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Han Li lowered the cask down into the well before pulling it back out.

The cask came back up, filled with water.

Han Li effortlessly brought the cask over his head and with a flick of his wrist, he dumped it all out, causing a stream of water to flow down from his head to the soles of his feet.

“How refreshing!”

“How comfortable!”

Han Li and another youth cried out in satisfaction at the same time.

Their reaction wasn’t surprising, for the summer air was scorchingly hot. In this torrid heat, the refreshing cold water was a godsend.

“Hehe! Junior Han, you’ve really found a nice spot. It’s even more impressive given how well hidden it is,” the other youth suddenly said.

“This is nothing. I’ve discovered even better hard to reach places, though it’s a shame that none of them have such a refreshing pool of water, like this one does.” Though Han Li said this, he did not bother to hide his pleasure, easily accepting the compliment.

The two youths smaller youth was Han Li and the other was Li Feiyu who had come to get his medicine.

Earlier, Li Feiyu had received some painkillers from Han Li. It turned out that they were incredibly effective, drastically reducing the pain of consuming the Extracting Essence Pill.

What followed was inevitable. If he did not use Han Li’s medicine, then he would once again have to suffer the excruciating pain. Although the medicine was supposed to last for a year, Li Feiyu had completely used it all up in a few months.

After trying to endure rather than having to go back to Han Li and being tormented by the inhuman pain, Li Feiyu had no choice but to seek out Han Li for medicine of his own initiative.

However, Han Li got something out of this too. After finding out that Li Feiyu had joined the Seven Void Hall, he had arranged a trade of medicine in exchange for teachings from there.

For Li Feiyu, who had only a few years to live, this was a reasonable deal, so he had readily agreed.

Han Li had taken care that their secret wouldn’t be discovered by finding a very secluded spot, where the clouds hid away their transactions.

The two would meet every so often. Han Li would bring the medicine, and Li Feiyu would be responsible for imparting some martial arts from the Seven Void Hall to Han Li.

With this, both sides were extremely satisfied and continued to do this for the greater part of the year.

After spending about half a year together, both Li Feiyu and Han Li found the other’s company decent, and so, without realizing it, they became close friends.

Li Feiyu had been very impressed with the location that Han Li had picked. Surrounding cliffs blocked off the region, which was a watery basin, and the only way to this place was hidden by a cavern that was so narrow that one had to crawl in order to get through. Adding another layer of protection, the entrance to this cavern was up against a locust tree growing from the cliffs.

However, what he was most impressed by was the nice, refreshing pool of water.

After working out the body, cooling off in the pool of water was undeniably comforting.

After the water was dumped, Han Li lifted his head.

“Last time, you taught me the Strength of the Mad Python, which was too savage and didn’t suit me. Is there a more refined style you could teach me?”

“Junior Han, do you think that the Seven Void Hall has no other disciples to focus on besides me? That they will teach me whatever I wish to learn? Even I have very limited choice, and so the martial arts I know all lean towards the fiercer side. As a result, I know nothing but the more aggressive martial arts of the Seven Void Hall,” Li Feiyu said to Han Li unhappily.

“Of course, I am not complaining about Senior Li’s expertise. Senior Li is the brightest of us disciples, so of course it is the Seven Void Hall’s fault and not his own.”

Han Li could only laugh embarrassedly. Seeing Li Feiyu a little upset, he quickly tried to improve his mood.

“This is a rare sight, for the talented Han Li to spout such flattery.” Li Feiyu teased him.

“What talent? Haven’t I been pushed around by you in every fight we have?”

“Hmph! That is only when I use the True Qi, which isn’t anything special. If I don’t use it, then I wouldn’t be able to defeat you even once out of a hundred matches.”

“It’s only natural to use True Qi in a fight. Senior Li is too modest.”

“Modest? I’m not modest at all. You are the one who has never practiced martial arts before, much less got in a fight. You only have that one bullshit, useless chant, yet became so proficient in the martial arts that I taught you, in such a short amount of time. If you are not a genius, then what are you? Besides, what the hell is even the point of practicing the chant any further if it hasn’t even done anything for you?”

Han Li laughed in his heart, feeling bitter.

“You think I want to learn it? In truth, it’s like I’m riding on a tiger, no longer able to get off.”

“Junior Han, I’m not trying to pry, but practicing that chant is such a waste of your talent. Instead, learn real martial arts with me. I can bet that, within two years, you will already be standing far above the heads of others as you reveal your talent! The two of us can build our power within the Seven Mysteries Sect, and none would dare stand up to us!” Li Feiyu’s heartfelt declaration rang out through the area.

Han Li’s heart raced as he heard this. Although Han Li was not interested in doing as Li Feiyu said, the enthusiasm behind his words still moved him.

Han Li shook his head to show his refusal and spoke.

“Within the Seven Void Hall, are there any techniques that would allow me to subdue others without relying on True Qi?”

Li Feiyu was shocked at Han Li’s words. He had considered the possibility that Han Li would bring this up, but was unwilling to discuss this topic. There were circumstances behind this that could not be easily said.

He tilted his head downwards to think, before replying.

“There are a few strange sword techniques that don’t require True Qi, but…”

“But what?” Han Li asked. Desperate to learn martial arts, he was unwilling to give up any possible leads.

“But within the hundred years that these techniques have existed in the Seven Void Hall, no one has ever successfully cultivated with any of them. Even the elders who were renowned for their skill with the sword died before they could figure them out. Even the names of these sword techniques are strange, like one of them being the Blinking Sword Art. You tell me, is this name not strange?” Li Feiyu spoke up, repeatedly expressing his doubt.

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