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Chapter 576: 576

The next day . In the house of the Lu Family, Dingya Villas…

There was less than a month left before Su Jian’an was due .

All the members in the Lu Family, including the butler Uncle Xu and the driver Uncle Qian, didn’t dare to leave Su Jian’an alone when Lu Boyan was out as if they were wind-up clocks working in full swing .

Tang Yulan, who was about to be a grandmother, was even more excited . She called Su Jian’an twice every day to know how she was feeling in the morning and in the afternoon and asked whether she was tired or whether she was feeling well…

It only took Su Jian’an less than a week to get herself used to the all-round protection .

What confused Su Jian’an was that Lu Boyan was more nervous than a pregnant woman like her .

Her belly became bigger as time went by, which often made her tired so she couldn’t help turning over at midnights .

Lu Boyan always woke up from his slumber whenever she made a noise . He held her in his arms as soon as he opened his eyes and asked nervously what had happened to her .

“… Well, I just want to turn over . ”

However, it wasn’t easy for Su Jian’an to turn over during her late pregnancy since she was pregnant with twins . Luckily, it became much easier for her whenever Lu Boyan woke up and helped her .

So most of the time, Su Jian’an fell asleep again after turning over . In a daze, she could feel that Lu Boyan was holding her from behind, and it brought her an indescribable sense of security .

However, Su Jian’an felt more puzzled after she woke Lu Boyan up too many times .

One day, when they were having breakfast, Su Jian’an finally asked, “I’m pregnant . Why are you so nervous?” She thought that the one who would usually feel nervous when a baby was about to be born was the mother .

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . He said in a worried voice, “I wouldn’t have been so nervous if I were you . ”

He was no longer the Lu Boyan of his youth . He was no longer easily worried by anything after experiencing the rains and winds in his life .

Su Jian’an was an exception .

He had always wanted to protect Su Jian’an . He couldn’t calm himself down whenever he thought of the day Su Jian’an would have an operation in the delivery room .

In other words, Lu Boyan would rather suffer the pain for Su Jian’an, even if it would be a thousand times more painful than he thought .

Su Jian’an knew what Lu Boyan meant . She took a sip of oatmeal mixed with nuts and burst into laughter . “I’m not nervous at all . Don’t worry . ”

Lu Boyan pondered for a moment and said seriously, “I can’t . ”

Su Jian’an knew that Lu Boyan couldn’t help worrying about her although he knew it was unnecessary, and she could do nothing about it .

Su Jian’an simply rested her chin on her hand and said with a teasing smile, “I can’t believe it! There’s something that Lu Boyan fails to handle . Others will think it’s impossible if I tell them about it!”

The handsome Lu Boyan said with sincerity, “Me either . ”

Su Jian’an gave a brighter smile as she stirred the oatmeal in the bowl . “By the way, how are Yuechuan and Yunyun? What is Yuechuan going to do?”

Lu Boyan said with a calm look, “He’s busy with the company business these days . Yuechuan… isn’t free now . ”

Su Jian’an believed his words . After breakfast, she called Xiao Yunyun .

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yunyun sounded like she didn’t get up yet .

Su Jian’an checked the time and said, “Yunyun, it’s already eight-ten . Are you still lying in bed?”

“Well… ah!” Xiao Yunyun jumped out of bed, shocked . She suddenly woke up and said, “I overslept! What bad luck! I’m going to be late!”

Su Jian’an shook her head helplessly . “That’s it . Get up now . ”

Xiao Yunyun threw her cellphone away without even speaking to Su Jian’an . She brushed, washed, dressed, and rushed downstairs to take a taxi .

She was lucky . A taxi stopped in front of her soon . Xiao Yunyun got in it and slammed the door . “Sir, take me to the Eighth People’s Hospital . Hurry up, please!”

The driver thought that Xiao Yunyun was in a hurry to see a doctor, so he said without hesitation, “OK . ” Then he started the car and drove as fast as he could .

Whether Xiao Yunyun would be late or not depended on the traffic and the driver, and she could do nothing about it, so she simply took out her cellphone to call Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an was about to see Lu Boyan out .

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The summer sun kindled her cheeks with irresistible heat .

Su Jian’an had always hated standing in the sun, but she still walked Lu Boyan to the gate while shading her face with her hand .

Lu Boyan smiled as he noticed her reddish cheeks . “Go inside . Take care of yourself at home . ”

Su Jian’an nodded as she compressed her beautiful lips, but she didn’t move . Lu Boyan knew what she was thinking about . He got in his car, rolled the window down, and said, “Call me if you need me . ”

“I will . ” Su Jian’an turned back to walk into the house and waved at Lu Boyan halfway through .

Su Jian’an was thin, so her unborn babies were a burden for her . In the past few months, she had always felt tired after a few steps, so she walked slowly .

