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Outside the entrance.

"Big Tree, where do you stay? I'll send you back." He had his own car now, and could offer to send others back.

"I haven't found a place yet. I'm planning to stay at a nearby hotel for now." Big Tree hadn't been in Shanghai for long, so naturally, he hadn't found a place to stay yet.

The place that Lin Fan stayed in then was not presentable too, so he couldn't offer to let Big Tree stay.

Zhang Guo Yang and Wang Xiao Yan stood at the side with their heads lowered. In the day, they were cocky and showy, but now that it was night time, it was as if they were being tormented.

Today, they had been taught a lesson in life.

"Wait for me, I'll go start the car," said Lin Fan, as he walked towards the basement carpark.

"Xiao Yan, what about you two?" Chen Mei Tong was now completely relaxed.

"I'll go roam around a bit with Guo Yang," said Wang Xiao Yan awkwardly.

Zhang Guo Yang had a car, and it wasn't considered cheap either. It cost several tens of thousands, but at that moment, he felt that it was better to stay quiet, because who knew what kind of car Lin Fan was driving.

If the events from before didn't occur, Zhang Guo Yang would undoubtedly have flaunted his car, but now he thought it was better not to.

A black Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of them

Lin Fan rolled down the windows, "Get on."

Yan Shu Ren stared blankly at the car, then opened the door, "Amazing! This car is not cheap!"

"It's decent," Lin Fan laughed.

Chen Mei Tong exchanged a few words with Wang Xiao Yan, bid her goodbye, then got in the car.

Wang Xiao Yan nodded her head slowly. The day's happenings have had a pretty large impact on her.

After the car drove off.

Zhang Guo Yan finally lets out a breath of air, "Xiao Yan, from now on, don't brag in front of Chen Mei Tong anymore."

"Yeah, I know. Was that car just now very expensive?"

She didn't know much about cars, but that car just now was sleek and beautiful. With one look, she could tell it wasn't cheap.

Zhang Guo Yang stared at the car's dazzling tail lights from afar and mumbled, "It costs six or seven times of mine."

Wang Xiao Yan's mouth gaped open and her face turned pale.

She would never have thought that Chen Mei Tong's boyfriend would have a friend like that and that someone like that, would have a friend like Chen Mei Tong's boyfriend.

Just by doing a simple comparison, you would find nothing in common between them.

Zhang Guo Yang was relieved. Fortunately, he hadn't tried to flaunt his car, otherwise, it would have backfired.

In the car.

Yan Shu Ren placed his credit card aside, "Lin Fan, thank you."

"No problem. We're brothers, there's no need for thanks. Moreover, those two love to brag and flaunt. Do you think I could just let them brag in front of you?" Lin Fan chuckled, then his eyes suddenly widened, "Big Tree, what are you crying for?"

Yan Shu Ren twitched, then wiped the tears from his eyes, "It's nothing. I'm just too moved."

With one hand on the steering wheel, Lin Fan grabbed a few pieces of tissue paper and said with a laugh, "Don't worry about it. I'll remember this. You owe me a big meal."

"Of course, I'll treat you to as many meals as you want," Yan Shu Ren laughed as he rubbed his eyes.

As Chen Mei Tong watched the two brothers from aside, her heart was filled with warmth.

At a chain hotel.

Lin Fan stopped his car, and chatted with Big Tree for a moment, "Rest early and find an apartment tomorrow. After that, you can report for work."

Yan Shu Ren got off the car and leaned towards the window, "Lin Fan, you be careful on the road. When I'm not as busy, let's meet again."

"Alright, no problem." Lin Fan waved, and then drove off.

Yan Shu Ren and Chen Mei Tong watched as Lin Fan's car disappeared from their view.

"Mei Tong, for you, I'll definitely work hard," said Big Tree.

After going through today's events, he learned that as a man, he had to work hard.

Otherwise, not only would he be looked down on, but so would his girlfriend.

"Big Tree, I've always believed in you. You're fortunate to have this kind of brother, you have to repay him properly in future," said Chen Mei Tong.

Yan Shu Ren nodded seriously. He would remember this favour for a lifetime.

Below a residential building, inside a luxurious sports car.

Wang Ming Yang and Xu Zi Le kissed passionately, then they separated.

"Aren't you afraid of reporters seeing us together if I send you home?" Wang Ming Yang asked, smiling.

Wang Ming Yang had known Xu Zi Le for years, but they've only dated for days.

