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What shocked Lei Lan and the others the most was how Han Li faced two powerful enemies, slaying one with ease and sending the other running away in fright.

The three hadn’t known that the blood puppets were actually as strong as low-grade Great Spirit Generals, or they would’ve been even more shocked.

As for the other demons, they no longer came. Han Li was simply spending this time assisting his spirit beast in the last step of its advancement while Lei Lan and company recovered their strength in the spirit carriage.

Two hours later, white light wildly flashed from the ground and a roar crossing between a dragon and a tiger sounded out.

As for Han Li who stretched his hand through the light, his expression changed and his figure blurred as he shot away in a chain of afterimages.

Immediately after, a golden figure flew out from the white light. It spun in the air and revealed a thirty-meter-long phantom. Its body sparkled gold from the scales covering its body. It was a golden Kirin beast.

Although the Kirin beast was only a phantom, when it raised its head, it let out a majestic roar, releasing an astonishing pressure into the air. Even Han Li, who originally stood firm, couldn't help but take a step back with a changed expression.

However, the phantom was short-lived as it slowly faded away.

And the small beast emerged from the white light underneath.

As of current, the Leopard Kirin Beast didn’t look much different than it did before, but there were now golden stripes on its fur and its eyes shimmered with sparkling silver.

In a blur, the Leopard Kirin Beast vanished from its original location.

At that same moment, Han Li felt a slight weight on his chest and something quite soft.

He lowered his head to find that the newly advanced demon had leaped on top of him.

It beamed at him with its enchanting eyes and licked the back of his hand with its pink tongue.

Han Li wordlessly swept his spiritual sense past the small beast and joy soon lit up on his face.

As expected, the small beast succeeded in its advancement and now possessed Deity Transformation cultivation.

As for the beast’s innate abilities and its Kirin Bloodline, it proved far stronger than other beasts of the same cultivation and would prove to be a rare helper.

The small beast yawned inside Han Li’s embrace, appearing quite tired. Its recent advancement had been quite difficult for it and it needed to quickly rest.

With a flip of his hand, Han Li produced a red medicine pill in his hand and put it in its mouth before lightly patting it.

Then in an azure flash, the beast vanished back into his storage bracelet where it soundly slept.

The three in the spirit carriage unconsciously glanced at each other when they saw the Kirin phantom and wore awed expressions.

Although the Flying Spirit Tribe believed in the true spirit of birds, Kirins and other existences were held in reverence by the other tribes as they were True Spirit level existences.

They were truly shocked that Han Li’s spirit beast had the bloodline of a Kirin True Spirit.

At that moment, Han Li’s expression stirred and he soared into the air as an azure streak. Rainbow streaks flew out from the ground as the formation flags and plates in the surrounding area flew up.

With all the formation tools in his sleeve, the ten crimson pillars emerging from the ground vanished and completely disappeared.

In an azure flash, Han Li appeared inside the spirit carriage and calmly said, “We don’t have much time. Let’s head to the third level as quickly as we can.”

Bai Bi and company raised no objections, all nodding in agreement.

As for the triangular spirit carriage, Han Li tapped his foot on its floor, commanding it to streak forward. With several white flashes, the carriage blurred and vanished into the darkness.

In the deepest level of the earth abyss, when the three blood puppets were devoured by the Spirit Engulfing Flames, a crimson-robed person sitting in a hidden room in the mountain suddenly sensed something. He opened his eyes and let out a yelp.

With a harsh expression, a trace of malice appeared from his eyes, “My blood puppets are exterminated along with my threads of spiritual sense. How can this be? Could it be that others have involved themselves with my bounty?”

The man stroked his chin and muttered, “No matter, I fear it’ll be too late to send more puppets. I won’t let a meager spirit general-grade existence have me personally have me go to the upper levels.”

A short while later, he shook his sleeve and released a ball. It spun in the air as it floated in front of him.

He formed an incantation gesture and pointed at the ball with his free hand. It quickly surged with crimson light and began to softly hum.

Eventually, a cold woman’s voice spoke, “Di Xue, why did you contact me?” The voice spoke without a trace of politeness.

“Hehe, I wish to perform a trade with Fellow Daoist Mu Qing.” The crimson-robed man chuckled.

