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Chapter 2065: Fierce Mine Battle (1)

The snowflakes didn't appear to be very large, but they were able to instantly nullify all of the crimson fireballs they came into contact with, and a burst of glacial Qi filled the entire air, eradicating the scorching heat.

At the same time, Han Li flicked his fingers toward the devilish beast in quick succession, releasing 10 streaks of azure sword Qi that shot forth toward the devilish beast in a flash.

Meanwhile, Han Qizi harrumphed coldly as made a grabbing motion with a pristine white hand, and a translucent ice mountain instantly appeared. Initially, the mountain was only around 10 feet in size, but it quickly swelled to several hundred feet at his behest, then crashed down toward the devilish beast.

In that instant, Han Li's trio had unleashed their attacks toward the devilish beast all at the same time.

However, as opposed to testing out the devilish beast's powers as they had done during their initial attacks, all three of them were using their true powers now.

The devilish beast seemed to also be aware that it was in a perilous situation, and it let loose a low roar as the green flames around its body surged upward, but at the same time, it descended toward the lava lake for refuge.

However, right at this moment, Bai Yunxin and the others activated the giant formation they had set up.

A string of loud clangs rang out from within the black Qi they were hiding in, following which countless snowy-white saber projections shot forth in all directions, creating an impenetrable net above the lava lake that stood in the devilish beast's way.

All of these saber projections were shimmering with a cold light, and were clearly extremely sharp and formidable.

The devilish beast was very confident in the power of its own body, but it still didn't dare to plunge into this fearsome net and was forced to stop in mid-air.

At this point, the snowflakes, ice mountain, and sword Qi had already swept the green flames aside and were crashing down toward the devilish beast from above.

Even in this perilous situation, the devilish beast didn't panic in the slightest. Instead, it seemed to have been fueled by its vicious instincts as it opened its mouth to devour all of the green flames around its own body.

As a result, it was revealed to be a ferocious monster with the head of a deer, the body of a cow, and the paws of a lion.

After the green flames were devoured, it threw its head back and expelled a green stone brick out of its mouth, which swelled drastically to form a massive fiery stone wall.

In the next instant, the snowflakes, sword Qi, and ice mountain struck the stone wall, amid a string of resounding explosions and flashes of dazzling light, but the stone wall remained completely unmoved.

The devilish lords present were all quite surprised to see this, and Han Li was also rather taken aback.

The sword Qi that he had unleashed appeared to be quite mundane, but they were no less powerful than the Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords themselves. As such, they were capable of slicing through even some lower-grade treasures. He hadn't expected the streaks of sword Qi to kill the devilish beast, but it was still quite a surprise to him that the stone wall had been able to keep them at bay so easily.

Right at this moment, a layer of black Qi appeared over the purple-haired woman's face, and she hurled halberd violently downward with a flick of her wrist.

The black halberd instantly swelled to several times its original size, transforming into a streak of black light that was over 100 feet in length before plunging viciously into the stone wall.

An earth-shattering boom immediately rang out, and the entire space tremored violently.

Immediately thereafter, a black sun emerged in the air, and countless cracks appeared over the surface of the seemingly indestructible stone wall, looking as if it were going to shatter at any moment.

The purple-haired woman was ecstatic to see this, but the devilish beast suddenly opened its mouth to release a burst of azure light that surged into the stone wall in a flash.

The azure flames around the stone wall instantly reared up, and the cracks that had been inflicted were quickly sealed again.

The purple-haired woman's expression darkened upon seeing this, and her black halberd instantly transformed into countless massive halberd projections that came crashing down toward the stone wall like a torrential storm.

At the same time, the burly man switched a different hand seal, and the mirror fragments in the air unleashed over 100 bolts of black lightning again. On this occasion, they intertwined to form a black lightning sword that was over 100 feet in length, and it swept down with vicious force.

Bolts of black lightning came crashing down like countless black snakes, striking the stone wall and dispersing most of the green flames around it.

Han Qizi also pointed a finger toward the ice mountain that he had summoned, and it tremored before vanishing on the spot.

After that, spatial fluctuations erupted behind the devilish beast, and the ice mountain reappeared out of thin air before hurtling toward the devilish beast's back.

Before the ice mountain had even struck its target, a burst of enormous invisible power and translucent glacial light swept forth, but right in that instant, the devilish beast suddenly raised one of its paws before thrusting it forward.