It felt good, but whether she was the one, he really didn't know yet.

Wang Ming Yang had money and was young. He was every girl's ideal man, especially to those female celebrities.

However, this Xu Zi Le was not bad either. She didn't have ridiculous demands, which made Wang Ming Yang feel comfortable.

Although he had wealth, he didn't like to spend so much on a relationship.

"Ming Yang, I'm not afraid of being seen by reporters. If we could be together from now on, I'm willing to just be a good wife and mother at home," said Xu Zi Le.

Wang Ming Yang chuckled, "I have a good feeling about you, but I'm waiting for a certain someone to say something."

Xu Zi Le was puzzled, she didn't understand what Wang Ming Yang was saying.

Seeing that puzzled look on Xu Zi Le's faced, Wang Ming Yang laughed, "You'll know what I mean soon."

The phone rang.

"Don't say anything," Wang Ming Yang answered the phone, "How is it?"

"How is what?" on the other side of the call, Lin Fan replied.

Wang Ming Yang laughed, "I'm talking about my girlfriend."

Xu Zi Le quietly listened by his side. Her expression slowly changed. She never thought that this was what Ming Yang meant when he said he was waiting for a certain someone to say something.

Hearing that voice on the phone, she knew that it was that youngster from before.

She didn't know what kind of relationship Wang Ming Yang had with that youngster.

Xu Zi Le was dumbfounded. Whether she and Ming Yang could be together depended on this person?

At that moment, Lin Fan was lying in his Mercedes-Benz while on the phone.

He understood what Wang Ming Yang meant.

He never thought that Wang Ming Yang would trust him to this extent. Lin Fan felt extremely stressed because of that.

Even a loyal fan might not trust him to this extent.

Lin Fan finally opened his mouth, "How do you feel about her?"

"She's alright. She's not annoying, nor is she troublesome," said Wang Ming Yang.

A woman like Xu Zi Le who was kind and also had status would have made a normal man fall head over heels for her.

However, that was truly what Wang Ming Yang felt about her.

Lin Fan held his phone by his ear, and then he slowly read out their fortune.

"Brings fortune to her husband. Able to give birth. Dutiful and knows her place. Has a good career. This is all I'll say to you. For something like this, if I tell you everything now, it wouldn't be meaningful. If it wasn't for your help today, I really wouldn't have revealed this to you," said Lin Fan.

Wang Ming Yang smiled, "Even if I hadn't helped you, you'd still have to have revealed this to me. We're brothers after all!"

"Alright, alright, I'm hanging up."


"Ming Yang…" Xu Zi Le wanted to clarify things, and Wang Ming Yang already knew what she would ask, so he answered her spontaneously.

"My friend is a fortune-teller, and he's very accurate. I trust him very much."

Xu Zi Le stared blankly at Wang Ming Yang, "Then would you have broken up with me if he said I wasn't good for you?"

Wang Ming Yang gave a nervous laugh. He didn't say anything, but his answer was clear.

"Ming Yang, what if one day he says I'm no good when we're already married? Would you divorce me?" Women get jealous easily, especially if the men they like were to trust other men like that.

Wang Ming Yang stroked Xu Zi Le's head, "That's why I'm letting you know the result. And don't worry, even if that happens in the future, I won't leave you."

"Why?" Women always had tens of thousands of 'why's to ask. Without asking, they wouldn't be content.

"Because you'll be my girl from now on. Even if you bring me bad luck, I'll suffer together with you. However, that won't happen, because he is your friend too, and he will help you," replied Wang Ming Yang.

When Xu Zi Le heard this, she felt extremely blessed. However, that last sentence bothered her.

"You really trust him so much?" asked Xu Zi Le.

Wang Ming Yang lighted his cigarette, "Men sometimes have a very accurate sixth sense, and I wouldn't have obtained my wealth if not for my sixth sense. Right now, I know that he will be an important person to me in the future."

"But it's been you helping him all this time. You gave him the car and you helped his friend get a job," Xu Zi Le said.

Wang Ming Yang laughed mysteriously, then wagged his finger, "No, he's already helping me."

"How so?" Xu Zi Le didn't understand.

"Do you know Wu Yun Gang?" Wang Ming Yang blew out smoke.

"I know him. Why?" Xu Zi Le was a celebrity, and her standing was pretty high too. Naturally, she knew the tycoon Wu Yun Gang.

"He's in a great deal of trouble now…"

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