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"Chief Zhang, you're not here to simply show off, am I right?" Lin Fan asked.

Chief Zhang laughed, "Of course not! All the reporters want to know which is better, the scallion pancakes from my Grand Ocean Hotel or the scallion pancakes made by you, Master Lin. The answer would naturally be based on the consensus of the residents."

Lin Fan turned back into his house whilst shaking his head, "What a waste of time."

Chief Zhang stared blankly, then proceeded to joke, "Master Lin, you aren't afraid, right? This is just a friendly competition between the two of us, and there really isn't any other meaning behind it."

Lin Fan stopped in his tracks and looked at Chief Zhang, "Why do I have to compete with you?

Chief Zhang was in a bad mood. He felt that this little boy was being too arrogant. However since there were reporters present, he decided not to kick up a fuss. "Master Lin, please cooperate with me. All the reporters and residents are dying to know the result."

The reporters held up their cameras, "Master Lin, give it a shot! Everybody wants to know whose scallion pancakes are better, Chief Zhang's or yours!"

"Chief Zhang gave the anorexic patients in the hospital a taste of his scallion pancakes. Even though they weren't perfect, the patients were still willing to give it a try. If he really wants it to be successful, he would go back and perfect his recipe."

"Yes! Let us experience the clash between Lin's scallion pancakes and Zhang's scallion pancakes!"

The reporters saw that this matter wasn't very big of a deal but they found pleasure in making the matter seem bigger than it actually is. Recently, there hadn't been much interesting news circulating around, so they had to find one to attract the attention of the public.

There were only two reasons why Chief Zhang came to find Lin Fan.

Firstly, it was to let Lin Fan know that by not working together with him, it was Lin Fan's loss, even though it would be too late to regret now. Chief Zhang had once came to offer a partnership with Lin Fan, yet Lin Fan rejected him, causing Chief Zhang to be unhappy. When his chefs were finally able to make scallion pancakes as well, he was ecstatic.

Secondly, it was to build publicity for Chief Zhang's scallion pancakes. With a good factory production line, ample preparation and widespread connections, breaking into the public scene wouldn't be a problem.

This was a publicity stunt, which is more effective than spending large amounts of money on television advertisements.

The other merchants wouldn't dare to do anything harmful.

By competing with Lin Fan's scallion pancakes, it would boost the popularity of Chief Zhang's scallion pancakes, so why not just go through with it?

Chief Zhang was very confident about his own scallion pancakes. After eating his own pancakes, he would frequently long for them again. He was confident the residents would feel that way as well.

The way his customers reacted was also a huge confidence booster. Every day after opening his shop, it would be packed, with some customers ordering only the scallion pancakes.

He had absolute confidence in his own scallion pancakes and he knew they were hot in demand.

If his scallion pancakes were to hit the market, he would be making a lot more money from this business than from his hotel.

However, what pissed Chief Zhang off was that whenever he asked the chefs for the secret recipe, they would stutter. They were obviously trying to keep it to themselves. Chief Zhang couldn't understand such problems, yet he still signed a partnership agreement with them.

Even with him trying to squeeze the secret recipe out of them, they still kept it for their own use.

These chefs stood behind Chief Zhang. They knew better than to be arrogant. They understood the situation well. They knew Chief Zhang was boastful, however, they didn't dare to tell him. They were going to wait for the issue to be settled then take their leave, never to involve themselves in this matter again.

If the competition were to be held at the hotel, they wouldn't be afraid. However, Chief Zhang wanted to hit the markets, which wasn't a great idea.

Lin Fan didn't accept his request, causing Chief Zhang to be unhappy. The reporters also knew that it would be pointless if they couldn't find any news here.

One of the reporters said, "Master Lin, may I ask if you are afraid to accept the challenge? Or are you trying to say that your scallion pancakes aren't as good as Chief Zhang's?"

Lin Fan looked at the reporters and said, "I'm not going to accept the challenge from a bunch of hooligans because there is simply no need to."

