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Chapter 562: 562
Chapter 562 The Wedding Ceremony Was Kind of Special

After Jiang Ye resigned, his friends soon learned about his disease . That Su Yunjin had taken the ring and asked Jiang Ye to propose to her quickly spread among their circle of friends .

Although they admired Su Yunjin’s courage, more of them were confused .

Jiang Ye’s future was uncertain . Wasn’t it stupid for Su Yunjin to do this? She could break up with Jiang Ye, finish her studies at school, step into the financial world, and start her life as a winner .

Besides, could a girl like her who grew up in a well-off family really agree to Jiang Ye’s proposal without even getting a diamond ring?

A girl who was close to Su Yunjin dispelled everyone’s doubts .

Su Yunjin’s request for Jiang Ye to propose to her was, of course, because of love .

As for why she didn’t even want a diamond ring—

That was because if she wanted to get a diamond ring, she could buy one for fun at any time . She didn’t care whether Jiang Ye bought one for her or not . What she wanted was Jiang Ye’s love .

A group of friends rented a small villa in the suburbs to hold a simple wedding for Jiang Ye and Su Yunjin .

There was no priest, no solemn and holy ceremony, and no legal procedure . It was just Jiang Ye wearing a suit, and Su Yunjin wearing a wedding dress that was designed by a friend who majored in clothing design . This special wedding ceremony was held in that small villa .

On the night before the wedding, Su Yunjin was asked to stay in her classmate’s villa, saying that Jiang Ye would come to pick her up in person tomorrow, which made it seem more like they were going to hold a wedding ceremony .

Su Yunjin was excited for most of the night and didn’t fall asleep until one o’clock in the morning .

The next day, Su Yunjin got up early and put on makeup with the help of her friends . After everything was done, she sat in the room waiting for Jiang Ye to pick her up .

At about nine o’clock, there was a bustling sound coming in from outside . The bridesmaid opened the window of the room and looked out it . Then she ran back excitedly and said, “The groom has come . He brought along a lot of friends with him!”

With the help of some domestic students, they taught a few foreign friends a game called “door-blocking”, who then blocked Jiang Ye and his group of friends and did not let them pass until they had interrogated Jiang Ye for a long while .

When Jiang Ye entered the room, the first person he saw was Su Yunjin wearing white muslin .

Ever since Su Yunjin was born, she had been blessed by the heavens . Her facial features were exquisite and dazzling . After a little makeup, she became the most beautiful girl in the world under a white veil .

Standing not far away from Su Yunjin, Jiang Ye unconsciously raised the corners of his mouth, but the rims of his eyes gradually reddened .

Su Yunjin put on a wedding dress for him, which was originally in his life plan . But since he had gotten ill, he had never thought about this idea and dared not to think about it .

But now, Su Yunjin was standing in front of him in her wedding dress, looking at him with a smile, as if she had been waiting for him for a long time .

Jiang Ye finally knew that the background could automatically disappear sometimes in the world . At this moment, Su Yunjin was the only one in his eyes, and the others were all vague in his eyes . He couldn’t see them clearly, but he didn’t mind that at all .

“Idiot,” Su Yunjin complained in a soft voice, “Come here, do you still want someone else to pick up the bride?”

Jiang Ye wiped the corners of his eyes and walked toward Su Yunjin step by step . When he was about to approach Su Yunjin, someone suddenly shouted, “Hey, Jiang Ye, hold on! Don’t kiss . With one kiss, the makeup will be ruined!”

Su Yunjin put her hands on Jiang Ye’s shoulders and said, “Don’t listen to them . If the lipstick gets ruined, I’ll just put it on again . ”

Jiang Ye smiled and couldn’t help lowering his head and kissing Su Yunjin’s lips .

This scene was completely within everyone’s expectation . The group of people applauded and hissed, and the atmosphere immediately became lively and jubilant .

After receiving the bride, more than a dozen cars went straight to the small mansion that would hold the wedding . Friends who had learned to cook had prepared snacks and self-service meals . There were several wine towers, champagne, and all sorts of multi-flavored cocktails on the long dining table . A dozen cars roared to a halt, and a group of people poured into the villa . The rhythmic music rang out, and the quiet villa was instantly heated up .

Although the wedding was simple, the people who came here were all good friends . Everyone was unrestrained, and they made fun of the bride and groom . They ate, drank, and had fun without restraint .

In the afternoon, they were all exhausted and drunk, but Jiang Ye and Su Yunjin were still conscious .

Su Yunjin got changed into a casual dress and settled down her female friends . After the whole process, she was very tired .

Jiang Ye’s side was relatively simple . He dragged those who were drunk into the room to let them have a rest . As for those who were less drunk, he told them to find a place for themselves to take a break .

In the end, Jiang Ye went upstairs to find Su Yunjin .

Su Yunjin was standing on the balcony on the second floor, looking at the ruined garden after the commotion . Her heart was filled with mixed feelings .

Jiang Ye walked over and hugged her from behind . “Are you tired?”

Su Yunjin turned around slowly to face him . “I’m fine . What about you? Are you feeling unwell?”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine . ” Jiang Ye smiled . “They don’t even want me to drink a drop of wine . Nothing bad will happen to me . ”

Su Yunjin pursed her lips and said, “This time, we should thank them . ”

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“Of course . ” Jiang Ye put his arm around her waist . “But, not now . ”

Now, they had more important things to do .

After that, Jiang Ye lowered his head, kissed Su Yunjin’s lips, gently opening her teeth, deeply kissed her lips, and tirelessly tasted her .

