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Staring at the recognizable demon, Han Li felt greatly surprised and apprehensive.

This wasn’t the first time he had seen this demon.

He had killed a metamorphosed venomous flood dragon back in the mortal world’s Scattered Star Seas and it looked exactly the same as this demon. However, this blood wyrm wasn’t a grade eight demon beast, but a fearsome existence at the high Spatial Tempering stage.

After exchanging an attack, he knew that the demon’s abilities were extremely fearsome. He was no ordinary Spatial Tempering-stage being.

Han Li’s thoughts quickly churned, pondering if he could deal with the opponent before him.

The blood wyrm glanced at Han Li and solemnly said, “It is truly odd for a spirit general to be capable of injuring me. It is no wonder my master had given me a warning.”

“Your master?” Han Li felt his heart tremble.

Behind this fearsome high-Spatial Tempering grade demon was a greater demon at Body Integration stage. How could such an existence in the earth abyss set their eyes on him?

This was the first time he’s arrived here.

Bewildered, Han Li’s expression sank.

The blood wyrm wore an odd expression and mysteriously smiled, “If you can block my next strike, I will immediately turn around and spare you for the time being.”

Afterwards, the demon cared no for Han Li’s amazed expression. He formed an incantation gesture and crimson light flashed from his body as a large blood mist spread in every direction.

The blood mist that earlier dispersed has returned, roiling as it concealed the crimson wyrm’s body.

With a strange incantation, the large blood mist began to form a huge blood cloud in the sky.

The cloud loudly roared with thunder and blinked with crimson light.

“What ability is this?” Han Li’s heart was greatly shaken.

Although the cloud’s lightning had yet to drop, it gave him a feeling of dread.

Without another thought, he slapped the black of his head and released a large mist of grey light above him.

Following that, azure light flashed from the top of his head, summoning the Heavenvoid Cauldron. It released countless twinkling azure threads and formed a net below the grey screen.

Even so, Han Li still didn’t feel safe. He spun his body to release seventy-two flying swords. They formed a sword screen as they rushed in circles around him.

As for his gold-silver lightning robes, they turned into layers of gold-silver talisman characters in front of him. Black mist also surged and he summoned his baleful armor.

In an instant, Han Li erected five layers of impenetrable defense.

Han Li then raised his arms and the black figure on his hand blurred, releasing a small foot-tall mountain. He flicked the fingers of his other hand to release five pulsing white skulls, each with a different colored flaming wandering around it.

When the blood wyrm saw this, he felt his heart jump and he hesitated briefly. He quickly circulated the blood essence in his body and pointed at the blood cloud in the sky.

The cloud flashed blindingly. Nine flaring bolts of blood lightning fiercely cleaved down from the sky, striking at Han Li in three waves. Each wave striking down with even greater lightning. Thunder rang trice. The first wave struck down on the grey light mist with two bolts of lightning.

Even the might of the Divine Essensefused was scattered away by the two bolts of blood lightning.

The second wave struck down with three bolts. In an explosive flash, the azure net was easily dissolved and struck down on the sword screen.

The seventy-two Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords seemed to form an imaginary defense.

The blood lightning directly struck through it and attacked the talisman characters formed from the lightning robes.

Worldshaking thunder clapped and the talisman characters turned into lightning balls, blocking the blood lightning.

The three lightning bolts were like snakes, attempting to spread down, but the gold-silver lightning furiously exploded in an astonishing display of power, unresigned to defeat.

But it was clear the blood lightning was more powerful. The blood lightning wildly flashed, scattering the silver-white lightning. The thinned three bolts of blood lightning continued to strike down on Han Li’s baleful armor and released two muffled explosions.

Han Li effortfully released protections were destroyed in an instant. At that moment, the last wave of the thickest four lightning bolts was about to strike.

Han Li’s expression sank. Without making any other movements, he released a bright golden light from his body. A three-headed six-armed projection appeared.

It moved and six sparkling golden arms directly reached up to the four blood bolts.

Although the Provenance True Devil Projection was hollow, it possessed might beyond imagination. Its six arms stirred and turned into balls of blurred golden lightning.

Four crimson bolts of lightning flashed, directly striking at the golden lightning.

