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The two giant hammers swelled to over 1,000 feet in size each, and they crashed down repeatedly upon the restriction like a pair of small black mountains, causing the restriction to tremor violently.

"Hmph, let me see what you're made of!" A cold light appeared in Master Azure Dragon's eyes, and he made a hand seal, upon which a pillar of azure light immediately erupted out of his body, then transformed into an azure dragon projection that was over 1,000 feet in length.

The projection circled around in the air before letting loose a thunderous roar, then swept up Master Azure Dragon and hurtled directly toward Tie Long.

Tie Long's haughty guffaws faltered momentarily at the sight of the powerful azure dragon projection, but a cold smile then appeared on his face as he abruptly pointed toward the two gusts of fierce black winds before him.

The gusts of wind instantly reverted back to a pair of giant hammers, immediately following which the two combined as one to form a gargantuan hammer that was several thousand feet in length.

The colossal hammer was sent crashing down toward the azure dragon projection with devastating force, in response to which Master Azure Dragon swept a sleeve through the air to release seven small black swords.

All of the seven swords were releasing astonishing spiritual Qi, and a string of dull thumps rang out as they pierced into seven acupoints on his chest.

At the same time, Master Azure Dragon let loose a low cry and expelled a ball of blood essence out of his mouth, then began to make hand seals while chanting an incantation.

The ball of blood essence exploded into seven clouds of blood mist at his behest, which then vanished into the seven small swords.

A loud buzzing sound instantly rang out from the seven swords, and crimson light began to radiate from them as they disappeared into Master Azure Dragon's body.

Immediately thereafter, Master Azure Dragon let loose a long cry, and the seven bursts of crimson light erupted forth from the spots on his body that had just been impaled by the seven swords, and these bursts of light fused as one with the azure dragon projection in a flash.

An astonishing scene then ensued.

Countless crimson threads suddenly appeared within the body of the azure dragon projection before quickly intertwining with one another.

In the next instant, Master Azure Dragon had vanished, but the azure dragon projection had taken on a far more substantial form, appearing like an actual living creature now.

At the same time, a terrifying aura surged throughout heaven and earth in a frenzy, striking those in its immediate vicinity with the urge to bow in subordination.

The azure dragon raised a claw before extending it toward the oncoming mountainous hammer, and a giant azure claw appeared out of thin air. The claw was able to catch the colossal black hammer amid a resounding boom, and keep it at bay with ease.

Tie Long faltered slightly upon seeing this, and even though there was a hint of wariness in his eyes, a sinister smile quickly appeared on his face. "That's the Great Bloodspirit Manifestation Technique! I didn't think that you would've mastered such a powerful ancient ability; it seems that I underestimated you. Having said that, let's see how much blood essence you have to give! The instant you run out of blood essence is the instant you'll fall by my hands!"

Immediately thereafter, he rubbed his hands together before raising them upward, and countless bursts of silver lightning and fire were sent surging through the air in a torrential wave.

At the same time, the gargantuan black hammer also blurred before quickly multiplying into eight slightly smaller black hammers that attacked the azure dragon from all sides.

The azure dragon whipped its tail violently through the air, sweeping up an almighty gust of wind that repelled the eight giant hammers, as well as the lightning and fire sweeping down from above.

As for the azure dragon itself, it abruptly vanished on the spot, then reappeared in the air high above Tie Long before opening its mouth to unleash a burst of azure flames.

Tie Long was clearly quite wary of these azure flames as he immediately stomped a foot into space and also disappeared into thin air, not daring to take the attack head-on.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted, and a massive inky-black blade lashed out toward the azure dragon from the side without any warning. The blade was sweeping through the air with devastating force, clearly attempting to slice the dragon in half in one fell swoop.

However, the azure dragon was agile beyond belief, and it lashed out with one of its azure claws almost as soon as the black blade emerged.

Azure light flashed from its claws before swelling drastically to form five azure longswords that swept toward the giant black blade.

A string of loud clangs instantly rang out, and despite the fact that Tie Long was a late-Body Integration Stage devilish lord, he was still unable to gain the upper hand over the fearsome azure dragon.

The two of them seemed to be evenly matched, and this came as quite a surprise to both the Body Integration Stage human cultivators and the devilish lords.

Of course, this was a pleasant surprise to the humans, and a far nastier one for the devils.

Han Li was also rather taken aback and relieved to see this. If Master Azure Dragon could hold off the late-Body Integration Stage Tie Long, then the rest of the devilish lords would naturally be far easier to deal with.

