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On the second level of the earth abyss, there were four faint white-winged figures with disheveled hair. They were fighting against black meter-long scorpions as they were moving away.

Although the scorpions didn’t have any wings, they were able to fly through the air with swift movements and could spit acid from their mouths.

Over an hour later, one of the Flying Spirit Tribe resolved themselves and employed much of their magic power to cast a formidable technique, releasing balls of sparkling blue flames and turning four of the surrounding black scorpions into ashes. Finally, the black scorpions had reluctantly retreated.

The four Flying Spirit Tribe beings let out a long sigh and felt at ease.

But before they could say anything, light flashed from the distant sky and a bloody mist roiled through.

The blood mist was silent and was as fast as a ghost. With several flickers, it drew near the four Flying Spirit Tribe beings and circled around them several times.

The four Flying Spirit Tribe holy disciples were alarmed and hastily assumed a guarded posture.

The blood mist coldly snorted and looked at them with crazed eyes. After its gaze passed the holy disciples, they heard an icy hoarse voice, “Although you aren’t the ones I’m looking for, you’re still out of luck to have come across me.”

With that said, thunder rang from the blood mist and the nearby sky turned blood-red. Bloody clouds began to strangely form and roil in the sky.

“No, run! It’s Heavenly Blood Lightning!” When one of four holy disciples saw this, their expression turned bloodlessly pale and he loudly shouted. Then, he flew off in a yellow streak in panic.

When the other three heard this, they scattered in fright and quickly flew off as well.

But in that instant, thunder clapped int he air and four blood-red lightning bolts flashed down from the sky, strangely bending in different directions before they disappeared from sight. A moment later, the blood-red lightning appeared above the four fleeing holy disciples and struck down.

Four miserable screams sounded and the streaks of light were instantly dispersed by the lightning.

The corpses of the disciples wildly flickered in the lightning before they turned to ash. Their protective treasures and light didn’t pose the slightest resistance.

The blood mist let out a howl of insane laughter, and in a flash of bright blood light, the mist shot off into the distance, soon to disappear without a trace.

An unknown distance away, Han Li took a shallow breath and looked in front of him. Seven ill-intentioned holy disciples surrounded them and Han Li asked, “Aren't you Fellow Daoists going to find the Infernal Flame Fruit? Why are you blocking us?”

“Our Tian Peng race and yours has no grudges,” Bai Bi sullenly said at the side. His face appeared calm.

The group of people had both dark wings and dark skin. A taller man among them held his hands behind his back and arrogantly said to Han Li, “There truly are no disputes between our races, but the Chi Ron and several other powerful branches have secretly issued a reward. So long as you perish, we’ll acquire very significant benefits. If we hadn’t encountered you, we wouldn’t go looking for you either. But now that we’ve met, the Black Spirit Race won’t refuse the opportunity.”

Black Spirit holy disciples surrounding Han Li’s group all looked at them without emotion.

This came as no surprise. The Black Spirit Race wasn’t among the top branches in the tribe, but they were in the upper half, far beyond the weaker branches like the Tian Peng.

“A reward?” Han Li frowned, finding this somewhat surprising.

“That’s all to be said. Now your souls won’t be confused in the afterlife, so die.” Their leader was unwilling to speak any further and waved his hand with a hostile expression.

When the other Black Spirit Race disciples saw this, they opened their mouths and spat out a black feather.

The feather was only an inch initially, but when they slapped their hands together, the feathers instantly expanded to a foot long. The feather glowed black and had talisman characters roaming across them.

The six Black Spirit disciples surrounding them all acted together, waving the feather to release waves of black flames from them and enveloping him from every side.

Boom. The black flames turned into a huge flame barrier and trapped the four inside.

These Black Spirit disciples were ruthless in their attack and planned to kill the lot of them in a single strike. As for Green Night Race’s Qin Xiao, they didn’t care enough to spare her.

When Lei Lan saw the flames, her expression vastly changed and silver lightning rose from her body to create a protective barrier for herself. Then, she shook the golden gourd on her necklace, releasing thin silver lightning to turn her lightning purple, producing an astonishing pressure.