“What is it?” The woman said with surprise.

‘It’s nothing,” the man casually said, “I want to borrow your subordinates, the high Great Spirit General grade blood wyrm.”

The woman astonishedly asked, “The blood wyrm? What are you doing with them? I need them to find me blood feed for the sacrifice.”

The man said, “I need them to exterminate a few spirit general-grade Flying Spirit Tribe beings. They’re at the second level so it's too late for me to personally deal with them. There is no teleportation formation that can send me there so I can only rely on you.”

After some silence, the woman snorted and indifferently said, “Why do you need the blood wyrm for a few spirit generals? I don’t care what you’re planning to do with my blood wyrm, but it’ll be fine if you give me that spirit concealing wood. Otherwise, consider the matter null.”

The man calmly said, “That’s fine, but I do have one request. I want the soul of the flying spirit tribe beings. After you kill them, have the blood wyrm deliver them to me.”

“That is a small matter. Send their appearances and locations over to me,” the woman said with a softer tone.

“Of course. It’ll just be a moment.” The man extended his finger to the pearl and gently closed his eyes, sending the information with his spiritual sense.

A short moment later, the man withdrew his fingers and opened his eyes, “I have you their most recent location. You should be able to easily find them with your blood wyrm. I will be awaiting good news.”

“As they are only spirit general existences, it won’t take up much time. But if your information isn’t accurate...” The woman then coldly laughed with a deep tone.

“If it isn’t accurate, Fairy Mu can cancel the trade.” The man said with a smile.

With his abilities, he naturally wouldn’t mistake the cultivation of spirit general grade beings.

“Since you are certain, then so be it. I will directly send the blood wyrm to the second floor. You should receive news in three days,” The woman calmly said. Then with a red flash from the ball, the connection was severed.

When the man saw this, he appeared satisfied rather than anger. He withdrew the ball and muttered, “With the high Great Spirit General grade blood wyrm, they shouldn’t fake. If they truly fail, then it shows that those old fellows from the Flying Spirit Tribe have truly infiltrated the earth abyss. It is better to deal with this carefully.”

The man sat in his chair and quickly drifted off to sleep.

On the third level of the earth abyss, in a large hall constructed from black wood, there was a vague silhouette that sat on top of a three-meter-large golden flower. They motionlessly held their chin in hand.

Sitting not far away from them were two rows of black figures of varying heights. There were sixteen of them.

A short moment later, the black figure sitting on the flower raised their hand, releasing a green streak, quickly disappearing into the air.

A short moment later, a rumbling thunder sounded from the outside. Crimson light flashed from the hall gates and a hazy blood mist shot inside.

The blood mist vanished to reveal a demon with a wyrm’s head and a human’s body. It respectfully bowed to the figure sitting on the golden flower and hoarsely spoke, “May I ask what Master has called Xue Du for?”

The black silhouette spoke with a cold woman’s voice, “Xue Du, you’ll temporarily give up on collecting blood feed and will go to the second floor.” She had the same voice as Mu Qing, the woman who spoke with Eccentric Di Xue.

“As the master commands!” The wyrm-headed demon had an incredibly red head and its eyes contained indescribable savagery, but it spoke to the black figure with the utmost respect.

The woman waved her hand and tossed a black bamboo tube at him, “There are several spirit general-grade Flying Spirit Tribe beings on the second floor. Teleport over, kill them, and deliver their souls to Eccentric Xue. Those are their last known locations and their appearances. Take note that the Flying Spirit Tribe beings might be odd. If there is something amiss, quickly report it back to me. Move quickly!”

“As you bid!” The wyrm-headed demon accepted the tube and blurred, shooting out in a blood mist. It flickered several times before disappearing.

The woman glanced at the hall gates for a moment and withdrew her gaze. With a cold tone, she said, “Alright, tell me about the progress with the blood feed captured on the various levels. The next blood sacrifice will occur soon. Hei Zhuo, it’s your turn.”

A tall silhouette stood up and said, “The fourth level’s four-winged serpents and the bright cloud scorpion are the largest blood feeds and have been completely captured. Only the three-eyed grey mouse and several other beasts are hiding in Black Crow Mountain. We temporarily can’t reach them.”

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