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Chapter 611: 611
Chapter 611 Even Her Name Has Become His Weakness

“Maybe I have to work hard for another period of time?”

Shen Yuechuan looked at Lu Boyan incredulously . “What do you mean?”

Lu Boyan replied calmly, “Just what you have heard . ”

“…” Shen Yuechuan was on the verge of losing control of the raging fire in his heart .

As if Lu Boyan had seen through Shen Yuechuan’s anger, he said at the right time, “When you become a father one day, I will let you have a month off work . ”

In an instant, all of Shen Yuechuan’s resentment and anger were extinguished, and he calmed down just like that .

Lu Boyan thought that Shen Yuechuan was really tempted by this condition and returned to his office with satisfaction .

In fact, Shen Yuechuan was not happy with the condition at all .

He was wondering if there would really be such a day .

He was no longer the Shen Yuechuan who could be casual with his life .

He could lose consciousness at any time, and might fall into a long sleep without knowing when he would wake up at any time .

Even a healthy and sound life was an extravagant dream . How could he dare to expect to be a father like Lu Boyan?

He had lost his father on the first day he came to this world .

His fate might have been destined to be a tragedy from the beginning .

Humans were equal, but lives were unfair .

Fortunately, he had known Lu Boyan since he was very young .

If it weren’t for Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue, he might have become a gangster on the streets of New York now .

But now, it was the time when Lu Boyan needed him the most .

Since he didn’t know how much time he had left, he should just make use of every minute and second that he could still possess, and help Lu Boyan as much as he could .

If fate was cruel and determined to torment him, he would have to ask Lu Boyan to take care of Xiao Yunyun for him after he left the world .

Xiao Yunyun… was his last concern in the world .

After calming down, Shen Yuechuan returned to his post and worked until eight o’clock in the evening . After work, he went to a nearby restaurant to eat and went to the hospital with a few documents that Lu Boyan needed to confirm personally .

Before searching for Lu Boyan, Shen Yuechuan secretly went to the office of Mr . Right and asked him about the check-up he had done a few days before .

“I didn’t find anything unusual . ” Although he said so, Henry’s tone was not relaxed . “However, your situation is exactly the same as your father’s . At the beginning of the examination, there was nothing unusual, but after finding something wrong for the first time, the situation worsened rapidly . ”

Shen Yuechuan asked confusedly, “What do you mean?”

“I mean that you should be prepared to get treated in the hospital at any time . ” Henry said seriously, “I think you should let your friends know about your condition . With the encouragement of your friends and family, your condition may improve . ”

Shen Yuechuan smiled and said, “Henry, one of my friends has just become a father, so he is in a good mood . My illness is not good news . In order to not affect their mood, I’d better not say it for the time being . ”

Henry was a little hesitant . “But you…”

“By the time I have to stay in the hospital, I’ll tell them . ” Shen Yuechuan casually interrupted him, but his tone was firm . “As of now, I’ll keep it a secret for the time being . ”

Xiyu and Xiangyi had just arrived in this world, and everyone was happy . At this time, if he announced his illness, it would be too depressing .

Besides, once his illness was exposed, Lu Boyan would definitely fire him and ask him to go to the hospital to get treated . Further, he would not be able to get out of the hospital .

One wouldn’t even have to experience it to know that it would be boring in the hospital .

In contrast, he was more willing to stay in the company to help Lu Boyan .

After leaving the office of Henry, Shen Yuechuan went to find Lu Boyan with the documents .

Lu Boyan was more or less surprised to see Shen Yuechuan in the hospital so late at night, but all these surprises were stopped by Shen Yuechuan’s words—

Shen Yuechuan complained resentfully, “You should firstly consider if I have the time to come earlier!”

“…” That was true .

Shen Yuechuan took the opportunity to put the documents into Lu Boyan’s hand . “These must be dealt with before noon tomorrow . I’m afraid that you won’t be able to handle the them when you arrive at the company tomorrow, so I’ll send them to you after I got off work . ”

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Lu Boyan casually put the documents on the table . “Is there anything else?”

Shen Yuechuan spread out his hands . “No . ” After that, he smartly chose to leave .

Lu Boyan stopped Shen Yuechuan in time . “Wait a minute . I have something to tell you . ”

Shen Yuechuan narrowed his eyes and took a step back . He refused to look at Lu Boyan . “It’s definitely not a good thing!”

“It’s something everyone in the company wants . How can it not be a good thing?” Lu Boyan said, “You can still do the job as a special assistant till the end of this month . ”

“…You want to fire me?” Shen Yuechuan put his palms together with a grateful look on his face . “I’ve been very tired recently . It’s good for me to get fired! I’ll book a flight to the place where there are plenty of beauties . I’ll come back after having enough fun!”

“It’s too early for you to be happy . ” Lu Boyan leisurely threw a heavy bomb to Shen Yuechuan and blew up all his beautiful fantasies . “Before I got off work today, I had a small meeting with several major shareholders and wanted to promote you to be the vice president . ”

Shen Yuechuan’s facial features were twisted . “Please tell me the shareholders didn’t agree to your proposal . ”

“Sorry, I’m going to let you down,” Lu Boyan said slowly, “All shareholders agreed to let you serve as the vice president of the company . ”

According to Shen Yuechuan’s capabilities, it was a waste of his talent to be just a special assistant . Previously, he was forced by the situation, and he was also willing to be a special assistant, so Lu Boyan temporarily put him in the position of a special assistant .

