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Chapter 558: 558
Chapter 558 Life Is Short, I Don’t Want to Let You Go

Jiang Ye rested his hope on the doctor .

However, the doctor told Su Yunjin that they were temporarily unable to find any cure for Jiang Ye’s disease .

Su Yunjin looked at Jiang Ye while gnawing her lips, eyes filled with tears .

Jiang Ye realized that it was even worse than he had thought . However, he didn’t have the time to ponder over it in front Su Yunjin, who was weeping . He could only coax her in a flurry . “Anything else?”

Unexpectedly, Su Yunjin burst into tears again because of his question .

She was younger than 25 back then . However, she clearly knew how it felt to lose her beloved, which was no less painful than to get her body cut . She didn’t mind suffering the pain . She just couldn’t bear losing Jiang Ye .

Su Yunjin kept sobbing, not able to utter a word . Jiang Ye had to go to his doctor with her .

Su Yunjin stood aside watching Jiang Ye calmly ask the doctor about his disease .

Finally, the doctor told Jiang Ye, “We can’t find the cause or any cure for your disease for now . We suggest that you stay in the hospital so that we can take care of you and rescue you at any time . ”

Su Yunjin held Jiang Ye’s hand to tell him that she would always be with him .

To her surprise, Jiang Ye didn’t overreact to it . He managed to stay calm soon after a tremble and held her hand .

“Doctor,” Jiang Ye asked, composed, “when do you think it will become worse? Do I have to stay in the hospital from now on?”

The doctor looked at Jiang Ye with admiration . “You’re good at adjusting your attitude . Just keep it up . You can go back to your normal life, but remember to receive regular check-ups here . You’ll have to stay in the hospital once we find anything unusual . ”

Jiang Ye asked the doctor for a business card . He thanked him politely as he took it .

“You’re welcome . ” The doctor looked at Su Yunjin with a smile . “You’re very calm, but your girlfriend is frightened . It was wise of her to tell you about your disease . ”

Jiang Ye quietly held Su Yunjin’s hand . “Excuse me, doctor, we’re going now . ”

Jiang Ye handed his wallet to Su Yunjin after they left the doctor’s office .

Su Yunjin asked in a daze, “Huh? What are you doing?”

“You were crying just now . You didn’t pay the hospital bill, did you?” Jiang Ye touched Su Yunjin’s head . “Go and do it now . ”

Only then did Su Yunjin realize that she had lied that there were too many people lined up at the artificial payment desk on the first floor . She hadn’t gone there at all .

Because she wanted Jiang Ye to stay in the hospital .

Su Yunjin simply stood there clutching the billfold with embarrassment . Jiang Ye asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

“The doctor said that you’d better stay in the hospital . ” Su Yunjin compressed her lips and grabbed Jiang Ye’s sleeve . “Just stay here . I’ll bring you what you need . ”

“My little fool . ” Jiang Ye touched Su Yunjin’s head with a helpless look . “The doctor didn’t say that it would become worse soon . I can still live like before . I only need to receive regular check-ups . ”

“But I’m worried . ” Su Yunjin looked at Jiang Ye with tears in her eyes . “Jiang Ye, I’m afraid that…”

Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin in his arms with one arm . “Take it easy . We can’t drive my disease away with bare hands, but we can fight against it . Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to defeat it . I promise you we’ll marry in Las Vegas . I don’t want to leave you . ”

Su Yunjin leaned her face against Jiang Ye’s chest and sobbed, “Promise me that you’ll come to the hospital whenever you don’t feel well . Also, take good care of yourself when I’m not with you . ”

Jiang Ye nodded and held Su Yunjin with all his strength in despair .

Jiang Ye went back to work in the afternoon after he was discharged from the hospital .

Su Yunjin disagreed with him at first . However, he found a way to convince her . In the end, she had to let him go .

Su Yunjin went to the university to submit her temporary absence form the next day .

Su Yunjin didn’t tell Jiang Ye about it until she went through all the formalities .

Jiang Ye asked with a puzzled frown, “Yun Jin, why did you quit school?”

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“I want to take care of you . ” Su Yunjin said leisurely, “Oh, by the way—do you remember the company I worked for during my holiday? I’ll work full-time there in the marketing department!”

There was a deep frown on Jiang Ye’s face . “What’s your job?”

“Marketing . ” Su Yunjin said with studied understatement, “I’ll get a high commission if I work hard, although the basic salary isn’t high . ”

Jiang Ye suddenly held Su Yunjin in his arms . “Yunjin, you don’t have to do this for me . ”

He knew why Su Yunjin had decided to quit school . Their bank balance wasn’t very large, and they would have to pay a lot for his medical treatment . Su Yunjin changed her job just to get herself prepared for their future .