When all of this was done, Lei Lan quickly spoke to Han Li with a voice transmission, “Brother Han, this is the Black Spirit Race’s Golden Crow Spirit Fire. It is fearsome as it can absorb our magic power and cultivation. We cannot allow it to catch onto our bodies.”

Bai Bi and Qin Xiao both appeared astonished and quickly released their defenses.

A brilliant flash of golden light and strands of green light from dark jade badge were released to block the black flames.

“Golden Crow Spirit Fire! How interesting!” Han Li smiled, seemingly taking no action. Then, rainbow flames appeared from his body. Even as powerful as they were, when the black flames touched the rainbow flames, they began to crackle with muffled thunder. A violent reaction occurred similar to icy water and boiling oil.

The Black Spirit disciples were stunned.

Their leader narrowed his eyes and shouted, “Increase the flame’s power! We have more people! Even if this person has the ability to temporarily block the flames, he can’t hold out much longer!”

The others promptly acknowledged the order and waved their feathers even quicker. Each of them even produced a large black crow projection from their backs. Most of them appeared vague, but those that were clearer still pulsed dimly, clearly showing that they were unstable.

When the true spirit projections appeared, the black feathers might greatly increased and the flames turned pitch-black. As the flames swept through the air, they faintly warped the air and summoned a soft crow’s cry.

The flames were clearly being used to the extent of their power.

Against such might, the defenses of the other three were reaching their limits. They hastily brandished their treasures in alarm as if they couldn't hold out much longer.

However, Han Li’s rainbow flames seemed to be endless. As the might of the black flames increased, the rainbow flames surged a meter high and kept the black flames at a distance.

At that moment, the Black Spirit disciples’ expressions turned unsightly. But before they could say anything, Han Li narrowed his eyes and glanced at the others who were struggling against the flame. He promptly spat out a ball of silver flame and turned into a silver firebird in a crackle.

As soon as the silver firebird appeared, it stared at the black flames and let out a cheerful cry. It spread its wings and expanded several times in size, turning a meter-wide.

Without waiting for Han Li’s command, the silver flames flew out to the black flames. Black and flames silently roiled together and soon, the firebird’s body turned into a magnet and absorbed the black flames towards itself.

The Spirit Engulfing Flame was originally a fusion of other powerful flames. Furthermore with the instinct it possesses, it is quite adept at devouring different flames.

Although the Golden Crow Flames they used weren’t the Golden Crow True Spirit Flames that could melt space and burn earth, with the support of the golden crow feather, they could use a sliver of the golden crow’s divine flame. It was something the Spirit Engulfing Flames happily enjoyed consuming.

Thus, when the bird formed from the Spirit Engulfing Flames entered the fire, it devoured them without reserve and within the span of a few breathes, the bird circle around the black flames and devoured them entirely.

All of the Black Spirit disciples were left dumbstruck.

Lei Lan and the others were overjoyed.

Furious, the Black Spirit leader shouted, “Who are you? The Tian Peng Race doesn't have such techniques!”

“I don’t have to answer you,” Han Li lazily said. He spread his wings and vanished in a bolt of azure-white lightning.

But as someone with rich battle experience, the Black Spirit leader quickly reacted, shaking one of his sleeves and forming an incantation gesture with his other hand.

Suddenly, a net of black threads shot out of his sleeve, but it wasn’t aimed at Han Li. Rather, it covered himself. In the blink of an eye, a thin black cloth thoroughly covered him. As for his other hand, he summoned three cup-sized balls of black lightning to circle around outside.

In a clap of lightning, Han Li appeared next to the black cloth.

Three booms sounded as the black lightning flashed and struck Han Li. However, a black armor had already emerged around him.

Despite having scattered away half of his armor, the lightning hadn’t done any damage to him.

Rather, Han Li remained expressionless as golden light flashed from his body, revealing a layer of golden scales underneath. Then, his hand became blurred as it stretched out faster than sound with his fingers aimed at the Black Spirit leader’s vitals.

Zap. The golden lightning from his fingers tore through the black cloth like paper.

The Black Spirit leader felt a chill run down his back as the golden hand pierced his chest. Strangely enough, blood didn’t dripped down Han Li’s arm.

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