With that in mind, Han Li cast his gaze toward the other three devilish lords.

Fei Ya seemed to have sensed something, and he also turned to meet Han Li's gaze. Without uttering a single word, he swept a sleeve through the air, and a glittering and translucent flying dagger that was several inches in length suddenly appeared in his hand.

He then flew directly toward Han Li, and Han Li raised an eyebrow upon seeing this as a cold smile appeared on his face. Spiritual light flashed from his body, and he was just about to fly forth to meet this devilish lord in battle when Fairy Lin Luan suddenly laid a hand onto his shoulder.

A faint smile appeared on her face, and she said, "Brother Han, this devilish lord is no ordinary mid-Body Integration Stage being, and he's extremely adept in glacial abilities. I have some treasures that are a perfect counter to him, so allow me to take him on instead."

As soon as her voice trailed off, she laid a hand onto her waist without waiting for a reply from Han Li. Immediately thereafter, three gourds of different colors, one purple, one black, and one yellow, flew out before her.

The gourds were only several inches in size each, but their surfaces were riddled with layers of silver runes, and it was quite apparent that they were no ordinary treasures.

Three dull thumps rang out in quick succession as the lids on the three gourds were removed of their own accord, and swarms of thumb-sized fiery hornets emerged from within, then flew toward Fei Ya as three giant fiery clouds that were releasing a loud buzzing sound.

Meanwhile, Fairy Lin Luan made a hand seal, and two bursts of crimson flames suddenly erupted behind her, then formed a pair of fiery red wings.

With a flap of her wings, she was propelled through the air as a streak of red light directly behind the fiery clouds.

Moments later, the fiery clouds and the white-robed young man clashed, and explosions of white glacial Qi and scorching flames erupted as a fierce battle ensued.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he was immediately able to identify that the cultivation arts and treasures that Fairy Lin Luan was using seemed to truly be a great counter to glacial power. In the face of the astonishing glacial Qi being released by Fei Ya, the fiery hornets were able to hold their own, and they were even beginning to gain a slight upper hand.

However, he could also see that Fairy Lin Luan was constantly making a series of hand seals while rapidly injecting her magic power into the three gourds, so it was quite clear that controlling these fiery hornets was a very taxing task. Even though Fei Ya's abilities were being suppressed, his expression remained as calm as ever, and he seemed to have more to give.

This observation made Han Li's brows furrowed slightly.

"Brother Han, Sister Lin and Master Azure Dragon have taken on the two most troublesome opponents; let's engage the other two in battle as well. If we can take down one of them quickly, perhaps there's a chance we'll be able to win this battle," Fairy Silver Light said as she raised both hands up into the air, releasing her two silver hooks, as well as several other treasures.

She then rose up into the air as a streak of silver light before flying through the silver light barrier and hurtling directly toward the petite woman, leaving the armored giant to Han Li.

The devilish lord by the name of Fairy Yu naturally wasn't going to fear Fairy Silver Light, and a hint of disdain appeared on her face as a burst of strange fragrance suddenly erupted from her body. Immediately thereafter, clouds of pink mist emerged out of thin air around her, then formed a giant pink cloud that was around an acre in size before rapidly descending from above.

The pink cloud swept up the streak of silver light before countless beasts of different descriptions were manifested by the pink mist. The ferocious beasts pounced toward the silver streak of light, and in response, Fairy Silver Light released a crescent moon and a red sun that released scintillating light in all directions.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this, but that was soon replaced by a cold expression as he cast his gaze toward the armored giant. He then immediately made a hand seal, and a loud thunderclap erupted behind him, following which a pair of translucent wings surfaced on his back.

After flapping those wings a few times, arcs of silver lightning shot forth around him, then intertwined to form a lightning formation that was several tens of feet in size.

In the distance, the armored giant was also appraising Han Li, and he was rather taken aback to see this. However, before he even had a chance to react, a rumbling boom suddenly rang out around 70 to 80 feet above him, and a thick bolt of silver lightning instantly sprang forth as the lightning formation appeared out of thin air.

Within the formation was a golden human figure, and he swept a sleeve downward, sending two giant mountains, one black and one azure, crashing down from above.

A vast expanse of grey light and thousands of streaks of invisible sword Qi surged forth in a frenzy from the undersides of the two mountains, and at the same time, a bone-chilling harrumph rang out within the armored giant's ears.

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