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Chapter 557: 557
Chapter 557 I’m Afraid of Leaving You instead of Falling Sick

Jiang Ye urged Su Yunjin to go home when it was dark . He was afraid that it would be unsafe for her to return home alone at night .

Su Yunjin walked over to the sickbed . “It’s not safe for me to go home alone . So… I’m not leaving!”

Jiang Ye gazed at her with a helpless smile . “Then are you going to sleep here?”

“Why not?” Su Yunjin shrugged to show that she didn’t care . “It’s warm and safe here . Why can’t I stay here for the night if you can do that?”

Jiang Ye gently poked her forehead . “I stay here because I’m a patient . The key point is that the bed here is so small . Are you sure you can stand it?”

Su Yunjin had changed her lifestyle since Su Hongyuan cut her off financially . She had been used to checking the price tag before buying something and comparing it with other goods . She had learned to do the laundry, to cook, and to do the cleaning .

However, she could sleep comfortably only on big beds .

She felt unsafe sleeping in a bed that was less than 1 . 8 meters wide . She had once said that she would fall out of it at any time .

However, the sickbed was only one meter wide, looking as small as a sofa . According to her, it shouldn’t be called a bed .

To Jiang Ye’s surprise, Su Yunjin didn’t care about it at all . She closed the drapes and jumped onto the bed . She cuddled up against him as if they were one . “A big bed is a complete waste for us!”

Jiang Ye roved about themselves and found that they had only occupied less than two-thirds of the bed . It would be a waste if it was 1 . 8 meters wide .


He cast her a bright smile . “A big bed isn’t always a waste, is it?”

Su Yunjin was confused before she understood what Jiang Ye meant . She tapped on his chest with her fist as she widened her eyes .

Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin’s hand to his chest while holding her with one arm . “Sleep, my little fool . ”

Su Yunjin beamed with satisfaction . She snuggled up against his chest and closed her eyes .

Su Yunjin didn’t expect that it would be the last night for her to enjoy a good sleep .

The night ended soon, and the dawn conquered the earth again .

Su Yunjin found herself still in Jiang Ye’s arms when she woke up . He was holding her around the waist while cupping the back of her head with the other hand . She was so close to him that she could clearly feel their breaths and heartbeats .

Su Yunjin was overwhelmed by an indescribable sense of happiness . She remained there in the same attitude for another while before she decided to get up .

She looked up only to find that Jiang Ye was gazing at her with a smile .

Su Yunjin widened her eyes and asked in surprise, “When did you wake up?”

Jiang Ye gently fondled Su Yunjin’s head with his warm palm . “Just a little earlier than you . ”

It seemed that his eyes were full of endless warmth, and his voice was like a gentle breeze in the spring sunshine . Su Yunjin was overwhelmed by contentment, deeply touched .

She thought that it was a kind of happiness to be gazed at like that when she woke up .

However, she wanted more .

Su Yunjin held Jiang Ye’s face in her cupped hands and kissed him hard .

Sure enough, Jiang Ye liked it . He turned over to hold Su Yunjin under him and gave her a deep kiss .

Su Yunjin’s reason told her that they were in the hospital . She pushed Jiang Ye away before she lost her reasoning . “I’m going to buy some breakfast . ”

Jiang Ye stared at his cellphone with a significant look . “Go ahead . Anyway… I’m hungry . ”

Su Yunjin thought for a moment before she got his point . She opened the drapes while gnawing her lips and ran out of the ward .

It was about 9:00 a . m . by the time they finished their breakfast . A nurse went into the ward when Su Yunjin was about to ask the doctor whether Jiang Ye could leave the hospital or not . The nurse said, “The attending doctor wants Jiang Ye’s family in his office . ”

“He must be asking me to go through the discharge formalities!” Su Yunjin kissed Jiang Ye’s forehead . “I’ll be back soon . ”

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The nurse led Su Yunjin to the attending doctor’s office . She closed the door behind her when she left .

Su Yunjin was still thinking about the discharge at that moment .

She wasn’t aware of anything wrong until the attending doctor said, “Please be seated . You may need some time to accept this . ”

Su Yunjin asked in bewilderment, “What’s the matter? Doctor, I’m here to go through the discharge formalities for my boyfriend . ”

The attending doctor hesitated for a moment before he said, “I have to tell you something before that . ” He took out a brain CT film . “We found something abnormal in Mr . Jiang’s brain . ”

Su Yunjin was in a daze when the doctor told her about Jiang Ye’s rare disease . The doctor said that he would lose consciousness or suddenly faint more and more often from then on . He would even be too weak to take care of himself after another period of time .

