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Chapter 555: 555
Chapter 555 I Will Take Care of You (1)

Su Yunjin thought that it was natural for her to be in love with Jiang Ye .

While others thought that she was out of his league .

Many rich young men still kept wooing Su Yunjin regardless of her boyfriend Jiang Ye after she made their relationship public .

Su Yunjin simply ignored them . She always said, “I have a boyfriend!”

Everyone thought that she was joking . They even said, “I know . Do as you like, and I won’t stop chasing you . Anyway, you’re just temporarily interested in Jiang Ye . I think you’ll soon break up with the poor young man . ”

“…” Su Yunjin thought with disdain, “Why do they think that I’m just fooling around? I do love Jiang Ye!”

“Yunjin, I believe that I’ll impress you . ” A rich young man draped in designer clothes that were dripped with logos handed Su Yunjin a bunch of white roses of several hundred dollars with a smile .

Su Yunjin took the roses and threw them into the trash can without even looking at them .

Jiang Ye was an orphan, and he was poor .

However, she thought that Jiang Ye, who did well in both his studies and work, was far better than those young masters who only knew how to squander their money!

Su Yunjin knew that Jiang Ye would hear the gossip about him sooner or later, so she said to him, “Just ignore them . They’re the most boring people in the world . They should be ashamed of themselves because they just live off their parents while making fun of others who earn their own bread!”

“Not all of them are like that . ” Jiang Ye smiled . “There are also some who study hard while caring nothing about material comforts . ”

Jiang Ye had always been impartial . He never judged others hastily .

He thought that there was a reason for everything . He thought that one’s character was shaped by the experiences in childhood and one’s family, so others had no right to judge a person at first glance .

Jiang Ye could always find something positive in life . Su Yunjin enjoyed the peaceful days with him when they didn’t have to attend noisy parties .

Jiang Ye wasn’t worried about losing his job in the bar . He was excellent enough to find another part-time job soon after that . He worked as an English tutor for a new immigrant family . He was paid more, and both his employer and his student liked him very much .

Su Yunjin liked to go with him when Jiang Ye worked part-time . She had even missed classes one day . He had a serious talk with her when he learned about it .

“I like to be with you . ” Jiang Ye said, “But only if it doesn’t interfere with your studies . Yun Jin, you came to America for your higher education, didn’t you?”

Su Yunjin studied harder from then on, and she became famous for her academic excellence among those who studied abroad .

Many of them wondered why she worked so hard because they thought that Su Yunjin didn’t need good grades at all .

Su Yunjin gave a gentle and a sweet smile with thick professional books in her arms . “You know, my Jiang Ye works harder than me . I don’t want to lag behind him . ”

They all thought that Su Yunjin had been bewitched!

However, Su Yunjin enjoyed the days when they both strove for self-improvement . Gradually, she didn’t seem to fit into the groups of those who studied abroad, and she became the object of ridicule as a result . “Jiang Ye works hard because he has to do that, or he can’t support himself . But Yunjin, why don’t you just enjoy your life of a rich young lady? You’re asking for trouble by studying finance or economics, aren’t you?”

Su Yunjin realized that they weren’t in the same group as her, so she decided to spend less time with them . She also directly refused those who wooed her with ulterior motives .

Some who weren’t reconciled to the failure in front of Jiang Ye asked Su Yunjin, “Can you see anything good about a poor guy who has to work hard to cover his tuition?”

“As you say, he can pay his tuition himself . ” Su Yunjin sneered . “If you were in his shoes, you won’t even support yourself, let alone making money on your own to cover your tuition, will you? But Jiang Ye made it, and he can also afford our date . So he’s far better than you . Oh, you two are incommensurable . He’s more handsome than you!”

Those words estranged Su Yunjin from her old companions . While she became integrated into Jiang Ye’s companions .

They were all hardworking people who focused were focused on pursuing higher academic achievements .

Surprisingly, they were always keeping a low profile . Su Yunjin couldn’t know about their family backgrounds at all .

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A British girl who dressed modestly was always reciting books from memory while walking on the road . Su Yunjin had once thought that the girl had to work hard because of her poor family . However, she saw the girl drive a limited edition luxury sports car to a literature salon one day .

Su Yunjin gradually figured out what she wanted under the influence of Jiang Ye . Aside from her freewheeling lifestyle, Jiang Ye also saw her tenacious side . They loved each other more as time passed by .

Rumors also arose that Jiang Ye chose to be Su Yunjin’s boyfriend because of her rich family in City A .

