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Chapter 612: 612

After sending Shen Yuechuan away, Lu Boyan went back to the room .

Su Jian’an had just fed milk to the two little guys . When she saw Lu Boyan coming back alone, she was confused . “Hmm?” She said, “Yuechuan didn’t want to come in to see Xiyu and Xiangyi?”

Lu Boyan played with the two little guys in the baby bed . “It’s too late . He will come with Mu Qi tomorrow . ”

“Mu Sijue will be here tomorrow?” Su Jian’an thought .

Su Jian’an’s movement paused and she thought of Xu Youning .

The mainstream media had hyped the news that she gave birth to a boy and girl twins . Xu Youning was in City A, so she should have heard of the news, right?

As a matter of fact, she had lived in the hospital with Xu Youning when she had been pregnant with Xiyu and Xiangyi .

If it could be counted as a kind of destiny between Xu Youning and the two children—would Xu Youning want to see the two little guys?

Lu Boyan covered the quilt for Xiyu and Xiangyi . When he looked up, he found that Su Jian’an was sitting on the bed thoughtfully .

He knew Su Jian’an too well . He didn’t even need to guess to know what she was thinking about .

After thinking for a moment, Lu Boyan decided to break Su Jian’an’s fantasy and said, “In addition to the security guards specially hired by the hospital, I also arranged people to be in the hospital . Kang Ruicheng’s men won’t dare to come easily . ”

His so-called “people of Kang Ruicheng” pointed to Xu Youning .

Su Jian’an had thought that Lu Boyan just wanted to keep an eye out for Kang Ruicheng, so she asked gloomily, “Do you even have to guard against Youning?”

Lu Boyan sighed helplessly . “Jian’an, as far as I’m concerned, Xu Youning is first a follower of Kang Ruicheng, and then a friend of yours . ”

Only then did Su Jian’an understand what Lu Boyan’s words meant . She pursed her lips and nodded . “…I understand . ”

Although she said so, the disappointment in her tone did not escape Lu Boyan’s ears .

In the end, Lu Boyan couldn’t bear to see Su Jian’an disappointed . He said, “With Xu Youning’s ability, if she wants to come, how many people do you think can really stop her?”

Su Jian’an blinked . “What do you mean?”

“It means that as long as Xu Youning wants to meet you, as long as her purpose is not to hurt you, you can definitely see her . ” Lu Boyan touched Su Jian’an’s head . “Are you happy now?”

“…” Su Jian’an’s eyes slowly revealed a smile . She rushed to Lu Boyan and kissed his face . “I’m happy! I’ll go to sleep!”

After resting for two days, the cut in Su Jian’an’s lower abdomen no longer hurt, and her movements were not so limited . She took the initiative to get into Lu Boyan’s arms to hold him, and soon fell asleep soundly .

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an in the dim light . He felt that although she had given birth to babies, she sometimes still looked so much like a child .

He kissed the top of Su Jian’an’s head, embraced her in his arms, and closed his eyes .

Under the same night sky, some people fell asleep safely, and some were swallowed by memories—

In the villa area of the outskirts of the city .

Mu Sijue bought this villa a few years ago just to have a place to stay in City A .

Mu Sijue was not interested in remembering how many times he had lived here .

But it was strange that he remembered clearly how many times he had stayed here with Xu Youning .

The first time was when he had brought her to A City for work .

The second time was when she had pushed him away from the wheels of a car and lived here temporarily to recuperate after she was discharged from the hospital .

It had been half a year since Xu Youning escaped .

In the past six months, Mu Sijue had never recalled any moment when he and Xu Youning were here together .

But when he came back here, those memories suddenly converged into a tide and clearly poured into his mind . He didn’t even have the chance to refuse . The scenes with Xu Youning came back to his mind directly and sharply .

Mu Sijue thought that it was ridiculous .

After Xu Youning had left, he had returned to his previous life and looked as if he was not affected at all .

However, his men didn’t dare to mention Xu Youning in front of him . Even Ah Guang, who was closest to him, avoided talking about her .

Only then did he realize that if he didn’t seem to be affected, why would Ah Guang avoid mentioning Xu Youning’s name?

At that moment, he was standing there . How could the memories he spent with Xu Youning be so clear?

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He had never forgotten Xu Youning .

Ah Guang stood one meter behind Mu Sijue and looked in his direction . Mu Sijue’s back was tall and broad, full of the pressure of a strong man, cold and indestructible .

However, he could see Mu Sijue’s depression and longing from the outline of his profile .

He… was thinking about Xu Youning, wasn’t he?

At the moment, he and Xu Youning were in the same city, while Xu Youning was with another man .

However, that man was just the arch enemy of him and Lu Boyan .

In more than 30 years of his life, Mu Sijue had been in charge of everything all the way . His life was really smooth .

Xu Youning—it was probably fate who sent her here to teach him what it meant to be “helpless” .

Ah Guang took a few steps forward and whispered tentatively, “Seventh Brother, are you alright?”

“What can be wrong with me?” Mu Sijue’s voice was cold and hard, as if it was covered with a layer of ice . He said without any emotion, “You should go back to the hotel . ”

Ah Guang checked the villa’s security system out of uncertainty and told the brother who was in charge of protecting Mu Sijue to guard closely . Then he left with a sense of relief .

On the way back to the hotel, Ah Guang couldn’t help thinking, “Mu Sijue came to City A this time . Does he want to see Xu Youning?”