The two sides struck and silence followed.

Two flashes of blood lightning flashed, and the six balls of golden light were no more.

Two unobstructed bolts of blood lightning directly struck the top of Han Li’s head.

Han Li’s figure blurred and he clenched his hands together. Then, he reached for the sky with his bare hands and met the two bolts of lightning with his fists.

His black-white fists suddenly expanded several times in size before the lightning struck them.

A grey mist and a roaming rainbow flame both spiralled around the fists and seemed to compress the nearby air.

Two explosions roared. Brilliant light radiated and Han Li’s sleeves turned to ash, revealing the sparkling golden scales on his skin. His fist projections and the lightning erupted, turning into grey ash.

Han Li tumbled back and began to fall before he held himself up and regained his bearings. He raised his head and looked to the blood wyrm in the distance. Han Li’s cold eyes seemed to express he suffered no injuries.

The blood wyrm felt his blood run cold and he couldn't conceal his surprise.

At that moment, the blood cloud flashed several more times before it faded away, exhausted of its power.

Although the blood wyrm was beyond astonished, he was unresigned and sullenly said, “You were actually able to receive my twelfth fold Heavenly Blood Lightning. However, that wasn’t my true cultivation art. And once I cultivate this to a deeper level, I’ll be able to unleash four waves of blood lightning. Nevertheless, you won’t be receiving any more.”

When Han Li heard this, blue light flickered from his eyes, and his body blurred before he vanished.

In that next moment, a gale blew above the blood mist, following Han Li’s bizarre appearance. He violently struck down with tens of sword light.

As the swordlight weaved through the air, the nearby space droned as white streaks were left in their wake. In the blink of an eye, the blood mist was submerged by the swordlight.

With the stir of so much sword Qi, the vague figure instantly sliced into countless pieces, but when the blood mist faded away, nothing was left, let alone the corpse of the blood wyrm.

Han Li was stunned. Before he looked around, the wild laughter of the blood wyrm sounded three hundred meters away. “Since you’ve received my Heavenly Blood Lightning, I won’t take the risk of further battling with you. Once I report this back to my master, they will certainly be interested in you. I believe we’ll see each other soon.”

Han Li quickly turned around and only heard the sound of fluctuating space and a faint blood-red flicker. Then, light flashed and the blood-red streak flashed through the sky.

Using some strange movement technique, the blood wyrm was able to travel over three hundred meters in only a few blurs with seemingly normal movements. In a few flickers, he was at the horizon, and with another, he was gone.

This speed exceeded even the full abilities of his Thunderstorm Sings.

A flicker of astonishment appeared on Han Li’s face, but he remained still in the air.

A short moment later, he raised his hands and brought them in front of him.

His crystalline white hands was now faintly black and scorched.

He looked at them in silence.

The blood wyrm had to be the top subordinate of a Body Integration-stage demon.

If he truly fought to the death against the blood wyrm, his chances of victory was no greater than seventy percent, even if he used his Gold Devouring Beetles.

The Heavenly Blood Lightning was truly terrible. Furthermore, his treasures weren’t able to block it. His Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were particularly useless against it.

From the wyrm’s words, this ability wasn’t even fully cultivated. This caused Han Li’s heart to stir.

However, what caused Han Li the most unease was the ‘master’ that the blood wyrm mentioned. Needless to ask, he definitely wouldn’t be a match against them.

Although Han Li felt greatly doubtful about how he provoked such a fearsome enemy, he didn’t have the time to ponder over the matter and could only return as quickly as he could.

So long as he returned to where the Flying Spirit Tribe elders were, this great enemy wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

Han Li finished his thoughts after a moment of time.

He then turned his head and saw that the three were still battling the giant octopus-like demon. With a cold glint in his eye, he sent a golden streak downward.

When Lei Lan and the others saw the first streak, countless others began to rain down.

This originally fearsome octopus along with its dozen tentacles were instantly turned into countless pieces, scattering blood in every direction.

The golden light faded and Han Li appeared above the demon’s shredded corpse. He glanced at the three and coldly said, “You have the time of thirteen breaths before I return. Hurry, collect the Infernal Flame Fruits! I won’t wait for any of you!”

Han Li spoke without any emotion in his voice.

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