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Chapter 600: 600

Chapter 600 Lu Boyan’s Unique Handsomeness (2)

Su Jian’an subconsciously covered her chest with her hands, and blurted out as soon as she felt hot in her brain, “It’s improper, isn’t it?”

Lu Boyan took a deep look at Su Jian’an . “Jian’an, I don’t intend to do anything to you . ”

Su Jian’an was embarrassed and forcibly explained, “What are you thinking! I mean… Is this okay?”

Lu Boyan slowly unbuttoned Su Jian’an’s shirt and said word by word, “Of course . What do you think is inappropriate?”

The skirt had been completely unbuttoned, and Su Jian’an’s face was completely red . She simply tilted her head away and refuse to look at Lu Boyan . “No . ”

Lu Boyan smiled and inadvertently glanced at the cut on Su Jian’an’s lower abdomen .

The long incision was stitched up by a transparent thread, and only the edge of the incision was a little red, like a slender red centipede lying on her lower abdomen .

Su Jian’an’s skin color was originally light . So when such a wound suddenly appeared on her lower abdomen, it was shocking .

The smile on Lu Boyan’s lips slowly solidified, and the image he saw in the operating room at noon also came back to his mind . The action of wiping Su Jian’an’s body unconsciously became very soft and gentle .

Although he knew about anesthesia, he still couldn’t help imagining the scene of the cold scalpel cutting Su Jian’an’s skin .

He could not describe how cruel that scene was .

However, when Su Jian’an got through it, she didn’t complain at all except for the sentence “It hurts” .

Once, Lu Boyan had thought that he should take care of Su Jian’an with his entire life .

But now, he felt that his entire life was still far from enough…

Su Jian’an soon noticed that Lu Boyan’s movements became slow and looked at him, only to find that there was no smile or joking intention on his face anymore, but a touch of deep thought .

Maybe it was because he saw the wound on her lower abdomen .

Lu Boyan raised his head and inadvertently met Su Jian’an’s eyes . He asked as if nothing had happened, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’an did not say anything and just smiled . “Help me change my clothes . ”

Lu Boyan brought a set of loose hospital gown and soon changed Su Jian’an’s shirt .

When she was undressed, Su Jian’an was a little shy . She decisively pulled the quilt to cover herself . “I’ll do it myself . ”

“No, your wound will be hurt if you bend down . ” Lu Boyan refused without thinking, and ordered gently, “Lie down, and Ieave it to me . ”

Su Jian’an had no choice but to lie down obediently . Her fair face was flushed, and she looked at the ceiling in despair .

Lu Boyan’s movements were quick, and it didn’t take him long to help her get changed . When he covered Su Jian’an with the quilt again, he found that Su Jian’an’s face had completely turned red .

He bent down with great interest and looked at Su Jian’an calmly . “Jian’an, you will make me overthink . ”

Su Jian’an’s eyes widened—she obviously didn’t do anything, what was Lu Boyan thinking?

However, during this period, even if she really did something, Lu Boyan couldn’t do anything to her, could he?

Thinking about it, Su Jian’an smiled and looked at Lu Boyan ignorantly . “Oh, what are you thinking about?”

Lu Boyan didn’t have to ask to be sure that Su Jian’an did it on purpose .

What was worse, there was nothing he could do about it even though he knew that Su Jian’an did it intentionally .

He bit on Su Jian’an’s lips hard and warned ambiguously, “Don’t go too far . One month… is actually not a very long time . ”

Su Jian’an blushed . “Pervert!”

The “pervert” kissed Su Jian’an hard again, and then placed the clothes she had just taken off into the basket in the bathroom . After that, he took a shower and came back .

Xiangyi might have been woken up by the sound or she knew that Lu Boyan was out . She suddenly cried in the baby bed, and her voice sounded soft and pitiful .

Lu Boyan quickly walked to the babies’ bedside . Seeing his daughter constantly kicking her slender legs and crying, his heart suddenly softened into a puddle, and he carefully picked up the little baby .

Xiangyi glanced at her father and suddenly cried even more bitterly .

For a moment, Lu Boyan was at a loss .

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He had read “The Book for Expectant Fathers”, which instructed him how to hold a newborn baby, and even how to change diapers, but it didn’t mention what the child would cry for .

Only then did he find that in this world, in addition to Su Jian’an’s tears, there was something else that could make him feel distressed—the cry of the little fellow in his arms .

Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan’s distressed and helpless look and soon felt sorry for him . She said, “Carry her over . She should be hungry . ”

“She’s hungry?” Lu Boyan did not even have time to react . “Then what should we do?”

“…” Su Jian’an was speechless for a moment and said, “If you are hungry, you will go and find something to eat . If the baby is hungry, of course, she also should eat something . ”

Only then did Lu Boyan realize what was going on . So he handed Xiangyi to Su Jian’an .

The baby had some breast milk and slowly fell asleep again . She became as quiet and well-behaved as when she was asleep . Su Jian’an kissed her on her little face before she released her and let Lu Boyan take her back to the baby bed .

Lu Boyan’s movements were careful, as if he was afraid of waking up the little girl . At last, he did not forget to cover her with the quilt .

When he straightened up, Lu Boyan found that Xiyu, who was on the other baby bed, had also woken up . He clenched his fist and looked at him intently with his fist placed by the corner of his mouth . Xiyu did not cry until he looked at him for several seconds . Then Xiyu pursed her lips with grievance .