Su Yunjin widened her eyes as she grabbed the doctor’s hand helplessly . “Is there any way to treat him? Doctor, please do that . I’ll pay the medical bills no matter how big they are!”

The attending doctor patted Su Yunjin’s hand . “We’re not able to find any cure for now . The best way is to keep him in the hospital so that we can monitor his vital signs and rescue him at any time . By the way, Miss, there’s one more thing you need to know . ”

Su Yunjin had an intuition that it was bad news .

Su Yunjin shook her head instinctively . However, she noticed the doctor’s helpless look when she glanced into his eyes .

She realized that she had to accept it, whether it was good news or bad news because no one could help her at that moment .

Su Yunjin finally calmed herself down . The doctor said,

“Miss, I’m very sorry to tell you that your boyfriend will lose consciousness at any time when he becomes weaker . Maybe he will never come to himself once the very day comes . ”

He meant that Jiang Ye would never wake up after he fell asleep one day .

Su Yunjin fell apart as if she had received a heavy blow on the head .

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“Why? It shouldn’t be like this,” she thought to herself .

She had broken with her family and changed her lifestyle . She wondered why fate had dealt her a severe blow when she was living a better life with Jiang Ye .

Jiang Ye had just drawn up his work objective for the next year on Christmas . They had planned to marry in Las Vegas after she graduated . She had thought that they would start a happy family and live together till the end of their days .

Su Yunjin couldn’t understand why a disease would easily come and ruin her happiness without a warning at that moment .

Su Yunjin would have fought against it if Jiang Ye’s disease was visible or tangible . However, she couldn’t do anything about it, and neither could the doctor—her last hope .

The doctor comforted Su Yunjin before he said, “Besides, you have to decide whether to tell the patient about it . I think he has the right to know . But, you may keep it from him for the time being if you think it will affect his mood . ”

Su Yunjin received Jiang Ye’s call as she was pondering whether she should tell him about his disease or not .

“Yunjin, why haven’t you come back yet?” Jiang Ye said worriedly . “You’ve been out for an hour . ”

Su Yunjin checked the time, and realized that she had been there for a long time, which could arise his suspicion . She said, “There are too many people lining up to pay the fees . I just got out of the elevator . I’m on the way back to your ward!”

Su Yunjin found that Jiang Ye had already packed up when she returned to the ward . She asked with confusion, “Are you going to leave the hospital?”

“Didn’t you go through the discharge formalities for me?” Jiang Ye kneaded Su Yunjin’s cheek . “Come on, let’s go to the supermarket and cook at noon . ”

Su Yunjin failed to give a smile . She stopped him when Jiang Ye picked up his baggage .

Jiang Ye realized that something was wrong . He asked, “What’s the matter?”

Su Yunjin opened her mouth and started to weep before she could say anything .

It was the second time he had seen Su Yunjin cry . The last time he saw her cry was when she escaped from China because Su Hongyuan forced her to marry an old man .

Jiang Ye realized that something serious had happened . He wiped away her tears . “What happened? Don’t cry, tell me about it . ”

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Su Yunjin wept even more bitterly in front of his gentleness . She couldn’t even utter a word .

Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin in his arms and patted her on the back as if he were coaxing a child . “It’s all right . Don’t cry . Tell me what happened . ”

“The doctor…” Su Yunjin sobbed, “the doctor said that you…”

The smart Jiang Ye thought, “Su Yunjin cried after returning from my doctor . There must be some bad news about me . ”

He released Su Yunjin and calmly said, “Yunjin, don’t cry . We can solve the problem only if you tell me about it . ”

Su Yunjin covered her face with her hands and burst into tears .

Jiang Ye had never seen her cry so hard like that . He only tried to cheer her up without thinking about himself .

Jiang Ye finally calmed Su Yunjin down after some time and learned from her intermittent words that he was sick .

It was a rare disease .

“Yunjin, I’m not afraid of falling sick . ” Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin in his arms and said in an unprecedentedly confused voice, “But I’m afraid of leaving you . ”

Su Yunjin had managed to hold back her tears . However, she couldn’t help crying when she heard Jiang Ye’s words, as if they had been parted forever .

“Take it easy . ” Jiang Ye patted Su Yunjin on her back to comfort her . “You know, I can go to the doctor when I’m sick . The only thing I need to do next is to trust doctors . They will cure me . ”

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