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The reporters had never thought that scallion pancakes would have anything to do with anorexia. It really proved that the world was a strange and mysterious place. Just because you have never seen something before, doesn't mean it has never happened before.

The reporters had surrounded Lin Fan, wanting answers from him. What was he supposed to say?

Should I be a bit more panicky?


I'm not the type of person to be panicky.

Lin Fan said, "You're asking me all these questions, but I don't know how to answer them. All I know is that my scallion pancakes are the most delicious scallion pancakes in the world. The fact that even anorexia sufferers would eat my scallion pancakes is just proof that my scallion pancakes are the best."

A commotion started!

The reporters were all startled by his answer. They had expected Master Lin to be humble about it or be shocked, but they had never thought that he would answer them so confidently. They gave in. This was huge news!

Fraud Tian hadn't thought that Lin Fan would give such an answer either.

Wu Tian He was shocked too. Master Lin was going to make the situation turn chaotic.

A reporter asked, "Master Lin, it's already been shown that the anorexia sufferer shows no sign of resistance against your scallion pancake. She even craves your scallion pancakes. Is there any special formula inside it?"

Lin Fan shook his head, "Nope. There are no special formulas in my scallion pancakes. It's made of completely normal and common ingredients."

The reporters didn't believe him, "If it's just normal ingredients, how could it be so delicious?"

Lin Fan chuckled,"That's because it's made by me and not by anyone else."

The reporters didn't know what to reply. They felt that Master Lin was way too confident. They didn't know how to carry on asking the questions. However, it was still a significant piece of news and they had already recorded everything down.

At that moment, one of the reporters asked, "Master Lin, as we all know, there are countless anorexia sufferers in our country. If they all came to eat your scallion pancakes, would you feel worn out?"

Lin Fan laughed, "Not at all."

The reporters applauded, "Master Lin, you're too admirable. To not be worn out even if you have to serve so many sufferers."

They couldn't help but respect Master Lin. It looked like he would become wealthy just by relying on his scallion pancakes.

Lin Fan looked surprised, "I think you all have the wrong idea. I'm saying that I won't be worn out because I have my policy. I only sell ten servings a day. If anyone wants to eat any more scallion pancakes, they have to read and understand the information on that sheet of paper outside."

The reporters were astonished, "Master Lin, ten servings a day would be completely inadequate for the anorexia sufferers. Your scallion pancakes are their only hope, don't you want to help them?"

Lin Fan had thought about this question previously and had already come up with an answer. He wasn't some kind of godly savior of the world who would eradicate all pain and suffering. Without that kind of magical power, he would have to use his own energy to make a scallion pancake for each anorexia sufferer that came to him. How long would he be able to keep that up until he ran out of energy? Furthermore, it wasn't like the sufferers would be cured after eating one scallion pancake. If he fed them even one bite of scallion pancake, he wouldn't be able to withdraw anymore, even if he wanted to. Of course, the words that he said to the reporters then would probably become entirely twisted by the time they got uploaded onto the internet. That wasn't something that he could predict, so he just laid out his thoughts and intentions clearly and didn't bother about anything else.

So what if he got flamed? It's not like he would lose a piece of flesh.

Lin Fan looked at that reporter. "I'm human. I'm not a god. I only have two hands. There's no way I can work that much. My scallion pancakes are enjoyed by them, but my scallion pancakes don't cure their anorexia. So I'll only make ten servings a day. There will be no changes."

The reporters recorded this piece of news. After asking so much, their content was plenty. They had to organize the content when they got back.

The surrounding shops' owners.

"Amazing, Master Lin's scallion pancakes can even make anorexia sufferers gain back their appetites."

"If I was Master Lin, I would sell like crazy and ruthlessly earn a bunch of money."

"Hey, it's a good thing you're not Master Lin, or else you would probably own some kind of illegal business. And who knows how much you'll sell one serving of scallion pancake for?"

"I predict that Master Lin's scallion pancakes will eventually become very expensive."

"The scarcer something is, the more valuable it becomes. Tomorrow, I'll be queuing as well, then I'll sell it for a higher price."

"That's what I was thinking as well."

Lin Fan felt that it was about time, so he opened his mouth and announced, "My fellow people and dear reporters, if there's nothing else, you may leave now. I have to do business."

"Master Lin, one last question. Just one question!" shouted one of the reporters.

"Say it."

The female reporter asked, "Master Lin, don't you feel that you are being selfish? Your scallion pancakes clearly have a special power, why don't you help people?"

When Lin Fan heard this question, he considered deeply for a moment, then answered, "If right now, the ugliest man on Earth wanted to jump from a building, would you save him?"

The female reporter nodded with conviction, "I would."

"If the only way you could save him was to become his wife, would you still do it?" asked Lin Fan.

The female reporter was stunned. She was silent for a while, then she said hastily, "Master Lin, those are two completely different things. I don't even know him, nor do I like him, how could I force myself to do such a thing?"

Lin Fan then said, "See? Your answer is very selfish. Because you don't know him and you don't like him, you don't want to save him. It's like I said. It's not like I don't want to save them, but I only have two hands. I need rest. There's no way I can just keep selling scallion pancakes non-stop from morning to night every day. I have my own life to live. So, humans are just that selfish. Don't try to stand on the moral high ground and criticize someone else's actions. Isn't there a saying that goes 'Don't say that your hip doesn't ache when you're sitting down'?"

That reporter was completely lost for words. She didn't ask any more questions, but she recorded that conversation.

After the reporters left.

Lin Fan let out a breath of air. They were finally gone. If they had stayed any longer, he wouldn't have been able to take it. Their questions were all very crafty, and you never knew how they would eventually report it. But it didn't matter anymore. He had answered their questions so bluntly. It was much better than trying to hide anything.

Fraud Tian came to him, "I don't know what to say. Don't you think it was a bit extreme to say that you have the best scallion pancakes in the world?"

Lin Fan laughed, "Extreme? Not at all. I'm only saying the truth."

Wu Tian He gave a slight nod. "Sometimes, being blunt is much better than trying to be tactful."

Lin Fan nodded, "Yep, that's what I thought as well. If the floodgates were opened and I gave one sufferer a scallion pancake without giving one to another, I'm afraid there would be big trouble."

Wu You Lan opened her mouth, "I think tomorrow's news will be absurd."

The owners of the surrounding shops admired Lin Fan. They all started to ask him some questions.

To these neighbors, Lin Fan didn't show any signs of displeasure. He answered them with a smile on his face.

As for what would happen the next day, it had nothing to do with him.

Ten servings meant ten servings. Even if Jesus Christ himself came down, the rule wouldn't change.

The next day!

The news came out and the internet went crazy.

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