At this moment, he looked at Chief Zhang and he was fuming with anger. His face was as black as thunder.

But he just didn't feel like talking anymore since it was pointless.

Chief Zhang was stunned by his words and annoyingly warned, "Master Lin, don't go spitting words out when you don't have the evidence."

Lin Fan shook his head. He paid Chief Zhang no attention and returned back to his shop. He took a seat and sipped his tea while using his phone. He couldn't understand why people these days were in such a hurry to succeed.

In what way did he offend him by selling his scallion pancakes? Was there even a need to chase this matter so desperately?

Fraud Tian was angry. How could anyone be such a bully? What was so good about Chief Zhang's scallion pancakes that he dared to provoke Lin Fan? He must be out of his mind.

"Everyone, please leave. We still have a business here to run," Fraud Tian retorted.

However, the crowd didn't take his words seriously, completely ignoring him.

The surrounding residents who have taken Chief Zhang's side started to run their mouth.

"It seems that Master Lin is indeed scared."

"That must be it! I think Master Lin knows his scallion pancakes aren't as good as Chief Zhang's."

"Chief Zhang's scallion pancakes aren't even limited. They are awesome!"

"Chatting with you guys makes me feel like eating some right now."

"Hey, say no more! I also feel like eating some. But first, let's see the development of the situation here. If there's nothing more, let's rush to get some scallion pancakes!"

"From what I can see, this is the result of Master Lin's own doing. If his scallion pancakes weren't so limited, his business would definitely be better. What a waste. Some people just don't appreciate what they have."

Some of the supporters of Master Lin's scallion pancakes got upset.

"What do you mean? Didn't you guys previously say that Master Lin's scallion pancakes brought you happiness?"

"Precisely! Ever since I started queuing at Master Lin's shop, it feels like I have found meaning in life. Every morning I would wake up earlier just to queue for the scallion pancakes, and just like buying a concert ticket, whenever I was to be chosen, I would be elated!"

"Hmph, Master Lin must be blind! How can he still let you guys queue up? If it was up to me, I would put you guys on the blacklist, giving you guys no chance to even queue in the future."

Those residents retorted.

"The situation now is different. Chief Zhang's scallion pancakes aren't limited."

"Exactly! Right now, eating Chief Zhang's scallion pancakes makes me happier than queueing up for Master Lin's scallion pancakes."

"In any case, we will support Chief Zhang without hesitation. His scallion pancakes are number one!"

"Have you guys tried Chief Zhang's scallion pancakes? The flavor really isn't that bad, and it leaves a huge impression. I can't help but think about it every night before I sleep."

"We'll just let you guys queue for Master Lin's scallion pancakes. We aren't going to waste our effort fighting you guys for it."

After listening to the arguments, a broad confident smile emerged on Chief Zhang's face.

Judging from the compliments of Chief Zhang's scallion pancakes, would Master Lin's scallion pancakes stand a chance against his own?

Definitely not.

The reporters were also filming this, with the situation becoming more and more out of control.

Wu Tian He leaned to Lin Fan's side, "Why not go out and say a few words?"

Lin Fan shook his head, "There is no need to. By my calculations, someone would be here to get him soon."

At that moment, a police car came and a bunch of policemen got off.

Director Zhang was amongst them. When he saw Chief Zhang, he pointed straight at him, "That's the guy."

Chief Zhang had his suspicions, yet a broad smile still hung on his face. "Looks like even the police were alarmed. They also needed to have their say in this matter.

The chefs at one side had a pale expression on their face. Their legs were shaking. They knew something bad was coming.

"Dear comrade, you guys..." Chief Zhang lost his train of thoughts.

Liu Xiao Tian placed one hand on Chief Zhang's shoulders, "Bring everyone that's related to Grand Ocean Hotel in for investigation."

Chief Zhang replied, "...?"

The reporters and the crowd were stunned too.


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