his shoulders were almost stretched into a straight line, and his posture was no longer as calm as it used to be .

“Boyan . ” Su Jian’an called him .

Hearing the voice, Lu Boyan turned around and saw Su Jian’an coming over with Xiyu in her arms . He frowned and went to greet her . While taking Xiyu over, he asked, “Why didn’t you ask the nurse to carry Xiyu?”

“He doesn’t want to, and he has been crying terribly . ” Su Jian’an didn’t care about herself and looked at the examination room . “How is Xiangyi? What did the doctor say?”

” Children’s asthma . ” Lu Boyan’s voice was deep . “As for the specifics, we have to wait for the results of the examination . ”

Su Jian’an shook her head as if she could not accept the fact that Xiangyi had asthma . “How could this be? Everything was normal during the pregnancy check-up, and everything was normal a few days ago . ” She grabbed Lu Boyan’s sleeve and asked, “Did we fail to take good care of her?”

“Don’t think too much . ” Lu Boyan used the other hand to hold Su Jian’an . He kissed her forehead across Xiyu . “Let’s talk about it after the results come out . ”

Su Jian’an closed her eyes and finally calmed down .

Right at the moment, the door of the examination room was opened, and the nurse came out with Xiangyi in her arms .

Su Jian’an went up to her and held her daughter, only to find that the little fellow’s eyes were tightly closed . She suddenly looked up at the nurse and asked, “What happened to my daughter?”

“Mrs . Lu, don’t worry . The baby is fine now . She just fell asleep during the examination . ” The nurse quickly comforted Su Jian’an . “You can go to our director’s office with Mr . Lu and let him tell you the details . ”

The two children were handed over to the nurses to bring them back to the suite, while Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an went to the pediatrics dean’s office .

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The director was a well-known pediatrics expert in the country . As soon as she entered the office, Su Jian’an didn’t care about her manners and asked directly, “Director, what’s wrong with my daughter?”

“It’s Children’s asthma . The cause of the disease is temporarily unknown . It may be inherited by generations or congenital . ” The director said, “At present, the only thing we can do is to take positive treatment and prevent this disease from accompanying her for the rest of her life . You don’t have to worry too much . Generally, you only need to take care of her . This kind of disease will not endanger the baby’s life . When the disease comes, the baby will feel a little uncomfortable, just like this morning . ”

Thinking of Xiangyi’s condition in the morning, Su Jian’an’s heart felt like being pulled by something . She looked at the director with a pleading look . “I can’t let her suffer from a disease as soon as she comes to this world . Director, no matter what, you must…”

Before she could finish her words, Su Jian’an’s eyes turned red first . She choked with sobs and suddenly stopped talking .

Lu Boyan came over, and Su Jian’an turned her head and buried her head in his arms . His chest soon felt damp .

He touched Su Jian’an’s head . “Don’t cry . I’ll talk to the doctor . ”

Su Jian’an could not keep calm at the moment, so she could only nod in Lu Boyan’s arms .

Lu Boyan comforted Su Jian’an when he asked the doctor, “Asthma won’t endanger my daughter’s life, right?”

“There’s only one condition—you have to take care of her carefully . As long as you notice her syndrome in time and take medicine in time, she won’t be in danger . Besides, according to the test results, the baby’s symptoms are very light . As long as you don’t stimulate her emotions, the appearance of her illness won’t be too frequent . With the help of treatment, she’ll be possibly cured . So, you don’t have to worry too much . ”

“What’s the chance of being cured?” Lu Boyan asked .

The doctor sighed and said, “It’s hard to say . She may be cured soon, or it may stay with her until she reaches adulthood . The worst possibility is that… this disease will accompany her for the rest of her life . But don’t worry, we’ll use the best medical methods and the best medicine to remove her asthma as much as possible before she grows up . ”

The doctor didn’t say it out directly, but Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an both knew that the doctor wasn’t sure whether he could cure the asthma of Xiangyi .

In other words, they had to do their best to prepare for the worst .

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