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Chapter 2064: Devilish Beast

Han Li, Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon, and Han Qizi were hovering above the lava lake in a triangular formation while releasing their spiritual sense downward.

However, there were layers of peculiar energy fluctuations within the lava that prevented Han Li's spiritual sense from reaching any deeper than just over 1,000 feet into the lake.

For Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon and the others, their spiritual sense was far less powerful than Han Li's, so that distance was shortened to around 00 to 400 feet for them.

A distance of just over 1,000 feet only allowed Han Li to discover that there was a massive black shadow lying at the bottom of the lake. However, due to the energy fluctuations in the lava, he was unable to see the shadow clearly, so he couldn't determine whether this was their target for this trip.

Even though the black shadow laid completely still as if it were dead, Han Li was still surveying it with great caution.

As Bai Yunxin and the others were setting up the formation, the two devilish lords of the Bai Family were also in action.

The burly man had summoned his antiquated mirror again, and it transformed into over 100 mirror fragments that spread all over the air above the lava lake, shining black devilish light down upon it.

The burly man's lips tremored silently, and he wore a slightly strained expression, clearly finding it rather difficult to unleash his abilities while the majority of his magic power was being restricted.

Meanwhile, the purple-haired woman made a hand seal, and a suit of devilish armor that was as pristine white as jade appeared over her body. At the same time, she made a grabbing motion with her other hand, and a long inky-black halberd appeared in her grasp.

She swept the weapon through the air, and an inky-black giant horned tiger projection appeared, snarling viciously as if it were about to pounce at any moment.

Around 15 minutes later, the six Spatial Tempering Stage Bai Family disciples finished setting up the formation, and balls of black Qi immediately surfaced around the lava lake. Bursts of killing intent and flashes of cold light were contained within the balls of black Qi, as if they were holding countless sharp blades.

The six Spatial Tempering Stage Bai Family disciples had concealed themselves within these balls of black Qi and were controlling the entire formation.

The burly man then transmitted his voice toward Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon. "The formation is ready, Fellow Daoist Luan Dragon; please force the beast out of the lava now."

A cold look appeared in Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon's eyes upon hearing this, and he immediately let loose a loud cry before pointing a finger toward the blue bowl he had summoned.

The bowl shuddered before expanding drastically in size, transforming into a blue moon, and at the same time, it released a thick pillar of blue light that shot forth toward the lava down below with ferocious might.

The pillar of light stirred up the lava lake like a giant rod, and in the blink of an eye, massive waves had been swept up over the surface of the entire lake.

In the next instant, a thunderous roar of fury rang out, and the lava parted as a burst of green Qi emerged, forcing the pillar of blue light out of the lake.

A cold smile appeared on Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon's face upon seeing this, and an astonishing aura erupted from his body. At the same time, he flicked his fingers toward the blue bowl to release around a dozen streaks of black light, all of which vanished into the bowl in a flash.

A loud ringing sound suddenly erupted out of the blue moon, and countless white runes appeared over its surface. As a result, the blue pillar of light it was releasing became around twice as thick as it had been before, and it crashed down from above with renewed might. The burst of opposing green Qi was completely caught off guard and was instantly destroyed, following which the pillar of blue light plunged deep into the lava lake again.

A resounding boom rang out within the lake, and it seemed that the attack really had struck the devilish beast that was hiding within the lake.

"How did you like that?" Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon chortled as he prepared to unleash more attacks with his blue bowl.

However, right at this moment, the entire cave suddenly began to tremor violently, and a crimson wave of light swept up over the surface of the lava, surging directly toward Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon, and even Han Li and Han Qizi were caught up within the scope of the attack.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged as the five-colored lotus beneath his feet rotated slightly, and a five-colored glacial light barrier appeared around him, easily keeping the crimson light at bay.

Han Qizi also remained on the spot as the 12 balls of glacial light around him swelled drastically to form a barrier of glacial light as well.

In contrast, Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon suddenly let loose a cry of alarm as his body was instantly flung back by a burst of enormous invisible power, and he crashed violently into a massive stone wall, sinking several feet into it as countless rock fragments rained down from above.

