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Chapter 554: 554
Chapter 554 Recalling the Past (1)

Shen Yuechuan wasn’t prepared for the fact at all .

When he was a child, he had asked the director why he didn’t have a father or a mother .

The director had touched his head with a smile . “Child, God wants you to live a life different from others . ”

He was aware that he would have a unique life experience .

As he grew older, he realized that the children in the orphanage, himself included, had been abandoned .

Children were abandoned for different reasons . Some of them were orphans; while others could have lived with their parents—they were pitiful .

Shen Yuechuan didn’t know why he was abandoned .

Therefore, he had never tried to look for them, although he knew that he had the right to know who his parents were .

He thought that his parents wouldn’t need him when he was an adult since they had abandoned him a few months after he was born when he was only a baby of five kilograms .

Shen Yuechuan thought that he had no family . He didn’t think he would call them father or mother even if he saw them one day .

Shen Yuechuan had never expected that he and Xiao Yunyun had the same mother, which was like a big joke to him .

“Oh, what the hell is this?” he thought to himself .

Shen Yuechuan knew that he would finally lose control of his emotions and it was likely that he would destroy the restaurant at any time .

Su Yunjin had been staring at Shen Yuechuan . She noticed that his chest was heaving faster and faster . After a while, she did the same as soon as he suddenly stood up .

For the first time, Shen Yuechuan shouted with a fierce look, “Stay away from me!”

“Yuechuan!” Su Yunjin grabbed his hand . “I haven’t finished yet . You must sit down and listen to the whole story . ”

Shen Yuechuan gave her a cold smile . “I’m not interested in why you abandoned me at all . Please let me go . ”

Shen Yuechuan managed to stay sane . Otherwise, he might have broken free from Su Yunjin rudely .

“Yuechuan, I did abandon you . I don’t mind you hating or blaming me, and I won’t ask for forgiveness!” Su Yunjin said earnestly with bloodshot eyes, “I’m going to tell you about something else . Just hear me out, please . ”

“I’m not interested in it,” Shen Yuechuan said in a cold voice . He broke free from Su Yunjin and walked straight towards the entrance .

“Yuechuan!” Su Yunjin shouted at the top of her voice, “Have you ever felt dizzy recently? Have you ever felt that you were unconscious in your sleep after you woke up?”

Shen Yuechuan suddenly stopped there as if he had been hit by something .

How come Su Yunjin knew about his symptoms?

“Yuechuan, come here . ” Su Yunjin said, “It’s about your life . You have to know the whole story even if you don’t want to see me . ”

Shen Yuechuan slowly turned around and walked over to Su Yunjin . “Do you know what’s going on with me?”

Only then did Su Yunjin realize that Shen Yuechuan had grown up .

He was only a baby who was dozens of centimeters tall when he was placed on the roadside, but now he was much taller than her . He had become a tall, stately, and charming man like his father .

Su Yunjin felt as if she had been pierced to the heart . She nodded, “Yes . That’s why I’m eager to tell you the truth . ”

It filled Shen Yuechuan with foreboding . He frowned and asked, “What happened to me?”

Su Yunjin sat down . She looked rather tired . “I’ll tell you the whole story . ”

It had been more than 20 years and it was like a scar in her heart . She had never told anyone about it .

She opened up her old wound once she began to tell him what happened 20 years ago .

However, she would accept the suffering for Shen Yuechuan .

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Su Yunjin was a young girl 20 years ago . She went to the United States one month in advance to adapt herself to the new environment after receiving an offer to study as a graduate student at a famous university there .

She had been idling around that month, during which she met a Chinese boy named Jiang Ye in a bar .

Unlike other students studying abroad who always went to kill time in the bar, Jiang Ye worked part-time there . Her friend said that Jiang Ye was well-known for his academic success, and the handsome boy was popular with girls . There had always been Chinese girls claiming that they were from the same country as him so as to chat with him .

Despite all that, Jiang Ye remained single .

“Why?” Su Yunjin was very curious about that . She wondered why a man chose to remain single at his young age when he was loved by all kinds of young girls .

“Well, it’s a sad story . ” Her friend told Su Yunjin, “Jiang Ye is an orphan . He has to get a scholarship and work part-time to cover his tuition and living expenses, so he doesn’t have time for a relationship at all . ”

Su Yunjin turned her head and looked at Jiang Ye . He was making cocktails for his guests . He was dexterous, and his movements were graceful and deliberate .

