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Han Li wasn’t familiar with the voice of the other spy, so he was confident that they had never met. But it sounded like they were around 20 years old.

Han Li naturally wanted to remain safe, he didn’t dare to take a closer look. He was afraid of the strength of these two, and even if he found out what they looked like but was discovered in the process, the gains would not make up for the losses.

The ability to measure risk against reward, one must learn to ensure that their road in life would be a long one.

Long past the assigned dinner time, Han Li had finally returned to his housing.

Just like before, Elder Mo had continued to treat Han Li in a mysterious fashion. He acted with little interest towards him, but he would occasionally give some herbs for him and generally allowed him to do as he pleased.

The herbs that Elder Mo gave Han Li he had never seen before, as they were all rare herbs gathered from below the mountains. Though his desire for Han Li’s improvement was genuine, it was likely that he was still plotting something behind all this.

Right now, Han Li didn’t bother to closely examine the precious herbs given to him by Elder Mo. As he did not want to needlessly irritate Elder Mo, he immediately would pinch his nose and eat it.

He wasn’t afraid of the medicine being poisonous, since if Han Li was harmed, Elder Mo would only harm himself as well.

Recalling the spy from the Feral Wolf Gang, Han Li returned to the road to figure out what to do next.

Although he had no deep affection for the Seven Mysteries Sect, he was still a disciple. His conscience did not allow him to ignore such a threat to his sect.

What’s more was that he already decided on the best person to handle this matter, Li Feiyu—the Great Senior Disciple Li.

According to Han Li’s observations, Li Feiyu was taking the Extracting Essence Pill because he attached far more importance to fame that other people did.  Having no small ambition, he dreamed of entering the highest levels of the Seven Mysteries Sect and becoming renowned and respected.

However, Han Li knew that Li Feiyu was in the final stages of his life. This urgency made him even crazier and he more than ever wanted attention.

Now, if Han Li were the one to solve this matter, he would render a lot of service to the sect. However, he decided he would give this chance to Li Feiyu, which would certainly make him excited.  This would be Han Li’s way of returning the favor to Li Feiyu for obtaining the sword manual.

Thinking about the Blinking Sword Manual. Han Li was moved.

Regarding this Blinking Sword Manual, he hadn’t lied to Li Feiyu. It was true that this method was really not suited for Li Feiyu, but still there were a lot of details that Han Li didn’t divulge.

For Han Li, it was a rule for survival to keep a few secrets that he would unfailingly keep to himself, no matter who was in front of him.

Even if they were close friends that nothing could get between, Han Li would still not make an exception to this rule.

However, the information written in this rare manual was certainly substantially different from common martial arts.  

As Han Li saw it, calling the Blinking Sword Art just a type of swordplay would be completely unsuitable. It required careful calculations and integration of time, position, and target in order to be effective as a devastating killing technique. This type of fighting style was highly uncommon, but the instant the sword was swung, it was made clear that it was a skill purely meant for killing.

In these books, many different specific environments were described, which required unique adaptations to this mysterious skill which would allow this sword to utterly overwhelm enemies and any resistance they put up.

It teaches the people to use the environment, like trees and grass and different intensities of light from all sorts of angles, to force the enemy make a mistake. One could use this to find the enemy’s weak point in a split second, shatter their guard, and kill them in the blink of an eye.

This unusual technique was almost like cheating. However, without a great deal of talent, it would be impossible to comprehend this technique.

So when training in this tyrannical skill, one must have extraordinary senses. Vision and hearing must vastly exceed that of a normal person’s, and only then would they have a hope in training in this art

If not for these already highly restrictive requirements, many disciples would covet its mighty power and try to take it for themselves.

However, there were even more demanding requirements. Practitioners could not have any kind of pure internal energy, for the skill was incompatible with it, and thus cultivating would be extremely difficult.

Even if one managed to succeed despite this limitation, True Qi in the body would cause the practitioner to unconsciously deform the sword technique. This would leave a large vulnerability, upon which the calamity of death could befall the user.

These conditions are what drove most practitioners away from training in this type of martial arts. As a famous saying in the world of martial arts went, “Not practicing martial arts is the end of all hopes.”

For them, not practicing any martial skills was a huge taboo. As a matter of fact, one who tried to practice swordsmanship while giving up True Qi would be seen as a true laughing stock of the world of martial arts.

As a result, even fewer, if any, would still be willing to practice this style.

The few people who fulfilled the prerequisites of talent and didn’t have True Qi. This last reason, would completely force them to give up on this style.

This kind of skill, with its complex techniques, was too cumbersome and demanding.

Looking at this package, huge and filled with rare books, anyone would be intimidated.

Basically, every technique manual represented a different mechanic of the sword style, and each of these mechanics were split into hundreds of sub-mechanics. Even each of these varied greatly based on the distinct environment and time, and using them correctly would fully require mastery of all kinds of different techniques.

Forget about practicing them; just studying such a large number of mechanics would be a headache, not to mention trying to memorize them and figuring out how they all go together.

These oppressive conditions drove the final nail in this style’s coffin. The number of practitioners who had to give up and in their hearts curse at the monk who founded this skill cannot even be counted.

After a long time, the Seven Mysteries Sect gradually lost interest in this sword art.  They believed it would be impossible for anyone to learn this martial art. They figured that the elder who compiled the style as his dying wish had just been playing a prank. If not, why else would there be such ridiculous conditions to practice it? This clearly made things difficult for many of the disciples, and as a result these rare books were bundled up and shelved away where they were no longer paid attention to.

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