At the spot where Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon had been standing before, a massive beastly claw that was covered in green flames had appeared, and that appeared to have been what had sent Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon flying.

After being smashed into the stone wall, most of Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon's clothes had been torn away, but a suit of inky-black armor had appeared over his body to nullify most of the impact. As such, even though he was looking quite disheveled, the injuries that he had sustained were actually quite minor.

Even so, his face instantly turned as red as blood, and a burst of power erupted from his body, shattering the stone wall around him, thereby allowing him to free himself.

Immediately thereafter, he cussed in a furious manner as he made a grabbing motion, and a strange long-handled blade appeared in his grasp amid a flash of yellow light. Immediately thereafter, the black swirling around his body swelled drastically, and he slashed the blade toward the giant claw like lightning with both hands.

A yellow blade projection swept forth, covering a distance of several hundred feet in a flash before viciously slicing toward the beastly claw.

However, despite its massive size, the beastly claw was unexpectedly agile and instantly vanished into thin air.

Thus, the yellow blade projection struck nothing but empty space.

Immediately thereafter, violent waves surged over the surface of the lava lake down below, and a gigantic creature that was enshrouded in green devilish flames emerged. The creature was over 200 feet in size, and its roar resembled the moo of a cow.

Han Li and Han Qizi immediately shot back, and one of them rubbed his hands together before raising them to release countless threads of grey light, while two of 12 balls of glacial light around the other's body hurtled directly toward the giant beast. As soon as these balls of glacial light were hurled through the air, white icy halos appeared around them as a show of their fearsome glacial might.

However, the giant devilish beast remained completely unfazed. It abruptly raised its head, and the green flames around its body instantly transformed into layers of green light barriers. Regardless of whether it was Han Li's grey threads of light or those icy halos, they were both instantly destroyed as if they had encountered the bane of their existence.

Han Li's heart jolted slightly upon seeing this.

His Divine Essencefused Light was able to repress five-elemental power, so it was quite a surprise to him that these green devilish flames were able to nullify them so easily.

However, the two balls of glacial light unleashed by Han Qizi seemed to possess some type of peculiar power, allowing them to tear through the green flames and hurtle directly toward the devilish beast.

The devilish beast immediately expelled two bursts of black Qi out of its mouth in response, and after the two opposing powers clashed, the balls of glacial light reverted back into a pair of translucent flags that descended from above.

A hint of surprise flashed through Han Qizi's eyes upon seeing this, but he immediately made a grabbing motion, drawing the two flags back to him as streaks of white light, which vanished into his body in a flash.

Right at this moment, the devilish beast let loose a loud roar, and the temperature within the entire cave instantly increased by severalfold. Crimson fireballs emerged around its body, yet just as it was about to unleash an attack, the burly man and purple-haired woman sprang into action.

The burly man began to chant something while pointing a finger at all of the mirror fragments in the air, and they released bolts of black lightning in unison, intertwining to form a black lightning net that descended from above.

Meanwhile, the purple-haired woman stabbed her black halberd viciously downward, and the giant black tiger projection around it let loose a thunderous roar before swooping down as a streak of black light.

The space in the wake of the black light twisted and warped, and it appeared directly above the devilish beast in a flash, completely undeterred by the oncoming balls of green flames.

However, the green flames around the body of the devilish beast suddenly swelled drastically, then formed a two-headed devilish python projection that clashed with the tiger projection.

Both of these projections were formed by devilish Qi, but it was as if a clash were taking place between an actual pair of ferocious devilish beasts.

As for that black lightning net, all of the crimson fireballs in the air immediately shot forth toward it at the devilish beast's behest, and the lightning net was completely kept at bay amid countless explosions of red light.

This devilish beast truly did possess powers comparable to a late-stage devilish lord; it was opposing several devilish lords at once, yet managed to hold its own.

However, during this brief delay, Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon also appeared in a flash above the devilish beast, then suddenly patted his own belly with a cold look in his eyes. A treasure emerged from his stomach, revealing itself to be a small drum that was only several inches in size. The drum was entirely crimson in color, and had countless snowflake-like runes engraved all over its surface.

Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon gently patted the drum, and glacial winds were instantly swept up as countless bright red snowflakes appeared before descending from the heavens.

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