It annoyed Su Yunjin first, let alone Jiang Ye . She was too angry to utter a word for a long time .

Jiang Ye didn’t try to comfort her . He simply asked, “Do you know why they spread the rumors?”

“Why?” Su Yunjin murmured, eyes downcast .

“They’re jealous of us . ” Jiang Ye smiled . “Haven’t you heard that we’re recognized as the most beautiful couple among those who study abroad!?”

The calm Jiang Ye had rarely talked about a topic like that . It was the first time that he had spoken highly of himself seriously, which made Su Yunjin burst into laughter .

“You finally smiled . ” Jiang Ye kneaded Su Yunjin’s cheeks . “I grew up in an orphanage and I’ve heard a lot of harsh words . Rumors like that won’t hurt me . So, just take it easy . ”

“Okay!” Su Yunjin nodded vigorously .

“And,” Jiang Ye said, “I’ll show them that you made the right choice . ”

It wasn’t easy for a young man like Jiang Ye who had no mighty family background to make a name for himself and show others that Su Yunjin had made the right choice .

Su Yunjin hugged Jiang Ye and rested her chin on his shoulder . “Let’s work hard together . ”

In Su Yunjin’s second year as a graduate student, Jiang Ye graduated and found a job on Wall Street .

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Su Yunjin didn’t plan to return to China for her long summer vacation . However, she received a call from home . She was told that Su Hongyuan was ill .

Su Yunjin hung up and sent Jiang Ye a text message in hurry . After that, she flew to China .

She didn’t know that it was a trap until she arrived home . Su Hongyuan had heard about her relationship with an orphan . He didn’t say anything about it because he decided to trick her into returning from abroad during the summer vacation .

Su Hongyuan wanted her to marry a middle-aged man .

“Brother, are you crazy?” Su Yunjin looked at Su Hongyuan with disbelief . “He’s more than 40 years old . Are you going to marry me off to an old man?”

“How dare you say that!?” Su Hongyuan slapped Su Yunjin . “Are you going to marry the orphan? No way! I’ve been taking good care of you since Dad and Mom died long ago . Now you should do something for me in return!”

Su Yunjin didn’t want to marry Mr . Cui . She wanted to run away, without expecting that Su Hongyuan had hired some bodyguards . She was under house arrest, and she had no access to a cellphone, let alone the Internet .

Su Hongyuan wanted to place her under house arrest till the day she married Mr . Cui, before which she wasn’t allowed to leave the house, let alone get in touch with Jiang Ye .

Su Yunjin failed to resist . Later she learned that there had been something wrong with Su Hongyuan’s business, and he needed the help of Mr . Cui .

However, Mr . Cui only wanted Su Yunjin . That was the reason why Su Hongyuan pretended to be sick to trick her into returning from abroad .

Su Yunjin felt hopeless when she came to know the truth .

She had always thought that Su Hongyuan was the one who loved her the most in the world . However, it turned out that there was a hidden motive behind his love for her . He supported her just to take advantage of her one day .

Fortunately, Su Yicheng’s mother was still alive back then, so Su Yunjin asked her for help .

Su Yunjin remembered that she had knelt down . She said in tears, “Sister-in-law, could you please do me a favor? I won’t marry the old man . I want to go to America . Help me escape, will you?”

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“Yunjin, you must know that you may never return once you leave here . I’m not talking about your brother’s business . He shouldn’t have taken advantage of you . I want you to think about your future . ” Su Yicheng’s mother said, “Your brother will stop supporting you to threaten you as soon as you go back to America . You’ll have a bad relationship with him for years, and you may never make peace with him . Are you sure you want to take such a risk?”

Su Yunjin said without hesitation, “Yes . I’ll do everything as long as I don’t marry Mr . Cui!”

“I’ll talk with your brother about it . You don’t have to marry the man . Maybe we’ll find some other ways to solve the problems of the company . ” Su Yicheng’s mother asked, “Yunjin, will you stay here and live a carefree life like before?”

Su Yunjin shook her head and said firmly, “I want to live with Jiang Ye . ”

Perhaps Su Yicheng’s mother was touched by her determined look . She gave her a cellphone to contact Jiang Ye . She secretly took her to the airport a few days later . She also gave her some money and a flight ticket from City A to New York .

Su Yunjin successfully escaped a commercial marriage that way . She fled from City A and returned to Jiang Ye .

She thought that she would stay with Jiang Ye forever .

However, she had never expected that it was simply the beginning of a sad love story .

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