Such a small movement had already softened Lu Boyan’s heart .

He turned his hand and picked up Xiyu . The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were full of smiles . “Why did you wake up?”

The little guy moved and hummed . No one knew what he wanted to say, and Lu Boyan took him to Su Jian’an’s side .

Su Jian’an had just fed Xiyu with breast milk when the nurse knocked on the door and came in to remind her, “Mrs . Lu, you can change diapers for the babies . If it’s not convenient for you, you can let me do it . ”

It was indeed inconvenient for Su Jian’an . Just as she was about to ask the nurse to come in, Lu Boyan suddenly said, “I’ll do it . ”

Not only the nurse, Su Jian’an was also surprised .

Lu Boyan always went to negotiate and sign the contract . These kinds of things just seemed right and appropriate for him .

But Lu Boyan helping the little baby change into diapers—it was too challenging for her imagination .

Lu Boyan noticed the suspicion in Su Jian’an’s eyes and raised his eyebrows . “What’s wrong?”

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“I think it’s a little risky to ask you to change the diapers . ” Su Jian’an looked at the nurse and said, “Miss, please come in and help me keep an eye on the process . If his way is technically wrong, you can point it out . It doesn’t matter . ”

This was the first time Su Jian’an had questioned Lu Boyan so directly .

Lu Boyan was not angry . Instead, he lowered his head and kissed Su Jian’an’s lips . “You will soon know that your worries are unnecessary . ”

He carried Xiyu to the bedside, took the paper pants handed over by the nurse, unpacked it and put it aside . Then he carefully lifted up the little guy’s butt . Although he was not very familiar with the movements, he was very gentle .

The nurse looked at Lu Boyan—his figure was qualified to be called as perfect . When such a perfect man was attentive, it had the same effect as opium .

The nurse was afraid that she couldn’t help being obsessed with him, so she looked away and saw Lu Boyan’s well-proportioned and long arms . Even if he bent down, she could clearly see his perfect figure .

If it weren’t for her professionalism, the nurse would have screamed .

Lu Boyan, the man who was like a God from a myth, was changing the diapers of the baby with a serious expression . His action was so gentle that it was beyond imagination, but miraculously, it was in harmony with his usual cold style .

It was a different style of handsomeness altogether!

It was not until Lu Boyan had changed the diaper that the nurse came to her senses . She tried her best to hide her surprise and told Su Jian’an, “Mrs . Lu, Mr . Lu’s way of changing diapers is correct, but it’s just that he is not very skilled . He’ll do it better after a few more attempts . You can rest assured!”

Su Jian’an was stunned for a moment, but still felt that she couldn’t believe it . She said, “It doesn’t matter if his method is wrong . Just tell me the truth . ”

“Mrs . Lu, we can’t joke when it comes to changing the diapers of the baby . ” The nurse smiled . “Mr . Lu really knows how to do it . Don’t worry . ”

It was not until the nurse walked out of the ward that Su Jian’an digested the nurse’s words and looked at Lu Boyan incredulously . “How do you know how to change the diapers? Have you done it for someone else before?”

Lu Boyan said calmly, “I’ve read about it in a book that I’m reading currently . ”

Su Jian’an nodded in realization . “… Daisy didn’t cheat you . It’s a good book…”

The more she said, the more Su Jian’an regretted it . If she had known earlier, she would have taken pictures just now .

With this kind of photo, if Lu Boyan dared to threaten her in the future, she would send the photo to the media!

Lu Boyan did not realize that he had done such a surprising thing . He picked up Xiyu, and the little fellow leaned over and fell asleep after taking a look at him . It seemed that he had full trust in Lu Boyan .

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At this moment, Lu Boyan’s sense of accomplishment was even greater than that of signing a contract worth hundreds of millions of yuan .

If it weren’t for the phone ringing, Lu Boyan didn’t even want to put the little baby on the baby bed and let him sleep .

The call was from Shen Yuechuan again . After Lu Boyan got the phone, his tone was not very good . “What’s the matter?”

“I have something to report to you,” Shen Yuechuan said, “You have been upgraded to be a father today, and Han Ruoxi happened to be released from prison . This coincidence may be hyped up by the media . Do you need me to inform the media?”

“There is no need,” Lu Boyan said, “To interfere with the media’s title will leave a news for the media instead . You should pay attention to Han Ruoxi’s movements . Besides, others should not get the photos of Xiangyi and Xiyu . ”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do . ” After a pause, Shen Yuechuan suddenly changed the subject . “But your tone was so bad just now . What did I interrupt?”

Lu Boyan said coldly, “You disturbed me when I was holding my son . ”

“I see . ” Shen Yuechuan suddenly realized . “Okay, I’ll try not to call you when you hold your wife, son, and daughter . I’ll hang up . ”

Lu Boyan put the phone back in his pocket and returned to the room after a while .

Su Jian’an asked casually, “Yuechuan is calling you at such a late hour . What’s the matter?”

“Some things in the company . ” Lu Boyan did not want Su Jian’an to worry, so he did not tell her that Han Ruoxi had been released from prison . He kissed her forehead and said, “Sleep . ”

Su Jian’an was really a little tired . She nodded, closed her eyes, and fell asleep…

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