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Chapter 561: 561

After leaving the hospital, Jiang Ye went straight to the company with Su Yunjin accompanying him .

Today, Jiang Ye suddenly asked for leave first, and then, what was more surprising was that he returned to the company unexpectedly . The manager’s face was full of surprise . “Jiang Ye, what’s wrong with you?”

“Manager, I just got out of the hospital . ” Jiang Ye calmly confessed his illness to the manager and stated the intention of resignation .

The manager’s expression directly changed from surprised to shocked .

Jiang Ye said that he had begun to fall sick after he fainted after the last time he had been in the meeting . But he had been working harder than anyone all the time, so he didn’t seem to be a patient who would lose consciousness at any time .

For a moment, the manager didn’t know what to say at all . He just looked at Jiang Ye with regret and said, “I’m sorry . If I knew what was wrong with your body, I wouldn’t have assigned you work that requires a lot of energy and strength . ”

Jiang Ye was also helpless . “I’m the one who should apologize . I thought that I could still hold on for a while, but now it seems that I have to leave the company . ”

The manager gave Jiang Ye a man’s hug and said, “I’ll find someone to replace your job for the time being . You should hand over your work and go to the hospital for treatment with peace of mind . As for your resignation, I need to discuss it with the higher-ups . To be honest, you’re a talent, and the company doesn’t want to lose you . ”

Jiang Ye said with a smile, “Thank you . ”

The next day, the manager found the right person to take over Jiang Ye’s work and called Jiang Ye to hand it over .

For Jiang Ye, at one time, work had only been second to Su Yunjin . Now that he had to hand over this job to someone else, he felt like it was no different than handing over his own child to someone else to raise .

Jiang Ye said to the manager frankly, “I really don’t want to . ”

“I know . ” The manager patted Jiang Ye on the shoulder and said, “Follow me to my office . ”

After taking Jiang Ye into the office, the manager raised a mysterious smile . “Jiang Ye, the company is not going to let you leave . ”

Jiang Ye was stunned . “What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that the company won’t approve your resignation, but you can rest for an indefinite period as a vacation . ” The manager said, “After your recovery, you can come back to work at the company at any time . The position of deputy manager will still be yours . ”

This company was not only one of the top 500 companies in the world, but also an outstanding one in the industry . Many young people were so ambitious to get a position in this company . Although the position of deputy manager of the department was not a high-level one, many people coveted it .

However, the company was willing to let Jiang Ye stop working and even promised that everything would stay the same as long as he came back . His achievements and contributions were counted .

This was something that Jiang Ye didn’t even dare to think about before he resigned .

Jiang Ye expressed his gratitude to the manager, returned to the office to pack up his personal belongings, and said goodbye to his colleagues before he left the company unhurriedly .

In the beginning, he thought that when he carried his belongings and left the company, he would definitely have a lot of reluctance .

But now, there was no need to be so unwilling to leave .

That was because he still had the chance to return .

After returning to the apartment and putting away the good stuff, Jiang Ye sent Su Yunjin a text message telling her that the company’s affairs had been settled, but the higher-ups didn’t agree with his resignation application and especially allowed him to keep his position with no salary during this vacation .

“The higher-ups of your company have good taste!” Su Yunjin replied, “I’m busy . I’ll tell you more when I get home!”

At the end of the text message, Su Yunjin added two “kiss” emojis . Jiang Ye looked at them and couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth . He cleaned up the house, went to the supermarket to buy two steaks, and came back to prepare a candlelight dinner .

After Su Yunxin finished her work, she took more than an hour’s shift . When she finally finished the work and came back, it was out of her expectation that what would be waiting for her was a house full of candlelight and two pieces of good-looking steak .

She relaxed instantly, closed the door leisurely, and walked toward Jiang Ye step by step . “After making so many preparations, are you planning something?”

Jiang Ye pulled out a chair and pressed Su Yunjin down in the seat . He bent down and whispered in her ear, “You’ll know when you finish eating . ”

His breath was warm and vague . Su Yunjin looked back at him and hooked his shirt collar with one finger ambiguously . “I will think a lot now that you’re behaving like this . ”

Jiang Ye kissed Su Yunjin’s lips and said, “I don’t mind . ”

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“He didn’t take the bait?”

Unwilling to give up, Su Yunjin wrapped her hands around the nape of Jiang Ye’s neck . “Only a pervert wouldn’t mind something like that . ”

Jiang Ye looked at Su Yunjin intently and affectionately said, “I’m willing to become a rogue for you . ”

Su Yunjin had to admit that she was no match for Jiang Ye . She coughed and switched to a serious expression . “Don’t joke around . I’m hungry . ”

Only then did Jiang Ye let Su Yunjin go and sit on the opposite side .

Su Yunjin cut a small piece of steak and put it in her mouth . She tasted it carefully and groaned in satisfaction . Then she gave a thumbs-up to Jiang Ye and said, “You didn’t know how to cook Western food, did you?”

Jiang Ye occasionally cooked Chinese food for Su Yunjin all the time . When he wanted to try Western food, Su Yunjin did all of the work .

Su Yunjin didn’t expect that Jiang Ye could cook Western food .

