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The reporters were all excited upon hearing the juicy news.

"What is he trying to imply?" Vice-President Guo looked a little puzzled and felt like something bad was about to happen. In order to prevent it from happening, he said, "Instructor Lin, could you come over for a second?"

Lin Fan looked at Vice-President Guo and said, "Vice-President, please hold on for a while, let me finish talking to the reporters."

Vice-President Guo looked a little upset. Talk to the reporters? What's there to discuss?

Lin Fan pointed at the Chinese Martial Arts Association buildings and said, "What do you think of the infrastructure?"

The reporters all turned to look at the buildings, which were a little old and run-down but they didn't find any major problems with them.

Lin Fan did not wait for their reply and immediately said, "These buildings are so old and run-down and especially when I saw the external training equipment, I wanted to withdraw from this association. These equipment have become rusty and some of them are out of shape. At that point, I was wondering how could anyone train properly with such equipment. Then, I went to the training classrooms and I wanted to leave this association even more. These locations didn't even seem like classrooms. They're in such poor condition. But at the same time, I realized that the true masters learn the most in times of adversity."

The reporters just took down his words. They felt that Master Lin was talking rubbish. Then, they looked at Vice-President Guo.

Vice-President Guo knew about this situation. He cleared his throat before saying, "The problems highlighted by Master Lin have already been made known to us. This didn't happen overnight. Some of this equipment is extremely expensive and the cost of joining the association is so low. We wanted to replace them but we haven't been doing well and thus we lack the funds to do so. As Master Lin has pointed out such problems, the association and its management have already started to work things out and will set aside some money to replace the equipment."

Lin Fan smiled and said, "Vice-President Guo is very right. These equipment are expensive and I fully understand the problems of having insufficient funds."

"Master Lin, may I know why you decided to stay?" A reporter asked.

Lin Fan said, "Actually, I have answered this question before. But I have to point out something that made me change my mind. When I arrived at the office of the association, I was attracted by the facilities of the offices. They were luxurious and elegant, especially that superb massage chair. I just lay down on it and when it started to operate, my whole body felt better instantly. The sofa was extremely comfortable too, it's made of real leather. Do you think I could leave the association with such facilities in the office? I have to enjoy myself by utilizing them, otherwise, I wouldn't dare to say that I'm part of the association."

Vice-President Guo initially nodded in agreement; he thought that Lin Fan knew how to praise the association and was quite impressed. However, he gradually realized that his words seemed a little off. He looked extremely upset when he realized the true meaning of his words. How could he have said such things? These things had been bought to make life more comfortable for the people within the association.

The reporters weren't stupid. They were experienced and could understand what Lin Fan was implying. If they didn't understand what he meant, they could've just packed up and quit their jobs.

Then, they asked, "Master Lin, you mean the association is using its funds for the wrong things?"

Lin Fan immediately waved his hands and said, "This reporter knows what I'm saying but I can't possibly answer that. I have only been here for two days and perhaps the association has its own views on these things. Since you guys are here, why not come in and take a look at our facilities inside?"

At that moment, Vice-president Guo was furious with the headquarters for recruiting someone like Lin Fan.

Lin Fan looked at Vice-president Guo and said, "The reporters are already here, it shouldn't be a problem for them to enter and have a look, right?"

Vice-president Guo was extremely furious, but it seemed like he couldn't disagree with that. What else could he have said? There were so many reporters present and if he were to say something wrong, there would be countless articles reporting his words differently.

Lin Fan then brought the reporters into the building.

The members of the Chinese Martial Arts Association were whispering among themselves.

"Sh*t just got real."

"The problem hasn't even been resolved and now it looks like there's another potential problem."

"Anyway, it has nothing to do with us. These offices aren't under our care. They've enjoyed the facilities for such a long time and people have the rights to take a look at what they've been doing."

"Master Lin is insane. He has the guts to say those kinds of things. I wouldn't dare to say such a thing, ever."

"Vice-president Guo's face has turned pale, I think he's going to be enraged after the reporters leave later."

"An association which doesn't know how to take care of its facilities. They've been worn out and damaged but they didn't want to replace them for us. Now that it's going to be exposed, it will probably do more good for us."

Lin Fan brought the reporters in.

"Look at the horizontal bar over there, it's literally tilted. I think it is really well designed. It's a great equipment for our members to train with."

"Also, that table-tennis table over there is uneven and if we use it to compete in the world championships, perhaps we'd be the champions. The trajectory of the ball with this table is so unpredictable, I believe even the foreign champions wouldn't be able to play with it."

The reporters just laughed upon hearing Master Lin's sarcastic words.

Vice-President Guo was right behind them and his face was as black as thunder. When the reporters filmed him, he looked extremely embarrassed.

When they arrived at the training classrooms.

Zhang Tao and his five other friends were training hard.

"Look at these children, they're all extremely hardworking. However, please be careful before entering. The floor is uneven and if you trip and fall, I don't have enough money to pay for your medical fees," Lin Fan smiled and said.

Zhang Tao and his friends saw Lin Fan and quickly ran over. They were extremely sweaty but they still greeted him, "Instructor Lin!"

The reporters took several pictures of the children and they were a little nervous.

The electric fan on the ceiling looked extremely shaky and unstable. It looked like it would drop anytime.

"Everyone, please be careful. I really have no idea when this electric fan will drop, if it drops on you, the consequences would be dire," Lin Fan cautioned them.

The reporters looked up and took pictures of it too. They had seen everything they wanted to see and they were satisfied with their 'visit'.

Lin Fan looked around and said, "This place doesn't have much to see. The weather today is a little hot and unbearable. Let's go to my air-conditioned office. The environment there is much better. If you have any questions, we could have a chat there."

A reporter said, "Sure, I believe it'd be nice to be in your air-conditioned office now."

The other reporters all nodded. Although they were there to find things to write about, they felt a little uncomfortable after seeing the situation in the building. They had to expose the association for this. They hadn't expected things to turn out like that.

Vice-president Guo was extremely sweaty and he hadn't expected things to develop in such a way. This fella was obviously trying to take a dig at the association.

He was filled with regret for recruiting someone like him. What the heck had he ever done to deserve this?

Jiang Fei sighed and felt extremely helpless. It looked like things had become even more complicated. Why couldn't Master Lin think before he spoke?

But it seemed like Lin Fan really didn't give a d*mn about the association. Since they had offended him, he wanted to make life hell for them.

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