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Chapter 599: 599
Chapter 599 Lu Boyan’s Unique Handsomeness (1)

“If I have a baby in the future, I’ll also name the baby like that!”

As soon as Xiao Yunyun finished her words, everyone turned to look at Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan also had a quick reaction . He slapped Xiao Yunyun’s head and said, “Little kid, you’re already thinking of your future child without even having a boyfriend . You’d better get into the graduate school smoothly first!”

In a few words, he successfully prevented the embarrassment .

Xiao Yunyun was immersed in her own imagination, so she didn’t notice the eyes of others . She just retorted Shen Yuechuan, “This brain belongs to me . It’s none of your business what I think . ” Then she gave Shen Yuechuan a kick . “Don’t pat my head . If I can’t pass the exam, it’s all your fault!”

“Why do you have to blame me?” Shen Yuechuan snorted . “I’m smart and I never stop you from taking the postgraduate entrance exam . ”

They quarreled on and on . At first, the two babies were still listening interestedly with their black grape-like eyes wide open . But soon, Lu Xiyu yawned and closed his eyes, bored . And Xiangyi also moved her slender legs and arms and turned her head to look at Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an touched the face of Xiangyi and said, “Even the babies think that you’re boring . ”

Xiao Yunyun snorted and walked toward Luo Xiaoxi, leaving Shen Yuechuan behind .

However, she didn’t know that Luo Xiaoxi was studying her and Shen Yuechuan .

Luo Xiaoxi just felt strange—Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun were a little ambiguous at first, but after not seeing each other for a period of time, the ambiguity between them had disappeared . It seemed that they were going to become bad friends .

Luo Xiaoxi calmly gave Su Jian’an a puzzled look .

Su Jian’an shook her head, indicating Luo Xiaoxi not to ask .

There was obviously something wrong between Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun, but Xiao Yunyun didn’t tell her, which meant that this matter could only be solved by themselves . Any extra questioning from others would only make them embarrassed .

Su Yicheng and Shen Yuechuan stayed until dark before leaving, and in the end, only Tang Yulan stayed .

Su Jian’an suddenly remembered something and asked Lu Boyan, “Go and eat something . ”

If she remembered correctly, for the whole day, except for breakfast in the morning, Lu Boyan hadn’t eaten anything .

Lu Boyan wouldn’t feel hungry if Su Jian’an hadn’t said it . But he wasn’t willing to leave Su Jian’an here alone .

“Mom is here . ” Su Jian’an saw through Lu Boyan’s hesitation at a glance . “Doctor Han and nurses can also come here at any time . I will be fine . You can rest assured . ”

Tang Yulan added, “You have to take care of the babies tonight . It won’t be good if you lack physical strength . Go and get something to eat . ”

Lu Boyan finally nodded . “I will be back soon . ”

After Lu Boyan left, Su Jian’an looked at Tang Yulan and asked, “Mom, do you have something to tell me?”

Tang Yulan did have something to say to Su Jian’an, but she didn’t expect that even at this time, her expression didn’t escape Su Jian’an’s eyes .

She held Su Jian’an’s hand . “Jian’an, thank you for your hard work . ”

Su Jian’an was stunned for a moment, and then she smiled . “The process of pregnancy is like this . It’s not particularly hard . ”

“I’ve experienced this process, and I know how hard it can be . ” Tang Yulan’s eyes were a little wet . “In addition, I have to thank you again in place of Boyan’s father . ”

Su Jian’an couldn’t help laughing . “Mom, don’t say that, and there’s nothing to thank me for . ” She stroked the faces of the two little guys . ” When looking at them, I feel that all that I have experienced since I was pregnant is worthwhile . ”

No matter how hard it was, it was not comparable to the joy of welcoming new lives .

Tang Yulan looked at the two little babies who had fallen asleep . “Xiyu really looks like Boyan in his childhood . ”

“Really?” Su Jian’an became interested instantly . “How much alike do they look?”

“I’ll show you the photos!” Tang Yulan took Su Jian’an’s iPad over and logged into her cloud storage account . She opened the album and found Lu Boyan’s childhood photos .

When Tang Yulan took these photos for Lu Boyan, the cloud storage technology hadn’t been released . The photos in the album were all taken from the photos clip . The definition was not particularly high, but it could be easily seen that Xiyu really looked like Lu Boyan’s when he was a child . They had perfectly similar figures .

“When your mother was still alive, she showed me photos of you when you were a few months old,” Tang Yulan continued, “Xiangyi looks very similar to you when you were young . ”

“…” Su Jian’an sighed about the great power of genes while feeling that the way of continuing lives was great .

Lu Boyan soon finished his meal and came back . It was late, so he arranged Uncle Qian to send Tang Yulan back .

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“I won’t go back,” Tang Yulan said, “Don’t you have a guest room here? I’ll stay in the guest room tonight . If the babies wake up in the middle of the night, I can help you take care of them . ”

The guest room was used as Lu Boyan’s office . How could it be comfortable to live in?

Moreover, Tang Yulan had lived in the old house of Orchid Gardens for so many years . So Lu Boyan knew it best that she couldn’t possibly fall asleep when she was not there .

But judging from the situation, he would definitely not be able to persuade Tang Yulan to go back if he only tried to talk her into the idea .