Jiang Ye was living a hard life . However, he had paid attention to his image .

His clothes were clean and tidy, although they were not famous or expensive . The simple and elegant clothes matched his innate temperament well due to his well-built body .

Su Yunjin was attracted to Jiang Ye . Later on, she decided to talk to him .

The best way to converse with him was to order a drink at the bar since Jiang Ye was a part-time bartender . Su Yunjin pointed to the menu after a glance and said, “I’ll get a Long Island Iced Tea . ”

Jiang Ye glanced at Su Yunjin and shook his head . “You’d better not drink that . ”

“Why?” Su Yunjin asked as she rested her chin on her hand .

“It’s not safe for you to drink it,” Jiang Ye said while wiping a glass with a towel . “Others will take advantage of you . ”

Su Yunjin said, “Oh, so you’re worried about me, aren’t you?”

Jiang Ye got her point, but he ignored it . He simply said with a smile, “Would you like a glass of fresh fruit juice . ”

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“All right . But I have one condition . ” Su Yunjin pointed to the spotless glass in Jiang Ye’s hand . “I prefer this glass . ”

Su Yunjin finally knew his phone number and Facebook account after the glass of fresh fruit juice made by Jiang Ye . She also managed to get his work schedule by bribing the bar manager .

Su Yunjin would go to the bar whenever Jiang Ye was working there . She thought that she would get bored if she saw him frequently .

However, she was wrong .

Jiang Ye always looked calm and deliberate, from which she could tell that he had experienced a lot . The more she looked at him, the more fascinated she was as if time had stopped .

There had always been hot girls in the bar . However, Jiang Ye simply gave a smile no matter who winked at him . It seemed that he wasn’t interested in those sexy girls at all, let alone flirting with them .

Su Yunjin fell in love with Jiang Ye, the man who could stay calm and maintain grace in adversity .

Su Yunjin was a confident and proud young girl who had always been in the public gaze among those Chinese students who studied in New York . In addition, many corporate successors racked their brains only to please her because the Su Group under Su Hongyuan’s control was flourishing back then .

However, Su Yunjin began to pursue Jiang Ye .

Aside from his work schedule, she also got Jiang Ye’s class schedule . She would sit at the bar counter watching him when he worked there, and she would run into him on campus as if by accident when he went to classes .

Jiang Ye had gently told her that he wasn’t able to take good care of her, nor could he give her a good life in the years to come .

Su Yunjin was even smarter than Xiao Yunyun . She gazed at Jiang Ye and said, “You want to take care of me and to give me a good life, don’t you? Oh, Jiang Ye, you must adore me!”

Jiang Ye couldn’t do anything with Su Yunjin . He smiled as he walked on the tree-lined campus road with books under his arms .

Su Yunjin caught up with him and asked, “When did you fall in love with me?”

Jiang Ye gave her a smile . He simply gazed at Su Yunjin with a helpless look while wondering why she was so bold .

A few days after that, a group of hooligans surrounded Su Yunjin and forced her to drink alcohol .

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Su Yunjin wouldn’t drink . She had no choice but to call Jiang Ye over .

Jiang Ye tried to help her out . However, one of the unruly hooligans even began to feel Su Yunjin up .

The refined Jiang Ye beat those hooligans surrounding Su Yunjin up one by one like a furious lion . He got injured and lost his job in the bar as a result .

Su Yunjin took Jiang Ye to the hospital to dress his wound and neither of them uttered a word .

“Don’t go to that bar again,” Jiang Ye said while gazing at Su Yunjin when they left the hospital . After a pause, he added, “You’d better never go to any bars in the future . The bars here are more terrible than those in China . ”

“They surrounded me today because I said that I have no boyfriend . ” Su Yunjin gazed at Jiang Ye with sincerity . “How about being my boyfriend? They won’t bother me if I have a boyfriend . ”

“…” Jiang Ye was silent for a long time .

Su Yunjin said hopefully, “Well, I’m counting to ten . I’ll take it as a yes if you don’t refuse me!”

“One, two,” Su Yunjin began to count, “three, ten!”

Jiang Ye hadn’t expected that Su Yunjin would play a trick on him . He widened his eyes and said, “You…”

Su Yunjin stood on her tiptoes to hug his neck and kissed him before Jiang Ye could say anything more .

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