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In the office of the Chinese Martial Arts Association.

Although Lin Fan had only been there for two days, he had been appointed to be the Chairman of Ba Gua Zhang and hence, he had his own office.

The office wasn't big. It was only about 20 square meters. However, it had a luxurious work desk and a comfortable sofa. Even the computer was the latest model and the air-conditioner was working extremely well.

"Cooling, it's so cooling!" the reporters exclaimed as they entered the office. Although it was early in the morning, the weather was scorching outside.

Lin Fan sat there and furrowed his brows. He then said, "This place is good. When nobody's here, the air-conditioner is still switched on and thus the place is always kept cool."

The reporters looked around and started to record everything on their notebooks. It was another potential headline.

'The Chinese Martial Arts Association's offices are air-conditioned, 24/7.'

"I didn't expect the association to have so many problems."

"Yeah, if I hadn't witnessed these things myself, I wouldn't have believed it."

"Did you see the computer on the table? Without eight to nine thousand dollars, you can't even buy it."

"This sofa feels extremely comfortable, it's really made of real leather. I should write about this."

"Shouldn't Master Lin be afraid of exposing the association's problems?"

"Well, yeah, he should be afraid of being sacked."

At that moment, Vice-President Guo was looking very embarrassed, it was as if he had been stripped naked in front of everybody and didn't know where to hide.

On the other side, Jiang Fei was overwhelmed with shock. Master Lin was clearly blowing things up. Now, it wasn't just about Wang Yun Jie, it concerned the entire association.

If this matter were to be made known to the public, they would definitely be criticised. If it was just criticisms, things would be easier to settle but they were afraid of things becoming worse than that. Master Lin was just sitting there as he answered all the questions. He looked extremely happy and it seemed like he wasn't bothered by the consequences of his actions.

Master Lin was going a little overboard. He had thoroughly pi*sed Vice-President Guo off, perhaps even the other Chairmen were extremely angry with him. It was just a well-equipped office and now that Master Lin had blown things up, many people probably wouldn't feel comfortable in the office anymore.

Jiang Fei knew the reason why Master Lin decided to bring these things up and in his heart, he wanted to give him a thumbs up. But the impact of this matter affected the welfare of a large group of people.

He knew that the association would face such a problem someday but he hadn't bothered to speak up about it because he didn't hold a high position and felt that he didn't have the rights to do so. Also, he desperately needed a job in the association. After all, his family depended on him for their daily expenses and he wouldn't dare to risk his career for this.

"Vice-President Guo, what do you have to say regarding Lin Fan's views?"

"You're the Vice-President, could you tell us how these things came about? The approval of the funds should have come from you. And can you also tell us why money was spent on these things and not on other important things like the equipment?"

The reporters were questioning Vice-President Guo and demanding answers from him.

No matter how angry Vice-President Guo was, he couldn't just rage at them at that point in time. He could only try to answer their questions but he didn't know how to do so. After all, the problems were complicated and it wasn't easy to address them.

Wang Yun Jie rushed over from his house. He was still angry over what had happened the day before, especially after he had watched the videos and read the comments. It was all caused by Lin Fan. If not for him, things wouldn't have ended up like that.

After entering the building, some of the members looked at Wang Yun Jie and started to discuss among themselves.

"I'm afraid Wang Yun Jie is going to become even more famous this time."

"Haha, famous? More like infamous! The reporters have already gathered in front, I want to see how he's going to resolve it."

"Master Lin has created a big mess this time. It seems like he didn't just talk about the Wang Yun Jie incident, he also pointed out problems within the association."

"Master Lin is crazy for doing that but I respect him. After all, everything that he said is true. The state of the Chinese Martial Arts Association is now in shambles, it doesn't even seem like a nice place for us to train anymore, much less to promote the quintessence of the nation's culture. It seems more like a home for the elderly."

"Lower your voice, don't let others hear you."

Wang Yun Jie walked up the stairs. He felt like something was wrong, but he didn't think too much about it. There weren't any reporters at the entrance, so he thought that all of them had left the compound.

But when he arrived at the walkway, he was overwhelmed with shock when he saw the situation. A bunch of reporters had gathered around there and Lin Fan was talking to them.

Lin Fan saw Wang Yun Jie and pointed at him. Then, he said, "That's Wang Yun Jie, if you have any questions, you can go over there and ask him."

Before Wang Yun Jie had time to react and run away, he had already been surrounded by a group of reporters.

Lin Fan just laughed as he wasn't bothered by that. Then, he immediately went downstairs. He thought that such a matter should be resolved by them and he had no reason to be implicated. The problems with the association had nothing to do with Lin Fan, but Wang Yun Jie had been wrong for bullying his students. Furthermore, he made it seem like the students didn't deserve an apology. Well, then he shall face the wrath of Lin Fan for offending him.


The members of the association looked at Lin Fan and although they were unfamiliar with him, they all admired his courage and actions. He had done things that they would never have dared to do.

"Master Lin."

Lin Fan turned around and saw that the members of the Chinese Martial Arts Association were all giving him thumbs ups, to show that they were proud of him. Lin Fan just smiled at them. He thought that it was just a small matter that could be easily done with simple talking. Also, anyone would have been able to see the problems themselves, even if he hadn't pointed them out.

Jiang Fei quickly chased after Lin Fan and said, "Master Lin, I agree with your actions and words, but now, things are getting a little extreme."

Lin Fan just smiled and said, "It's nothing extreme. I merely said the things that people like you didn't dare to say. I'm not afraid, but I think I won't be able to stay here any longer."

"Don't say that. You were specially requested by the headquarters and even if Vice-President Guo was unhappy with you, he doesn't have the power to sack you," Jiang Fei said. He couldn't bear to see Lin Fan leave as he knew that he had real capabilities and the association lacked someone like him.

If it was a normal person, he would have been fired after an incident like this. But it was different for Master Lin. He was specially monitored and recruited by the headquarters. Without any instructions from them, even Vice-President Guo couldn't do anything to him.

"Alright then, just let them fret over this matter. I have to go and train the children," Lin Fan said. He wasn't even bothered by the fact that he could end up getting fired. He just wanted to test things out.

Jiang Fei looked at Lin Fan from the back as he walked further away. His heart was filled with admiration for Lin Fan. Everyone wanted to be like Master Lin but they didn't have the courage to do so. As for how things would turn out, it was difficult to determine. However, it seemed like the association was definitely going to be exposed. Still, it would do more good for the members. The association would finally be forced to change their ways.

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