No matter what Mu Sijue’s answer was—he wanted to know how Xu Youning was doing after she went back .

But Xu Youning was with Kang Ruicheng . It was too dangerous for him to find her, so he chose to give up .

The new question was, if Mu Sijue also wanted to go to Xu Youning like him and he knew it clearly that he needed to take the risk to see Xu Youning—

Would Mu Sijue choose to give up like him?

Before Ah Guang could come up with an answer, his cell phone rang . He answered the phone and heard his subordinate’s anxious voice . “Brother Guang, Kang Ruicheng’s men knew what had happened to you and Seventh Brother in City A!”

“So what? There’s no need to panic . ” Ah Guang scolded his men, “Since when did you become so fussy?”

“No, we are worried about that… Xu Youning!” The subordinate carefully said, “We have been wondering whether the death of Xu Youning’s grandmother was related to Seventh Brother, so Xu Youning took the initiative to expose that she was an undercover agent and completely turned against Seventh Brother . If so, will Xu Youning go and find Seventh Brother since we’re in Kang Ruicheng’s territory?”

Ah Guang still remembered that Xu Youning had left with overwhelming hatred . For a moment, he didn’t know how to answer .

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After a long while, Ah Guang finally caught his subordinate’s wrong usage of wording and scolded him, “What do you mean by ‘in Kang Ruicheng’s territory’! Who has told you that City A is Kang Ruicheng’s territory?!”

As long as Lu Boyan was still in City A, this city would not be the territory of others .

Only then did his subordinate notice his slip of the tongue and apologized repeatedly . Ah Guang pretended to be angry and hung up the phone .

To be honest, Ah Guang was also curious—

If Xu Youning knew that Mu Sijue was also in City A, how would she react? Did she still stubbornly think that Mu Sijue was the murderer of her grandmother?

Did she still regard Mu Sijue as a foe?

If Ah Guang could see Xu Youning at the moment, he would have never had such a question—

In the Kang family’s old house in the old city area .

It was unknown why Kang Ruicheng was in such a good mood . After he came back, he suddenly asked someone to prepare a table of late-night snacks and dragged Xu Youning to eat with him .

Xu Youning had just had dinner, so she didn’t have much appetite . Naturally, she didn’t eat in high spirits .

Kang Ruicheng looked Xu Youning up and down . “Su Jian’an gave birth to a pair of twins . Aren’t you happy for her?”

Xu Youning couldn’t help complaining, “Don’t tell me that you suddenly wanted to have a midnight snack to celebrate for Jian’an . ”

“No, I want to tell you something else . ” Kang Ruicheng put down the glass, looked at Xu Youning with a heavy gaze, and said, “Here comes your opportunity . ”

Xu Youning couldn’t understand . “What opportunity?”

Kang Ruicheng said, “Mu Sijue is in City A . ”

City A was thousands of kilometers away from City G .

In the past six months, Xu Youning had been persuading herself not to think of Mu Sijue .

No matter how much she missed him, she couldn’t cross thousands of kilometers of stiff distance, and it would expose her real emotions in front of Kang Ruicheng .

Perhaps it was because she had been acting for a long time, Xu Youning was not surprised or shocked when she heard that Mu Sijue was in City A . Her eyes quickly cooled down, and her beautiful eyes were filled with hatred . She said in a murderous voice, “Why did he come to City A?”

Kang Ruicheng quietly observed Xu Youning’s subtle reaction and said, “On the surface, he came to visit Su Jian’an . But there must be something else . ”

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“It doesn’t matter what else he has in mind,” Xu Youning said coldly, “I only know that this is a good chance to avenge my grandma . ”

Kang Ruicheng did not answer but asked, “Are you sure?”

Xu Youning said with a murderous look, “City A is not his sphere of influence, and his people are not here . Lu Boyan just became a father, so his attention is focused on the two children and Jian’an . It is impossible for him to care about Mu Sijue .

“That is to say, Mu Sijue’s current defenses are only limited to those brought along by him—this is not only a good opportunity for me, but also for you!”

Kang Ruicheng asked, “A Ning, are you serious?”

Xu Youning looked at Kang Ruicheng sharply . “Aren’t you?”

In fact, she was not serious .

However, didn’t Kang Ruicheng just want to see her dizzy with hatred and lose her mind? Didn’t he want to see her desperate to find Mu Sijue to get avenged?

Then she would put on the performance for him .

Anyway, she knew that Kang Ruicheng would not let her do it in the end .

Sure enough, Kang Ruicheng quickly put on a serious expression . “Youning, you still can’t keep calm when it comes to anything related to your grandma . ”

Xu Youning looked at Kang Ruicheng coldly, as if she really didn’t understand what he said . “What do you mean?”

“You were too impulsive just now . ” Kang Ruicheng asked someone to take away the wine, made some tea, and served them . “Mu Sijue’s power is not in City A, and our success rate in attacking him in City A is higher than that in City G . But you’ve forgotten that we have not yet gained a firm foothold, and Lu Boyan is powerful in City A . So it is very dangerous for us to attack Mu Sijue rashly . Also, you have been with Mu Sijue, don’t you know the capability of the people who follow him all the time?”

Xu Youning certainly knew that she couldn’t beat ten people who had been protecting Mu Sijue all the time .

However, her resentment was just an act for Kang Ruicheng to watch .

In front of Kang Ruicheng, she still had to continue this play…

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