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“Blinking Sword Art?” Han Li repeated the name, pondering it.

“Yes, you see how it mentions both sword arts and blinking? What do these two things even have in common? The name is a bit ridiculous.”

“Have you ever practiced this sword art?” Han Li asked concernedly.

“Obviously not. Who would practice a sword art that doesn’t even use True Qi? It’s novel but useless. I’ve heard that, ever since it was created, no one has practiced it.

“It seems, the Seven Mysteries Sect was in some sort of crisis, and when the elder who averted that disaster was nearing his death, he specially requested that this art be made be included in the Seven Void Hall.  Otherwise how else would this Blinking Sword Art gain the honor of being among the Seven Void Hall’s list of techniques?”

Li Feiyu, for some reason, seemed extremely upset by this, as different as black as white from the way he normally was, how he always spoke confidently and with his big mouth. Han Li didn’t even ask to know about this, but Li Feiyu talked all about the roots of this martial art. Of course, only in front of Han Li would Li Feiyu’s be such a blabbermouth. In front of others, he would only put up the image of the ruthless and strong “Senior Disciple Li”.

After Han Li finished listening to Li Feiyu’s narrative, he decided that this would be the one.

“Senior Disciple Li, can you make copy of this sword technique from the Seven Void Hall and bring it here?”

“Haha! That will be easy, but you must know that there are some other arts I cannot teach you. For most arts, there is always a specialist inspecting and checking them. This Blinking Sword Art is in some obscure corner and no one pays attention to it.  However making a copy of it is too hard, so let me bring the original to you so that you can memorize or copy it down, then I’ll sneak back in and put it away. No one will notice,” Li Feiyu recklessly and brazenly suggested.

Han Li noticed that he seemed confident in this plan, so he agreed to Li Feiyu’s proposal.

However, Han Li was also a bit worried about this person’s forgetfulness and bad habits. In the case that he got caught because of his carelessness and sold Han Li out,  Han Li would pay the price for it.

But at the moment it was an enticing opportunity.

“Very good. It’s getting a bit late, so I need to get back to practice. Otherwise, the elders of the Seven Void Hall will discover that I have been sneaking out,” Li Feiyu said as he wiped his body, put his shirt back on, and prepared to leave.

Han Li reminded him to take care, otherwise he would be discovered when stealing the sword manual.

Li Feiyu absentmindedly nodded, before walking away and waving his hand lazily in goodbye. He slowly crawled out of the cave.

As Han Li watched him leave slowly through the cave’s mouth, his smile slowly faded out and in its place was a dark expression.

Not long after Li Feiyu left, Han Li returned to the Valley of the God’s Hand.

When Han Li arrived, he at once saw the tall, mysterious man in the distance.

He motionlessly stood outside of Doctor Mo’s room and leaned on the wall near the entrance.  He wore his mantle on his head and apparently didn’t mind the scorching sun.

When Han Li arrived at his own room’s door, he stopped at the entrance and glanced at that man, who had yet to speak even once.

Ever since Doctor Mo began threatening Han Li, Han Li did not to pry about this man, lest he irritate Doctor Mo. This man seemed to be naturally mute, and ever since he arrived in the valley he hadn’t said a word.

This person was truly peculiar, for his strength never seemed to wane. He would expressionlessly stand there all day without ever get tired or exhausted. In his heart, Han Li gave this person a nickname, “Freak”

He had already tried to greet this man before, but he acted like he had a block for a head—unresponsive. No matter what Han Li said, the other party would have no reaction.

Han Li suspected that this person was the product of Doctor Mo’s manipulation of a flesh and blood body while they were still alive, turning them into a puppet with no weaknesses.

Absolute obedience, astonishing strength, complete silence, and no emotion. Although Han Li didn’t know the man’s fighting style, he for sure knew that he wasn’t weak.  This was his final judgment towards this man.

Han Li knew that this person would fight for Doctor Mo as his hitman or weapon. But he had no apparent weaknesses so Han Li struggled to find an opportunity to strike.

Something about this man made Han Li feel extremely strange. Sometimes, when he looked at this man’s back, it would give him a bit of a familiar feeling like he had seen this figure before. However, when he thought back to it, he could never recall who this person’s back reminded him of.

After looking for a while, Han Li sighed and closed the door and entered to his room.  He knew that without Doctor Mo’s order this person would never rest.

He was a bit overwhelmed, so he took a few large steps and then leaped onto his bed.  He collapsed on the bed, put his hands behind his back and closed his eyes.

Today he had learned a few moves from Li Feiyu. In his mind he played these moves again.  He had no combat experience so he had to use his visualization abilities to make up for it. He broke up every attack and analyzed every single part as he carefully assessed each move.

This was Han Li’s Eternal Spring Art fifth layer! At this level, he obtained the new ability to retain and imprint clear images into his memory.

He was now to take any technique and learn it without needing to learn basic martial arts first. He used this to go over these moves countless times to try and refine and improve them. This is what made Senior Disciple Li think he was a genius.

About two months ago, Han Li had relied on two medicines to break through into the Eternal Spring Art’s fourth layer. Now, he had broken through to the fifth layer.

The Yellow Dragon Pill’s and Golden Essence Pill’s effects were so large they were out of Han Li’s estimations. Despite just being tiny, little pills, they were truly priceless treasures.

But only about half remained of his supply. He planned use the rest to break through to the sixth layer of the Eternal Spring Art. He looked forward to that moment with great anticipation. This sixth layer of the Eternal Spring Art would surely give him great ability.

There was only a small amount of time until Doctor Mo’s ultimatum, roughly half a year.  Even though he was learning some moves from Li Feiyu, because they didn’t match his True Qi, they could only be considered superficial martial arts.

Against others, perhaps these martial arts would not be bad, but trying to use them against Doctor Mo would be an irrevocable mistake, from which there would be no return.

Han Li realized something which worried him. Although this Eternal Spring Art was truly useful, it had no effect in real close combat.

Right now, his only hope was the Blinking Sword Art, as he wished for it to bring him a pleasant surprise.

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