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On the Internet.

'Revelation of the mysterious scallion pancake.'

'It's not that the scallion pancake can cure anorexia, but it's just so delicious that even anorexia sufferers cannot resist it!'

'Ten servings of scallion pancakes a day. There will be no changes.'

'It was the hope of the anorexic, but now it's their curse.'

'Master Lin should come out and contribute his scallion pancakes to the sufferers of anorexia to help them through their struggles.'

One after another, articles appeared on the internet.

"Wow, I didn't think it would turn out like this."

"Just how delicious are these scallion pancakes? Even anorexic people can't resist them?"

"^ I can only tell you that Master Lin's scallion pancakes are really very delicious. The taste isn't something that you can imagine."

"If he has that kind of ability, why won't he help those anorexia sufferers?"

"You must be joking. Why should he help? Most anorexia sufferers are anorexic by choice. Master Lin already said it very clearly. There's a limit to what he can do. He only has a pair of hands. How many anorexic people are there? Do you think he can help all of them?"

"Hey, don't you have any kindness in you? If he can help even a few people, then why not? You're clearly a selfish and self-centered person."

"You're freaking retarded. If you're so kind, why don't you help me? I'm very poor right now. Why don't you send me half of your money? If you won't, then stop talking so much.

The world of medical science.

"This kind of situation is possible."

"It's hard to say. Perhaps this is the beginning of a breakthrough."

"I give up. I've been studying medicine for so long, but this is the first time I've heard about a food that is so delicious that even anorexic people can't resist it."

"I would like to see this delicious scallion pancake for myself, to understand just what kind of powers it possesses."

On a famous female celebrity, Wang Bing Yan's Weibo: 'With great power, comes great responsibility. Shoutout to all those suffering from anorexia. They need our help.'

"Wow! My goddess just sent a Weibo post!"

"I love you, my goddess!"

"You're a dumba*s! With great power, comes great responsibility? While trying to lose weight, you've become anorexic too, haven't you? Don't think that just because you try to hide it that we don't know. You brought it upon yourself, why should anyone help?"

"Don't try to shame my Bing Yan! She's not someone that you can shame."

The internet was buzzing with activity. The activities varied greatly. There were countless different discussions. Some of them were intellectual while some were not.

Of course, most of them were not intellectual discussions, in which they felt that Master Lin should help the anorexia sufferers.

In the shop!

There was a call from Wang Ming Yang.

Wang Ming Yang said, "This matter is getting a little out of hand. Do you want to go into hiding for a bit? I can go overseas with you, so you can let go of your worries."

Lin Fan replied, "It's fine, there's no need. It's not like I committed some kind of despicable sin. What could they do to me?"

Wang Ming Yang was frustrated. He had never thought that Lin Fan's scallion pancakes would have the ability to make even anorexic people eat them. It was truly terrifying. To Wang Ming Yang, that was just a small spark that marked the beginning of much more trouble. Eventually, it would explode into huge flames. If those anorexic people's families came to Lin Fan's door, that would be a scary situation.

"That's easy to say, but I'm just advising you for your own safety. How did your scallion pancakes even get tangled up with the anorexic people?" Wang Ming Yang said grudgingly.

Lin Fan was feeling very troubled too, "How would I know? It just somehow got tangled up with anorexia, what was I supposed to do?

Wang Ming Yang sighed, "How troublesome. Take care of yourself."


After hanging up.

Fraud Tian was looking at the news, "The online debates are intense. Most of them are flaming you."

Lin Fan unlocked his phone and took a look.

His Weibo had indeed been invaded by people.

This time, Autumn Sword Fish Killer wasn't fighting the war alone anymore. He had many like-minded people by his side.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer said, "Are these even words that a human would say? If he can help others, why wouldn't he? If it was me, I wouldn't worry about being tired. I would definitely help them. I, Autumn Sword Fish Killer may not have any remarkable skills, but I still have a kind heart."

Ride the momentum. Ride the momentum frantically!

Autumn Sword Fish Killer had seized an opportunity and he couldn't let it go.

In the rented apartment.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was laughing maniacally. Even that fat body of his was bouncing up and down like jelly. It felt good. It felt so good. This was the outcome that he had wanted. However, what made Autumn Sword Fish Killer envious was that that fraud seemed to know how to do everything. When he compared himself to that fraud, he suddenly felt like trash.

It was infuriating!

However, Autumn Sword Fish Killer was still full of confidence. It didn't matter. That fraud was now being attacked on all sides. He was the target of countless people's hate.

Fatty Loves Meatballs: "Flame War Emperor, we won't be swept by your momentum. We will stand by Master Lin's side no matter what!"

Picking Eggs Under the Tree: "That's right. What are they gonna do? These are our scallion pancakes, not theirs. Master Lin is not obliged to make scallion pancakes for them every day. Don't they have doctors to give them treatment?"

Arguments instantly broke out on Weibo. Meanwhile, countless people were queuing up outside the shop.

Lin Fan sat inside the shop. He was focused on resting.

Wu You Lan couldn't keep up with the work all by herself. Fraud Tian was outside, trying to control the crowd.

Fraud Tian saw that there were people jamming up the entrance, "Please form a queue! We don't allow queue cutting here!"

An elderly lady raised her head, "My daughter is anorexic. I heard that your scallion pancakes can give anorexia sufferers their appetites back. Give me 5 servings!"

"Hurry up!"

Fraud Tian shook his head. He knew this would happen. He said, "I'm sorry, you need to queue for a number. We will only sell ten servings a day."

When the elderly lady heard this, she was enraged, "What do you mean? What kind of shop opens, but doesn't sell things to its customers? My daughter is anorexic, don't you get it? Do you want my daughter to suffer?"

"That's unreasonable. Our scallion pancakes won't cure anorexia. Please stop your nagging." Fraud Tian frowned and ignored the lady. He took the numbers and started to distribute them to those in the queue.

Then, the lady suddenly grabbed onto Fraud Tian, "I don't care whether you can cure it or not. Today, you have to give me five servings of scallion pancakes. Don't you have any kindness in you? What could happen if you gave me five servings? It would only take ten minutes!"

Fraud Tian snatched his arm away. That lady was really unreasonable. He pointed to his front, "Look at her. Her daughters have severe anorexia, but she's still queuing up. Why are you so unreasonable?"

"I don't care about anyone else. If you don't give me five servings today, I'll destroy your shop," said the lady defiantly.

Before Fraud Tian could open his mouth, the townsfolk who were queuing interrupted.

"You dare…?"

"If you dare to destroy Master Lin's shop, we will skin you alive!"

"Master Lin has done nothing wrong. Didn't he already say that the scallion pancakes won't cure anorexia? You can't keep using anorexia as an excuse. Master Lin doesn't owe you anything and he is not responsible for your daughter becoming anorexic. I've seen it before. Most people are anorexic because they want to lose weight so they can look slimmer. They brought it upon themselves, so they can't blame anyone else."

"That's right, I've been wanting to say the same!"

They couldn't stand it anymore. What the heck was that? They used to be able to queue happily, but then all these new people came and were causing problems for them.

So what if they were anorexic? Those scallion pancakes couldn't cure anorexia. It was just because they were so tasty that even the anorexia sufferers enjoyed eating them. There was no way that Master Lin could make scallion pancakes for them without any conditions just because of that! What a joke!

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