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Looking at the fog below, Han Li’s eyes flashed blue, allowing him to clearly see through it.

He shook his sleeve, blowing a strong wind and clearing away most of the fog.

The bottom of the foggy area could be faintly seen.

There was a pond near it that was about three hundred meters wide. And about thirty meters away, there were tens of short trees but most of them were rotting.

A tree with black-green wood had black fist-sized fruits at the very top branch.

The fruit’s surface was rough and had countless thin cracks. Even odder, it had black Qi swirling into it.

Han Li narrowed his eyes. The fruit was similar to what was described in records.

When the others saw these fruits, they couldn't help but break into a smile.

Bai Bi happily said, “Junior Martial Sister Lei was correct. It truly is an Infernal Flame Fruit.”

Han Li took a deep glance at them and calmly said, “Pick off the ripe fruits. There is enough for us all.”

“If the Chi Rong are lying in ambush for us on the third level, let’s have them continue to wait,” Lei Lan jokingly said, clearly expressing her happy mood.

Qin Xiao was also cheerful.

But when the three planned on descending on grabbing the fruits, Han Li’s expression sank and he raised his arm without turning his hand, pointing at an empty space.

A loud crack sounded and a large rainbow hand appeared in the air.

It bluntly swiped down and crimson light flashed in response, summoning a blood-red hand to meet the attack.

A boom sounded as the hands struck one another. Rainbow and blood light intertwined and disappeared in a flash.


“How interesting!”

The two different voices shouted.

The yelp came from Han Li who just turned around and saw what happened.

The other voice belonged to the tall figure in the ball of blood Qi where the large blood-red hand had appeared.

Han Li looked at the blood mist and solemnly said, “Who is your esteemed self, and why are you acting so secretively?”

“It is truly suspicious that a mere spirit general can discover me.” The person in the blood Qi let out a sinister laugh.

Han Li blinked and waved his arm at the other three and sternly commanded, “Head down and collect the Infernal Flame Fruits. I’ll deal with this person.”


“As you command!”

“Be careful, Brother Han!”

Although Lei Lan and the others weren’t able to see the power of the figure from the blood mist, Han Li’s serious appearance caused their hearts to drop.

Afterwards, the three flew down towards the fruits.

The blood figure glanced at the three and spoke with an odd tone, “What? You’re quite interested in those fruit trees. Hehe, although they aren’t anything good, they won’t be so easily acquired.”

Han Li’s heart trembled and his spiritual sense stirred. He immediately thought to warn the three, but it was already too late.

A huge boom sounded. A wave suddenly rose out from the pond and several pink tentacles emerged from the wave, shooting out a dense barrage of countless icicles.

Having already landed at the pond side, they were greatly frightened.

As the Abyssal Flame Fruits were behind them, they didn’t dare to dodge. With no other option, they unleashed their abilities to block the strike.

Lei Lan clapped her hands and unleashed several dense bolts of silver lightning. Bai Bi released a myriad of intertwining golden threads. As for qing Xiao, she opened her mouth and spat out a green mist.

The three abilities combined smoothly and knocked against the barrage of ice.

The deafening force of the impact forced the three several steps back.

What resulted from the many attacks was a scorching liquid on the ground and a messy bloody scene.

A painful wail cried out from the pond. Soon after, a wave of ice rose to reveal a brown octopus demon. When it glared at them with its strange green eyes, several tentacles emerged from the water and stretched forward. Each one rose over thirty meters high.

On the top of the demon’s head grew a dense batch of blue fur. Every time a tentacle swung, the fur released the cracking of torn space.

Lei Lan and the others felt their hearts sink. The wounded tentacles were restored to completion after they flickered with blue light.

The demon was unleashing its full strength as it regarded the pond’s surroundings as its own territory. It raised its head and released a savage roar as its tentacles began to stir, glowing to blue light as they swept towards the holy disciples.

As the three were aiming for the Abyssal Flame Fruit, they couldn't afford to step away and could only confront the attacks head-on.

Suddenly, rolls of thunder and explosions repeatedly boomed at they sank into battle with the demon.