Since he had fallen ill, they hadn’t been so happy in a long time . Only this way of expression was able to replace the words that he wanted to say to Su Yunjin to tell her how happy he was .

He was already satisfied to be able to hold a wedding ceremony with Su Yunjin in this life .

After night fell, all the drunk and sleeping friends woke up, and they had a lively party . It was not until two o’clock in the morning that the party finished .

Before leaving, the group of friends not only automatically encouraged Jiang Ye but also cheered up Su Yunjin, as if they had promised each other .

“Jiang Ye, hold on, bro . ” Jiang Ye’s best friend joked . “At all times, you have us . You just need to tell us whether you need our strength or money as support . For us, nothing else matters . We hope you can live . ”

Jiang Ye gave his friend a hug and said, “Thank you . I should thank you too for today’s event . ”

“You don’t need to be so polite to your brothers . ” His friend smiled meaningfully . “Tonight is your wedding night, so we won’t bother you . In short, you should remember that we will always be your shield . ”

After Jiang Ye sent his friends away and got back, he found that Su Yunjin’s eyes were red .

He knew why she was crying . He rubbed her face with a smile and said, “If you cry, the makeup will be ruined . ”

“Idiot . ” Su Yunjin pretended to be disgusted . “Didn’t I tell you this morning that my makeup could be fixed?”

Only the lost people could not be called back .

Su Yunjin buried her head in Jiang Ye’s arms . She was about to say something when he suddenly hugged her tightly and said, “Yunjin, today is our wedding . Don’t think about anything else, okay?”

Su Yunjin kept silent for a moment, then nodded and said, “All right . ”

“It’s getting late . ” Jiang Ye let go of Su Yunjin and said, “We should go back too . ”

By the time they were back in the apartment, it was almost dawn . Su Yunjin was very sleepy as she pushed the door open . The warm light and bright roses caught her eyes . There was a romantic feeling in the haze, and there was a different kind of affectionate feeling between them .

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Su Yunjin was suddenly not sleepy at all . She stared at Jiang Ye and asked, “Did you set this up?”

“Not all of it . ” He said, “I came up with the idea . The light was designed by one of your classmates . When we really started, everyone worked together . ”

Su Yunjin’s eyes lit up and she jumped into Jiang Ye’s arms . “Then it can’t be wasted . ”

Her voice was tender and soft, and there was a sense of charm in her beautiful eyes . When Jiang Ye looked into her kitten-like eyes, he only felt something scratching in his heart .

He seized the opportunity to hug her . “Mm . It’s shameful to waste . ”

As soon as the voice fell, the lips of the two people had intertwined .

In the room full of roses and warm light, a romantic picture was being performed…

The next day, Jiang Ye and Su Yunjin didn’t mention Jiang Ye’s disease, as if they had reached an agreement . They went out to have fun happily for two days, which they called their honeymoon .

On the fourth day, they were exhausted and returned to the apartment . The festive atmosphere of the wedding was gone . Everything had returned to its original state, as if it was silently reminding Jiang Ye and Su Yunjin that it was time to face the truth .

Su Yunjin said in a low voice, “I’m going to help you pack up your things . ”

Jiang Ye didn’t say anything but silently checked the electrical appliances and security facilities at home .

When she was at school, Su Yunjin lived with her roommates . After moving out of the dormitory at school, Su Yunjin lived with him . Although he knew that she could make it alone, he was still worried about her living on her own .

Su Yunjin came out with her suitcase and saw Jiang Ye writing something with a pen and paper in the living room . She curiously moved closer to him and asked, “Don’t you want to leave your words here and go away?”

Jiang Ye pasted the A4 paper full of square words to Su Yunjin’s forehead . “It’s not safe for a person to live alone, so you have to pay attention to many things . But if I tell you directly, you probably can’t remember . Stick this to the refrigerator door and read it once a day . ”

Su Yunjin took it down to have a look . It was just basic knowledge of safety known by everyone, but Jiang Ye took it seriously by writing it down word by word .

She couldn’t help smiling . “I don’t want to see it . If you don’t trust me to live alone, then you’d better get well and move back to live with me!”

Jiang Ye touched Su Yunjin’s head and said, “Okay . ”

For a long time, as long as he had promised Su Yunjin, Jiang Ye would always try his best to do it .

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When Su Yunjin broke off the relationship with Su Hongyuan, Jiang Ye had promised to take care of her . As a result, he had always taken good care of her .

Later on, he had promised to let Su Yunjin go back to her previous life, and he had slowly done it well step by step .

But this time, Jiang Ye broke his promise .

When he went to the hospital to register, the attending doctor saw the rings on Jiang Ye’s and Su Yunjin’s hands and handed them a small gift box . “Congratulations on your marriage . ”

“Thank you . ” Su Yunjin took it and said, “Doctor, how did you know that we…”

The doctor smiled and said, “I don’t know . I just felt that you would do something these days . ” Then he patted Jiang Ye on the shoulder and said, “No matter what the circumstances are, for the sake of your wife, please maintain the hope of living . ”

Jiang Ye nodded . “I promised her that I would move back to live with her . ”

The attending doctor showed a pleased smile and said, “I’ll ask the nurses to arrange for you to be hospitalized . ”

The ward was soon arranged . The attending doctor used his privilege to arrange a single ward for Jiang Ye, but the bill was for multiple patients .

This was an unexpected surprise . Su Yunjin rushed to thank the attending doctor .

The attending doctor spread out his hands and said plainly, “You just got married, so I can’t bear to see you be separated . ” Then he gave Jiang Ye a look, which meant: “I understand men” .

Jiang Ye smiled and personally thanked the doctor again .

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