“I really couldn’t at first . ” Jiang Ye said lightly, “But after watching you cook it so many times and then looking at the recipes on the Internet to see other people cooking step by step, I can basically do it . ”

Su Yunjin ate another small piece of steak and smiled . “I admit that you’re smarter than me!”

After the meal, Su Yunjin looked at the candlelight and roses in the room, then looked at Jiang Ye with a calm and composed look . “Now, it’s time to get to the point, isn’t it?”

Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin’s hand and walked to the middle of the living room . The candlelight was reflected on their faces, bright and flickering . It was unknown from which corner the piano piece flowed out, making the atmosphere romantic and gentle .

“Yunjin,” Jiang Ye said slowly, “since I started dating you, I’ve always wanted to spend the rest of my life with you . I want to marry you and have children with you to make a family . There has never changed . But now, there’s a slight change in the situation, so I’m wondering if I should adjust my plan . ”

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Su Yunjin had a bad feeling . “How are you going to adjust it?”

“According to the development of TV series and novels, I should have proposed breaking up with you . ” Jiang Ye gave a wry smile . “My physical condition will get worse and worse . I can’t take care of you, and I will also bring you endless trouble . Dragging you with me at this moment seems very irresponsible . ”

The bad premonition turned into reality . Su Yunjin’s expression changed and her voice was almost begging . “Jiang Ye, don’t say it . ”

“Silly girl, listen to me . ” Jiang Ye’s bitter smile gradually turned into a look of helplessness . “Since I knew that I was sick, I knew I should have broken up with you, but I didn’t want to do that . Yunjin, I just found out that I was a very selfish person who will die in the near future . But I still want to spend the last few days with you every day . I can’t say goodbye to you at all . ”

Caught off guard, Su Yunjin stared at Jiang Ye for a long time, tears bursting out of her eyes .

At this time, she would rather hear complaints from Jiang Ye or about his fears of his illness than hear him mention breaking up with her .

If Jiang Ye was really tired of being with her, she could leave him at any time, but not when he needed her the most .

Su Yunjin threw herself into Jiang Ye’s arms and said, “Fortunately, you didn’t mention it . Otherwise, I would have beaten you up first!” As she uttered malicious words, she unconsciously held Jiang Ye tighter in her arms .

Jiang Ye gently pressed Su Yunjin’s head to his chest . “So, even if I suggest it, you won’t agree, will you?”

“Of course not . ” Su Yunjin laughed and cried . “Jiang Ye, don’t think about getting rid of me in your entire life . ”

Of course, Jiang Ye knew that Su Yunjin could leave him at any time . Now she had more than enough reasons to leave him, who would be a burden for her . But because she loved him, she didn’t leave . Even if he was seriously ill, Su Yunjin’s love didn’t change a bit .

“You’re a fool . ” Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin tightly, his eyes uncontrollably red . “If I can, I really want to marry you and have children with you and spend the rest of my life with you . ”

“Then kneel down,” Su Yunjin suddenly said .

Even Jiang Ye, smart as he was, failed to react in time . “What?”

Su Yunjin broke away from Jiang Ye’s arms and ran back to her room to take out a jewelry box from a drawer . “You have told me that this was the only thing you had on you when you were sent to the orphanage . So I guess it was your parents’ wedding ring . This… is quite meaningful when I think about it seriously . If you want to marry me, propose to me with it . ”

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“…” For the first time, Jiang Ye was stunned in front of Su Yunjin . He looked at her in disbelief .

Su Yunjin waved her hand in front of Jiang Ye, putting on a charming and naughty smile, and said, “Are you scared?”

“I…” Jiang Ye took the box and shook his head . “Yunjin, don’t be ridiculous . ”

“I’m serious!” Su Yunjin pressed Jiang Ye’s shoulder and said, “Are you going to propose to me or not? If you’re not, I will!”

Jiang Ye couldn’t help laughing . In a trance, he understood that the girl he loved was different from most other girls in the world .

She could enjoy an elegant and wealthy life, or grit her teeth to fight in this adverse situation . She never said that she was strong, but she shouldered a lot of things silently .

Even in the face of the hopeless illness, she could still listen to the voice from the bottom of her heart and make the choice, which was asking him to propose to her .

With Jiang Ye facing Su Yunjin like that, his hesitation didn’t look manly at all .

Jiang Ye opened the jewelry box and took out an old ring from it . He got down on one knee in front of Su Yunjin and said, “Yunjin, no matter what, I will try my best to live for you . Are you willing to marry me?”

In the flickering candlelight, Jiang Ye’s handsome face was full of sincerity, and the excitement in his eyes was almost overflowing .

Su Yunjin had imagined the scene in which Jiang Ye would propose to her . In her imagination, it would be grand and romantic . There were countless people applauding next to her . Compared with the scene now in which only she and Jiang Ye were present, it was a big difference .

However, she still reached out her hand and nodded heavily . “I am willing!”

When the person who knelt on one knee in front of you and proposed to you was the person you loved deeply, flowers and applause were no longer important . Even if he couldn’t afford a diamond ring, you still wouldn’t hesitate to say yes .

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