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Xu Zi Le was not a business person, so naturally, she didn't understand what was going on.

However, to Wang Ming Yang, the situation was terrifying.

"You know about the 365 project?" asked Wang Ming Yang

"A little bit." Xu Zi Le nodded.

Wang Ming Yang opened the car windows, "A while ago, Wu Yun Gang wanted to invest in a long-term project. He knew about my fortune-reading activities and thought it would be a good idea to get a good reading too. However, that friend of mine already knew that something bad was heading his way and called Wu Yun Gang to come visit him personally. Of course, Wu Yun Gang couldn't afford the time to visit him. In the end, he never got his fortune read."

"My friend said that Wu Yun Gang would regret not visiting him. From then, I already knew that problems would arise in the project, so I told my investment company to sell all shares it had in the project. Guess what happened after that." Wang Ming Yang smiled mysteriously. He was glad that he had completely trusted in Lin Fan.

At that time, if he had even doubted Lin Fan for a bit, perhaps he would have suffered the same tragic fate as Wu Yun Gang.

Xu Zi Le had a look of astonishment, "He suffered losses?"

Wang Ming Yang laughed, "If it was just losses, he could still forget it and move on. No, he was scammed. No one had expected that something like this would happen."

"How?" Xu Zi Le was shocked. Wu Yun Gang was a tycoon, how could he have been scammed?

"There's nothing much that's not possible in this world. Even a bank, where there are countless precautions taken, could be scammed a billion dollars, much less a single person." Wang Ming Yang was really glad that he hadn't been involved.

This time, it wasn't a small number, but tens of billions that were involved.

A transnational scam that targeted countless wealthy people all across the globe.

"Wu Yun Gang was scammed of six billion dollars. He took a hard hit. He lost ownership of all of his listed companies and circulating capital. Even the bank is pressing him for money. These days haven't been easy for him. In a few days, he'll be coming to Shanghai. Then you'll understand what kind of shape he's in."

"I trusted my friend and withdrew from the project immediately. No matter how many people called me, I never wavered. Everyone else had already believed in the project. It promised returns of 100-200%."

"Because I trusted my friend, I gained 3 billion dollars," said Wang Ming Yang.

"Huh? Wasn't it a scam? How could you have gained?" asked Xu Zi Le, surprised.

Wang Ming Yang chuckled, "Silly girl, if I hadn't withdrawn, this money would have been lost. So I gained this 3 billion by withdrawing."

Even though Xu Zi Le was a celebrity, at this moment, these events made her scared stiff.

Just because of a word, he managed to avoid a disaster.

That was truly horrifying.

"So now you know why he's important to me," said Wang Ming Yang.

Xu Zi Le nodded, "Now I know."

"Alright, let's go. I'll walk you upstairs," Wang Ming Yang said.

After the two of them got off the car…

They were stalked by reporters all the way. Xu Zi Le, who had strong anti-reporter abilities, detected the reporters hiding in the bushes.

"Ming Yang, reporters are here." Xu Zi Le was getting slightly anxious.

She knew that Wang Ming Yang didn't like reporters, nor did he like having his privacy exposed in public.

Just as Xu Zi Le didn't know what to do, she felt an arm wrap around her waist.

"Let them be, it doesn't matter." Wang Ming Yang smiled gently towards the bushes as if posing for the reporters.

The reporters who were hiding in the bushes were all stunned.

After years of working in this field, this was the first time they encountered someone so cooperative.



Back at home.

He took a shower. It was cool and refreshing.

"What a comfortable day!"

He lay on his bed, took out his phone and scrolled through Weibo.

Lin Fan's Weibo was now bustling.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was one of the highlights.

It didn't matter if it was someone who just stumbled upon Master Lin's Weibo or a long time fan. Everyone knew that there was a huge flamer on his Weibo, and his name was Autumn Sword Fish Killer.

Some fans replied under Autumn Sword Fish Killer's comments.

Perhaps Autumn Sword Fish Killer had nothing better to do, so he started a flame war with the fans.

This war eventually amounted to a hundred thousand comments.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer single-handedly fought in all the battles. He suppressed tens of thousands of fans by himself, and some of the netizens on Weibo gave him the title 'Flame War Emperor'.

When he saw the comments, Lin Fan couldn't help but shake his head. This Autumn Sword Fish Killer really had too much time on his hands. Lin Fan then made a post.

"I met an old schoolmate today. I'm in a pretty good mood."

Once the post was uploaded, countless people commented on it.

Lin Fan could be considered an internet celebrity now and he had a pretty large fanbase too.

However, without any happenings from Lin Fan recently, his fanbase had slowly stagnated.

He scrolled through his Weibo and scanned through his private messages.

There was nothing much worth noticing.

At this moment, a call came.

It was an anonymous number.

Lin Fan raised his brows. Who could it be, calling so late?

Could it be that person?

His thoughts got messy, and he pressed the phone to reject the call.

Just a few seconds later, the phone rang again.


The phone rang once more.

He is still trying?

Lin Fan answered the call.

"Hello, who's this?" asked Lin Fan.

Wu Tian He had been trying to call this number all this time. Now that it finally got through, he was relieved.

"Hello, is this Master Lin?" asked Wu Tian He.

Lin Fan was puzzled. Who could it be? Not many people knew his number.

"I am, and who are you?"

"My surname is Wu, there's something that I would like to consult Master Lin about," said Wu Tian He.

Lin Fan already wanted to sleep. This guy whose surname was Wu wasn't someone he knew either, "If this is regarding fortune-telling, you have to come to my shop. I don't accept fortune-telling requests through the phone. I'm hanging up."

Wu Tian He panicked, "Master Lin, please wait a moment. I don't need you to read my fortune, I just want to ask you about a certain matter."

Lin Fan considered for a moment, "What matter?"

Wu Tian He, who was far away in Lianzhou, organized his words, "Master Lin, this is the situation. I've done many unspeakable and immoral things, from which I attained my wealth. And now, my daughter has a terrible fortune. So, I want to ask you, master, how I can solve this problem?"

If her fortune isn't good, then just find someone with a good fortune to balance it out. You can even find the answer to this question just by doing a search on Baidu." Lin Fan had thought it was something actually important.

If this kind of problem could be solved with a quick search on Baidu, what was the point of asking Lin Fan?

Although many answers on Baidu weren't true, some of the theories behind the answers had a solid basis.

"Master Lin, I know that, but I can't find someone with a good enough fortune to balance out my daughter's," said Wu Tian He.

Wu Tian He was well-versed in the study of fortune, so he naturally knew these things.

"That can't be true. My fortune is unparalleled, it's the best in the world. I can balance out any fortune. That's enough, I'm hanging up. This problem was caused by yourself, even if you have to kneel down, just endure the consequences." Lin Fan hung up.

Beep Beep!

As Wu Tian He heard the beeping sounds, his expression turned grave.

At the same time, Lin Fan was laughing.

This had to be a joke.

Committing sins and enjoying a luxurious life as a youth, then asking for a solution when his daughter has to suffer for his sins. It can't be that easy!

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