However, she thought it was good to live a slow life .

“You’re wanted on the phone, madam!” Aunt Liu rushed out of the house with a cellphone as Su Jian’an walked slowly in the garden . “It’s your cousin calling!”

“Yunyun?” Su Jian’an took the phone and asked with a smile, “Are you in a taxi?”

“Yes, I’m stuck on Enxi Road . ” Xiao Yunyun was annoyed . She said helplessly, “This is too bad . I’ll be late for work today . ”

“You always go to work and leave on time, don’t you?” Su Jian’an asked, “Why are you late today?”

Xiao Yunyun wanted to tell Su Jian’an that something unexpected had happened to her and she was terribly shocked .

After taking a taxi back to her apartment the previous night, Xiao Yunyun had kept thinking about Shen Yuechuan and his new girlfriend . She counted sheep to 10,000 and even read a book halfway through, but she couldn’t fall asleep .

She wasn’t sad . She just felt lonely .

She had gone to City A from Australia with only her luggage and the dream of becoming a doctor .

Su Yunjin didn’t support or understand her, nor did she give her any help . She had checked her baggage and had flown to City A alone . She had stayed at a strange hotel alone after she had left the airport . Further, she had also gone to register at the university alone . She tried to learn a different culture to get herself adapted to a new environment and to become part of a new community .

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She had never felt lonely when she did all that alone .

During her internship, she lived alone in a tall apartment . She had meals alone, read alone, and went to many places alone .

She had long been used to doing everything by herself .

However, when she lay alone on her big bed the previous night, she suddenly felt helpless and lonely as she glanced around the dark room .

Deep within her heart, she hoped that Shen Yuechuan could stay with her . She needed no hugs or loving words . She simply wanted him to stay quietly by her side . All she wanted was to see him .

However, she knew that was impossible because Shen Yuechuan was with his new girlfriend .

In a daze, Xiao Yunyun realized that—

Falling in love with a person towards whom she couldn’t express her feelings had made her the loneliest people in the world .

Xiao Yunyun kept tossing and turning until five o’clock in the morning . Finally, she felt tired and fell asleep in a trance .

After daybreak, she would have been still sleeping if Su Jian’an hadn’t called her .

Xiao Yunyun didn’t know how to tell Su Jian’an about all that had happened to her, so she simply said, “I stayed up late last night watching TV series . I didn’t hear the alarm this morning . Well, it won’t happen again!”

“I’m not your leader . You don’t have to promise me that . ” Su Jian’an didn’t believe what she said at all . She asked, “Did you really stay up late last night because of the TV series?”

Xiao Yunyun felt awkward . “So?”

Su Jian’an said at leisure, “Oh, I think it was because of a man but not the TV series . ”

Realizing that she was seen through, Xiao Yunyun laughed in embarrassment . “Cousin, I’m reaching the hospital . Call you next time!”

Xiao Yunyun hung up with a lightning speed and placed her cellphone back into the bag . “How far are we from the hospital, sir?”

“It’ll take 15 minutes!” said the driver .

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Xiao Yunyun realized that she was late as she checked the time . She decided to give up and said, “It doesn’t matter, sir . Drive me around City A as you like and then take me to the hospital . I’d like to catch up on my sleep . ”

“No . ” The driver smiled . “I heard you talk on the phone just now . You must be a doctor in the hospital . The patients are waiting for treatment . How can I take you around?”

Xiao Yunyun was stunned as if she had waked up from a dream .

She realized that no matter what happened, she was a doctor, which was a fact she couldn’t change .

She was a doctor, and she was supposed to save others .

As a doctor, she couldn’t fail in her duty when she had emotional troubles .

She realized that she shouldn’t forget why she had gone to City A in the first place, no matter whether Shen Yuechuan was her brother or her future lover .

After reaching the hospital, Xiao Yunyun rushed to the cardiac surgery department like a bat out of hell . She quickly put on her white medical gown without expecting that she would run across her superior, Dr . Liang .

“Yunyun, you’re late today . ” The way Doctor Liang talked was like her medical skills, cold and serious, professional and unquestionable .

Xiao Yunyun turned around and touched her nose . “Doctor Liang, I did wrong . I promise you, it won’t happen again!”

“As doctors, we must wait for our patients if they’re late, but we can’t be late because they will think that we’re not dedicated, whatever the reason might be . ” Dr . Liang gradually calmed down . “Since you’re late for the first time, I’ll let you off with a warning, but just this once!”

Xiao Yunyun saluted Dr . Liang . “Thank you, Dr . Liang! I promise I won’t be late again . I’ll try to be a good doctor like you that patients love and the director values!”

She was serious .

She had lost Shen Yuechuan . She couldn’t lose her dream of becoming a good doctor .

“Now it’s time to cheer up . Come on, Xiao Yunyun!” she thought to herself .

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