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Walking in this pitch black forest, Han Li was extremely vigilant and pushed his senses to the limit. For others, this road would be fuzzy and hard to see, but for him, it was as bright as day.

He was very cautious, but it wasn’t so much that he feared wild beasts, rather it was a disposition he developed in general.

It must be known, ever since the Seven Mysteries Sect arrived at Red Cloud Mountain, there were never that many animals in the forest to begin with. They then gradually cleared the few animals out. For example, the more ferocious animals, such as vipers which could also be found in the countryside, had ended up in most of the disciples’ stomachs.

Han Li’s vigilance was built by habit, not his innate character. After the last time he escaped from Doctor Mo, he decided to begin watching his surroundings more carefully, and after awhile it just became a habit. This was actually a good habit, as his increased wariness enabled him to avoid many troubles. In this situation as well, Han Li was on constant guard against danger.

The mountain wind blew stronger and stronger, starting to howl and echo through the trees—a sound that would utterly terrify those faint of heart.

Han Li understood that he was still quite far from the edge of the forest and began to hurry up.

He gently exhaled, for traveling in this pitch black forest was very difficult. He truly struggled to contain the anxiety he was feeling in his heart.

Han Li began to speed up even more and increase the length of his paces. For some reason, he felt as though he wanted to leave this forest as fast as possible.

Suddenly, a fierce blast of wind slammed against him in the face.

After this large blast of wind, Han Li suddenly stopped walking. Something felt strange. He furrowed his brows, tilted his neck, and listened carefully.

After a short period, Han Li’s expression started to turn grim. He started to hear very faint yet audible footsteps. Although the footsteps were very light, meaning that from Han Li’s position they were quite a bit away, they were certainly coming towards him and getting closer and closer.

Han Li nimbly leapt aside like a civet [1], jumping off the trail and quietly hiding off to the side.

He had gone more than thirty meters off of the mountain path when he suddenly stopped. He curled up into a ball behind a tree and looked out quietly. If one were to look from the outside, they would not be able to see Han Li.

As he had found a good hiding place, Han Li calmed himself down.

His actions were not excessive, because, especially in desolate places like this and on such a dark and windy night, there being two people on the same road was not common at all. This could only spell trouble.

Han Li dared not risk meeting this other person, for in most cases they would have malicious intentions towards him.

But, if he wasn’t a part of it and there was no danger then Han Li was certainly willing to hear a few small secrets.  But he was no hypocrite, if he heard something he wouldn’t be meddlesome and he would just keep his mouth shut.

“…Down the mountain… Excellent plan… This time… People…. Gang Leader…”

A distant, low, and disjointed voice came riding in the wind. The wind was favorably blowing in Han Li’s direction so he could hear some parts, but others were scattered by the powerful wind.

Han Li was stunned, for he did not expect to hear such a dreadful secret. Within several hundred li, there was only one person called Gang Leader: none other than the Feral Wolf Gang Leader, “Golden Wolf” Jia Tianlong. He was the leader of the enemy, and just hearing his name was intimidating.

This Jia Tianlong, in the eyes of the disciples of the Seven Mysteries Sect, was an absolutely bloodthirsty devil. There were rumors that he was tall, strong, ruthless, and brutal, and that three times a day he would demand human flesh to eat and human blood to drink  He was considered an inhuman existence and truly terrified all of the younger disciples.

However, according to Li Feiyu he wasn’t actually this way. Rather than tall and terrifying, he was thin and elegant. He wasn’t even that old, contrary to the rumors— just about 30 years of age. However, it was certainly true that he would murder anyone without a second thought and had violent inclinations. Yet, just based on his appearance, nobody would be able to tell that he was a bandit.

Han Li thought back to what he knew about Jia Tianlong. He let out a cold breath as his heart clenched and he curled up even tighter. After a moment, he stabilized his breathing.

“… This time… steal… list of names… start…”

Another voice, a burst of sound, came over to Han Li. Compared to before, the sound was much clearer. They was very close to where Han Li was.

Han Li didn’t dare make any loud noises, for he knew that if he was discovered, it would only lead to disaster. It seemed that these two people were spies from the Feral Wolf Gang, and would absolutely not let any outsider learn of their secrets.

“… Plan… must… not… faster…”

Slowly, these two men discussed under their breath. It looked like what they were discussing was a very grave issue.

The voices continued to grow louder, but they were still not very clear. Han Li could only hear the gusting of the wind. After a while, they walked past Han Li on the mountain road and their silhouettes gradually disappeared in the distance.

Han Li still stood behind the tree and didn’t dare to move. He didn’t even move a muscle until he made sure with his Eternal Spring Art that there were no other people in the vicinity. Only then did he slowly climb up.

This time, he had narrowly averted death. Luckily, he heard these two spies while they were still talking, long before he ran into them. If that happened, it was certain that they would have killed him. This would have been a pity, for, even with Han Li’s skills, he would have had no hope of making it out alive.

Han Li still did not move from that spot, however, and just put a finger to his chin. He stared in the direction that the two men had gone in and was considering something.

Judging from their incomplete discussion, it seemed that very soon they would execute a plan that would be unfavorable for the Seven Mysteries Sect. Very clearly, its success would lead to no small disaster.

Though Han Li had failed to get a good look at the men’s appearances, he could tell exactly who they were based on their voices.

Although they had only had met once or twice, by relying on his superhuman memory, Han Li recalled that he had once heard one of their voices in the kitchen.

Back then, the person who sold rabbits to him gave a decent but sort of cheap impression. He had a mustache that looked like the “八” character and had the air of a not-entirely-honest person. As it turns out, this man was really one the Feral Wolf Gang’s spies, which strongly vexed Han Li.

But thinking back to it, this actually wasn’t very surprising. After all, his position was the only one which allowed one to go up and down the mountain without attracting suspicion.


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