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The next day!

On the online discussion forums.

"Did you guys see how pathetic Lin Fan's shop was? Gone are the days when his business is good."

"I was there yesterday. And the Lin Fan's shop was so deserted, practically no one goes there now, except about ten."

"The scallion pancakes that Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel made is the bomb! It feels as though I'm addicted to eating it. If I don't have it at night, I would really crave for it."

"^ are you sick? It's not because of the scallion pancakes, right?"

"^ Lin Fan's scallion pancakes are nice right? But they don't feel as addictive, and the craving for them wasn't so intense. Also, his scallion pancakes are not only flavourful, I also feel uplifted after eating them."

"You guys are thinking too much. The Grand Ocean Hotel is one of the best hotels around, will there even be a problem? Do you think they are some sort of street hawker?"

"Anyway, Lin Fan's business is really bad, and has really been affected badly."

"I give up. Lin Fan only sells ten sets, so what if he has fewer customers? It's not like he is unable to sell those ten sets."

"That is true, but the atmosphere is all gone, we can't say that it is not a failure in that aspect."

On Weibo.

"Anyway, I won't be having Lin Fan's scallion pancakes anymore, just those from Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel."

"That's right. Furthermore, they are such a try hard for limiting the number of sets they sell in a day. I really want to see how Lin Fan's business would turn out with this limited number."

"Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel allows us to buy as many scallion pancakes as we like."

"Alright, I'm craving scallion pancakes right now, have to go buy two to fill my stomach."

"The Southern citizens sent us an email saying that they are envious of how we could enjoy such delicious scallion pancakes."

"The Northern citizens have sent us an email, stating that they are envious of our lives."

On the media.

'Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel's scallion pancakes challenges anorexia. Though there are a few problems, patients want to eat their pancakes.'

'Not only does Lin Fan's scallion pancakes work for anorexic patients, Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel's scallion pancakes work too.'

'Lin Fan's shop is deserted. How unfortunate.'

'They brought this upon themselves, our citizens don't buy accounts.'

The cusp of public opinion.

People could not understand how news over scallion pancakes can get so blown up on the Internet.

However, the Internet was full of surprises, you would never know when something would blow up.

Wu You Lan looked at the news and was even more furious than Lin Fan. "How can these people say that? Do they even have a shred of conscience?"

Lin Fan smiled and said, "Isn't the situation now very ideal? Moreover, how are we able to control what other people say?"

Wu Tian He nodded and said, "This is human nature. When there is no basis of comparison, people simply accept what is given to them. However, once they start comparing, they would even come out to criticise you. You Lan, calm down."

Fraud Tian shook his head and said, "You two are too calm. My sentiments are that of You Lan, and I am unable to take this anymore. This guy isn't even grateful."

Lin Fan let out a laugh and said, "That's enough. Isn't there a queue outside now? Quickly go and distribute the queue numbers. Now that the customer count has decreased, our remaining customers are happy with that. If you don't believe me, you can go and ask them."

Lin Fan's words were heard by the customers outside his shop and they said one after another.

"Of course we are happy! There is no one to compete with us now, and we can each have a set of the scallion pancakes every day. Life now is good!"

"I really can't describe those guys. I can't even bear to criticise them, we are able to enjoy these scallion pancakes now that they left."

"That's right. The only scallion pancakes I recognize are Lin Fan's and not those of Grand Ocean Hotel."

"These people just run to where's good."

Lin Fan's remaining customers were happy with the situation but as they walked past Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel, they saw the crowd and were shocked. The crowd was even greater than that of Lin Fan's original crowd. They were displeased, but they still preferred Lin Fan's scallion pancakes.

Lin Fan grew suspicious, thinking how did Chief Zhang do it? This was not scientific and he refused to believe that there was someone that contained more knowledge than even an encyclopedia.

The encyclopedia made the delicious pancakes to capture the hearts of people and to fill them with joy and happiness.

Now, Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel had so many people wanting to eat their scallion pancakes, which people crave for so badly.

What was the point of thinking so much? This was other people's business, and not his problem at all.

At the hospital.

Director Zhang looked at the test results in his hands and could not contain the rage held in him. This person is inhumane/

He racked his brains over the scallion pancakes, but what was surprising was that Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel actually put such things into their scallion pancakes.






Director Zhang was enraged. People could die from eating this.

If it wasn't for his intuition to take a sample of what Wang Li Li vomited out for testing, never would he have thought that there would be someone with such guts. Furthermore, it was a five-star hotel! This was simply a death wish.

At that moment, he finally understood how the scallion pancakes made by Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel were so addictive. People were not about its flavor or taste. They were simply made to be addicted to eating that!

Those that Lin Fan had given him for sampling, fortunately, did not have any issue. However, the scallion pancakes that Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel made are just dangerous drugs.

Then, Director Zhang immediately picked up the phone.

At Cloud Street.

After Lin Fan sold his ten pieces of scallion pancakes, he calmly took a break. These days are really great, being able to enjoy fresh air every day.

This moment, however, did not last long. Fraud Tian, who was standing at the door, suddenly shouted.

"Oh my, the reporters are here again!"

Lin Fan was stunned. Will this ever end? At the doorstep, he saw Chief Zhang emerge from the cluster of reporters.

"What are you here for?" Lin Fan did not understand why Chief Zhang came over with the reporters.

The bosses of the other shops stood at the door and then gathered. They knew Lin Fan's recent predicament and were very worried.

Lin Fan's business hasn't been good and it has impacted him severely. They sincerely hoped that Lin Fan's business would continue to prosper forever since it would also bring them business.

Boss Zhang stood in front of his group of satisfied customers, with a face full of satisfaction.

"Lin Fan, we meet again," Boss Zhang said, extremely satisfied with himself.

Lin Fan nodded to acknowledge Boss Zhang but did not understand Boss Zhang's motive for coming here. Could it be that Boss Zhang went there just to mock Lin Fan? This doesn't seem possible. He wasn't that stupid.

Boss Zhang laughed, and whispered to Lin Fan, "Lin Fan, I'm sorry. I accidentally snatched your customers."

"...", Lin Fan was speechless.

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