“What are you talking about?” Su Yunjin complained, “I only have you in this world . I’ll do everything for you . You deserve it . ”

“But I…”

Su Yunjin interrupted Jiang Ye before he could finish his words . “You’ve been working hard for our future . Now it’s my turn to do that . Jiang Ye, don’t stop me . Compared to my schooling, I prefer you safe and sound . ”

“I’m sorry,” Jiang Ye said with a guilty look, “Yun Jin, I’m sorry . ”

“Don’t say that . I’ll do anything as long as you don’t leave me . ” Su Yunjin looked up at Jiang Ye with tearful eyes . “Jiang Ye, for my sake, you must hold on . Never, never leave me . ”

“I promise you . ” Jiang Ye kissed the top of Su Yunjin’s head . “For your sake, I’ll never give up easily . ”

Su Yunjin burst into tears again as she nodded, but she no longer looked hopeless .

She and Jiang Ye had managed to live a better life by striving together .

They thought that Jiang Ye would be able to recover from his illness if they worked harder .

Thus, the two continued to strive together to survive .

Originally, Jiang Ye lived like before, balancing his career and life well . Su Yunjin also took good care of him . She forced him to keep regular hours and exercise regularly, and he was full of energy every day as a result .

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Su Yunjin managed to negotiate a good deal soon after she adapted herself to work in the marketing department, which made her a rising star there .

However, Su Yunjin had never been arrogant because of that . Jiang Ye once told her that as a newcomer, she should remain modest and keep learning from her experienced predecessors no matter how capable she was . He also told her never to lose her self-esteem because modesty didn’t mean that she was inferior to anyone .

Su Yunjin became popular in the marketing department and made a lot of business deals due to the career wisdom Jiang Ye had imparted to her . Even the department manager thought highly of her .

Jiang Ye was feeling well those days, so he worked as hard as before without telling his colleagues about his illness . His manager told him to contest for the post of the deputy manager because the present one would work abroad three months later .

Everything went well, and they got a larger balance in their checking account . Su Yunjin finally felt secure and even forgot about Jiang Ye’s illness .

However, Jiang Ye didn’t wake up after the alarm clock rang on a June morning .

Su Yunjin was cooking breakfast in the kitchen . Upon hearing the continuous ringing of the clock, she turned off the heat and went to the bedroom with confusion only to find that Jiang Ye didn’t respond to the alarm at all .

Su Yunjin was overwhelmed by a sudden rush of panic as if she had been entangled in an endless vine that had crept up her body . She couldn’t think straight and found it hard breathe .

Su Yunjin rushed to the bed and called Jiang Ye repeatedly, as if she had gone crazy . He finally opened his eyes after she kept patting his face hard for a long time .

Jiang Ye noticed Su Yunjin’s tears in a daze . He touched her face with a smile . “My little fool, I’m fine . ”

Su Yunjin burst into tears as if she had survived a disaster as she gazed at Jiang Ye who had finally woken up . She hugged him with all her strength while weeping bitterly .

Only then did Jiang Ye realize that Su Yunjin was frightened . It made him sad . He held her in his arms and said, “My little fool, I’m fine . I just overslept . Don’t cry . ”

Su Yunjin sobbed, “Jiang Ye, I’m afraid that…”

Words couldn’t express her despair just now .

She would have chosen to end her life to leave the world with him at that moment if Jiang Ye hadn’t woken up .

She couldn’t bear losing him, nor could she live on in the world without him .

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Jiang Ye’s chest was soon moistened by Su Yunjin’s tears . He realized for the first time that tears could burn his skin and muscles like fire, which caused a sharp pain within his heart .

It was the first time Jiang Ye had ever felt helpless .

He had lived a different life from others since childhood in an orphanage, and he had overcome all the reproaches in his life .

However, he failed to fight against his illness .

He would leave Su Yunjin at any time . It was likely that he would never have the chance to keep his promise .

However, he still couldn’t let go of Su Yunjin . He didn’t want to break up with her, although he knew that it was selfish of him to do so .

He had little time left in his life . He would cherish every minute with Su Yunjin for the rest of his life .

“I’m sorry, Yunjin . ” Jiang Ye patted Su Yunjin on the back . “I’m sorry to scare you . ”

Su Yunjin was still crying, not able to utter a word . She sobbed for a long time before she finally asked, “You said you overslept . Are you telling the truth?”

“… Yes . ” Jiang Ye hesitated before he said, “I overworked yesterday . ”

Su Yunjin had known Jiang Ye well since they were in love . She could tell from his hesitation that he hadn’t overslept at all .

She was sure that there was something wrong with him!

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