All of a sudden, the paw vanished into thin air, following which a giant claw that was enshrouded in green flames appeared behind the devilish beast before crashing into the oncoming ice mountain.

The glacial light and green devilish flames exploded in unison amid a dull thump, and the ice mountain was sent flying backward while the beastly paw vanished again.

Han Qizi's expression darkened upon seeing this, and he pointed his finger toward the ice mountain several times in succession to arrest its momentum, then sent it hurtling toward the devilish beast again.

At the same time, a faint buzzing sound rang out from the small crimson drum being controlled by Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon, and all of the crimson snowflakes drifting through the air transformed into countless ice spikes that rained down toward devilish beast in a torrential downpour.

The ice spikes struck the stone wall before exploding into balls of crimson light, and a repugnant odor wafted through the air.

In the next instant, a series of pits and craters began to appear on the surface of the wall, indicating that the ice spikes seemed to have been imbued with lethal poison.

In the face of so many attacks, the stone wall was beginning to struggle. The devilish beast expelled several bursts of azure light out of its mouth, but was still unable to repair the cracks on the stone wall as quickly as they were being inflicted.

The devilish beast immediately let loose a low roar upon seeing this, and countless devilish patterns appeared over the surface of its body before swirling incessantly.

Identical green devilish patterns appeared on the giant stone wall as well, and it abruptly descended the devilish beast, then transformed into a massive stone ball around its body.

All of the oncoming attacks struck the giant stone ball in a frenzy. The streaks of azure sword Qi summoned by Han Li had transformed into over 100 powerful sword threads that plunged viciously into the stone ball, inflicting many tiny holes onto its surface, but were unable to fully penetrate.

Even so, it was quite clear that the stone ball wouldn't be able to last too long in the face of such ferocious attacks. The green flames around it were gradually dimming, and countless rock fragments were falling from its surface.

The burly mand and purple-haired woman were both ecstatic to see this, and they injected even more power into their attacks.

On top of that, the giant net of blades that had sealed off the surface of the lack had disassembled itself into countless sharp blades at the behest of the six Bai Family disciples, and these blades were also joining in on the attack.

Within the span of just a few breaths, the stone ball had been whittled down significantly, and it seemed that victory would be secured soon.

However, Han Li's brows were slightly furrowed as things seemed to be progressing far too smoothly.

Thus far, the devilish beast hadn't truly displayed its fearsome late-Body Integration Stage power.

As soon as this thought occurred to Han Li, the devilish beast let loose a loud roar from within the stone ball, and pillars of scorching hot lava suddenly rose up from the placid surface of the lava lake, converging to form a massive ball of lava that enveloped the stone ball.

Immediately thereafter, countless green devilish patterns appeared on the surface of the ball of lava, following which it transformed into a molten giant that was over 100 feet tall.

The giant had crimson flames surging all over its body and green light flashing within its eyes. It raised its arms high up into the air, and waves of fire swept forth from its body in all directions.

There seemed to be an endless supply of crimson flames within the giant's body, and a crimson sea of flames had filled the entire space in the blink of an eye.

Immediately thereafter, the giant opened its mouth to expel a vast expanse of green devilish flames, which fused into the crimson flames, forming a dozen or so green fiery pythons that each exceeded 100 feet in length, all of which pounced toward the enemy devilish lords.

Red light flashed before Han Li's eyes, and his entire body was plunged into the sea of flames.

Scorching devilish Qi revolved around him like a frenzied vortex, and he was bound to the spot by some type of profound power hidden within the sea of flames.

Under the compression of this profound power, the azure streaks of sword Qi within the sea of flame had also become very slow and sluggish.

The attacks unleashed by the other devilish lords were also significantly nullified by the sea of flames, rendering them unable to pose much of a threat to the devilish beast.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged as he made a grabbing motion toward the streaks of azure sword Qi, and all of them exploded within the sea of flames, forming balls of azure light that dispersed forcibly dispersed some of the crimson flames, only to be immediately overwhelmed by the sea of fire again.

After that, Han Li made a hand seal, and the five-colored glacial flames around him expanded to force back the surrounding flames, yet just as he was about to escape from the sea of fire, a bloodcurdling cry suddenly rang out from within the formation around the lava lake.

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