Lu Boyan thought for a moment and said, “Mom, Jian’an can eat tomorrow . If you go back, you can bring Jian’an’s lunch here tomorrow . There are doctors and nurses here, as well as me . We can deal with it . ”

Su Jian’an continued Lu Boyan’s words, “This is a hospital, mom . Let Uncle Qian take you back, we can take care of the babies . ”

Tang Yulan also knew that Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an racked their brains to persuade her to go back, worrying that she would not sleep well here .

Although she really didn’t want to leave the two newborn little guys, under the push of comfort, Tang Yulan still compromised . “I will take the babies to their beds and then go back . ”

Lu Boyan picked up Xiyu who was sleeping outside and Tang Yulan took Xiangyi up .

When Lu Boyan was still young, Tang Yulan had always dreamed of having a daughter, which was also the reason why she liked Su Jian’an so much later .

But at that time, Su Jian’an was already ten years old, which was to say she had already been a grown-up child . And Xiangyi was so different from her at that time .

Tang Yulan could watch Xiangyi grow up and buy beautiful dresses and shoes for her, making her look like a princess in a castle . And she would let her be a happy girl since her childhood .

Her long-cherished wish had finally been fulfilled .

Tang Yulan couldn’t bear to let go of Xiangyi when she put her on the baby bed . She exclaimed, “Our Xiangyi is so good-looking!”

Lu Boyan smiled and said, “Mom, I’ll take you downstairs . ”

Uncle Qian had already parked the car at the entrance of the hospital . Seeing the car drive away, Lu Boyan turned around and went back .

When he reached downstairs of the department of obstetrics and gynecology, he received a call from Shen Yuechuan .

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It was the weekend, and it was already night time . So it couldn’t possibly be for a matter of the company that caused Shen Yuechuan to make the call .

Sure enough, after the phone call was connected, Shen Yuechuan said, “I just received the news that Han Ruoxi has been released from prison . ”

Lu Boyan paused his steps and said after a couple of seconds, “Pay attention to her movements . ”

“Don’t worry . I’ve sent someone to follow her . ” Shen Yuechuan asked, “Do you want me to send some people to the hospital?”

“Yes . ” Lu Boyan said in a deep voice, “Even if I don’t guard against Han Ruoxi, I have to guard against Kang Ruicheng . ”

“Okay, leave it to me . You don’t have to worry about it,” Shen Yuechuan said, “It’s not easy for you to become a father . Just be a good father . Leave everything else to me . ”

Shen Yuechuan usually acted casually, but at this moment, Lu Boyan was very confident in him, so he hung up the phone and went upstairs .

In the room, the two babies slept soundly . Su Jian’an lay in bed and watched them quietly . Everything in the room was quiet and beautiful .

Lu Boyan entered the room and found that Su Jian’an had already finished the transfusion . He asked, “Are you hungry?”

Su Jian’an shook her head . “I just had a supplement . Don’t worry, I’m not hungry . ” After a pause, she suddenly changed the subject and said with grievance, “Even if I’m hungry, I can’t do anything about it . I’m not allowed to eat today . ”

Lu Boyan sat down by the bed and said softly, “After today, you can eat whatever you want . ”

“Then, let’s talk about what happened today first!” Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan . “Go and ask Dr . Han if I can take a shower . I won’t touch my wounds . I sweated a lot in the morning, which makes me feel worse than being hungry . ”

Lu Boyan easily saw through Su Jian’an . “You have said so much, just to get to take a bath, right?”

Su Jian’an blinked and said, “Honey, there are some things that you don’t have to point out . ”

“There are some things that you don’t need to ask the doctor especially,” Lu Boyan said, “You can’t take a bath . ”

Su Jian’an protested, “Isn’t it the human right to take a bath?”

“You don’t have such a right for the time being . ” Lu Boyan calmly got up . “Wait for me for a moment . ”

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Before Su Jian’an could say anything, Lu Boyan had already entered the bathroom . In less than five minutes, he came out of the bathroom again with a basin of hot water in his hands .

Lu Boyan put the hot water on the edge of the bed, looked at Su Jian’an, and said, “You can only use hot water to get your body wiped and cleaned . ”

Su Jian’an raised her eyebrows . “…Maybe it’s a little difficult . ”

Lu Boyan pulled out a hot towel as if nothing had happened . “You don’t have to move . ”

Su Jian’an was thinking, “Is there a robot to wipe the body in this room?” when Lu Boyan had already taken her hand and carefully wiped her palm .

He sat on the side of the bed with his head slightly lowered . From Su Jian’an’s perspective, his side face was still extremely handsome, but it was no longer as strong and alienated as before .

At this time, Lu Boyan was like any ordinary husband . He lowered his head and carefully wiped his wife’s hands, and his eyes were full of love and tenderness .

Su Jian’an blinked, and something came out from the bottom of her heart, overflowing her entire chest .

When she read the news in the morning, there were many comments about how lucky she was .

Now, she admitted that she was indeed very lucky .

But before she could digest this kind of luck, Su Jian’an felt embarrassed—

After wiping her hands, Lu Boyan stood up, cleaned the towel again and said, “Don’t move, or your wound will be touched . ”

Before Su Jian’an could react, Lu Boyan had already bent down to unbutton her blouse…

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