Sooner or later, he would become the vice president of the company—this was something that everyone in Lu Enterprises knew .

If was in the past, Shen Yuechuan would have accepted the appointment happily .

But now, he couldn’t do that .

The appointment of vice president was a very important personnel decision for a company like Lu Enterprises . Lu Boyan only held a meeting with the shareholders and made the decision . It was not because he and the shareholders did things rashly .

It was because they trusted him .

But now, he was going to fall at any time .

If a special assistant fell, someone could quickly fill in his work . However, if a deputy general manager fell, it would more or less have an impact on the company . It was impossible to find someone to replace him immediately .

Shen Yuechuan slowly looked at Lu Boyan . “No . ”

Lu Boyan knew Shen Yuechuan too well . His refusal was not a joke, but a serious one .

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He frowned . “Why?”

He had already told Shen Yuechuan that the reason why he put him in the position of a special assistant was just because he needed someone he could trust to help him with some things . He couldn’t be a special assistant for his whole life .

The company had long been on the right track . Besides, he and Su Jian’an were married and had children . They had enough strength to compete with Kang Ruicheng . Shen Yuechuan didn’t need to secretly do anything for him anymore .

But why did Shen Yuechuan refuse to go to a higher position?

Shen Yuechuan quietly thought about what kind of excuse he could find to make Lu Boyan believe him and give up on promoting him to vice president .

Lu Boyan knew him too well, so he couldn’t just make up a lie . Whether he was telling the truth or not, Lu Boyan could see through him at a glance .

In the end, Shen Yuechuan chose a reason which was half true .

“I’ve been too tired lately . It is not physical tiredness, but a kind of tiredness in my heart . I don’t think I’m interested in promotion or a raise in salary in others’ eyes now . ”

Not only did Lu Boyan not doubt Shen Yuechuan’s words, but he even thought of a possibility for him . “Because of Yunyun?”

Shen Yuechuan walked to the balcony outside and lit a cigarette . There seemed to be a burning despair in his tone . “I can’t let her go at all . ”

“…” Lu Boyan did not speak .

Shen Yuechuan took a few drags on the cigarette and said, “I’ve fully understood your feelings . I want to touch her, but I have to take back my hand . I have the ability to give her happiness, but I can’t be presumptuous . I’ve tried to be her friend and face her as an elder brother . But when I actually saw her, I found that I couldn’t do it . ”

After a long pause, Shen Yuechuan put out the cigarette and continued, “When Jian’an proposed a divorce to you, you were inconsolable . Now I can feel the same amount of pain as you had felt . ”

Lu Boyan had never seen such a look on Shen Yuechuan’s face . Even when he confessed that he was an orphan, there was no such restrained but deep pain on his face .

However, Shen Yuechuan had been behaving normally these days .

Among them, Shen Yuechuan was the best at covering up his pain .

Lu Boyan thought for a moment and asked, “Do you need a long vacation?”

“Let’s talk about it later . ” The typical relaxed smile returned to Shen Yuechuan’s face . “When you get used to the new identity of ‘Dad’, I’ll ask you for a long vacation . I’ll be going abroad for a vacation . Let’s talk about the promotion after I come back . ”

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Of course, the premise was that he could make it to come back .

Lu Boyan nodded in approval to Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan looked at the time and found that it was late . When he was about to say that he was going back, he suddenly remembered something . “Have you received any news about Mu Qi?”

“He has arrived in City A,” Lu Boyan said, “He said that he had deal with something first, and he will come over tomorrow . ”

“He said the same thing to me . ” Shen Yuechuan spread out his hands . “Did you ask him what he was going to deal with? I wanted to ask him if he was going to deal with Xu Youning, but I was afraid that he would beat me to death tomorrow . ”

Lu Boyan glanced at Shen Yuechuan . “Do you think I can ask about it when you don’t dare to ask?”

“… Since you can’t ask, no one in the world dares to ask . ” Shen Yuechuan shrugged and chose to give up . “Forget it . Anyway, in the future… Mu Qi will deal with Xu Youning sooner or later . ”

Lu Boyan said, “Not necessarily . ”

Shen Yuechuan said, “Hmm?” He was curious . “Why did you say that?”

“Because Mu Qi really likes Xu Youning . ” Lu Boyan told the truth at a steady pace . “He isn’t willing to . ”

If he was willing, at the very beginning, when he found that Xu Youning was a mole, Mu Qi would have already killed her . Then why did he let Xu Youning return to Kang Ruicheng?

If it were in the past, Shen Yuechuan would definitely not understand the meaning of Lu Boyan’s words .

But now, he knew it very well .

You used to be invulnerable and omnipotent . But after you really fell in love with someone, even that person’s name became your weakness .

You had an inexplicable kind of joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, and you were no longer indestructible .

For a moment, it was hard to say whether it was a good thing or a bad thing .

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