Up above, Han Li glanced at what was happening but didn’t betray the slightest emotion from his face.

Although the demon appeared fierce, it would be defeated given enough time. Rather, the main enemy was the blood figure; he would have to deal with him carefully.”

Han Li stared at the blood mist and asked, “What relation do you have with the blood puppets that appeared before?”

“Hehe, blood puppets? You mean Eccentric Di Xue already sent people over here? They should’ve slaughtered you. Good, very good! It seems My trip was worth it.” The blood figure let out a cold laugh. He clearly had no intention of answering Han Li.

Han Li frowned, feeling the swords in his body shake with anticipation.

At that moment, a sharp whistle sounded, causing his ears to ring dully.

Han Li was startled. Before he realized what happened, a cold wind attacked him. A hair-thin blood needle had attacked from a foot away and was about to bore into his skull.

At such a distance, Han Li could hardly react.

He simply saw a bloody glint and the needle devilishly arrived in front of him.

The blood figure’s lip stirred and formed an evil grin.

He had killed countless strong opponents with this ability and it had yet to fail.

A metallic clang sounded. The thin penetrating needle spun through the air, repelled.

Han Li’s expression vastly changed and his arm blurred as he stretched it forward, grabbing the blood needle in his hand. The smile on the blood figure’s face froze.

“Your physical body is able to block my Blood River Infernal Spike?” The blood figure spoke with disbelief.

Han Li wordlessly retracted his fingers and saw a blood needle jumping in his palm as if it were alive. Layers of rainbow flames were wrapping around his needle.

Han Li’s face was unsightly and his complexion was ashen. An extreme cold gripped his heart.

He was caught in a sneak attack that had truly left him on the verge of death.

If it wasn’t for a body that was far stronger than demon beasts of the same grade with flesh as durable as magic treasures, anybody else would’ve died in that strike.

Even so, Han Li felt cold sweat cover his body.

It had been many years since he felt that he had this close a brush with death.

The figure in the blood mist was no less shocked than Han Li.

His opponent had a body that was sturdy to untold degrees. He couldn't help but doubt Han Li’s identity as a Flying Spirit Tribe being, or as a powerful demon that took the form of one.

His expression wavered.

At that moment, Han Li slowly raised his hand and a strange light flickered from his eyes. Then, he let out a cold snort.

The figure in the blood mist felt an attack shake his mind as if it were being pierced with a needle. He was overcome with acute pain.

Although the figure’s spiritual sense was far stronger than demons of the same grade, his body couldn't help but sway from the pain, nearly bending down as a result.

At nearly the same time, his last trace of clarity sensed a wind blow behind him and he felt a strange coldness approaching his waist.

The figure was greatly alarmed and attempted to dodge, but his suffering spiritual sense distracted him, causing his movements to become delayed.

He could only let out a shout as blood light brightly shined from his body, summoning a strange azure scale armor around him.

Crackle. A golden light struck his armor. It penetrated only a few inches before it stopped entirely. The gold light faded away to reveal a foot-long sparkling golden sword.

It was one of Han Li’s Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.

Ten meters behind the blood mist, Han Li stood there with an astonished expression.

At the same time he used his Soulfright Thorn, he used lightning movement to turn to wind and strike at the figure from behind.

But he didn’t expect that the figure would regain a trace of clarity and summon a strange scale armor that could block his incisive Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword.

‘What kind of armor is so durable?’

Han Li felt amazed.

“You’re courting death!”

In that instant, the figure in the blood mist recovered from the Soulfright Thorn. He felt a lingering fear from Han Li’s strike and in his rage, he turned around and released a crimson beam from his mouth.

However, Han Li wasn’t so easily hit. With a wave of his wings, he vanished in a flash of azure-white lightning.

A short moment later, Han Li stood in his original place

His expression was calm as if nothing had happened.

At that moment, he heard a roar and the blood mist dissipated in a roil.

The figure’s true appearance was revealed, a blood-red demon with a wyrm’s head and a person’s body!

“A blood wyrm!”

Han Li narrowed his eyes.

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